Saturday January 1, 1944

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Sat. January 1, 1944

A dull and lonesome day.

Ralph's invited me in to supper. No one seems very excited over the New Year.

Sunday January 2, 1944

Fair morning, but turned dull.

Seems we have been treated to 2 Sundays as yesterday seemed like Sunday, too.

Brendice came and staid while Ervin went to Farm.

Mon. January 3, 1944

Overcast. Brendice came and we washed. She fell on ice last night and got some bad bumps.

Long letter from Clark written Christmas Day.

Ralph's invited me to supper and I read it to them.

Tues. January 4, 1944

Wed. January 5, 1944

Thursday January 6, 1944

Muriel spent the evening with me. I always like to visit with her.

Friday, January 7, 1944

Brendice ironed and did some cleaning. Was just leaving when in walked Winnie. Were we surprised! He got a ride with Will Meredith as he only went down to take June's mother. They started Tuesday morning and about half the distance it was icy driving. I started getting supper and Ralph asked us in there.

Sat. January 8, 1944

Winnie went to town for short call on Aunt Dot. Also called on others.

Sunday January 9, 1944

Winnie ate dinner with the Long's and called on Stitts in evening.

Mon. January 10, 1944

Fair & lovely.

Ruth invited Brendice & Winnie to dinner. Winnie was going to town with Henry but he gave up going, so Winnie started out walking and walked all the way to Cherry St. Ate chicken dinner with them and came home on bus.

Tues. January 11, 1944

Winnie got up rather late and went to Lander to visit Bernard Coleman's. Said was staying over nite if they asked him. They must have been polite,as he did not come back.

Brendice came for few minutes. Had been to Red Cross.

Wed. January 12, 1944

Fair - with frost snow in air.

Coleman's came with Winnie and they went on to Town. Home in evening. Coleman sells farm machinery and has a good business.

Thurs. January 13, 1944

Brendice & Winnie ate dinner with Ruth.

Friday, January 14, 1944

Brendice has gone to stay at Ervin's farm as Signa is in the hospital with new baby. -- another girl, Nancy Ann.

Man from Oak Hill brot bush. apples. We bot of him last year. I got some of them in oven to bake almost as soon as he got them into the woodshed. Glad they came while Winnie is here. Baldwins Spies and Tallman Sweets.

Sat. January 15, 1944


On this day of Brendice's birth, we did not see her, as they are at Farm.

Winnie went to town to get her something. Got a head kerchief. Nice & warm.

Sun. January 16, 1944

Ervin could not start car so we did not see Brendice to day either.

Winnie & I played cards with Ralph's in the evening. Treated us to grape juice - homemade & good.

Winnie called on Mrs. Baldwin and had quite a visit.

Mon. January 17, 1944

Winnie was calling on Lurane.

Tues. January 18, 1944


Winnie went up to Ruth's, back to dinner and took bus to J - n. Was visiting Aunt Dot most of the P.M. Packed an ice cream freezer to send to June. Bot his ticket $20. got the freezer checked on ticket

Winnie brot down mail. Frederic Lindblad's check for S.west half of Peck Farm $825.00 goodby to my children's birthplace.

Wed. January 19, 1944

Winnie called on Weiss and also Keeseys.

Went to town with Ralph's and went out on Buffalo St. to visit with the Beckrink's. Said Mr. Beckrink had helped him a lot when he was peddling vegetables.

Wrote letter to Nancy Lou.

Thurs. January 20, 1944

Sun & shade.

It is always a sad day when any of the children leave. Winnie packed up and had a hard tussle to get in a blanket he needed on the way up in Meredith's car. Winnie called on Frews in fore noon. Brendice & Ervin came to dinner. Brendice hasn't seen Winnie very much, not as she would if she had been living here. He took bus below crossing and had to run to get there. Besides the heavy suit case he took Frances' violin. He thinks his boys are going to learn, but I think he wants to try it out himself. Well, there is no use to keep it here, shut away with no good to anyone.

It was 3:30 when he left here and was supposed to be in Pittsburgh at 9:

Fri. January 21, 1944


I have wondered if Winnie would be riding in fog over the Penn. mountains. Any way it is warm and no ice on roads going from Pittsburgh to Washington.

Came a wonderful picture of Billy. The last times he has been home he looked, & seemed, sad. He looks very gay in this picture, and handsome too. More as he used to look when Audre brot him home.

Sat. January 22, 1944

Fair & warm.

Brendice came to sweep & dust. Stopped both ways to see Mrs. Baldwin as she is not feeling very well. Brendice herself not feeling so good.

Card from Winnie. Bus out of Pittsburgh so crowded he could not get on. Would have a wait of 4 hours. Was glad he wrote, as I forgot to ask him to. He will not be home to Sherwin's birthday.

Firemen were called out this evening to hunt for a woman & boy lost in the swamp along the Conewango.

Sunday, January 23, 1944

Wet snow.

This has been really a dreadful day. Brendice stopped on way to church to say Mrs. Baldwin died this morning. I was so shocked.

500 people serching the swamp also 3 planes but finally dragged creek and pulled them out near together and not far from the place they were visiting. Live in Salamanca.

Mon. January 24, 1944


Brendice came early and we washed. Ate dinner here.

Nice notice of Mrs. Baldwin and much about the drowned woman & son.

Card from Winnie. Ate dinner in Gettysburg Fri. and saw some of the battlefield.

Letter from Sadie. Kent seems to be all over the Pacific Isles.

Tues. January 25 1944

Mostly fair & warm.

Brendice & Ruth called. Stopped in at Mrs. Baldwin's. Say she looks very nice. An appreciation of Mrs. Baldwin in tonite's paper. Whoever wrote it was very nice.

Wrote letter to Winnie. Hope he is home now.

Rudolph brot his father & mother to call at Mrs. Baldwin's. Did not see her, as it was her request not to, but some have, so there is likely to be friction. Rudolph said if she did not wish it, it should be respected. We had a nice visit.

Wed. January 26, 1944

A warm and lovely day, like April. Even to the sound of Frew Run.

Mrs. Baldwin would be glad the weather was so nice for her very last ride.

Brendice was there in A.M. to take care of flowers and came here to dinner.

Letters from Clark & Billy. Billy very discouraged he isn't sent out of Boca Raton.

Thurs. January 27, 1944

Deep fog, ending in hard rain in the evening. A most depressing day.

Fri. January 28, 1944

The fog rolled off and gave us a fine, warm day. Frew Run roaring like April.

Brendice came and ironed half a day.

Mrs. Sherman called. I like to see her, but she is so deaf it is hard work to make her hear.

Came a card from Eloise. She, with Harley's wife, are staying near Camp Peary, Va. where Harley is stationed.

Sat. January 29, 1944

Fog Another dull, depressing day.

Just clearing the house-tops came a plane. It scared the life out of most all of Frewsburg. I thot it was landing in our field. Smash landing at that.

Brendice came with my groceries.

Sunday, January 30, 1944

A dull day, getting very cold.

Brendice & Ervin went to Earl's to dinner then to farm at supper time.

Ralph invited me there to baked to pork dinner. very nice.

Ruth called. Nancy Lou lost her bus and was trying to thumb a ride to town.

Monday January 31, 1944

Wind bringing snow.

This has been quite a day for me. I have now war bonds to the amount of $1,600.00. There is a drive on and these are to help boost Carroll.

Brendice when to town and cashed the Lindblad boy's check. Paid St. & Co. tax on 27 Genesee $17.11

Brot package Clark sent. We thot from Costa Rica as the things came from there. 6 film rolls, postcards & pictures, a scene in C. Rica. Wood carving, money - silver & paper, coral.

Strange to get these film rolls, the Eastman Co. of Rochester had sent to the tropics, we cannot buy them here.

Card from Winnie. Only lacked 1 day of a week making trip back. One nite he waited in Pittsburgh, and one in Jacksonville. Everybody well. His baby didn't know him. Gone one day over 3 weeks.

Tues. February 1, 1944


Sun set in a mass of clouds lined with gold instead of silver and blushes a lovely pink in places.

Letter from Billy.

Wed. February 2, 1944

Most of the day the ground hog could see his shadow. As usual, the Journal makes 3 or 4 editorial about it. Gives it more space than the President's birthday.

Brendice came for a hurried call.

I sent letter to Clark and the Harry Franck book "Lure of Alaska." only .06 cents postage.

I thought it a good plan for him to read about Alaska and be thankful he had been sent to the tropics.

Thurs. February 3, 1944

Light snow out of fog.

Brendice came before dinner and did some cleaning - ate dinner here. She brot me a lovely little primrose, Loyd Johnson raised it and has them on sale at Sparks’ store. Are in the nature of Valentines. Also I still have the primrose that grew from a slip off Myrtle's. Prettier than last year (9 stems of bloom) thanks to "vigero." 1 teaspoon per month.

Fri. February 4, 1944

Ruth working at store fore noons now. She called up would come down here to dinner. Brot frozen asparagus and it was delicious. She will have the job of picking the books for Library now. Mrs. Baldwin has always done all this. - a committee of one.

Sat. February 5, 1944


Brendice came with groceries. She is entertaining Jessie tomorrow. Asked me, but am not going.

Letter from Sadie. Carl home till next Wed. Then will be sent some other place. Has been at Miami Beach nearly 2 years.

Sun. February 6, 1944

High wind in nite that blew away the fog. Sun set entirely clear of Torsell's garage. Cold & lovely.

Ate chicken dinner with Ralph's.

Caught rat in pantry. Winnie set the trap.

I rather expected Brendice & Jessie to call, but did not.

Mon. February 7, 1944


All my a weather lore was upset, as such a beautiful sun down did not mean snow but here it is.

Brendice came & we washed.

Letter from Clark. Rather calling us down for not writing oftener, or telling him more. Pretty soon he will get notice of Sheila’s wedding - then what? Letter contained Money O. for Feb.

Tues. February 8, 1944


Muriel called. She is a good visitor.

Wed. February 9, 1944

Thurs. February 10, 1944

Brendice went to town early. Home at noon. Stopped here, as she bot me 2 suits of underwear .59 per garment $2.36. Rather cheap, in this age of high prices, but I imagine I am about the last one to wear this kind.

Friday February 11, 1944

Wind East & snowing

Sat. February 12, 1944

Fair getting very cold

Letter from Winnie. I was writing to him so he will get a quick answer. Sent a calendar as a Valentine, also. So far, none of the admixture of relatives have committed murder. He don't seem to think they will.

Sunday February 13, 1944

zero or below.

Monday February 14, 1944

Tues. February 15, 1944


Brendice & Florence called in a minute.

Are soliciting in the 4th Bond drive. Carroll has a quota of ____

Wed. February 16, 1944

Moon shines in all nite, but the sun is in a haze most all day.

