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HABICH, Emmeline   17 Nov 1907 Jan 1987 Portland
HABICH, Ariel died April 26 1963 age 46-4-5 lot 522
HABICH, Elizabeth Margaret WAGASHAL died Jan 4 1944 ae 58-5-7 lot 522

HADEN, Baby Girl premature infant lot ae 3 hours baby lot

HAIGHT, Fred B. d August 3, 1913 ae 37-11 son of Charles and Laura (WHIPPLE) Haight Fred never married lived 1910 in Harmony born in Clymer

HAGE, James W. 3 Aug 1890 Sep 25 1972 Westfield lot 248
HAGE Doratha ( SS spelling) 8 Jan 1903 Oct 6 1981 Polk Co Florida lot 248 wife of James
HAGE, Rena H. Died Feb 15, 1949 ae 80-9-18 lot 248

HAGERMAN, William A d Dec 16 1918 ae 38

HAIGHT, Laura BURR Born - 8 Sep 1827 Brocton, Chautauqua, NY dau of LLOYD and Emily Died - 8 Dec 1867 sp- James HAIGHT
HAIGHT, George d July 6, 1926 lot 233 b ca 1895 mother was Lucinda
HAIGHT, Colleen Foe d Jan 8 1971 lot 233 no age given
HAIGHT, Lucinda M d Nov 4 1927 lot 233
HAIGHT John C. 1803-1876, lot 336 E
HAIGHT Mark, 12-24-1872, 57-9-12 lot 1 Killed at Prospect RR Disaster
HAIGHT Mary Laura, 8-29-1932, age 82, lot 095,co- owned by John Fellows
HAIGHT, Ransom, 1851-1909, lot 233 E
HAIGHT Robert E. 6-3 1966 , age 45, , lot 233 W
HAIGHT Sarah F. 1810-1873 lot 336 E

HALE, Ricky P. JR died May 30, 2000 Auto Accident age 18 lot C 37 W 4
the son of Diane Perkins and Ricky P. Hale Sr. He attended Brocton Central School,

HALEY, Linda S died Dec 3, 1992 age 18 lot 49 d

HALL, Perry born about 1786 d Sept. 4th , 1852 aged 67
HALL, Catherine nee KLUMPH d March 6 1864 ae 66 wife of Perry
Was the son of Aaron, b. in Mass., and in early life emigrated to Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., from whence he came to Portland . in 1810. He located pt. of lot 62, T. 4, upon which he built a log house. For reasons not known to the writer he returned with his family to Otsego County; but in 1816 or ’17 he again came to Portland . and settled on pt. of lot 32, T. 4. He again changed to lot 52, T, 4. He removed with a team of horses, and experienced the usual vicissitudes of those making a home in the wilderness. It is stated "that often on the journey they were obliged to lay their two youngest children down at the foot of a tree while with poles they pried their wagon out of the mud." Mr. Hall m. a dau. of Thomas Klumph, a native of Germany. He was a carpenter, millwright and farmer. He d. in Portland. Sept. 4th , 1852, aged 67, Mrs. H. d. Mar. 6th 1864, aged 66.
DELOS: b. April 26th 1807; m. Eunice Ely; settled and now lives in P. on the Ely homestead.
LOUISA: m. Brewer Hubbell lived in 1850 in Illinois lots of Kids f after 1880 in Little Rock, Kendall IL

MARY: m. Lawson T. Bigelow; now lives in Minnesota.
FERDINAND: m. Louisa Ely; settled in town of Chautauqua, where he d.
PERRY jun: m. Janette Sikes; 2d Arvilla Armstrong; d. June 19th 1860.
HENRY: b. in Portland .; m. Sarah Newcomb
FANNY: b. in P. ; d. May 30th 1825.
HAMILTON: 1828 in P.; m. Louisa Shuff; settled in S. W. P.
HARRIET: b. in P ca 1829 .; m. Stephen Vanscoy; 2d Bennett Swetland.

HALL Ahira, b Dec 21 1784 NH / Feb 24, 1858, lot 296 * Son of James Hall and Huldah COOPER Early settler of Portland
Married to Laura, daughter of John PALMER and Ruth CHAPMAN
HALL, Laura PALMER wife of Ahira, died 18 DEC 1863 in Brocton, ae 73
** from Portland Sketches; HALL, Ahira (64)
Was the son of James and Huldah Hall, and was b. in the town of Croydon, N. H., Dec. 21, 1784. When a young man he emigrated to Charlotte, Vt., where he m. Laura Palmer Oct. 18, 1807. Mrs. H. was b. in that town Sept. 13, 1790. In 1811 he removed to Massena, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., and settled near the bank of the St. Lawrence river in the midst of an almost unbroken wilderness. In 1812 Mr. Hall was among those first drafted into the service, and Mrs. H., rather than remain alone and unprotected, packed what of their effects she could upon a horse and with their two ch. Returned to her father in Vt., where Mr. Hall. joined her at the close of his term of service. After the close of the war they removed to the Holland Purchase, arriving at the tavern of Daniel Barnes, after a trip of forty-one days, in Oct 1816. He soon occupied a log house on a piece of land owned by Abel Palmer (No. 61), which came into his possession on the death of Mr. Palmer. In 1821, he sold his claim to this land and purchased a claim to the S. p’t of the land of Daniel Barnes, N. E. p’t pf lot 3, T. 5, on which he lived to the day of his d., Feb. 24, 1838. Mrs. Hall. d. Dec. 18, 1863. They were bu. in Brocton cemetery. In the early years of his life in P. Mr. H. was a Universalist but later a Methodist, himself, wife and twelve ch. Eventually becoming members of that order. Mr. Hall was a man of more than common ability and for many years was a leading spirit in town, and in civil and political trusts shared largely the confidence of the people.
Family of Mr. and Mrs. Hall –
JOHN PALMER HALL : b. in Massena, N. Y., 1809; m. Jane Ann Miller in Sherman, this county, Oct. 24th 1841; d. Aug. 2d, 1871; bu. in Fredonia.
ALBINA: b. in Massena, Oct. 17th , 1810; m. Nancy Quigley in P. Oct. 13th, 1835; is a Methodist clergyman.
RUTH: b. June 14th, 1812; m. Richard Reynolds at P. Apr. 29th, 1838; lives in Portland.
JAMES AHIRA, b. in Vt., April 4th , 1815; m. Caroline Herrick at Sedgwick, Me.; d. Apr. 8th, 1866.; bu. in Brocton Cemetery.
LAURA ANN: b. in P. Oct. 17th, 1817; m. Charles Fay in P. Nov 25th, 1841; lives in Portland.
SAMUEL P.: b. in P. Apr. 1st, 1820; m. Miranda Kip at Sherman, this county, Mar. 1848; lives in Sherman.
RALPH H.: b. in P. Nov 3d 1821; m. Caroline Hall at Newport, N.H., Apr. 1852; living there.
NANCY ALTHEDA: b, in P. Feb. 21st , 1824; m. Henry Flint, in P. May 20th, 1846; lives in Portland .
LIVIA PAULINA: b. in P. Nov. 28th , 1826; m. John T. Greene, Jan 7th, 1852; lives at Sherman,. This county.
LODOISKA MATILDA: b. in P. Oct 1st 1828; m. William Martin, Apr. 2d, 1862; lives in Portland.
SARAH MALINDA: b. in P. Mar. 24th 1831; m. John D. Merritt Oct. 7th, 1865; lives at Forestville, this county.
LURA JANE: b. in P. Feb. 11th, 1833; m. Frank Ellis, Sept. 3d, 1867; lives in Forestville.
CHLOE: b. in P. May 4th 1835; d. Dec 4th 1836.

