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Images from Union Cemetery in Centralia,
Town of Stockton, Chautauqua County, NY

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, Prudence, left, right

Barber, Clarissa
Beaujean, Jennifer Lynn
Beck, Francis Augustine
Bloomfield, Archibald
Bloomfield, Elizabeth, monument
Bloomfield, George
Bloomfield, Sally
Bloomfield, Tyler, monument
Brevoort, Ben C
Brevoort, Earl C
Brevoort, Frank A
Brevoort, Huldah
Brevoort, Ida A
Brevoort, Joseph A
Brevoort, M Alena
Brevoort, Mary A
Brevoort, Ruth M
Brevoort, Samuel
Brown, John Henry
Bugbee, group
Bugbee, daughter
Bugbee, son
Bugbee, Harriet Putnam, group
Bugbee, J Eugene
Bugbee, Jonathan, photo 2, group
Bugbee, Judge L
Bugbee, Mary Ann
Bugbee, Mary Dean, group

Carlson, Arvid O
Carlson, Ellen L
Carlson, Neil
Carlson, Margie
Carlson, Oscar T
Chapman, Caroline C
Clement, Annette Putnam
Clement, John I
Coan, Kenneth S
Coan, Maude L
Coan, Randall K
Coe, Adaline S, headstone, group
Coe, Charles D, headstone, group
Coe, Clinton W, group
Coe, C Lois, group
Coe, C Lois
Coe, Clinton W
Coe, Cordelia B, headstone, group
Coe, Edson P, headstone, group
Coe, Father, group
Coe, Frank J, headstone, group
Coe, Henry, group
Coe, Mother, group
Coe, Sopfronia D, group
Coe, Warren J, headstone, group
Cole, Charles E
Crandall, Betty J Lebaron
Crandall, Clara
Crandall, Donald E
Crandall, Eben J
Crandall, Gardner
Crandall, Gerald R
Crandall, Hazel P
Crandall, Jack Allen

Deakin, Bessie
Deakin, John

Ervin, Adelaide
Ervin, Donald Mansfield, monument
Ervin, R Watson
Ervin, Stella A
Ervin, Thomas
Ervin, Virginia Berning, monument

Fenner, Aletha Robinson
Fenner, Charles J
Fenner, Elizabeth G
Fenner, Frank N
Flagg, Alonzo
Flagg, Angeline Putnam
Flagg, Byron M
Flagg, Caroline
Flagg, E G
Flagg, Eleazer
Flagg, Eleazer Jr
Flagg, Elen
Flagg, Harriet E
Flagg, Infant
Flagg, Jane E
Flagg, Jane E
Flagg, Luann
Flagg, Madison

G, G W
Gage, Chauncey T
Gage, Mabel L
Gage, Marian
Green, Bertha E
Green, Melvin A

Hammond, Forest F
Hammond, Robert F
Hammond, Ruth E
Hammond, Sharon D
Handron, Marguerite E
Hasbrooks, Pamelia
Haynes, monument
Haynes, Ann, monument
Haynes, Arthur Lucas, monument
Haynes, Bertha Maria, monument
Haynes, J, monument
Haynes, J Lewie, monument
Haynes, Lewis, monument
Haynes, Maria, monument
Haynes, Mary J, monument
Haynes, Sylvester L, monument
Haynes, William H, monument
Hoffower, Betty Lou
Hoffower, Harriet A
Hoffower, James
Hoffower, Lucile A
Hoffower, Norman L
Hover, Joyce E
Hover, Ralph D
Howard, Herbert L
Howard, Irene M

Imm, Celia R
Imm, Henry O

J, L G, Perrin group
James, Ann M Chapman
James, B Adelbert, monument
James, B Adelbert
James, Benjamin A, monument
James, Howard F
James, Leo M
James, Jessie E
James, Luella A
James, Monument
James, Orcel P
Johnson, Randy L

Kater, Lois S
Kimbel, Sarah, group
Kimbel, Stephen, group
LaVoice, Alfred C, monument
LaVoice, Robert Albert, monument

Lund, Emel
Lund, Emel C
Lund, Iva
Lund, Marguerite M
Lund, Theodore J

McGowan, Azubah
McKoon, Lillian B
McKoon, Marion L
McKoon, Walter B

Niles, Emma
Niles, Eugene
Niles, Leon
Niles, Marie
Niles, Marion
Niles, May Fenner

Ort, George M
Ort, Myrtle I McKoon

P, H L
P, T
Parmenter, Linda L
Parmenter, Robert L
Perrin, Perrin group
Perrin, Cassius Brewster, another
Perrin, E, group
Perrin, E J, group
Perrin, E O, group
Perrin, Eden J, group
Perrin, Eliza O, group
Perrin, Eliza Smith, group
Perrin, J, group
Perrin, Joseph, group
Perrin, Lucy Crissey, headstone, group
Perrin, Lucy Dorsett, headstone, group, group
Perrin, Myra M
Perrin, S, group
Perrin, Susan
Perrin, Walter, headstone, group
Peterson, Myrtle
Picket, William H
Pierce, group
Pierce, Helen L, group
Porter, Almeda
Putnam, monument
Putnam, Azubah
Putnam, Calvin
Putnam, Charles B, headstone, monument
Putnam, Fay W
Putnam, Frank G, headstone, monument
Putnam, Lucy Winshell, another stone, monument
Putnam, M Belle
Putnam, Mary A, headstone, monument
Putnam, Nellie T, monument
Putnam, Newell, monument
Putnam, Thankful
Putnam, Welcome, headstone, another view, monument

Roberts, Maggie F
Robinson, John

S, G
Seymour, Chauncy
Seymour, Jane
Sharp, Basil E
Sharp, Patricia A
Skinner, Charles, group
Skinner, Charles E
Skinner, Chester M
Skinner, Cordelia M
Skinner, Eliza top, bottom, group
Skinner, Twins
Smiley, Charles E
Smiley, Charlott
Smith, George
Smith, Helen V
Spurr, Clyde T

Thum, D Arthur
Thum, Margaret Butler

Van DeWark, Jerry Leigh
Van DeWark, L Emma
Van DeWark, Truman T

Weatherby, Edwin J
Weatherby, Frank E
Weatherby, Nellie M
Weatherby, Julie C
Weatherby, Vivian C

Zimmer, Della M
Zimmer, Donald D

Illegible stones
Piled stones
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N. Towne, 2007