Brendice came for a few minutes to bring me things to eat.

Thurs. February 17, 1944

Fri. February 18, 1944


Everything covered with clinging snow.

Ralph did a lot of shoveling before he could take out his car.

Brendice came to do cleaning.

Sat. February 19, 1944

Fair, zero.

Out doors is a fairyland. Every bush encased in ice and gleaming.

Letter from Sadie and she so excited. Kent had called her up from Cal. Coming home for 30 days.

Sunday February 20, 1944

Ruth & Nancy Lou called. Nancy Lou took bus back to Fredonia.

Mon. February 21, 1944


We washed and hung clothes out side first time in months. Supper time Grace came. Lucy had invited me to eat soup with them and also asked Grace.

Tues. February 22, 1944

Snow, rain and a genuine thunderstorm in evening.

Grace was some worried about the weather, but staid to dinner. Brendice had been to town, got rent at Genesee St, but came to dinner with us.

Wed. February 23, 1944

Dull. Wind changing in evening.

Brendice ironing. Mary ate dinner with us. Mrs. Foster called with Janet's Sally. Lucy came in with her 2. Gertrude Sternberg Edgarton came with a baby she is caring for as a County charge. Some sort of foreign chuckle-headed blood. We had quite a baby show.

Came a letter from Clark with the snapshots he made in Costa Rica. On all of them he had written a description. Must have been quite a job, as there were over 40. Sent "Free" Soldier's mail. Dated Feb. 11 and this is 12 days later.

Ruth came in evening. She is now choosing the Library book.

Thurs. February 24, 1944


The littlest Little is a yearling. He can walk pretty good, but not very advanced in talking. They invited me to supper with the one candled birthday cake.

Friday February 25, 1944


In evening Myra came. Irene came to Garfield theater with her girl and some nabor children, so Myra came here. Her eyes look pretty bad, but she can get about pretty good and can enjoy a joke as well as ever. Irene looked fine when she came in for her mother. She seemed somehow to sparkle, she is so vibrant.

The movie was "Lassie" come home. Lassie being a dog.

Mr. Fosberg from the "Home" is tapping our trees.

Sat. February 26, 1944

Slashing rain

Brendice did not come today, but called up toward nite.

Sunday February 27, 1944

A dull, depressing day.

Brendice called toward nite. They entertained Stanley's family. They seem just to visit around.

Ruth came and ate supper with me. She has sent for 40 books. I hope the 2 I chose will, at least, suit me.

Mon. February 28, 1944

Still dark and dismal weather.

Ervin had 10 teeth pulled. Pretty tough.

Tuesday, February 29, 1944

getting very cold

This is the one odd day. "One year in 4"

Brendice came for a few minutes and took letters I had written, Nancy Lou and twins. We enclosed $5. in the twins letter as it is their 18 birthday on Thurs.

Craig may be in the service any minute now.

Wed. March 1, 1944

10% above

Altho bright, there was frost in the air all day.

Thurs. March 2, 1944

Brendice came to do sweeping but would not stay to dinner.

Letters from Winnie & Sadie.

Winnie's children recovering from measles. June said the air was perfumed with orange bloom, - but it still brings the different diseases.

Kent arrived a week ago yesterday. I guess Sadie found him changed from the young boy who went away 18 mo. ago. Well, so he would have changed, even if he had only been away to school.

Friday, March 3, 1944

Snowing. I was glad to see it really doing something after so much dullness.

Brendice came with letter from Billy. He thinks the folks at home should crack down on the kind of beaus Joan picks out. Had written home to that effect and got a hot letter from Myrtle. Seems she won't agree with Billy, altho they are quite agreed about the beau.

Sat. March 4, 1944


Brendice brot ham & eggs so we could eat dinner together. I baked potatos & apples.

Sunday March 5, 1944

Fair & melting the snow.

Lucy went to Sherman to bowl. I popped corn for our suppers.

Brendice & Ervin called with clothes to wash tomorrow.

Monday March 6, 1944

Rain & wind toward nite

Not a very good wash day.

Letter from Clark with more pictures & Money Order. This came at 6: P.M. and about an hour later his friend Staff Sgt. Darien Marshall called from Olean. Rather a trial for this boy to talk with an old woman, 50 miles away. He seemed very nice and Clark said he is a red-head and knows the Adams'

Tues. March 7, 1944

Turning cold

Ralph's went to town. Mary staid with me. Brendice came a minute. Ruth called in the evening. Out for Red Cross money on this street.

Wed. March 8, 1944


Brendice came to iron and ate dinner

Thurs. March 9, 1944

10 % above

Mrs. Keesey called. All enthused with their venture of raising food-plants in Russell. Bill is there every day, but so far she only goes 2 days a week.

Nice letter from Carl. After a year & half at Miami Beach he is moving out. Is now on Atlantic sea-board. I hope he wants to go. He had been a long time in one place, but his mother will do more worrying, where ever he goes. He was pretty safe in the mess kitchens at the Beach.

Friday March 10, 1944

Still cold. Been 2 weeks since the trees were tapped and they have hardly boiled any.

Brendice & Ervin came for ironed clothes. She is making a birthday party for him tomorrow.

Sent letter to Clark.

Sat. March 11, 1944

Fair but not warm enough for sap to run much.

Brendice came but was in a hurry to get on the birthday dinner.

Sent letter to Carl -

Sunday, March 12, 1944

Started fair, but turned to cold rain.

The dinner was a success and the guest of honor duly surprised.

Mon. March 13, 1944

Partly fair.

All day struggling to get fair, but then sun did not set right.

I invited Brendice & Ruth to eat dinner with me. Baked hash in pepper shells & baked apples. Then they hurried away, Brendice to doing tax returns and Ruth to a shampoo & hair do.

Letter from Clark. Is sending a suitcase.

Letter from Grace also.

Tues. March 14, 1944

Freeze, then dull

Brendice reports Clark's suitcase arrived at P. Office.

Wed. March 15, 1944

Brendice called up. Working very hard on reports. This is last day.

Wrote birthday letters to Sadie and Kent. We are going to send maple syrup, not yet made.

Thurs. March 16, 1944

Raining out of fog.

Brendice came and did cleaning. Ate dinner with me and dug some parsnips.

Altho the Income tax reports are supposed to all be in yesterday some people came for her to do theirs. Took her home.

Ralph's got a new Olson rug. Moved the piano, which I expected to bring home.

Friday March 17, 1944


Letter from Winnie saying Mrs. Meredith was starting north Thurs. - yesterday. Pretty tough weather for a sojourner from the deep south.

Sat. March 18, 1944


Sent letter to Winnie.

Brendice came and we made out our seed order $2.08 Allen's General.

Snow in air all day and bitter cold tonite.

I would like to look in at the Stegner family in Tulsa.

Sunday March 19, 1944

10 above

Snowing all day.

Brendice & Ervin going to Bessie's. They don't seem to stay alone very much.

Ruth came in evening. She is now making up the 2nd No. of "Carroll Capers." A poor name.

Mon. March 20, 1944

6 in. snow

Brendice came and we washed. Again had to hang them indoors. She went home to send Sadie's maple syrup. 2 gals. Brendice & Ruth sent 1 gal.

Mattie Campbell died this morning. She has had a strange disease for years.

Tues. March 21, 1944

Partly fair

Brendice went to Town and Genesee St. for rent. Mrs. Keesey called. They came down on same bus. Brendice ate dinner here.

Wed. March 22, 1944

Brendice went to Mattie's funeral. Usually the men die first in this town. In this case there are two very helpless men. I suppose Mattie would not let Ralph get married and now there are the 2 men needing a caretaker.

Thurs. March 23, 1944

Rain out of fog. A miserable day.

Brendice came to iron. Took Mary home with her while the rest went to town.

Letter from Clark.

Friday March 24, 1944

Fair, cold wind.

Magazine "Charm" came. Guess Clark sent it. His friend Sheila on the staff and in it are letters from the men in his outfit, one being himself. 4 men wrote and each got a $10. check.

Sat. March 25, 1944


Brendice called up and said she was bringing spinach, pork & potatoes for our dinner. Also she got some wild greens and we called Ruth to join us. She works at store fore noons and has to eat alone ever other day, and this happened to be the day.

Sunday, March 26, 1944

2 inches of snow - fair - but clouded over. Snow has not melted on north side all day.

Ralph's invited me to baked ham dinner.

Monday March 27, 1944

Letter from Billy. Now that Gulfport, Miss. and hoping soon for some assignment, other than just hanging around.

Tues. March 28, 1944

Ralph had a piano tuner come.

Wed. March 29, 1944


An awful day of wind & rain. Much damage done in Westfield.

Brendice & Ruth went to Town to buy their Easter outfits. Not any day to wear them home no matter how much they wanted to show off.

Thurs. March 30, 1944

Surely the old March lion is doing his worst this year. Last nite's gale ended in a hailstorm and the hail did not melt till it began to snow toward nite.

Brendice came and took $12.15 cents to pay for insurance on 27 Genesee. $27.00.

She bot money order to send it. 3 years ago it was $15.00. I never heard of anything getting cheaper. Must be some mistake.

Sent letter to Billy.

Friday March 31, 1944

More snow, more wind and awful all together.

Ralph's went to town. Pretty tough on a little baby.

Sat. April 1, 1944

If we thot April would bring warm weather we got fooled.

Brendice came at noon. Brot frozen fish and we had a fish dinner.

Brendice had letter from Sadie and the Okla. spring is a failure there, as here.

The syrup came in 5 days. Pretty good time.

The baby nearly had croup and they called Dr. Weidler.

Sun. April 2, 1944

Snow in air all day.

Brendice came and then Ruth. We were in Ralph's. The baby is better, but still pretty croupy.

Mon. April 3, 1944

Snow in air all day.

We washed, but had to hang clothes inside.

Tues. April 4, 1944

Still snowing.

Brendice came for few minutes. Brot hunk o'ham. $1.70. & galore of points

Should last me a month.

Wed. April 5, 1944

4 inches of snow this morning. Some has melted, but is still snowing to nite.

So far, we haven't had one really warm day.

Brendice came and we had ham dinner. baked potatoes, asparagus & Jello dessert

Thurs. April 6, 1944

Friday April 07, 1944

Brendice ironed and we had greens for dinner.

Someone gave Ralph 14 calico bass as this is their season. Some job to dress them, as they are about a mouthful each. They asked me to eat supper with them. I was glad to see these fish, as people stand 5 deep on the Lake shore to catch them.

Sat. April 8, 1944

Brendice & Ervin came for clothes. Brendice brot me another primrose for Easter and invited me to dinner, but am not going. Also she is entertaining the Kyle's.