HALL, Ahira, 1840-1896, Civil War Veteran, lot 069 * Grandson of Ahira Sr lived 1860 in Girard Erie Co PA son of Albina Hall, born 10/17/1810,a Clergyman, Son of Albina HALL and Nancy QUIGLEY( b. Aug 11th 1814 Portland )
worked for the Customs Dept in 1880 in MN, wife Eliza no Children
Ahira Hall ,
Enlistment Date: 27 August 1861
Distinguished Service: Side Served: Union
State Served: Pennsylvania
Unit Numbers: 2353 2353
Service Record: Enlisted as a Musician on 27 August 1861
Enlisted in Company Band, 83rd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 27 August 1861.
Discharged Company Band, 83rd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 11 August 1862

HALL Alfred T.*( Theodore) 4-5-1948, age 62, lot 610 E *Birth Date: 27 Jan 1884
HALL Effie E, *Elizabeth 2-5-1928, lot 610 SE
* Effie the wife of Alfred in 1920 1 son Kenneth ae 10
HALL, Kenneth, 4-29-1932, age 22 lot 610 se
HALL, Ralph A.*Ahira 1844/ 5-12-1928, Lot 587 born Maine Son of Dr James Ahira Hall and Caroline Herrick
HALL, Mary J nee HAIGHT w/o/ Ralph 1842 - 9-8-1925, lot 587
1 ch, Dau Eva/Evelyn HALL married to Walter CLARK b here

HALL, Theodore F, 1846-1863, Civil War Veteran, lot 304 son of Dr James and Caroline Herrick Hall *Theodore F Hall ,
Enlistment Date: 22 August 1862
Distinguished Service: \Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Unit Numbers: 1423 1423
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 22 August 1862 at the age of 18
Enlisted in Company E, 154th Infantry Regiment New York on 24 September 1862.
Died of disease Company E, 154th Infantry Regiment New York on 21 January 1863 in Washington, DC

HALL, Doctor James Ahira, * b April 4 1815 died April 8 1865 Soldier of the Civil War ; son of Ahira Hall
HALL, Caroline nee HERRICK d July 14, 1915 ae 94-10-18, widow of James Hall
* born Maine, Mother in Law of Lewis Sullivan in Portland 1910 a widow
HALL, June, d May 22 1911

HALL Mary , (BILLINGS) 8-12-1877, age 26-10-18 Wife of John Hall, dau of Abner and
Jane BILLINGS lot 40

HALL, Ralph Ahira . 1844/ 5-12-1928, Lot 587 * son of James A and Caroline Herrick HALL b June 5, 1844 married Oct 19, 1870, Mary Jane , dau of Mark and Densy Knickerbocker HAIGHT, and they were parents of 1 dau, Evelyn who m Walter CLARK
HALL, Mary Jane nee Haight wife of Ralph A Hall
HALL, Theodore F, 1846-1863, Civil War Veteran, lot 304 Son of Dr James H and Caroline Herrick Hall
HALL, Arthur J d Feb 7 1972 ae 81-4-2 lot 10 A 1
HALL, Ethel E d Dec 19, 1969 ae 59 lot 66
HALL, Lavinia died Oct 4 1947 ae 16-1-19 lot 66
HALL, Aline Marie died Dec 15, 1962 ae 62 lot 20A1

HALLENBECK Harriet according to census b ca 1825 is living in P in 1900 gone later

HALLMARK, Michael James d June 6, 1982 ae 22 lot 70

HAMLIN, Mark H. Sept 7, 1913 age 92 SOLDIER
** Is Mark Hazzard Hamlin b 6 SEP 1821 son of Roman in Monroe Co NY m to Olivia DRIGGS also b in this cemetery b 28 AUG 1824 in Sheldon, Wyoming
d 20 MAR 1899
Mark H Hamlin ,
Enlistment Date: 20 September 1861
Distinguished Service: Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Unit Numbers: 1327 1327
Service Record: Enlisted as a Bugler on 20 September 1861 at the age of 20
Enlisted in Company D, 9th Cavalry Regiment New York on 04 October 1861.
Transferred on 04 June 1862 from company D to company S
Promoted to Full Chief Trumpeter on 04 June 1862
Discharged Company D, 9th Cavalry Regiment New York on 26 September 1862
in 1880 Mercer Co PA Mark and Olivia were there, he was a Musician
They had a son Myron 6 SEP 1844 in of Portland a son Milo in 1848 died in infancy here and dau Sylvia 2 SEP 1850

HAMMEL Shirley, died Aug 29 1988 no age lot 10 C

HANAN, Jane Safford 11 Sep 1892 d Jul 29, 1979 Erie lot 391

HANLEY, George L. d Nov 28, 2002
* George L. Hanley, 85, a resident of the Chautauqua County Home in Dunkirk, formerly of Brocton, died Thursday (Nov. 28, 2002). He was born Feb. 6, 1917, in Brocton, the son of the late Frank and Amelia Gustafson Hanley During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946 He is survived by a daughter, Jane C. Sinare of Brocton; a brother, Charles Hanley of Dunkirk; and two granddaughters.
Besides his parents, he was preceded in death by his first wife, Emily Maslach Hanley, who died in 1959; and his second wife, Dorothy Mae Mulkin Hanley, in 1993. pj obit
HANLEY Dorothy nee MULKIN, 19 Jun 1912 d 7 Oct 1993 Brocton 2nd wife of George Hanley
HANLEY, Albert Knapp died June 13 1942 ae 71-11-5 lot 358
HANLEY, Janett died Oct 12, 1929 no age listed lot 358
HANLEY, Elizabeth RADCLIFF d March 29, 1952 ae 74-1-5 lot 258
HANLEY, Mrs. Frank died June 11, 1929 lot 473 no age listed
HANLEY, Frank died Jan 27 1962 ae 89 lot 473

HANNOLD, Henry 29 Apr 1932 d Nov 1984 Brocton ae 52 lot 141 VETERAN

HAPGOOD, Clifford, d Feb 28 1949 lot 438 Clifford Hapgood, retired farmer, died early this morning at his home in Mayville. Mr. Hapgood was born at Ellery. He had resided in Portland before moving to Mayville several months ago. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Pearl Lane Hapgood; and two sons, Vance at home, and Fay, Westfield
Additional Notes: Clifford Elmer Hapbood born Dec. 8, 1869 Ellery. He died in Feb. 28, 1949. Was the son of Charles & Loranda (Simmons) Klock Franklin Hapgood. He married Pearl "Frankie" Lane. In 1949 their children Vance Hapgood and Fay Hapgood resided in Westfield