Called Mrs. Keesey: "Happy Birthday." I got her a plant - Daphne - which will be here later. Then she had to send something to me, as pretty quick Bill came with can of horseradish.

Sunday, April 9, 1944 Easter


All day yesterday it struggled to clear off, then early there was fog and showers.

We seem never going to see a real fair day.

Ralph gave Lucy and me each a big boquet of Strand's Snapdragons. Lovely.

Brendice & Ruth came. When Ruth went home she called me to hear the peepers. There was a full chorus out altho they may be drowned before tomorrow, as it is raining so hard.

Mon. April 10, 1944

Rain turning to snow. We are beginning to wonder why we don't hear from Clark.

Tues. April 11, 1944

From Clark came an Easter box of candy. He may be in New Orleans.

Wed. April 12, 1944

Rain out of fog.

History repeats it's self. Ralph’s took the tax books, but this year Bob Johnson also went. Brendice came for a few minutes. Evening she called to say Clark was in Westfield and would someone meet him in Town. Henry was at Valencia Party so Ralph could not leave store. Brendice & Ervin took Ralph's car and brot him home. Gone nearly 2 years. -- 2 years in July. He has been a month getting from France Field in Zone to Nebraska. I certainly would not look for him in Nebraska, considering he was lost.

Thurs. April 13, 1944


Anyway, the cold weather has given Clark a chance to wear that expensive over-coat that would look funny, if it was hot. We really never have known if this was the coat he bot, but he says it is. He went to Brendice's and in P.M. to Town with the Kyle's. Then to movies with Ruth.

He went to store and got this list of food. I should never thot he wanted all these things: -- Bread, 2 boxes crackers, shredded wheat and 4 small cakes. 1# Butter 3 of sugar 2 canned soup and dry soup. cranberry jam

2 bunches celery, 2 bunches asparagus, 2 bunches radishes, lettuce, oranges & grapefruit.

Ralph followed him in with bottle milk.

Friday, April 14, 1944

Clark up late and he was to tell me Ruth was bringing our dinner. In the meantime I got a ham & dumpling dinner and invited Brendice, Ruth & Nancy Lou also Mary.

Letter from Sadie: she guessed Clark is home.

Sat. April 15, 1944

Showers ending in thunderstorm at supper-time.

Brendice invited Clark to lunch. We did up the package of maple-cakes I made for Billy and sent them. A letter from him. Is in Keesler Field Miss. and happy to be started some where.

Sunday April 16, 1944

Dull & gray.

Clark & I had a nice dinner.

Brendice came when Ervin went to farm. We expected Ruth, as Brendice saw her seeing Nancy Lou off for Fredonia, but did not come.

Monday April 17, 1944

Fair & cold.

We washed and were glad to hang the clothes out in sun & wind for once.

Clark telegraphed for 10 day extension on his furlough.

Tues. April 18, 1944

Fair Hard freeze, but warmer during day.

Brendice came to iron. Ate dinner.

Clark ate something yesterday that made him sick today.

Brendice going to Falconer with Herman's wife.

Wed. April 19, 1944

Clark took car, also his sisters, to Town. Getting ready to go to New York tomorrow.

Thurs. April 20, 1944

Warmer, fair.

We were up early getting Clark ready to go to New York. Ralph & Mary took him to J.W.& U.W. A week out of his 20 days.

Brendice came. Got greens, and raked all the flower gardens.

Ralph went to Town again for store. Got a rent at Genesee St.

Sent for 2 new azalea mums & also book by Quentin Reynolds "Only the Stars are Neutral" Blue Ribbon book $1.00

Reynolds talks tomorrow night in J-n.

Friday April 21, 1944

A gray day. Most depressing.

Wrote to Winnie but the weather maybe even spoiled the letter. Lucy went on rampage in the gardens and chopped out my rose bushes. Ralph calls them jungles but I like leaves, better than bare stalks & stems.

Brendice came and Ruth came in evening.

Sat. April 22, 1944

Clark's telegram had reached J-n, but they would not tell us what. So they were forwarding it. Seems we might had a card from him.

Sunday April 23, 1944

cold Rain and then some more.

I advised Clark to take his overcoat, but he didn't take it. Has needed it every day, unless just the day he left.

Ate dinner with Ralph's.

Brendice came when Ervin went to farm. She has been up there to church every Sunday so far. I rather pity her.

Mon. April 24, 1944

More rain and thunderstorm at 6: P.M. with a beautiful rainbow.

If there is anything in signs, that should bring good weather, at last.

No word from Clark. Soon he will be on his way back to Nebraska.

Brot in daffodils to coax them open in warm water.

Tues. April 25, 1944

Still raining

Letters from Winnie & Clark. Seeing all his friends and the telegram was for him to report May 5 at Lakeland, Fla. Home Wed. nite.

Wed. April 26, 1944

Sun struggling to come thro

Brendice brot weiners and we ate dinner together. Did some cleaning.

Ralph brot me a crate of beer $2.78

Clark came about dark by bus. The telegram he got down there said he was to go to Lakeland, Fla. Nothing about a promotion, which he hoped for.

Lady bowlers finishing with a banquet in Falconer.

Thurs. April 27, 1944


This has been a rather red letter day. First I found my wedding ring, lost since Nov. 1942, 1 summer and 2 winters out in the plants are under the dining room windows, not even dirty.

Then there was a V letter from Carl in England. He may be sick of mutton in lush green fields.

Brendice came to eat dinner with Clark and me, but hurried home to go with Ervin on Woodchuck Hill.

Ralph's took their children to Town to take their pictures. Clark went to Town with the Kyle's.

Evening: Ruth came. She took Clark to hotel where they got hamburgers for a snack, while I furnished the beer.

Friday April 28, 1944

Fair. Bitter wind

Brendice had Ruth, Clark & me to dinner. A family affair. It was too cold to see what she had outdoors, but that is Mrs. Cowan's anyway. Clark got Henry's car to bring me home.

Sat. April 29, 1944

Fair. Wind not quite so cold.

I called Brendice down to dinner and then she went home to wash curtains while Ruth & Clark went to Stillwater Farm after liverwort in the same woods where Frances, Clark & I found them in 1919.

Letters from Sadie & Billy. He got the sugar rather soon. Sadie wrote a nice long letter about her boys.

Sun. April 30, 1944

Fair & warm.

Brendice ran in with 2 pieces of pie on her way to church. Grabbed some of the May flowers to wear. Clark & I had a nice dinner by ourselves.

Later Brendice & Ervin drove us to Scott Road and got arbutus. Not very much of it, but Clark's boquet lasted a week. We came back to Ervin's and Ruth and Lucy came. All but me, went again to the woods.

Mon. May 1, 1944

Fair & warm.

Altho Clark is here, we did not eat on the tablecloth for its birthday. Brendice came early and we washed, then Clark drove us to Ruth's for chicken & biscuit dinner. Very nice, with pineapple pie. Henry brot us home. Then Clark called on Lurane.

In mail came my Quentin Reynolds book, "Only the stars are Neutral."

2 mum plants, so small that I feel cheated at $1.10 each. Are supposed to make a whole garden in the Fall.

By express came the Daphne I got for Mrs. Keesey's birthday. Clark took it down and saw them plant it. It is a nice plant and I am sorry did not get one for myself.

Tues. May 2, 1944

Fair & hot.

Brendice came to iron.

Ralph's invited Clark & me there to chicken dinner. Clark & Lucy went to Town. Clark ordered an ice box for me $35. plus 21 brushes. He also made over all the back door screens. Jessie came and he went with her to Brendice's to supper.

Wed. May 3, 1944


Men brot ice-box and Brendice & Clark got it installed in woodshed. Then they got greens. Clark's only trip to Frew Run. He will leave tomorrow. Has been very helpful around the place and as a last effort, mowed the lawn. Ruth called in the evening. Then Brendice & Ervin came. Clark treated them to pie plant & prune pie. Then he walked home with Ruth.

Ralph & Lucy came in and we had hot chocolate & crackers as a snack when Clark got back.

Thurs. May 4, 1944

Wind and a trifle rain

It is always a sad day when they leave. One never knows. Brendice, Lucy & children drove him to Town. Tomorrow morning he will take a plane at LaGuardia Field, New York and fly to Orlando, Fla. Then by plane or taxi to Lakeland, which is only 30 miles from Tampa. He got a letter from Winnie just as he left. Winnie will be surprised.

It has been a hot day and I think Clark must have suffered in all those heavy clothes. I suppose he could not even remove his neck-tie if he smothered.

Ice man put 75 # ice in the box and I bot a coupon book $6.00

Friday May 5, 1944

Fair & lovely A.M. P.M. wind & rain.

I hope the wind did not reach the south where Clark was sailing the air ways.

Bowlers banquet at Town Hall - men.

Sat. May 6, 1944

Rain All day drizzle.

Brendice came for a minute and ran the sweeper.

Got some pie plant & flowers, and enough asparagus for my supper.

Sunday May 7, 1944

Dull & cold.

Went to garden and there were a flock of bobolinks all over the apple trees. Singing as hard as they could. I never saw so many at once, or so tame.

Evening: Ruth came. They had been to Fredonia with Nancy Lou and ate the birthday dinner at Gandy's.

I am getting a Daphne plant for her.

Mon. May 8, 1944

Partly fair.

Mary sick all nite. Had Dr. this morning.

Clark's write-up in the Journal is good.

Tues. May 9, 1944

Dull - rain at nite

Brendice came, brot wieners and ate dinner here. Got garden seeds. Our garden not plowed yet.

Mrs. White is sick. Went to hospital this morning.

Wed. May 10, 1944

Cleared off fine.

Man brot 50 # fertilizer. $1.50.

Brendice came a minute.

Have had no word from Clark. Seems he stepped off the brittle edge. I began looking for some word on Sat. Each day was more disappointed.

Thurs. May 11, 1944


John Stoddard arrived early with all machinery and 2 teams to plow garden also Weiss.

Ralph sick. Children sick all week.

At last a letter from Clark. Written last Sunday. Long time coming. Is in the land of oranges, but hasn't seen with any yet. Had a rough their trip from New York. Arrived with only 1/2 hour left of May 5.

Friday May 12, 1944

Very hot

Ralph sick all day. Could not go to store.

Letter from Clark. Is now Captain. Now, he says like Billy, he can save some money. With more money must come more work & responsibility. I suppose we don't quite realize all that it means to him. Climbing up.

Sat. May 13, 1944

Hard rain in P.M.

Ralph worked in P.M., altho he hardly can sit up.

Brendice came with letter from Billy enclosing one from Craig. This really should go into the papers, as a most detailed account of what happens to the boys at induction centers. Billy wants it saved for future reference. It is in the style of "See here, Private Hargrove."

Sunday May 14, 1944

Dull, but cleared off

Mother's Day.

Brendice not feeling very well so did not come down.

Ruth called. Went home to entertain Nelson's.

I got too many gifts and it is too much with Christmas & birthdays.

Brendice gave a plant & ice box dish.

Sadie's box contained 2 towels and a brooch.

Ralph brot in a box of stationery with letterhead on each sheet & envelope.

Ruth brot box candy & pack cards.

Cards from Clark & Jessie

Lucy got 3 pictures of children on my camera. Sent film by Ruth.

Mon. May 15, 1944


Brendice called she did not feel like washing.

Ralph said we would drive to Cemetery. Stopped to see Dave Lawson's beautiful garden. So lovely. I told him he should charge for seeing it -- It is worth it. Stopped to see Brendice. At Cemetery Cash Thompson has trimmed our Blue Spruce and ruined it. I hope it dies.

Came a box from Sadie. Brooch & 2 linen towels.

Tues. May 16, 1944

Still we did not wash.

Wed. May 17, 1944

Rain at nite

We washed and Brendice staid and took down the clothes.

Thurs. May 18, 1944

Brendice came to iron. We got greens and she staid to dinner.

Nice letter from Alfred. I wonder if he don't wish to come north and stay this summer.

Friday May 19, 1944

Almost a frost.

Letter from Joan. They want to see us.

Sat. May 20, 1944

Fair & cool.

At 9: A.M. Brendice & Lucy went to Town. Lucy wanted to do extra shopping and Brendice went to Genesee St. for rent. She & Mary ate dinner with me.

She came later, also Ruth for a minute.

Letter from Clark. Hotter & hotter in Florida. Would like to get back to Panama.

Sunday May 21, 1944

Dull, rain at nite.

I spent the day cutting items from papers. Late in P.M. Grace came. She don't look very well. Has just got home from Stockton and has been helping care for Ruth's children till is pretty tired. Over there alone isn't so good either especially as she cannot hear very good.

Our lilacs are very nice, especially the one in front. Not one bloom on the white ones.

Spy tree is in full bloom.

The pear tree was full, about a week ago.

Mon. May 22, 1944

All day Rain. Glad we didn't intend to wash.

Tues. May 23, 1944

Rain & Dull

Brendice washed kitchen wood work.

Wed. May 24, 1944

Fair & hot.

Cloudburst between 7 & 8 P.M. It rained terribly without seeming to have much clouds back of it.

Brendice & Ervin went to town. Took tax money $31.01. Sixty-nine cents cheaper this year of higher prices.

Thurs. May 25, 1944

Anna Wigren Kerren came to help Brendice clean. Finished the dining room and partly the sitting room. The rain held off till they got the rugs both in.

Ralph took us for a drive to see dogwood & azaleas. Up the hill from Russell and over to Cornplanter reservation. Acres of both kinds and Ralph only let us look at it. He is good on trimming domestic plants, but draws a sharp line on the wild stuff.

Friday May 26, 1944

Rain, this time there was plenty of hail mixed in

Anna Kerren came again & she & Brendice finished the sitting-room and 2 bedrooms.

Paid her $3.50.

The Kyle's went to Fredonia and took Nancy Lou and roommates out to dinner. Brot her home.

Leon Johnson rented the plow land and laid a 20. dollar bill directly in my hand. So far - so good. I hope he does a better job than Oberg & Stoddard.

Came a letter from Joan saying Craig would be here next Sunday. He goes out to war next Friday - only a week more.

Sat. May 27, 1944


All the family came, including Craig. They ate dinner in Edenboro, Pa. but I began wondering about supper. Brendice came and said come there. Then Dow wanted to go to Russell and see Keesey's plant-house. I was glad to go because was afraid wouldn't get there. They sure have a lot of stuff and have sold a lot. Myrtle bot $4.20. All the car trunk would hold. Back home and Brendice stopped off to get supper. Ervin had come when I & the Higbee's all got there.

Sunday May 28, 1944

Fair & cool.

Dow & Craig were up when I got up. As soon as they ate they went to Henry's got them and went in swamp after Lady-slippers. Joan washed the dishes & I made a pie. The Swampers came back with the Lady slippers and all went to cemetery. Ruth brot swiss steak for dinner, plus other things. Lucy picked the asparagus and that made a nice side dish - buttered. and mashed potatos.

Craig put Nancy Lou on bus for Fredonia.

Dow, Myrtle & Joan started home about 3:00.

Craig will stay till Wed.

Brendice entertaining the Smedley's.

Mon. May 29, 1944

Fair - cooler

Sent letter to Alfred.

We did a monstros washing. 8 sheets, etc. etc.

Craig mowed the lawn.

Brendice went with Kyle's to Cemetery.

Tues. May 30, 1944

Fair & lovely.


I made a prune-pie plant pie and thot Brendice & Ervin would come to eat dinner with Craig & me. They chose not to come. Craig went with them later to farm and at dusk they brot him & Mary back and the Kyle's came. We played some cribbage.

Wed. May 31, 1944

Fair & very hot.

Craig & I ate gems for breakfast. Audre's children always "respond" to gems. Then he did some raking in garden and he & Brendice went after greens. She was here to iron.

The Kyle's took Craig to J.W.&U.W. to catch 1:20 car. Brendice also went. He will have one day of graduation and off to Fort Wayne, Ind. to begin Army life. --and he just a little boy. At least, he was not excited, or even seem to care either way - go or stay.

Letters from Joan & Sadie. I should written to Sadie 2 weeks ago.

Joan certainly surprised me in writing so soon.

The man who hired the land has worked 3 days fitting it and sowing corn for silage.

Got it planted just ahead of a big rain.

June 3 -- Was back today dragging near the Run.

Thurs. June 1, 1944

Fair - after a nite of electricty. I laid awake 4 hours for it to stop, or the fire-siren to call out the men.

Wrote to Sadie and so did Brendice. She will be surprised. I hope we don't tell conflicting items.

Friday June 2, 1944

Partly fair. Hard rain in P.M.

I went to garden and Ralph helped me plant 16 tomatos, and he had 23 out of my box.

Also he planted some white beans of mine.

Brendice came and made up the bed up stairs.

Poor Craig I suppose is off to that Ben Harrison Camp and very tired and homesick.

Sat. June 3, 1944

Fair & cool.

Planted 2 rows beets and one row of zinnias.

Brendice came for a few minutes.

Tomorrow she is inviting Ralph's.

Sunday June 4, 1944

Fair & cool.

Brendice asked me to dinner with Ralph's but I thot I needed a rest. This was in way of being a birthday dinner for Ralph's. They came away early while the Long's went to Farm. Lucy took Mary to her first movie. "Snow White and the 7 dwarfs."

Ruth came in evening.

Mon. June 5, 1944

Wind a gale.

Craig sent 6 pictures. These are his graduation. He looks thin - more so than when he was here.

Tues. June 6, 1944

Still windy.

Ralph came in early to say this is D. Day the day of invasion in Europe. We so peaceful - with death & carnage over there. Not a good birthday for Clark.

Ralph's invited me in to supper.

Wed. June 7, 1944

Brendice came early and dug clover are out of her lily garden. The Regals are doing fairly well but the Madonnas have all rotted. Ate dinner with me. Mary wanted to but gave it up to eat with her father, being his birthday. She told Ralph: "You don't seem to get much sent in." meaning gifts.

Wrote to Clark and sent pictures taken while home. He can send them on to Winnie.

Thurs. June 8, 1944

Still cool.

Brendice had been to Town but came to bring me meat & coffee. Mrs. Keesey called she wanted to sell peony buds. Brendice picked 4 dozen. Later Alice came for them. Mrs. Weiss and Muriel were here.

Letter from Clark. He has advanced my allowance to $100. It seemed silly to sell those flowers for $2. when I had so much. He should made it less, enstead of more, as my wants are so few.

Wrote to Craig and sent films of Clark for reprint.

Friday June 9, 1944


Lurane called. I suppose I talked too much as one is apt to do and realize it too late.

Considering what is going on in France in the slaughter of our boys the papers seem reticent. The horror of it and what they are suffering is beyond imagination.

Sat. June 10, 1944

A damp day after a nite of rain.

Brendice came early and I made gems for breakfast. Then we washed. At nite, none of the clothes were dry.

The Kyle's went after Nancy Lou and she came here in evening. She is done until fall.

Sun. June 11, 1944

Mon. June 12, 1944


Brendice came to iron and did some cleaning. Tomorrow they go to Syracuse.

Letter from Clark. Has moved to Cross City, Fla. could not find it on map.

Tues. June 13, 1944


Brendice came after some of her clothes. Stanley Long taking them to J.W. at 1:20 PM. To be in Syracuse tonite at 8:20.

Wed. June 14, 1944


Write to Joan & Clark. Also got a letter from Clark as he is moved and will miss some letters Brendice & I wrote. He had rather staid in Lakeland - but this is the Army. Ruth came in evening with ice cream.

Thurs. June 15, 1944

Cleared off.

Letters from Brendice & Winnie. I hardly expected a letter from her.

Nancy Lou had a concert of recordings.

Winnie trying to keep us informed of Clark's visits & whereabouts.

Peter is going to Okla.

June has canned 32 qts tomatos. Canning has always been June's best hold.

Friday June 16, 1944

Brendice called me early. They got home about midnite. I did not expect they would come before evening. She came later. Stopped at White's. Mrs. White very bad off, Brendice did not see her. They don't think she can live more than 2 months.

Sat. June 17, 1944

Brendice came for a short visit. We are wondering about Billy it has been so long since we heard from him.

Sunday June 18, 1944


I should know what heat prostration means, as I could hardly move all day. Thankful there was no big company dinner to get. Ralph invited me in to eat asparagus and short cake. Lucy didn't seem to mind baking biscuits on a hot afternoon.

Mon. June 19, 1944

A wild night of thunderstorm. Cooler now.

Letter from Craig. Is at Camp Blanding, Fla. and sweltering in the humid heat.

If I lost any of my family, should look in Fla. first. Brendice came to read his letter.

Tues. June 20, 1944

Cold rain

Ruth sent Nancy Lou with cooked beet greens. Brendice went to town got Genesee St. rent. Ate dinner here. Letter from Clark. Moved to Gainesville, Fla. Which is 30 mi. from Camp Blanding. They complain of the heat. Hope they get some of this cold rain. Nice letter from Joan. She is really a very good letter writer now. Billy has been home. When Myrtle thot it would be heaven to be alone in came Billy. Joan said he was ironing.

Wed. June 21, 1944


Brendice & Ruth went to Town. Nancy Lou & Ruth Cline get jobs in mill at Falconer.

Nancy Lou & Maxine Lawson called on me in evening.