HARBECK, Robert d July 24, 1925 lot 347

HARDENBURG, John Miller b: 4 OCT 1823 in Oneida, New York d 13 JAN 1911 in Brocton, Chautauqua, NY Burial: 15 JAN 1911 Portland, Chautauqua, New York son of Volkert
Note: John Miller Hardenburg "conducted several farms, making money out of each. He later turned his attention to horticulture." He was educated in the common schools of Stockton, which he attended only a few months a year until he was 24. He rented a farm for 2 years in Stockton, then bought a farm of 100 acres. He sold it and bought another of 115 acres, where he stayed for14 years. Then he moved to Portland, where he bought a smaller farm of 60 acres and lived there for 3 years. Then he moved to Westfield for a year to Dairy farm. He returned to Portland and bought a farm of 160 acres, where he lived for 16 years. Then to Fredonia where he owned 7 acres in the Village on which he raised choice grapes. Baptist. Buried in Portland Evergreen Cemetery
HARDENBURG, Julia Ann nee DENTON Aug 11, 1912 ae 83-7-9
HARDENBURG, Fowler Denton died Jan 12 1920 ae 59 lot 349 Son of John and Julia DENTON Hardenburg
** Died after fall in barn. . Fowler was killed when he fell through his hay chute early in the morning. His body was discovered by his wife when she called him in for lunch and he failed to reply. She discovered him dead on the barn floor. The story is that he died accidentally when he fell into the hay chute. The other story is that he committed suicide
He was a member of the Board of Supervisors of Chautauqua County, a member of the board of directors of the State Bank of Brocton . He was a Past Master of the Pomona Grange and the New York State Grange. (Family file source)
* b 26 JAN 1861 in Chautauqua, NY son of John and Julia DENTON Hardenburg, m 1884 to Sylvia BURROUGHS Children
Vera Edith Hardenburg b: 7 NOV 1885 in Brocton, Earle Volcart Hardenburg b: 30 NOV 1889 in Brocton,
Earl Volkert Hardenburg, b Nov 30 1889 m Aline CRANDALL went to Ithaca
John James Hardenburg b: 21 MAR 1891 in Brocton, Aimee Denton Hardenburg b: 16 SEP 1894 in Brocton,
HARDENBURG, Sylvia Elizabeth BURROUGHS wife of Fowler b 2 DEC 1862 in Brocton, Death: 11 JUN 1939 ae 76-11-22 lot 349 Father: James Harvey BURROUGHS b: 22 MAY 1832 d 20 JUN 1902 Stroke, Mother: Mary Jane BULLOCK b: England, Death: 27 DEC 1907 in Brocton also here
HARDENBURG, John James died September 20 1963 ae 72 lot A2 25 b: 21 MAR 1891

HARDY, Charles W II July 4 1991 ae 66 Lot 38 C
HARDY, Robert W. Died October 13, 1953 ae 1-6-3 lot 465

HARKIN, John Edward died Sept 26, 1936 ae 66-1-6 lot 334

HARKNESS, Louise Ethel Born: 16 Dec 1912 Died: Mar 1986 lot 73
HARKNESS, Clair 30 Mar 1891 Jun 1985 Westfield, ae 94

HARLEY, Ruth M 26 Jul 1916 d 28 Aug 1994 Brocton, lot B 2 84
HARLEY, Baby girl d March 12 1972 stillborn lot 494
HARLEY, Charles M d Oct 5 1971 ae 75 lot 84 B 2

HARMON, Raymond A. d Jan 18, 1980 ae 77 lot 206
HARMON, Elsie A d Sept 14, 1976 ae 73 lot 206
HARMON, Ernest, d July 26 1967 ae 75 lot 283
HARMON, Frances B d July 9 1966 ae 78 lot 283
HARMON, Minnie R died Oct 2, 1935 ae 68 lot 425
HARMON, George Carlton died May 19, 1938 ae 72-10-28 lot 283

HARPER, Jane nee UTEGG d May 8, 2003 ae 53
* Jane M. Harper, 53, of Swede Road, died Thursday (May 8, 2003) in her home.
She was born Feb. 6, 1950, in Westfield, the daughter of Mary Walker Utegg Lindstrom and the late Emerson Utegg. Besides her mother of Brocton, she is survived by her husband, Clinton Harper, whom she married Sept. 10, 1969; four sons: Tracy, Clinton Jr., Troy and Rob Harper, all of Brocton; her stepfather, Leon Lindstrom; three brothers: Wayne Utegg of Florida, Charles Utegg of Brocton, and Jeffrey Utegg of North Carolina; three sisters: Margaret Gligora of Portland, Bonnie Hubner of Mississippi, and Carolyn Snow of Dunkirk; and eight grandchildren.

HARPER Abner B lot 601 * died Dec 19, 1940
In Portland one Abner Blith HARPER b 09 Jul 1886 Arkwright living in Brocton at the time of the WWI draft, living in Portland in 1900 son of Thomas and Laura HARPER wife was Carrie ABBEY he raised her son Gerry ABBEY they had no ch Harper
HARPER, Carrie d Aug 18, 1934 ae 49-10-8 lot 601

HARRIS, Rosalie d Aug 27 1927 lot 333 b ca 1863 a widow of A.H. lot 333
HARRIS A. H. 1854-1924, lot 333 is ANDER Harris son of Joseph and Elsie also here probably as Mother and Father same lot
HARRIS Father, 333 Joseph c 1810 d Portland
HARRIS Mother, 333
HARRIS Amelia, 11-13-1838, age 0-10-19, lot 333
HARRIS Clyde A. 1884-1926, lot 333 Son of A (Ander ) and Rosalie or Rosalia
HARRIS Eliza, 6-28-1840, age 3-9-19. Lot 333
HARRIS, Ella (STEVENS) 6-30-1920, lot 355 no age listed
HARRIS, Emerson P. 6-5-1937, age 83-1-17 ashes, lot 355 son of Gilbert Harris b in Poland Chautauqua Co Ny ca 1854 NY
HARRIS Viola, 8-17-1951, age 90-8-11 lot 355
HARRIS, Corydon James, 5-16-1964, age 74, lot 212 b 5 Apr 1890 son of Elton Harris b in Union PA
HARRIS Lena Mary, 12-15-1970, age 83 lot 212
HARRIS, Tom d Jan 7 1864 ae 54 lot 461

HARRISON William H Jan 9 1919 ae 34

HART, Forrest born on May 25, 1864 in Stockton Sept. 23, 1950: Forest Hart, 86, of Stockton, associated with an insurance agency in Stockton, for many years, died at Dewittville, on Thursday after a long illness Surviving are a sister, Miss Bessie Hart of Jamestown; and three grandchildren
HART, Glenn died Feb 8, 1937 ae 46-10-3 lot 77
HART, Frances M died Feb 12, 1926 lot 91
HART, Forest d Sept 24, 1950 ae 86-4-18 lot 91

HARVEY, Gordon, b 11 Aug 1904 d March 4, 1980 lot 113 B 1
* He was born in Rushville, Aug. 11, 1904, the son of the late Martin and Minnie Taylor Harvey, and had been a resident of the Brocton area since 1935.Surviving are his wife, Martha Masiker Harvey; a daughter, Marilyn Johnson of Bemus Point; a grandson, Randy Johnson of Mississippi, and a granddaughter, Marla Jean Johnson of Bemus Point. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Gertrude Green Harvey, in 1965.
HARVEY, Gertrude A. nee GREEN, b Jan. 29, 1908, in Canandaigua the daughter of Frank and Hannah Prouty Green. a resident here 30 years, died early today (Feb. 5, 1965) in Westfield Memorial Hospital after a lengthy illness. She was the wife of Gordon M. Harvey. Besides her husband she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Marilyn Johnson, Bemus Point; two grandchildren, Randy and Marla Johnson; three brothers, Clyde H. Green, Niagara Falls; George F. Green, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Harold P. Green, Fredonia; and several nieces and nephews. Lot 113 B1 ae 57

HASKIN, Richard Lee "Breezy" Haskin, 59, of Main Street, Brocton, died July 8, 1986 in Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk. He was born August 8, 1926 in Jamestown, the son of Ralph Culver HASKIN Sr. and Edith A. Lindholm Haskin. A Brocton resident since 1959, he was owner and operator of The Print Shop in Brocton and was a former printer for Northeast Breeze Publishing Co. and Fredonia Office Supply and Printing. He was a veteran of World War II, serving with the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater and was a member of Portland Congregational Church; John W. Dill Post 434, American Legion, Brocton; Lakeshore Lodge, F.& A.M., 851; and Brocton-Portland Civic Assoc. He was a life member of Southwestern Assoc. of Volunteer Firemen. Also, he was an exempt fireman of Brocton Vol. Fire Dept. and a former member of Buffalo House Printing Craftsman and Brocton-Portland Jaycees.
He is survived by his wife the former Dorothy G. Newell whom he married on Oct. 23, 1949 and two sons: Bruce N. Haskin of Nashville, Tenn., and Brian R. Nelson of Jamestown: two brothers, Ralph C. Haskin of Ellery Center and J. Gordon Haskin of Elma. He was preceded in death by a daughter Laura J. Haskin; and a brother Claude D. Haskin.
HASKIN, Dorothy nee NEWELL Feb. 12, 2001
*born April 11, 1930, in Dunkirk, the daughter of Karl and Eleanor Dewey Newell.She is survived by two sons: Bruce N. Haskin of Philadelphia and Brian R. Haskin of Mayville, N.Y.; four grandchildren: Benjamin, Jacob and Patrick Haskin, all of Mayville, and Laura Haskin of Philadelphia.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Richard "Breezy" Haskin, whom she married Oct. 23, 1949, and who died July 8, 1986; a daughter, Laura Haskin in 1972; and a brother, Roger Newell in 1958.
HASKIN, Laura Jane died March 18, 1972 ae 17 lot 105 B 2