Thurs. June 22, 1944

Partly cloudy

Brendice came and brot meat for our dinner. She is selling War Bonds. I gave her Clark's last money order $100, and she is to buy a bond in his name & mine. He should have it. I have nothing to use it for. It may be bread on the waters to him in 10 years time. 2 tickets on $100. bond. Nos. 1001 and 1002

Letter from Craig. Still he don't say he has any letters from any one. Is melting in the heat, but food could not be better. If he can eat, he can't be homesick.

Fri. June 23, 1944

2 hard thunderstorms - 8 A.M. & 8 P.M. Both were regular cloudbursts.

Sad for the farmers, who would like to cultivate.

Letter from Winnie & "thank you" note from Peter.

He is now working in shipyard at .66 cts. per hour. In a month he will earn as much as I got in teaching a school year of 16 weeks 2 terms at 4.50 per = $144.00.

Sat. June 24, 1944

Wind & rain all nite. Much damage in J-n and up lake. I thought of Jessie with the wind blowing that lake right into her bedroom - and she there alone.

Sun. June 25, 1944

Rather a dull day. Still too wet to get out much.

Mon. June 26 1944


Brendice came to wash but Lucy had already got her clothes on line. She may be crazy. I could see no reason for the rush, except to show us Ralph paid for the wire line.

Letters from Clark & Sadie. She had a letter from Carl sent from England on June 5. I wonder how much he has in the following day "D-day"

Tues. July 27, 1944


We got the use of clothes line today so got the washing dry. Got greens for dinner. Letter from Billy. One of his pals killed, and Billy just missed being in that squadron.

Wed. June 28, 1944

Still hot.

Brendice came to iron. Then they came for clothes in evening, brot ice cream.

Jane Peterson been graduating this week. Brendice & I went over to see the gifts. A lot of lovely things. I am giving her a book "The White Cliffs of Dover," a poem built around the other war.

Thurs. June 29, 1944

This has been a busy day of letters. From Clark sent from Jacksonville, Fla. One of their air men was killed at Cross City making landing in storm. Clark to accompany remains to Wash. State this was written Monday.

In afternoon mail another letter written in Cincinnati, Ohio. Expected to be in Graham, Wash. on Sat.

Also a card (birthday) from Chicago.

Ruth brot peas enough for 3 or 4 and then Ralph brot in a hunk of fish all cooked, so the peas go over till tomorrow.

Friday June 30, 1944


Sat. July 1, 1944


Brendice cleaned my bedroom. Always I hate this disruption, but she sails right thro.

Card from Clark. Was in Minneapolis on Thurs. so must be on schedule.

Bill & Alice came. She with a big boquet & Bill carrying the wonderful birthday cake. Muriel also had a boquet. These were Regal lilies from bulbs that were Audre's.

Sunday July 2, 1944

Lovely. Fog early clearing up to a beautiful day. And I am 79.

At 9:30 Ralph's were off to Fredonia. Ralph said "Happy Birthday" and left a card. Are giving me "Life" magazine.

Brendice & Ervin took me to Ruth's. Nice dinner as always. Brendice gave me a book "Journalist's Wife" and Nancy Lou a baking-bowl very pretty with cover.

Brendice cut her regal lilies - 1 1/2 dozen - and we drove down to Keesey's. Alice thinks flowers are worth, only what you can sell them for.

The Edward Boss' came home with Ralph's.

Mon. July 3, 1944

Fair & cool

Nice letter from Myra. Card from Lurane, another from Clark. Written in a 10 min. stop in some Dakota town. Also this was written Thurs. Clark's friend Sheila LaBohr called up from J-n. I wondered if she didn't wish to come here to Clark's home altho she married Paul Blystone.

Tues. July 4, 1944

A lovely bright cool day and very quiet. Not a firecracker in the whole town of Carroll.

Brendice here a minute. Was making rice pudding to take to Old Home day at Ivory. An annual affair. How they manage to get there without tires or gas is a mystery.

Dorothy & Ruth Boss came for Edward's family.

Wed. July 5, 1944

Fair, but looking like rain.

Brendice called, also Ruth & Nancy Lou.

Card-letter from Grace

Idaho card from Clark. Seeing some scenery that makes him sit up and exclaim. Also a letter from Tacoma. July 1 so made the long trip on schedule. Had not yet seen the family of the dead pilot. An ordeal ahead of him.

Thurs. July 6, 1944

Friday July 7, 1944


Grace came but would not stay to supper. Ralph's sent in peas for my supper.

Grace brot box of Birthday cards .50 cts

Letter from Winnie. He has lost Clark. By this time he has my letter telling him where Clark is, for I thot he would be wondering.

Card from Clark. In Portland, Oregon going on to Los Angeles. Flying. Did not say if he got any more time.

Sat. July 8, 1944

Fair & hot.

A hurried letter from Sadie. Written Thurs. They had a wire from Clark. Los Angeles, Wed., saying he would be there at 7:40 Sunday evening. Had seen Kent. (I wonder how he managed that.) Had just got my letter explaining his trip. So they had done some wondering for a day. Have had a cable from Carl - June 27 - which was also a relief.

Sunday July 9, 1944

Sultry hot. Thunder near, but no rain, which we need badly.

On this hot day Clark was air riding from Los Angeles to Tulsa. About 12 hrs. and only 1 min. late, arriving at 7:31.

Mon. July 10, 1944

Brendice pasting paper at their farm while Mrs. Warren papers.

Tues. July 11, 1944

94 in shade

We washed. Brendice took down clothes and went to Town with Ralph's.

Wed. July 12, 1944

Rain at last with lots of wind.

Brendice ironed and and they came for the clothes at nite.

Card from Clark mailed El Paso, Texas. Halfway to Sadie's. Los Angeles I suppose. Card from Sadie. Arrived at Tulsa airfield 7:41 Sun. P.M. only 1 min. late.

Brendice & Ruth gone to party at Stitt's.

Thurs. July 13. 1944

Fair after the rain

Myra sent me a crocheted chair-set for my birthday. She had sent a nice letter which was more than I deserved, as I did not even send her a card on May 18. Any way I was just writing to her, when her gift came.

Ruth came with library book and Muriel called in evening.

Friday July 14, 1944

Fair - cooler.

No letters came, but I wrote to Billy. No knowing where or when he gets it. A.P.O. San Francisco. It is like putting your letter into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. About as sure.

Sat. July 15, 1944


No rain, so we are in for a drouth.

Brendice & Ruth went to Scott Road after Red raspberries. 3qts. each plus mosquitoes. Gave me a pint.

Ralph's to Wood Chuck Hill got 5 qts. huckleberries.

Card from Clark. Leaving Sadie's tomorrow. Promised a letter telling all about the trip. He left Fla. June 26, so it will be about a month's journey.

Sunday, July 16, 1944

Fair and cool

Thunder in distance early.

Brendice & Ralph invited me to ride, but I thot to best to stay home. Both parties went on Hill after huckleberries, and got quite a lot of nice ones.

Mon. July 17, 1944


Brendice & I picked 4 qts. currants. One pail for Mrs. Keesey.

Tues. July 18, 1944

Rain toward nite

Brendice cleaned back bedroom.

Went to Keeseys with currants. Lots of news. Veal pie dinner with me, while we talked over the news.

Letter from Clark. Typed at Sadie's. All his long trek. Pictures of Kent in Los Angeles. 6 days by a train going out. Flying from Tacoma to Los A. to Tulsa, to Sarasota. A whole week in Tulsa. Flying back to Fla. Sunday nite. Be in Sarasota now.

Wed. July 19, 1944

Wind blowing up rain.

Thurs. July 20, 1944

Thunder storm early. Not much rain here.

Brendice went to Town & Genesee St. I thought she would go with Kyles, but went by bus.

Sent letter to Craig & birthday card to Lurane. She is 80 tomorrow.

Friday July 21, 1944

60% Feels like frost. Hope it cools south, to Fla.

Letter from Clark. Was at Sarasota, but not really at work. Jessie told Brendice Sarasota was the nicest place she saw in Fla. He was longer in going from Tulsa to Sarasota than from Los A. to Tulsa. Has some long waits.

Brendice & Ruth called

Lela White died this morning. She has been dying for 2 or 3 months. Been 5 weeks since she ate any food. Cancer of the lungs.

Sat. July 22, 1944

56% Fair

Myra called to say that Fred died this morning. A stroke. Been 3 yrs. Oct.1st since he had the first stroke. He got back some what, but I expect they have known he would finally have the last stroke. She said he had been no worse just lately. Grace was there.

Letter from Winnie. As usual June sick with a cold. Considering they went south to avoid constant colds one wonders what's the use.

Sunday, July 23, 1944


Mrs. White's funeral. It seemed long to me. Lately funerals have been hurried affairs. Seemed they never would go after they brot out the coffin.

Someone told Brendice Esther Sutton was very sick and her brother & sister had gone to Indianapolis.

The Kyle's, Rollin's and Robert Harrington's are picnicking at Mayville-on-the-Lake.

Mon. July 24, 1944


We should gone to Fred's funeral. I could not, even if some of the children had gone. Paper says Esther died. Bringing body to Aunt Mary's. This is all very sudden.

Tues. July 25, 1944

Fred's funeral was not till today, but none of us went. Esther's funeral is Thurs. morning. Mary asked to Ralph to be a bearer.

Wed. July 26, 1944


After the lovely sunset last nite one could hardly look for drizzling rain.

Brendice ironed all day. Partly old curtains that should be thrown away.

Letter from Craig. Pretty strenuous life for him. Up at 4:00 and out to march 5 mi. shoot at a target all day march back, clean his gun, and they mean clean when they say so. To bed at 9: P.M.

And in all that constant heat.

Poor Craig.

Thurs. July 27, 1944

Morning fair

Hard rain storm toward nite

Esther's funeral was at 10: A.M.

Grace came and stopped here on way to Town. Mrs. Keesey & Mrs. Sherman came. Alice hurried home ahead of the rain.

Ralph volunteered to take her.

Then Brendice & Ervin took Mrs. Sherman. She is so deaf I am tired out after a few hours trying to make her hear.

Alice brot a can of oxtail soup, very good.

Ralph's brot in peach short-cake and an extra peach.

Brendice brot black berries.

Friday July 28, 1944

More rain.

Letter from Clark. Is settling into work at Sarasota and liking it better.

Brendice came to do cleaning.

Ruth came in evening.

Sat. July 29, 1944


Looked like rain, but went north.

Kyle's picked 2 qts. currants.

Brendice & Ruth picked black berries 3qts. each.

Sunday July 30, 1944


Ralph took 3 snapshots of children with my camera.

Mon. July 31, 1944

Fair hot in sun.

Tues. August 1, 1944


Heard the first cricket. He must have a calendar to get here on the very first of Aug.

Wrote to Craig down there blistering in this awful heat.

Wed. August 2, 1944


We are beginning to need some of the rain we didn't want last spring.

Nice, long letter from Sadie. She is surprised it has been 3 weeks since Clark went back and she hadn't written home about the visit.

Thurs. August 3, 1944

Fair & hot

One wonders if this earth could really burn up. It takes the life out of me. Still I went to Mrs. Weiss' to Cemetery picnic dinner. 12 ladies there and we had a good visit whether we did any good to the Cemetery or not. Paid my dues which was $3.00. Seems I hadn't paid them in 6 years.

Ralph picked his first sweet corn.

Friday August 4, 1944


Rain at last. I never saw things in garden so wilted - and I felt wilted myself.

Ralph took me to Town and doctor Stanley's office, and I get $15.00 worth of glasses next week.

Ralph also got his eyes examined.

Paid telephone bill $2.30

Brendice went berrrying and brot me a quart.

Letter from Clark enclosing M. Orders to amount of $120.00. It is hardly right I should have all this money of his.

Sat. August 5, 1944

A little more rain. We need more.

Brendice came for a minute. She is entertaining the Thayer's this evening. Mrs.Thayer-Howard is home from Calif.

Sunday August 6, 1944

Fair Not so hot.

Ruth & Henry called. Brot some of their nice potatos. Henry is very proud of his farming.

Ruth brot a mixed bouquet of almost all the annuals that grow.

Mon. August 7, 1944

We washed altho it did not look like a good drying day, but it cleared. Brendice got a few currants and went home to make blackberry & currant jam.

Tues. August 8, 1944


Brendice ironed. Ate dinner here and then she, Ralph & Mary went berrying.

Got 4 ripe tomatoes.

Wed. August 9, 1944

Thurs. August 10, 1944

Awful heat.

Letter from Billy with some enlarged pictures. Wanted me to keep for him. Is still at Keesler Field, Miss., but they have their plane and are working on it.

Friday August 11, 1944

Sat. August 12, 1944

Myra called up she was in Town and would come later. She got off at track, so was obliged to walk up with suitcase.

Sunday August 13, 1944


Everything drying up in the awful heat. All the rains just miss us.

Brendice & Ervin called and she invited us there tomorrow. We have had a grand visit.

Ralph's went to Fredonia.

Mon. August 14, 1944

Not quite so hot.

Myra & I went to dinner with Brendice.

Ralph took us and came for us.

Tues. August 15, 1944

Hot & dry

Myra called Mary White and went up there. Irene & family came for her there. Was sorry she did not stay longer.

Brendice & Ruth called on way from Town.

Wed. August 16, 1944

At long last it rains.

Thurs. August 17, 1944

Rain tonite.

Mrs. Sherman called. Brot me some wonderful cookies from Alice. Before she left Jessie came on her way to supper with Brendice this being her birthday. We had quite a visit.

Brot in for me to read: part of N.Y. Times, Post-Journal, 2 "Life" mags "Time" and a catalog. No wonder I need glasses.

Friday August 18, 1944

Very cool after a most wonderful slow rain.

Brendice dug over her lily bed and replanted the Madonna Lilies also 2 rows of winter onions next to barn.

Laura Cranston visiting Lucy. Went to church supper tonite.

Sat. August 19, 1944


The Methodist Church putting on a 3 day show as their 100 anniversary.

Sunday August 20, 1944

Fair & cool.

Rather quiet altho Lucy washed and Brendice came for flowers.

Monday August 21, 1944

Dull but the clothes dried and Brendice took them in, went to Town, got rent of Gustavson's and paid out in school tax with 8. additional dollars.

Tues. August 22, 1944

Fair - so dry.

Brendice ironed and came to for clothes in evening. Brot me peaches, Ralph handed me oranges and Ruth brot library book. I get waited done pretty well.

Wed. August 23, 1944

Welcome rain tonite.

Brendice & Ruth at party Ruth Stenberg is giving. Ruth taking 1st money.

Brendice been married a year. His family have offered the "glad hand" and what is more, the family of the first wife. Well, why shouldn't they!

Thurs. August 24, 1944


Mrs. Lewis called in P.M. and Mrs. Keesey in evening. She was even more dramatic than usual.

Brendice had letter from Sadie. Inclosed was part of letter from Carl.

Fri. August 25, 1944

Fair & almost frost.

Thunder and a spatter of rain. Tonite it is fair and cold, with a remote small moon.

Sat. August 26, 1944

Brendice helped me can 7qts. tomatos. These were all off the 16 plants in my part of garden.

Sunday August 27, 1944


Close to frost. But got hot in sun with puffs of wind.

May Meahen came with her dog "Trixy." She looks older then her mother did at 97. We had a good visit, but she thinks it a waste of time to play solitaire. She crochets. Brot along a boxful of the finished product.

Brendice & Ervin took a trip to grape country looking for peaches. Brot me a peck of Rochester variety.

Mon. August 28, 1944

All day rain.

At 4: A.M. the fire siren was blowing. I could see the red glare and looked below to see the barn below Foster's farm, all flames. Not much anyone could do. Clark wrote Brendice to get "his" money from bank as is buying auto. His first. Clark sent

Tues. August 29, 1944


Brendice went to Town, got Clark's money from bank and sent it to him.

I canned 5 qts. peaches.

Wed. August, 30, 1944

Fair & warmer.

No letters. I should write more.

Brendice came for cans. Nancy Lou with her. Had been to Town. I shelled beans for Lucy to can. Ralph did the picking, also some of the shelling. They were also canning Stoddard's sweet corn. 14 pints corn and the same of beans.

Thurs. August 31, 1944

Dull with rain tonite.

Brendice came to bring some food but hurried home to go to card party at Florence Herrick's.

Long letter from Winnie. They were about to take over the care of an old woman when she died. No real bargain made, so they lost out.

A homesick letter from Craig. The first excitement has worn off and he is discouraged. He, with his tender heart and loving disposition.


Friday September 1, 1944


Grace came and staid to dinner with me. Brot all kinds of flowers from her garden.

Came a telegram from Clark. Is in New York and to be home Sun. P.M.

Sat. September 2, 1944


Brendice came to get things dusted out for Clark's reception.

Sunday September 3, 1944


Rather a long day waiting for Clark. Brendice & Ervin visiting in J-n and were there to meet him. He called me about 4: P.M. and they brot him shortly after. Has a two day furlo and then another assignment. All he knows is that it is temperate zone. This is a wide field - both north & south.

Mon. September 4, 1944 Labor Day


Brendice, Ervin, Clark and I took dinner with Ruth. Then they all went to Gerry to Old Home Week. Got caught in terrible storm. Drowned out all the O.H.W. and they got stuck. Thankful I was safely home only to worry about them out in a tornado.

Tues. September 5, 1944

Ruth called.

Clark went to Town with Ruth & Nancy Lou. Clothes to press and shoes to mend. Also his radio. Crowning all of yesterday's storm & desperation there was an earthquake.

Wed. September 6, 1944

Dull & gloomy ending in thunderstorm in evening.

Clark took sisters and nieces to Ivory after mushrooms. Got plenty for our supper.

In the evening he called on Weiss'.

Letter from Billy. Still at Keesler Field.

Thurs. September 7, 1944

Windy & cold.

Brendice came to dinner and we washed, while Clark & Mary mowed the lawn.

Clark called on Stitt's and got a severe chill.

Friday September 8, 1944

Wet & chilly.

Brendice ironed nearly all day, just stopping off to go to Town with Ruth & Clark. Got the radio.

Now Clark has developed a badly cankered mouth & throat.

Ervin, Brendice & Clark started for Jessie's but soon were back, without lites.

Sat. September 9, 1944

Fair, at last. After a cold & wet week.

Clark to went in P.M. to see Dr. Weidler. At least, Weidler will not scare him to death, but maybe not tell him enough.

Sunday September 10, 1944

Fair - cool.

Ralph's invited us in there, but Clark being sick, they brot in our dinner and we ate baked-beef, onions & musk melon that Ralph raised. 8 1/2# Very good.

As Clark wasn't feeling any better I called Weidler. This time he did not hesitate to hurt our feelings saying it is trench mouth. A bitter pill for Clark. Then he gave him an injection of arsenic. One poison to kill another.

Brendice came. They have been to Arden Barretts today.

Lucy & Ruth went to Fredonia with Nancy Lou. Home after dark and lites gave out. Ralph had to get Henry's car and go to Falconer after them.

Mon. September 11, 1944


Weidler came again. Gave Clark another injection and says cannot be cured till a week. Red Cross Mrs. & Miss Lombard came to investigate. He wired for more time.

Tues. September 12, 1944


Came a telegram from H.Q. saying he must report at nearest Army Hospital immediately. It don't seem to me he has strength to get even to J-n. much less to Fort Niagara - 40 mi. beyond Buffalo. Ralph & Lucy are going to drive him there tomorrow.

Wed. September 13, 1944


Unlucky 13 - yes.

Before 9:00 A.M. Ralph & Lucy started out with Clark. Brendice & Ruth came to take care of children. At 10 Ralph call to say Clark had decided to take plane from Buffalo for Governor's Island Hospital. In Buffalo found planes grounded because of storm warning. So Ralph put him on N.Y. Central which will land him in N.Y. at 9:30 P.M. enstead of 3:00 as by plane, grounded by storm warning of hurricane.

Thurs. September 14, 1944

low ceiling, warm

All day wondering about Clark.

In paper tonite there was a wild storm of wind & water at 8:30 last nite about the time he would get in to New York. Advance of a hurricane due there & New England tonite.

I hope he is settled sonewhere before that hits.

Letter from Sadie. Just heard from both boys. Kent still in Cal. Camp Pendleton and Carl trying to russle food in France, as our army chases the germans home.

Friday September 15, 1944


Well, the hurricane struck and we can be thankful Clark was there ahead of it. Tidal wave hit at Atlantic City, 100ft. high.

Sat. September 16, 1944

I had nearly given up a letter from Clark when Ralph brot it in. After all, he did not get to Gov. Island. Waited an hour in station and then an Army Ambulance took him to Bronx Hospital. Was raining, but no storm of wind. Good corner room, high up, and may stay 2 weeks. Good library.

Sunday September 17, 1944

Warmer. Partly fair.

Lucy's birthday and Mary quite excited. Why get excited over someone else's birthday? Invited me in to supper.

Sent letter to Clark.

Mon. September 18, 1944

Did not rain but was rather on the dull side, with brilliant clouds at sunset.

There was a big washing, but got dry.

Another letter from Clark. Thinks will not need to stay there so long.

Tues. September 19, 1944

Fair - warm

Brendice ironed and went to Red Cross.