HATCH, Infant 8-14-1953 lot 465
HATCH Addie (SHERMAN) 11-21-1942, age 54-11-17 , lot 390
HATCH, Joseph Loomis b 14 Jul 1805 d after 1880 Brocton
Hatch Nancy, Miranda nee MILLER ca 1807 wife of Joseph d 24 Nov 1881 in 1850 Joseph and Nancy have 1 ch, a son John S b ca 1842 in 1860 probably her mom is MILLER Sarah ae 83 lives with them John is now 18
HATCH, John S, 12-11-1922, John Hatch was b about 1842 lot 390 Son and only child of Joseph and Nancy Miranda Miller HATCH
HATCH Libbie, 6-27-1921,b about 1846 lot 390 wife of John Hatch children in 1880 Frank, 9, Gertie 4 , Seymour 2 b Portland
HATCH, Seymour Case. B 25 Jul 1878 d 9-28-1953, age 75-1-20 , lot 390 son of JOHN and LIBBY and Grandson of JOSEPH HATCH in 1930 still single

HAVILAND Franz Killed in a RR accident
HAVILAND Maude, a child of Franz No data, in 1870 one Frantz Haviland in Ellery, ae 7 lived with Reuben and Anna CASE he married Grace GORDON, from Portland Birth: 1874 in Portland, Chautauqua, NY Death: 1940 in Cando, Tourner, ND Maude is his daughter, she was born in Portland dates not known, but other ch were EDNA Haviland Birth: 22 MAY 1892 in Portland, Chautauqua, NY Death: 31 JAN 1982 in Rochester, NY wife of LAWSON, Carl 11-10-1957, age 63-3-24, lot 048 Buried HERE
FLORENCE Haviland, Birth: 27 FEB 1894 in Cando, ND Death: 16 NOV 1980 in Odessa, Fl m Albert Leroy, 5-9-1976, age 81 lot 048 here
SKINNER and Frances b Oct 1885 These little kids were left with the Grandmother Mary J Francis ae 55 a Widow in Portland in 1900 Maude is not here
** Family of Franz from the HASKIN files
Hannah Haskin was born Dec 16, 1833 she is yet living at the age of 70 years in 1852 she Married G W Haviland. They had three children 1 son 2 daughters first died in infancy 2 Ellee Victoria Married George Fenton of Picard St they had two Girls. Franz B Haviland got killed in accident R R July 8 1895 he Married Grace M Gordon they had four little Girl Reuben Ira Case born March 9:1876 Ellery Chau Co he Married Mabel Gordon
Hannah Married again to P R Case of Fluvanna they were the parents of 2 Boys Nillson F Case born Dec 5 1870 married Hattie Morse had 3 boy 1 Girl
Reuben Ira Case born March 9:1876 Ellery Chau Co he Married Mabel Gordon they two son 1 daughter

HAVILESKO Russell A. 20 Mar 1945 d 18 Apr 1993 Son of Arthur and Jennie RANNEY ae 48 lot 69 D

HAYES, Douglas P 18 Mar 1916 d 1 Aug 1990 lot 39 C 4 E

HAYNER Clarence A d May 28 1999 ae 71 lot D 35 W 4
*He was born Aug. 2, 1927, in Buffalo

HAYNES, Claude 24 Mar 1895 Oct 13 1983 Brocton lot 90 B 2
HAYNES, Fayne wife of Claude b 27 Sep 1899 d Feb 2 1981 Brocton,
*Ch Florence, Jean and Orlin HAYNES
HAYNES, Helen died Dec 6, 1929 lot 445 no age listed

HAYWARD, Walter J d Feb 17 1920 lot 282 no age given * in census is b about 1860
Probably the son of Walter S and Emily in Pomfret

HAYWARD, Lotta S, nee HIGGS, d May 19, 2003 ae 98
* Lotta S. Hayward, 98, of 7562 Felton Road, died at 3:08 p.m. Monday (May 19, 2003) in her home.
She was born Sept. 17, 1904, in Dewittville, the daughter of Charles and Tilda Person Higgs. She was a 1921 graduate of Mayville High School, a 1924 graduate of the Sherman Training School and a 1928 graduate of the Fredonia Normal School. She had been employed as a teacher by Denton Corners School, Pleasantville School, Beech Hill School and the Thomas Indian School in Versailles, N.Y. She is survived by a daughter, Marcia H. Okerlund of Westfield; a son, Gilbert T. Hayward; ten grandchildren, three step grandchildren 20 great-grandchildren; and nine step great-grandchildren
She was preceded in death by her husband, Thurston S. Hayward, whom she married Oct. 16, 1929, in Fredonia, and who died July 20, 1989; a son, Neil J. Hayward, who died Jan. 8, 1986; an infant granddaughter; four sisters: Hazel Hankel, Grace Stahley, Ruth Chapman and an infant sister; and three brothers: Milton, Clarence and Roy Higgs.
HAYWARD, Neil J. d Jan 8, 1986 (Born 16 Apr 1936 son of Lotta and Thurston Hayward)
HAYWARD, Thurston S, d July 20, 1989 aged 94 yrs * born 24 Jul 1894 Husband of Lotta
HAYWARD, Janet d June 9 1969 premature infant Baby lot

HAYWOOD, James,Birth: 1 Jan 1822 Death: 11 Mar 1876 from the effects of the Civil War
lot 282 wife was Julia SKINNER , and they the Grandparents of George Walter and Julia Jr they had 1 son Horace who must have died before 1880 his wife SKINNER also d young and Horace’s son Walter raised by the SKINNER Grandparents \\
James served in the Civil War with the NY 154th
James B Haywood ,
Enlistment Date: 22 August 1862
Distinguished Service: Side Served: Union
State Served: New York
Unit Numbers: 1423 1423
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 22 August 1862 at the age of 40
Enlisted in Company E, 154th Infantry Regiment New York on 24 September 1862.
POW on 02 May 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA
Paroled on 14 May 1863 at City Point, VA
Wounded on 15 May 1864 at Resaca, GA
Promoted to Full Corporal on 30 April 1865
Mustered out Company E, 154th Infantry Regiment New York on 11 June 1865 in Bladensburg, MD
HAYWOOD, Julia nee SKINNER Birth: 15 Mar 1828 in Brocton, Chautauqua, New York Death: 26 Jan 1898 dau of Chester Skinner and Betsey GOODRICH wife of James Haywood lot 282