Letter from Clark. Hopes to leave hospital on Thurs. Mouth feels all right.

Wed. September 20, 1944

Hot - wind south

Our line storm was a brisk thunder shower in P.M. Fair A.M.

Sent letter to Winnie. Birthday gift to his youngest. Helen Cornelia.

Brendice & Ruth went to Town and Genesee St.

Thurs. September 21, 1944

Fair - brisk wind

Sun set just north of coal-silos. Strangely red and luminous.

Brendice here 2. Been to Tarbox auction to sell calf.

Letter from Winnie. Did not mention Clark so I am wondering if he misses him.

Friday September 22, 1944


Sat. September 23, 1944

cold & clearing

Letter from Clark. He was flying back to Sarasota yesterday. All depends on the weather, as to flying. He is being discharged from Bronx hospital as cured at 7:30 A.M. arrive in Sarasota 5:05 P.M. There was a good deal of wind here yesterday, but no storm. 2 days by train.

Ruth came in evening. They and Temple's went to Buffalo last evening. Box candy from Nancy Lou. She should not spent her bit of money buying anything for me.

Sunday September 24, 1944

Freeze. Fair

Our first touch of frost and hard enough to make ice. Deep fog also.

Brendice called me to come to dinner and go with them to Woodchuck Hill, but I had been to dinner and could not see a trip where I could not get out and walk around to help hunt their calves.

Letter from Sadie. Should come yesterday. Walter will be in Olean on Wed. She is teaching there in the heat and sweat. Walter has usually been the one to stay home with "King."

Mon. September 25, 1944

Frost - not so hard as yesterday. Fair

Brendice came to bring things to eat.

Tues. September 26, 1944

Fair & warmer.

Card from Clark. Taking train back to Greensboro, N. C. into O.R.D. camp Overseas Replacement Depot. Had a most Harrowing A.M. getting ready to leave Sarasota. Just the day before, he was flying down over Greensboro, nonstop.

Wed. September 27, 1944

Thunderstorm in evening.

Thurs. September 28, 1944 Equinox

Rain all nite and all of today. Lonesome.

Walter called from Olean. He, Martin and Mrs. Stegner coming tomorrow after Martin quits work at 3:30. We shall be glad to see all of them.

Wrote to Craig.

Fri. September 29, 1944


Brendice came to clean up around. Ruth came with cake & I made apple pie. The Stegner's arrived about 5: Anne also. Walter just the same, but Martin has grown very bald and Anne's black hair is 1/2 white. Mrs. Stegner seemed very small to what she used to be. Martin just as quick on the uptake. I wonder if some of it was to cover up deeper feeling.

Sat. September 30, 1944

Cold nite, but did not freeze.

Sunday October 1, 1944

Fair & warm.

Brendice, Ervin & I had dinner with Ralph's. Nice baked beef and vegetables. Later Brendice took Mary with them to farm to gather hickory nuts.

Mon. October 2, 1944

Letters from Clark & Nancy Lou. Clark may be sent overseas any day. Says it may be a long time we shall not hear from him.

Tues. October 3, 1944

Wed. October 4, 1944


Brendice ironed. Ate dinner here.

Thursday October 5, 1944


A pay day for me. gas 7.40 -- lite 3.66.

Telephone with extra tolls & telegrams of Clark's, 6.66. Two dollars to U.S.O. $1. to Ervin for 1/2 bush potatos. Am glad had the money to meet these bills, Ralph took them up. Ruth called and Brendice came after clothes. They have been up on their farm after pears.

Friday October 6, 1944

Fair & warm

So beautiful with the Autumn foliage. The sun set in glory and I heard Glenn Sheets tell Gottlieb, "They were hanging out storm warnings - big wind blowing up somewhere."

We shall see

Letter from Clark. Is trying to lay out the clothes he will take - maybe to China - and another lot to send home. Not got o'coat yet, but had the woolies, and now it is hot.

Sat. October 7, 1944


Another brilliant sunset. No signs of a storm.

A man came at 1: P.M. to clean off windows and putty them then paint the house if he sticks by that long.

Brendice came. She & Ruth are working in the War Drive.

Sunday October 8, 1944


Too bad to have such a dull day when all the country is so lovely in sun lite.

Brendice & Ervin would driven me up Dry Brook if I had felt well enough. I hated to miss the trip but it helped a little that the day was dull.

Monday October 9, 1944

Some rain - colder.

Painter man working on windows. 6 1/2 hr. So far, has only cracked 2.

Brendice came in A.M. and Ruth in P.M.

Tues. October 10, 1944

Rain - cold.

Brendice went to town and stopped off for dinner with fish, all cooked.

Our painter could not work. -- "too cold" but wanted $2, which he got.

Card from Billy. Was in Chi. flew there. But still at Keesler Field, Miss.

Wed. October 11, 1944

Ruth is working on the unveiling of the Myres family portraits at Library tomorrow. Mrs. Baldwin, Miss Lydia and the Honorable J. J. Myres. Whose money it was.

Thurs. October 12, 1944

Fair & warm

As I was getting my dinner, Myra and Grace came. Grace brot sandwiches and other things toward dinner. I added some baked potatoes & butter. We had a good visit, but they went home all too soon.

Friday October 13, 1944

Our tramp painter folded up his tent and left for Batavia. with $5. for what he did.

$7. paid in full to date.

Sat. October 14, 1944

Rain early - cold wind.

Leaves falling and their beauty fading.

Letter from Clark. 8 pictures. Some here, some in Tulsa, and some of him in Greensboro.

Sunday October 15, 1944

Fair - cool

Brendice & Ervin came for me and we had dinner. Then drove to Dry Brook. Up Johnny Cake Run past where Brendice was born. Over Dean Hill and down to Myra's. She was home with her 2 cats. I quite fell in love with the nice place she has to live, near Irene. Irene & her husband came, also Shirley. Their boy is in England.

Monday October 16, 1944

Hard freeze. Only had one before this. Sun set in red bank.

Brendice came and staid to dinner. Tax gathering in P.M. and took Mary home with her.

Nice letter from Sadie. Carl is beyond Paris now. On the way to Germany.

Tues. October 17, 1944

Fair, deep fog early.

Nice day to wash.

Clark's summer outfits came. Brendice here to put them away.

Wed. October 18, 1944

Fair & warm

Brendice came to iron.

Mr. Sager came with painting tools and started in on the windows. So many need putty and new glass.

Thurs. October 19, 1944

Warm with another red sunset.

Brendice went to Farm to Ladies Aid.

I thot it a good idea for the ladies to aid picking up potatos.

Ruth & Nancy Lou called. Most of this week is vacation for Nancy Lou.

Letter from Clark. Wandering around alone in Lynchburg Va. Seeing Natural Bridge over James River.

Friday October 20, 1944

Brendice went to Town. Paid $15.12 cts for linoleum for 27 Genesee St. and went on to see how it looked and get the rent. Said it made the rest of the kitchen look pretty shabby.

Brot fish for our dinner.

Sat. October 21, 1944

New moon. Clear & cold

Wrote to Clark, but am afraid it will lay over in Post Office till Mon.which will be too bad, as he may be leaving before that.

Sunday October 22, 1944


Brendice entertaining the Herman Long's so did not see her today.

Monday October 23, 1944

Our 2nd hard freeze, making thick ice that hated to melt.

Brendice brought beef-stake and ate with me. Also a lot of things left from her company dinner yesterday.

Ruth came in evening.

Tues. October 24, 1944

Rain early.

Wed. October 25, 1944

Fair & warm.

From Clark a package containing his music which has meant so much to him and I guess the family didn't give him much encouragement.

A letter saying he was leaving Greensboro, N.C. the next day - Tues. - I hope he isn't too downhearted.

Card from Billy. In Cheyenne, Wyo. At least he is glad to be going "somewhere."

Letter from Craig. Is home and coming here tomorrow. That is fine.

Ralph asked me to ride down to Russell and see the Keesey's 'mum houses. Such wonderful blooms. Masses tied up to sell at $ a bunch. Alice gave us a big bunch all kinds.

Brendice came while we were gone and Ruth came with the mail.

Thurs. October 26, 1944

Dull & colder.

Shortly after noon the twins came. No school tomorrow so Joan came also. As usual, they are excited. Craig looks thin in his soldier clothes, but says has lost only 1#. Brendice & Ruth stopped by on way from Town. Brendice took the twins home with her for supper. We thot they would stay until Sun. but their father wants to go see grandma Higbee so they go back Sat.

Friday October 27, 1944

Snow. Altho the paper says it's not official.

Brendice came to dinner with us and as Lucy was away Ralph also ate. Seemed like old times, before there were wives & husbands to appease.

Ruth had the children to supper. Craig got a chance to play cards all P.M. with her. Joan called at Weiss' and bowled with Brendice in evening.

A.P.O. card from Clark, New York. I suppose by now he is out in a troop ship.

At least, it will be Europe where he lands. I think he has felt very lonely in this time he has been waiting, not knowing what was ahead.

Sat. October 28, 1944


Brendice & Ervin came to dinner and then took the twins to interurban. Brendice snapped 4 poses of the twins. At least, I hope one is good of Craig.

Aother A.P.O. card from Clark postmarked Greensboro, but 26th - one day later than yesterday's card.

Sun. October 29, 1944


Mon. October 30, 1944

Fair & warm

2 letters from Clark. One dated 25 & the other 26. Must been held up somewhere as air mail don't take 5 days from Long Island. Maybe he is really leaving now. One can only hope he don't feel too badly about it. A long way - and uncertain. --

Tues. October 31, 1944


Brendice finished the taxes at 1%. This has lasted over the whole month and so has the Halloween mischief. Growing worse each nite.


Wed. November 1, 1944


Brendice came to wash. Nice day and a big washing. She picked a few greens and I sat on steps to look them over.

Thurs. November 2, 1944

Brendice came to iron. Could gone to town with Ralph, but did not.

Friday November 3, 1944

Letter from Clark. According to our code he will go to India. That will be some jump using, old Peck farm for a springboard. Some of this letter was cut out, but not the part that told us where he was going. Probably the censor thot we had a code so must cut some where. He said was not sea sick with a month on the gulf and I hope he can stand the ocean as well. India is a long ways from home, tho.

Sat. November 4, 1944


Another letter from Clark, 7 hrs some error the post mark shows "Flushing, N.Y." which is on Long Island.

Definitely, his letters have been held up. He might as well saved his air postage. Dated the 28 and left A.P.O. New York on the 31. PM at that, and not get here till today - a whole week.

Sunday November 5, 1944

Snowing all day and not melting either. Seemed rather a long dull day.

Ralph found a possum in a trap by the barn. The beast got loose before the trapper arrived.

Mon. November 6, 1944

Raining off the snow.