HAYWOOD George d Oct 3, 1925 lot 282 * b ca 1872 son of Horace and ? Skinner Who died soon after his birth in 1880 he is with Widow Grandmother Julia 2nd wife wife Alma several ch in 1920 census
Raised by Grandmother Julia Haywood d Portland before 1900 will be here also and has a sister Julia bro Walter also with Skinner family
HAYWOOD, Elvira, 1872/ 5-31-1921, lot 282 1st wife of George Mother of his Ch
HAYWOOD Walter J. 1875/ 2-17-1920 lot, 282 bro of George raised by SKINNER Grandfather Horace and w /Harriet
HAYWOOD, Alvin H. 1-15-1941, age 43-5-21, lot, 282
HAYWOOD, Bradley John, 6-20-1933, age 30 days, lot 280
HAYWOOD, Bryan, 1-3-1830, son of Joseph and Tryphena Haywood, lot 282
HAYWOOD, Dorothy Mae, 7-16-1936, age 16-5-5 lot 282
HAYWOOD, Harold B. 9-18-1951, age 57, lot 282
HAYWOOD Harold G. 8-24-1959, Age 24 , Veteran, lot 282
HAYWOOD, John G. died Oct 7 1973 ae 70 lot 382
HAYWOOD, Joseph, 7-30-1842, son of Joseph and Tryphena, lot 280
HAYWOOD, Mary (HALL) 2-28-1966, age 72 lot 282
HAYWOOD, Tryphena 11-8-1876, Wife of Joseph, lot 280

HAZELTON, Debra J, died August 16, 1979 ae 28 lot 2 D

HAZINSKI, Joseph A d Sept 3, 1996 ae 74 on Mary Gugino lot D 25 w 2

HEALY, Harriet nee DEAN, July 7, 1930 ae 81 lot 381 wife of Clark
HEALY, Baby Ross stillborn, Sept 11, 1913
HEALY Clark, 1848-1905, lot 380
HEALY, Rawson Williams 5 FEB 1881 son of Clark and Harriet Dean HEALY d
4 AUG 1970 in Melbourne Beach, Brevard Co., Fla. ( wife Ellen Mericle ) lot 299 (Mericle lot)
HEALY, Norman Baxter. 7-4-1959, age 74, * born 13 JUL 1881 registered for WWI draft
Lived in Potter Co PA Lot, 381 son of Clark and Harriet
HEALY, Berdina SMITH , 8-5-1960, age 73-8-19 ashes lot 290 is Ethel Berdina Smith wife of Norman HEALY
HEALY, David C b on Dean LOT Circle b 3 Mar 1946 Died: 5 Sep 1995 buried Sept 11 1995 SS no issued in Maryland

HEBEISEN Frances Mary Baran Hebeisen, 88, formerly of Ripley, died Saturday (Feb. 23, 2002). She was born March 11, 1914, in Black Lick, Pa., the daughter of Joseph and Mary Vosko Baran. A Portland resident for almost 60 years, during her earlier years she had been employed by restaurants in New York City and was involved in union organizing. The BARAN Family immigrated from Slovakia, passing through Ellis Island in the New York Harbor as the port of entry. Though appreciative of her country home where she gardened, cooked and baked, she enjoyed traveling to Europe with her husband during retirement. Lately, she even completed a trip with her son Tom to New Orleans during Mardis Gras to visit relatives. She is survived by a son, Thomas Michael of Portland; two grandsons: Larry and Kerry Smith, both of Fredonia; several great- and great-great-grandchildren; a brother, Paul Baran; and three sisters: Ann Zak of Pittsburgh, Helen LaBrel of Buffalo and Mary Sinclair of New Orleans. She was preceded in death by her husband of more than 50 years, Walter Hebeisen, whom she married in 1932 and who died in 1986; a daughter, Barbara, who died in 1977; and three brothers: Tom and Mike, who died in the European Theater of World War II, and Cyril.
HEBEISEN Walter 6 Jan 1904 Jan 1985 Portland ( not in Portland burial records )

HEEDER, Robert W. - BROCTON - Robert W. ''Bob'' ''Buddy'' Heeder, 64, of East Main Street, died Tuesday (June 1, 1999) in his home. He was born July 23, 1934, in Rochester, the son of the late William and Gertrude Schmitt Heeder. Lot D 44 W 4

HEHIR, Minnie, d May 11 1967 ae 80 lot not given wife of Alvin T born 24 Apr 1891
HEHIR, Alvin T. D Jan 22, 1951 ae 59-8-24 lot 76

HELTON Kathleen (as spelled) 21 Aug 1902 d Dec 9 1993 West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida cremated ashes, Old sect 606
HELTON, James Early 3 Jun 1899 d May 19 1977 West Palm Beach lot 606

HENCKLEY, Gertrude nee FAY d June 19, 1927 lot 319 b ca 1853

HENERY, Linda, d June 8 1984 ae 37 lot 36 D

HENDERSON, Eino, 5 Jul 1924 d Nov 30 1985 Hamburg, Erie Co NY lot 20 C VETERAN

HENRIS, Fredrick 11 Jun 1923 d May 15 or 16th 1985
HENRIS, Charles R b 7 Sep 1919 d Jan 14, 1979 Lt COL Air Corp ae 59
HENRIS, Clarence W d May 2, 1970 ae 79 lot 615
HENRIS, Nell died July 18, 1960 ae 74 lot 615

HERRICK, Betsey dau of Ezekiel Lot 58 , Ezekiel was born about 1779 in 1850 is still living in Westfield, His wife Betsey is buried here, and dau Betsey W is beside her, lot 58 and an unknown person at her side in lot 59
Ezekiel not found anywhere else, is probably b here too same lot

HESS, Edna GUSTAFSON died May 31 1944 ae 54-8-11 lot 509

HEWETT, Mary E. June 2, 1913 ae 66-3-6
HEWITT, Leo O d Sept 30 1975 ae 68 lot 195
HEWITT, Gladys 21 Dec 1908 d 25 Jul 1991 lot 195 old
HEWITT, Orville died March 28, 1957 ae 73-8-13 lot 195
HEWITT, Goldie M. Died April 22, 1961 ae 74 lot 195

HEYDEN, Sandra MANZELLA d May 1977 ae 27 lot 14 D

HICKS, Floyd A 17 Sep 1922 - 4 Feb 1998 Batavia, Genesee, New York lot 38 D

HIGGS, George, 11-23-1945, age 87, lot 613
HIGGS, Effie EADES d Dec 21 1930 ae 70 lot 613
HIGGS, Everett L., 10 Apr 1896 d Sep 4 1984 lot 563 ae 88
son of Alfred J. and Anna Higgs
HIGGS, Dorothea 28 Mar 1901 d 15 Sep 1989 lot 563 ae 88
HIGGS, Alfred James, d 8-7-1936, age 84-2-24 ,lot 503
HIGGS, Anna (nee SEABORN) 5-31-1943 age 80, lot 503
* May 29, 1943: Brocton - Mrs. Anna Higgs, 80, widow of Alfred Higgs, died this morning at her home on East Main Street. She is survived by two sons, Levi and Everett Higgs of this village, five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Mrs. Higgs was born at Bemus Point, Dec. 17, 1862, and had lived here 50 years. Anna Seaborn Higgs was the daughter of Isaac Sylvester & Mary Ann Skinner Seaborn. She married December 5, 1883 at Sinclairville - Alfred James Higgs. Alfred died Aug.7, 1936 at age 84

HILL, Zimri, Was the son of John and was b. in Conn. in 1762. He m. Malinda Palmer, dau. of John Palmer in Ferrisburg, Vt. He removed from there to P. in company with Zadoc Martin, in Oct. 1815. He settled on p’t of lot 12, T. 5, now owned in part by H. Patch and W. A. Strong his log house standing where the house of Mr. Strong now stands. He sold in 1836 to Samuel Brown and removed to the town of Pomfret; but during the last years of his life lived with Jason Martin, a son-in-law. He was nearly blind for over twenty years. He was a revolutionary soldier, and was a volunteer in the war of 1812 and was at the battle of Plattsburg, N. Y. In religion he was orthodox and in politics a democrat. He died Nov 15th 1844 and was bu. in Evergreen Cemetery.
Children of Zimri all born in Vermont
PATTIE: b. in 1798; m. Moses Joy; d, in Michigan in 1864.
LOREN: b, in 1801; m. Almira Graves in 1829; settled in P.; d. in Michigan in 1855.
CHAUNCEY: b. in 1803; m. Nancy Squares, adopted dau. of Daniel Barnes, in 1823; settled in P.; d. in Ohio July 24th 1863. brought to P. for burial. Is HERE
ALMA: b. Jan, 30th 1807; (Or ALMIRA) m. Jason MARTIN Jan, 1827; settled in P.; d. Oct. 12th 1870. Buried here
HEMAN: b. in 1809; m. Lydia Delong in 1835; settled in P.; now living in the west. MARILLA: b. 1811; m. Geo. Harris, son of William Harris in 1828. CALVIN: b. in 1813; m. Anice Mead in 1836; settled at Marengo, Ill.; still living. JERUSHA: b. in 1815; m. Henry Lake in 1835; settled in P. at first; still living.

HILL, Seneca Harvey, d Sept 1, 1916 ae 58 lot 321
* Wife in census is DeEtta and ch, 1910 Elmer 20, Kate 19, Dorothy 16
HILL, DeEtta nee THAYER, wife of Seneca Hill, dau of Nelson and Olive Kelley Thayer d 11-6-1916, age 52, lot 321 son
HILL, Elmer Seneca Nov 3 1917 lot 517
HILL, Harvey Nelson Oct 31 1917 ae 33 lot 517
HILL, Reuella, d 5-4-1944, age 80-5-25 , lot 321
HILL, Channcey or Chauncey, C. 4-4-1942 age 81-9-27 , lot 128
HILL, Albert, d 2-12-1962, age 89-8-22, lot 321
HILL, Baby, 11-28-1917,age 5 mos. . lot 321
HILL, Seneca H. d Feb 4, 1939 ae 22-0-18 lot 518 lived w Grandfather Selden BLACKMAN from ae 3 mother Ruth Blackman HILL a widow in 1930
HILL, Ardell d Aug 11, 2000 ae 85
* partial obit Ardell H. Hill, 85, of Chautauqua Road, Fredonia, died Friday (Aug. 11, 2000) in Brooks Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk. She was born in Fredonia on April 20, 1915, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Miller Cable. A resident of the Fredonia area for 53 years,
HILL, Charles died October 26 1991 ae 83 lot B2 145
HILL, Marshall 23 Mar 1910 d Oct 12, 1985 Fredonia
HILL, Darrel J 6 Sep 1935 d July 7 1981 ae 45 lot 178
HILL, Ella Mae d May 6 1946 ae 69-3-15 lot 244
HILL, Alice Helen d Jan 15, 1918 ae 33 lot 517
HILL, Emma died Nov 14 1948 ae 86-3-14 lot not given
HILL, Edith d Nov 27 1953 ae 72-0-16 lot 517
HILL, Arland died Sept 29, 1955 ae 36-10-22 lot 517
HILL, Lawrence died May 21 1956 ae 83-4-15 lot 416

HINCKLEY, John Fay died April 25, 1937 ae 57 lot 319

HINDMAN, Carrie Arlene d Nov 14, 1982 ae 73 lot 537
HINDMAN, Joseph d Feb 9 1978 ae 69 lot 537

Probably here is the Patriarch of this Hipwell family, Jacob C , born in England, ca 1836 m Helen JONES Served the NY 9th in the Civil War, and died in Portland after 1900 before 1910 Helen died before 1900 is ELLEN in some records ;
Ch in 1870 Portland were Mary E 11, George 8 and Edwin 1, with whom Jacob lived in old age

HIPWELL, Alice d May 1 1918 ae 44 lot 205
HIPWELL Francis A. d, 1981, age 70 , lot 584
HIPWELL Fred, 6-5-1960, age 89, lot 584 N
HIPWELL, Georgia (LAKE) 3-5-1946, age 73-10-1 , lot 584 n
HIPWELL Gladys, b/d/1901, lot 205 e
HIPWELL George Jacob, 7-11-1940, age 77, lot 193 Son of Jacob ca 1835 who was b England wife Ellen are b here also
HIPWELL Jennie, 1-23-1928 lot 193 b ca 1865 PA wife of George
HIPWELL, Louis Jacob, 4-11-1963, age 72, lot 193
HIPWELL, Mamie, b ca 1874 Minnesota, 5-29-1925 single, sister of Eva Hipwell TURK here also lot 312
HIPWELL, Mary, 1-21-1930, age 90, lot 205 w
HIPWELL ,Paul Jr. 4-8-1935, age 0-3-3 , lot 584n son of Paul Grandson of Fred
HIPWELL, Paul R. June 29, -1969, age 62 lot 584 n
HIPWELL, Roy, 1891-1905, lot 205 w
HIPWELL, Rufus, 3-12-1942, age 65, lot 205 w His first wife d before 1920 in Erie PA, he m 2nd to INACE who died 1985 wife of WOLLASTON
HIPWELL Inace Hipwell w/o Rufus Hipwell
HIPWELL, Thomas, 1839-1890, lot 205 e
HIPWELL, Donna 1 Jun 1939 D 12 Nov 1988 lot 29 A 2 * dau of Martha Feinen WOLCOTT
HIPWELL Ricky Paul d April 15 1967 premature infant lot 29 A2
HIPWELL, Dean William died July 27, 1960 stillborn infant lot 29A

HOAG, Ralph M d July 4th 1970 ae 51 Lot 41 A1 VETERAN
HOAG, Frank Nelson d April 16 1968 ae 51 lot 41 A1

HOAK, Naomi d June 12 1973 ae 71 lot 531

HODGE, Abigail Caroline d Jan 7 1939 ae 86-6-14 lot 230
HODGE, Verne d 1-24-1946, age 55 lot 414

HODGES, Mary J b 21 Nov 1903 d March 11, 1980 ae 76 lot 4 A1
HODGES, Carl d Oct 4 1957 ae 55-2-0 lot 4A

HOFER, Gladys MAU died Oct 16 1947 ae 52 lot 271

HOLCOMB, Nellie E Oct 27 1915 ae 3 mos 1 da
HOLCOMB Bertha, 1870-1922, lot 576
HOLCOMB, Hiram D. 8-12-1920, lot 532 no age listed
HOLCOMB, Kenneth, d 6-2-1932, age 15, lot 478n
HOLCOMB William, 1860-1922, lot 576

HOLKER F. G. 1836-1890, lot 190 Civil War Veteran, Pvt. CO.B 64th NY Vol.
HOLKER Rose Marie, 1-4-1951, age 86, lot 190