Air letter from Billy. Still in Cheyenne, Wyo. Voting for "King Franklin." His father will dump him in the lake.

Tues. November 7, 1944

Fair & snowing, warm wind.

Today we see if we endure Roosevelt for another 4 years. Thomas L. Dewey opponent.

Myra came, and I had Ralph bring 2 dinners from the Cemetery society at M. E. Church.

They could not buy pork this year so gave us roast-beef, mashed potato, squash, cabbage salad, brown bread, lemon & pumpkin pies.

Mrs. Keesey brot an arm full of their beautiful mums. I divided with Myra & Brendice and gave Mary a small boquet for her birthday party tomorrow.

I was glad Myra saw Mrs. Keesey. Irene came for Myra at 10: P.M. on their way to a party.

In mail came large pictures of Clark. Looks like a Major General. As they were taken the day he left the Bronx Hospital, one wonders. Doctor Weidler would conclude he used the right medicine towards getting him back to health. There were pictures for all the family. Now, I wonder where he is and where he will get our thanks.

Wed. November 8, 1944

Fair & warm.

We again have F.D. Roosevelt for 4 years. Only death can intervene.

Mary is 5, and Lucy made her a party. Rather strenuous - for Lucy.

Ruth called and also Brendice and Ervin came with bush. potatos $1.85.

Should last me all winter.

Thurs. November 9, 1944

Going to rain.

Ralph been in kitchen-attic stirring up the old Frew dirt and ghosts. Getting ready to lay insulation.

Pictures came Brendice snapped of twins. Some of them quite good. I was writing to Clark, so sent along some of them. Also there are some of Ralph's children that he snapped and one of May Meahen and her car & dog.

Friday November 10, 1944


Brendice went to town and brot fish for our dinner. She had bot tickets to go to Pittsburg tomorrow. A memorial service for a nephew of Ervin's Gilbert Long.

Brendice put ___ in bank for Clark and brought me $60. In future his money will come like this. He had been sending mine in Money Orders.

Sat. November 11, 1944

Dull - colder.

Brendice called "good by." They were off for Pittsburgh at 10:30 A.M.

Joan sent 3 pictures of Craig in a soldier cap. I guess he wanted to be in the rest of the uniformed line. There wasn't a word from Joan, but her name on the outside.

Ruth & Henry called. Ruth is busy getting up the Armistice Party.

Sunday November 12, 1944

Fair & warm.

Lucy invited me into roast beef-dinner. Makes a little break in a long day. They went to the armistice party and were at the winning table out of 12.

Ruth called. Left to go to movies when Henry finished work.

Mon. November 13, 1944

Fair after deep fog. The Longs got safely home thro the fog.

Tues. November 14, 1944

Fair & lovely.

We washed. Warm enough so I shelled some beans out doors.

Wed. November 15, 1944

Rain all day.

Our nice weather ended.

Brendice ironed and going to Contract tonite at Ada Myres.

Tomorrow she entertains the Ivory Ladies Aid. Rather a joke to me.

Thurs. November 16, 1944

The melancholy days are here

The sadest of the year.

Last year we had snow enstead of so much "low ceiling" stuff.

Letter from Craig. Camp Chaffee, Ark.

Friday November 17, 1944


"Quality Cash" is opening a new store in I.O.O.F. Building. It is apt to put a crimp in Earl Sheldon's career. For 20 years he has held the sales end in this burg.

Letter to Sadie.

Sat. November 18, 1944

Still dull and dripping.

I wrote to Billy in Sacramento, and Brendice came to post it, so it would be on the way over Sunday. Inclosed Craig's letter and 3 snaps of the twins.

Sunday November 19, 1944

Partly fair and warmer.

Brendice called from farm they are staying there while the Stanley Long's go to Pittsburgh.

Ruth came in evening. Inviting us to Thanksgiving.

Mon. November 20, 1944


Mary asked if I was "spised." Said she was.

Well, so was I. Brendice still at Farm.

Tues. November 21, 1944

Wed. November 22, 1944


Nancy Lou is 19. Came from Fredonia for a long weekend.

Gave Brendice $75. for another War Bond. As this is Clark's money I hope he gets it sometime. Supposed to be $100. in 10 years.

Bill brot a mammoth boquet of 'mums. "Santa Claus," he said, which is what they are to me. There were some of the most lovely white ones, with yellow centers. All are so beautiful. Also there was cookies and candy. I will send the candy to Craig with her name on it.

Thurs. November 23, 1944

Snowing all day. Thanksgiving.

I hope I am sufficiently thankful. The war isn't ended by any means and my own part of it, seems getting worse.

Clark far away headed for India or China

Carl in Holland. Kent ___

Billy aboard a plane

Craig, poor child, learning to be a butcher in an Arkansas camp. Camp Chaffee.

Henry came for me and brot me home.

Nice chicken dinner, in way of birthday party for Nancy Lou.

Ralph's had their dinner at nite, so I got another nice meal of capon.

Friday November 24, 1944

Snow still here.

Ralph got oysters and again asked me in.

Brendice called a minute. Brot a few cranberries which are hard to get this year.

Nice letter from Winnie & June.

Sent coupons for enlargement of film of Craig.

Sat. November 25, 1944

Sunday November 26, 1944

Dull but colder

Ruth & Nancy Lou called. Nancy Lou taking 4:20 bus for Fredonia.

Mon. November 27, 1944


Tues. November 28, 1944


We washed, altho it was no day to dry clothes.

Cards from Craig. Moved again to Ft. Geo. G. Meade near Wash. Had seen part of the capital and liked it. May be what he left home for - this Capital and what it stands for. Had a small and T-giving dinner. Am glad of that.

Wed. November 29, 1944

Brendice went to town. Bot socks for me to send to Winnie's family. Came down with them later. Going to Club to nite. Will be too tired to win the prizes.

Sent letter to Craig. One has to hurry before he is moved again.

Thurs. November 30, 1944

Rain last nite turned to snow & blizzard today.

I hope Clark is off the Atlantic by now.

Friday December 1, 1944


Snow piled everywhere. Dec. sure has started off the winter with a bang.

Sat. December 2, 1944

Sunday December 3, 1944

A perfect winter day. Brilliant sunlite on snow.

Brendice entertained the Longs & Cheneys. There seems an endless round.

Ruth called in evening.

Mon. December 4, 1944

Brilliantly fair. 6% below.

Brendice came to sweep & dust.

Lucy got kraut supper and asked me in. As we sat down Grace came. They asked her to eat, also Brendice.

Grace would not stay overnite altho dark when she left. Getting ready to go to Stockton.

Letter from Sadie. Trying to find Craig to invite him to see them. Poor Craig to miss it.

Tues. December 5, 1944

Fair & warmer.

Mrs. Edgarton called. Probably meant for Lucy.

Mrs. Edgarton has a fat baby - a county charge. I wouldn't like the job.

Letter from Billy. He is waiting the weather signal to hop from Cal. to Hawaii - 20 hours - at long last, 2 yrs. he is really on his way. We can only hope he can make it.

Wed. December 6, 1944


Brendice came to dinner with me. As last year has sent package to Clark. Where this finds him we shall not soon find out.

Wrote to Sadie.

Thurs. December 7, 1944

3 years since Pearl Harbor and the Japs are still going strong, with most all the world fighting them.

Friday December 8, 1944

Card from June saying they were sending a bush. of oranges. That will be a nice gift for all of us.

Sat. December 9, 1944

Sunday December 10, 1944

Rather a dull day.

Ruth called in evening.

Monday December 11, 1944

Snowing on way to being a blizzard.

Sent letter to Clark. One wonders will it ever win thro and reach him.

Letter from Sadie. Thinks Karl is having it tuff in Belgium or somewhere, but thinks Kent is not so badly off. May be in Hawaii. Hope he meets up with Billy. Strange - but might happen.

Tues. December 12, 1944

18 inches of snow has disrupted all business. What has been shoveled out, drifts right back.

Most schools are closed.

Wed. December 13, 1944

Colder and snowing again

At last, a letter from Joan. Said her father has been in hospitals 3 weeks with broken leg. Just came home. A.P.O. from Craig. So he has really gone. I hope the head of this storm.

Thurs. December 14, 1944

Oranges came. Were left at store. Ralph shoveled out driveway and went after them. Came in perfect shape with a bunch of tree-moss over them.

Friday December 15, 1944

Brendice came to wash and Ralph offered their laundry down cellar and carried the clothes down. Then left Mary here while they went to town. I could not help with the washing so wrote a card-letter to Joan and got dinner.

Card from Craig. Post date the 12. Only a "please write" inside.

Sat. December 16, 1944


Brendice came to iron. Came at nite after the clothes.

Sunday December 17, 1944

Mon. December 18, 1944

Today has made quite a hole in my pocket book.

Mr. Sager came for his painting pay $25.00

Lyons Co for kitchen insulation $15.65

To Brendice for my groceries 10.00

Tues. December 19, 1944

Wed. December 20, 1944

Bitter cold wind.

There is good news from Clark. 2 letters

He is in East India. So much to tell and so little he is telling.

Anyway, he is a arrived in that far away land.

Ralph got the Gustafson rent.

Thurs. December 21, 1944

Friday December 22, 1944

20% below

The only day in 2 months the sun has come up clear, shown all day and set clear, bitter cold.

Ralph & Lucy took Mary to hospital early. I staid with baby. He was fine. Lucy stayed till 3 for the Dr. to examine Mary. She didn't find out much, but they are to keep her quiet. I hope they succeed.

Letter from Sadie with $10. Too much, when I have nothing for her.

Sat. December 23, 1944

Sunday December 24, 1944

1 1/2 dozen beautiful roses in 3 colors and no name. Must be Clark for no one else would dare be so extravagant.

Mon. December 25, 1944

Rain & snow.

Ralph took Jack & me to Brendice's then he & Lucy went to town. Lucy staid at hospital. Brot Jack and me home at nite. Jack was the "life of the party."

Poor Mary out of the festivities every where.

Tues. December 26, 1944

More snow.

Ralph says he never drove when as bad at last nite's slush.

Wed. December 27, 1944

Thurs. December 28, 1944


Ruth Boss came and she & Lucy went to hospital. We thot she came to stay with Jack and let Lucy go, but seemed they must all take a day off. Brendice & I took care of Jack and Ruth Kyle came to put him to bed. He is dear little chap and not hard to manage.

V. letter from Clark. Written before the other 2 which came on the 20.

6 days afloat, making it Nov. 1 when he "shoved off" for the 2nd sea-voyage. Good food. Shares his "bed room" with 17 others but still has more room than the enlisted men.

Friday December 29, 1944


Ralph took Ruth Boss to town early. What she was here for, I fail to see.

Sat. December 30, 1944

Sunday December 31, 1944