HOLLANDER, Gerald M 17 Nov 1906 d 29 Oct 1989 lot 86 B2 2E

HOLLISTER, Emily die d Oct 30, 1866 lot 192 wife of Captain J A. HOLLISTER

HOLLOWAY, Anna died October 11, 1957 ae 79-6-22 lot 651

HONLACHEM ? John d Jan 25, 1983 ae 65 lot 23 D VETERAN

HONERT or HONEST, Charlotte, died Feb 9, 1961 ae 70 lot 615

HOPF, Joseph 28 Nov 1908 d Jul 1987 Brocton

Sarah, 7-20-1877, age 79-3-26, lot 124
Stephen M, 2-1-1854, age 48-2-11, lot 124

Lena Belle, 7-7-1922, lot 362

HOLLANDER, Myrtle b May 10, 1902 d Aug 1983 ae 81 lot 86 B 2

HOLLISTER, Emily wife of Capt J A died Oct 30, 1866 lot 192

HOLMES, Almira wife of Alfred died 1887 lot 78

HONAKER, Garnet d Dec 5 2002 ae 73 lot D 26
*Garnet Honaker, 73, of West Main Street, formerly of Pecor Street, Portland, died Thursday (Dec. 5, 2002) in Westfield Memorial Hospital. She was born Aug. 19, 1929, in Offutt, Ky., the daughter of John and Thelma Ward Baldridge.She is survived by six daughters: Mary Louise Kennedy of West Palm Beach, Fla., Kay Gnadzinski of Fredonia, Brenda Johnson of Jamestown, Patricia Lynch of Texas, Carol Sue Meyers of Utica, N.Y., and Elizabeth ''Libby'' Jessie of Dunkirk; a son, Robert Honaker of Dunkirk; 29 grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren; two brothers: Paris and Can Baldridge, both of Brocton; and three sisters: Gracie Fields of Phelps, Ky., Jacqulene Dotson of Portland and Margret Yarber of Brocton.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert Honaker, who died in 1981 (1983 here) ; and a brother, John Baldridge.
HONAKER, Robert J 28 Feb 1930 d Feb 15 1983 Brocton lot 15 D

HONEST ? Or HONERT Donald Edward d Nov 24 1926 lot 615
HONEST or HONERT Edward L died July 28, 1957 ae 71-11-6 lot 615

HOPKINS, Orpha A Nov 6, 1914 ae 64-9-18 lot 78

HOPSON Sarah, 7-20-1877, age 79-3-26, lot 124
HOPSON, Stephen M, 2-1-1854, age 48-2-11, lot 124

HORTON, Dorothy H d Jan 2 1997 ae 89 lot A 2 14 W 1

HOUCK, Lee C 9 Oct 1916 d 24 Apr 1989 lot 48 A 2
HOUCK, Esther died Sept 19, 1962 ae 34-5-25 lot 48 A 2

HOUGHTON Edwin, 5-23-1947, age 53-8-17 lot 651 or 650

HOUGHTALING, Manley d July 15 1963 age 82 lot 584
HOUGHTALING, Helen GUSTAFSON died Dec 6 1943 ae 51-11-15 lot 584

HOVER Elsie H. 5-13-1952, age 75-11-18 lot 333
HOVER L.G. 12-8-1959, age 91-0-28

HOWARD, Mabel d Dec 26 1981 ae 88 lot 477
HOWARD, Allen George d Jan 10 1927 no ae lot 477 * b ca 1896

HOWARD, Elizabeth A 16 Mar 1896 d 8 May 1988 Oakfield, Genesee, New York lot 520 old sect
HOWARD, Enos d Jan 31, 1972 ae 75 lot 520

HOWE Miss. 6-25-1921, lot 420 Is probably Marietta the elder and unmarried sister of William, in 1920 she is 70 and single and they live together are buried together
HOWE, William H. July 9 -1944, age 81-10-25, lot 420 ( date body found )
(info from Jamestown Post Journal dated Sept 13, 1944) Farmer Found Dead in Creek Willed $2,900 to 8 Relatives...The estimated $2,900 estate of the late William H. Howe, retired Brocton farmer whose body was found at the mouth of Dewittville Creek last July 7 after he had been missing for more than eight months, will be divided among eight cousins, according to terms of his will filed in Surrogate Court at Mayville.
A proceeding to obtain temporary letters of administration, started by one of the cousins, Mrs. Morris Lilly of Fredonia, was still pending when the body was found.
Mr. Howe, who was 79, disappeared the night of Oct. 27, 1943 from the County Home at Dewittville, where he had gone the same day for treatment of an illness. Two searches, one shortly after his disappearance and another last spring, failed to reveal any trace of him. A group of Y.M.C.A. campers stumbled upon his body in the creek bed on July 7.

HOWE, Isaac Was the son of Samuel and Sarah Rose Howe, and was b. at Brantford, Conn. He m. Hannah Mallory in Columbia County, N. Y., and settled in Oneida Co. He removed to Cayuga County in 1812, and came to P. in 1823, the family coming in 1824, and settled on part of lot 10, T. 5, land now owned by his son Isaac and John Lawson. He was a carpenter by trade. He d. in Sept., 1839 and was bu. at Brocton. (Portland Evergreen ) Portland Sketches
HOWE< Isaac, JUNIOR born October 1814 , died in Portland after 1900 He was married to Marilla and had Meritta and son William
HOWE Marilla born july 1834 wife of Isaac JR Howe
HOWE Miss. 6-25-1921, lot 420 is Meritta dau of Isaac JR and Marilla born about Jan 1850 she is single and still with parents in 1900 in Portland then she is 50 her Brother William H is also here 1900 born June 1863
HOWE, William H. 9-29-1944, age 81, lot 420 b June 1863 Son of Isaac JR and Marilla unmarried
HOWE, Mary Ann dau of Isaac SR and Hannah Mallory d in Portland March 1840

HOWE, ? Also possibly here is another son of Isaac SR HOWE, he was JOSIAH HOWE, wife Cornelia, Josiah b. July 8, 1811; m. Cornelia Randall May 20, 1845; settled on p’t of homestead. Now lives in Fredonia (Portland Sketches) their ch in 1850 census were Francis, Sirena, and James 1849

HUBER, G. Isobel nee SHEARER d Nov. 19, 2003
* G. Isobel Huber, 76, of Central Avenue, Brocton, died Wednesday (Nov. 19, 2003) at the Waters of Westfield.
She was a resident of Brocton for the last three years, having formerly resided in Fredonia.
She was born in Union City, Pa., on Nov. 5, 1927, the daughter of the late Lyle and Nellie Fox Shearer. She is survived by a son, Douglas Huber of Brocton; a daughter, Rebecca Huber Ross of Brocton; a sister, Edith Gilson of Warren; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by a sister, Marie Shearer, and two infant sisters.

HUBER, Earl 8 Apr 1920 d 3 Dec 1992 Brocton Lot D 49
HUBER, Mabel DIKEMAN d Nov30 1972 ae 65 lot 50 A 2

HUFF, Herbert H d Sept 12 1973 ae 82 lot 30 or 50 A 2
HUFF, Ethel died June 8 1963 age 70 lot 30 or 50 A 2

HUGHES, Martha died Jan 6 1929 no age lot 292

HULBURT, , David b. in Vt. May 28, 1770 d 1864 son of David and Dorcas Mallory Hulburt
He m. Elizabeth Barnes at Orwell, Vt., Nov 24, 1792. He was ordained a minister of the Baptist order at Orwell in 1795. He labored in the ministry at various places in Vt., Genesee County, NY, and Crawford County, Pa. He removed to P. from Crawford county in 1822 and settled on p’t of lot 18 T. 5, on the old Erie road, occupying a log house until 1834 when he built a frame house, which is still standing on the farm. After coming to P. he preached only as a supply, not having again the care of a church, preaching in Mayville, Westfield, Stockton, and some other places. He was a man of an iron constitution and retained his natural vigor in a good degree to his 90th year. Often at the age of 89, and for some years later, he would walk four miles, preach a discourse and return, and after his 90th year he would walk two miles and return and once after his 93rd year. During the latter portion of his life he could read and write without the aid of glasses so well as in younger years. As a minister he baptized nearly eleven hundred persons, m. two hundred couples, and preached five hundred and fifty funeral sermons. In politics he was a whig and republican. He d, April 18 1864 , aged 93 years 10 months. Mrs. H. d. April 7, 1852. They were bu. in Brocton cemetery. (Portland Evergreen)
HULBURT, Elizabeth nee BARNES d. April 7, 1852 wife of David
Family of Mr. and Mrs. Hulburt –
CEPHUS: B April 11, 1794; m. Sarah Ellsworth in Vt.; settled in Genesee county, this state; d. a soldier in the Mexican war in 1848.
DAVID: b. Feb 11, 1798; m. Betsey Arnold in Yates county, this state; settled there.
ELIZABETH: b. April 16, 1800; m. Lemuel Logan of Crawford county, Pa.; settled there.
(*According to the Hulburt Genealogy she m to SAMUEL Logan and is buried here in Portland she lived with father David in 1850 as Elizabeth HULBURT age 50 * 1252 Betsey Hurlbut, dau. of David 4th and Elizabeth, was b. in Richmond, Vt., 16 April 1800, m. May 1851, in Portland, N. Y., Samuel Logan. She d. in Portland, N. Y., 15 Dec. 1883.
JAMES H: b. July 8, 1802; m. Lydia Peters of Genesee Co/; settled in P/ in 1824; Mr. H. first came to Portland, . in 1820. died and buried here
HENRY: b. June 18, 1804; m. Ruby Webb in Yates county; settled in Mich; d. there March 26, 1867.
(7) FANNY and PHILA; twins; B. Nov 26, 1806; m. at the same time and place, the former Jason Wilson and settled in Ohio; the latter Wm. Tucker and settled in Ohio, but afterward removing to Portland.
JARVUS: b. Dec 7, 1808; m. Abigail Chamberlain and settled in Pa.
PHILETUS and CLEMANIA, twins: b. Jan 8, 1811; the former m. Esther Scriptur and settled in Wis.; the latter m. Joel Burch and settled in Rushville, this state.
CHAUNCEY: b. Aug 14, 1813; m. Lucy Whipple; settled in Albany, NY.
HULBURT, PERRY: b. June 25, 1816; d. in 1854 Portland ** was an Idiot ( 1850 census data)

HULBURT, James Harvey b. July 8, 1802; died 23 January 1880
Son of David and Elizabeth m. Lydia Peters of Genesee Co/; settled in P/ in 1824; Mr. H. first came to Portland, . in 1820. died and buried here
HULBURT, Lydia nee PETERS,17 Feb 1803 Death: 29 Oct 1884 in Portland, Chautauqua
dau of Joseph Peters Soldier of the Rev War buried here also
* Children b in Portland were;
Lydia Ann HULBURT b: 8 Jan 1826 in Portland, m William Jackson SPRAGUE she died Portland 2 Jun 1866
Eliza Jane b: 6 Nov 1827 in Portland, Death: 8 Feb 1904 m Erastus DENISON b here
David Barns b: 8 Dec 1829 in Portland, d 19 Sep 1912 Wisconsin
Mary b: 12 Sep 1832 in Portland, m Warren Bebee buried Cherry Creek Death: 5 Jun 1912
James Harvey b: 22 Aug 1834 in Portland, Death: 11 Jan 1884
Joseph Clark b: 12 Aug 1837 in Portland, 20 Aug 1910 unmarried b here
Benjamin Franklin b: 1 Jun 1840 in Portland, m Mary Jane Chapman died in WI 27 Oct 1910
Ellen Maria b: 25 Jul 1843 in Portland, d 19 Apr 1886 m Edwin P Denison her son Bert Erastus DENISON is buried here
John Bradley b: 24 Oct 1847 in Portland, d there 19 Mar 1867

HULL Baby, 1-25-1920, lot 332
HULL Charles W. 4-24-1936, age 78-6-26. Lot 332 ran a blacksmith shop
HULL, Ida Belle (BECKER) d 2-10-1932,dau of William and Amanda BECKER age 67, wife of Charles Hull lot 332
HULL, Gertrude G. Aug 23 1969 , age 87, lot 332
HULL Henry, 6-28-1943, age 54, lot 601n
HULL, Jessie F. 3-13-1969, age 79, lot 332 Wife of Howard Hull
HULL, Howard Irving died Oct 2, 1940 ae 54-2-16 lot 332
HULL, Lewis W. 3-19-1941, age 70 lot 332
HULL Margaret J. 1830-1885, lot 332
HULL Marion G. 7-8-1927, lot 332 b ca 1916 son of Howard and Jessie HULL
HULL Douglas V. 11-7-1922, lot 332 b ca 1914 son of Howard Irving HULL b 13 Jul 1886
and Jessie

HULSLANDER Arthur Ray, 4-19-1918 age 38

HUMPHREY Elizabeth (DEXTER) 11-23-1943, age 79-2-17 lot 571

HUNT family of Obadiah and Simmons , there is no record of their burial ANYWHERE but they lived for many years in Portland and died there so I assume they are buried HERE;
HUNT, Obadiah (227)
Came to P. from Cayuga County, N. Y., in 1827. His wife was Clarinda Simmons. The family of Mr. H. were originally from Vt. He settled on p’t of lot 31, T. 4, farm now occupied by Roscoe Granger. Mrs. H. d. here in 1830. Mr. H. d. at the house of Bela Burroughs in P. April 12, 1855. He was a farmer and shoemaker; politically a whig, and a member of the Presbyterian church.
Family of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt –
ZUBEL: (Zurel) m. Sally Hopson; lived for some years on the farm now owned by ------ Guest, p’t of lot 31, T. 4, and d. there Jan. 3, 1850. Mrs. H. is still living.
SYLVIA: m. Bela Burroughs; lived for a many years in Portland . on S. p’t of lot 13, T. 5; d. Oct. 1, 1872. Mr. Burroughs . d. in Nov 1872.
POLLY: m. John Henderson; lives in Syracuse, N. Y.
ORRIN: m. Margaret Thayer; lived on "Thayer hill", N. E. part of lot 32, T. 4; d. there in Feb. 1864.
EBENEZER: m. Sally Cole; lives near Meadville, Pa.
BERTAH G.: m. Jane Shaver; d. in Jamestown, N. Y. in 1854
JOHN: m. Nancy Rider; d. in 1868.
HIRAM: m. Eliza Hamlin; lived in Chautauqua; d. there in 1854.
VIOLETTA: m. Freeman Allen; lived in Pa.; afterward in P. and d. here in 1844.
PHILENA: m. David Burdick; lives in Conneautville, Pa.
CHLOE: m. Charles Cole; lives at Spring Corners, Pa.
AMOS: m. Maria Burroughs; lives in Charlotte, this county.
NOTES: From the Fredonia Censor newspaper dated 29 Apr. 1829 obit: Clarinda Hunt died in Portland on 18th , of apoplexy, age 50. No obit for Obadiah in FC. Perhaps the Westfield Republican carried it. Did not find their place of burial. (2) Sylvia Hunt Burroughs had at least three children to whom she gave birth (1865 census) and two adopted children Anna S. and Henry both born Sweden. 1865 census says Sylvia born in Warsaw Co., NY; According to a query in Jamestown Journal natural children of Sylvia were: Clarinda, James H., Mary J. and Amos. H. Amos Hunt is on the 1865 census listed with wife Anna M. and 10 children. Henry, Chas., Willard, Melissa, Mary, James, Adin, Rosetta, George, and Lucy.\

HUNT, Mildred wife of Herbert Hunt 12 May 1900 d Mar 5 1985 lot 346
HUNT, Adin son of Amos Grandson of Obadiah
HUNT, Adelia nee CRANDALL died befire 1910 , Aden or Adin d after 1930 P
HUNT, Herbert d Nov 11, 1992 ae 71 lot 346 old
HUNT, Alice LANE died August 11, 1945 ae 68-2-7 lot 519
HUNT, Sandra Lynn d Nov 7 1948 ae 3-8-21 lot not given
HUNT, Harry d Nov 3, 1951 ae 66-5-1 lot 519

HYLAND, Valma, E March 23, 1915 ae 31
HYLAND, George A d Feb 13 1921 lot 362 no age

SOURCE:  Compiled by Dolores Pratt Davidson, 2007