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VICTOR A. ALBRO was born in Westfield, October 10th, 1842, and is special deputy county clerk of Chautauqua county. January 1st, 1870, he married Cordelia L. Kelsey, of Chautauqua.


B. BOND was born in Chautauqua, December 15th, 1833. In 1856 he married Augusta Moore, who died in 1858. His second wife, whom he married in 1877, was Rosanna Totman, of Stockton, who died the same year. By the first marriage there was one child. C. M. born March 10th, 1857. Mr. Bond's father, M. F. Bond, was born March 2nd, 1809, and died August 30th, 1858. He came to the town when young with his parents, Bethue1 and Lydia (Dolphe) Bond. His father was a soldier in the war of 1812.


C. A. CADWELL was born in New Haven, Vt., January 22nd, l828. In 1857 he married Antoinette Barrows, daughter of Anson and Marianne Barrows, of Stockton, born December 28th, 1834. His parents were Adin and Editha (Strong) Cadwell. They settled early in Mina and removed thence to Ellery, thence to Chautauqua. His father was born in Vermont in 1802, and died in 1876; his mother was born in 1805, and died in 1864. They had seven children, of whom C. A. is the oldest. The children born to C. A. and Antoinette Cadwell are Mark, 1864; Mary E., 1866; Ward C., 1876.


JAMES CALDWELL was born in Arlington, Vt., August 26th, 1820, and married Clarissa La Due, daughter of Joshua La Due, April 2nd, 1843. They have had five children -- Mabel Annette, born in 1844 (died in March, 1874); James De Catur, born in 1847; Rosalia, born April 14th, 1849 (died February 20th, 1869); Julia, born June 5th, 1852 (died November 15th, 1872); Luella, born August 24th, 1856, who married Edward Golborn, of Chautauqua county, born in Cherry Valley, Otsego county. James Caldwell, father of Mr. Caldwell, was born June 3rd, 1784, and his father and grandfather were named James, the latter coming to America from Ireland in 1719, and locating at Londonderry, N. H. The father of the present James Caldwell was married in 1807 to Esther Coman, born in Washington county in 1788, and died October 22nd, 1867.


W. W. CARLIN, architect and superintendent, has been long connected with the leading building interests of Chautauqua. He was born in Chautauqua, September 25th, 1850, and lived in Warren county, Penn., eight years prior to 1878, when he returned to Chautauqua. March 14th, 1876, he married Susie A. Pond, of Farmington, Warren county.


WILLIAM CHACE, M. D., a native of St. Catharines, Canada, and a practicing physician, was born January 4th, 1833, and came to Mayville in 1855. His wife, to whom he was married August 7th, 1861, is a native of Mayville.


JAMES CHENEY, farmer, was born in Chautauqua. August 21st, 1844. December 26th, 1872, he married Maria, daughter of Dalton and Mary Akam, of Chautauqua. Their children are: Mary, born September 26th, 1873; Sarah, January 8th, 1875, and Louie, August 22nd, 1878.


WILLIAM DEARING was born in Chautauqua, January 7th, 1855. He is a son of John Dearing, who was born May 25th, 1828, in Devonshire, England; came to Westfield in 1840, removed to Portland, and thence to Chautauqua in 1844; served as assessor and road commissioner, and who married Jane Bowles, born January 1st, 1831, in Chautauqua. Of their five children three are living--William, Lilly M., born February 6th, 1859, and John F., born July 31st, 1864.


EGBERT DENTON was born in Beekman, Dutchess county, in 1825. He is justice of the peace and justice of sessions of Chautauqua county, and was postmaster at Mayville more than eleven years. He served in the late war three years and six weeks, taking part in engagements with the 112th N. Y. volunteers, including the battle of Cold Harbor and the fights around Petersburg. He was laid up from the effects of typhus fever from July, 1863, to February, 1864, and September 29th, 1864, lost a leg in the engagement at Chapin's Farm. In 1849 he married Clarissa S. Knight. His second wife, who died in March, 1862, was Mary J. Newcomb, of Schoharie county, whom he married in 1854, his first wife having died in May, 1851. He has had two children, now dead.


WILLIAM S. ECKER was born in Harmony, November 8th, 1828. October 29th, 1850, he married Rebecca Anne Warner, daughter of Nathaniel and Lura (Nunn) Warner, of Villenova. They have three children -Edgar N., born October 21st, 1851 (married Kittie Fay, of Portland); Ernest W., March 15th, 1858 (married Lizzie Guerin, born in 1859), and Emro G., October 7th, 1861. Peter Ecker, father of William S., was born in Herkimer county, October 1st, 1797; married Lucinda Wilcox, born in 1810, in Oneida county, and died March 22nd, 1864. Nathaniel Warner was born in Litchfield, Herkimer county, April 28th, 1801, married Lura Nunn June 15th, 1824, and was an early settler in Villenova.


A. E. FINNEY was born in Blairsville, Pa., in 1826. In 1846 she married Robert Finney, of Dover, Del. In 1874 she came to Chautauqua from Pittsburgh, Pa.


ANSON S. GIFFORD was born in Hannibal, Oswego county, May 25th, 1842.

He came to Mayville in 1856, and in 1866 married Elizabeth Bartlett, of Erie county. They have two children-Albert, born January 12th, 1861, and Bertha Maria, born December 9th, 1862. Mr. Gifford has been constable.


RUFUS GLEASON was born in Salisbury, Litchfield county, Conn., in 1808. He married Melissa Sherman, of Montgomery county. Of their six children, Albert was born in 1831 (died in 1880); Charles, born in 1833; Adelaide, in 1841; Ellen, in 1844 (died in 1869); Frances, in .1848 (married Henry W. Hughes, of Louisville, Crawford county, Pa). Mr. Gleason came from Schoharie county in 1837, and is by trade a mechanic and carriage builder. He has been justice of the peace two terms and has held other offices, and is now an officer of the Chautauqua County Court.


WILLIAM SHERMAN GLEASON was born in Harmony, July 8th, 1837.

February 28th, 1863, he married Sarah Jane Akram, of Chautauqua. He has lived in Mayville since 1838; he was a merchant from 1859 to 1875, except in 1861, when he was in the 9th N. Y. cavalry. He was a charter member of Peacock Lodge, No. 696. F. & A. M.; was its Master from 1871-75, and district deputy grand master in 1873 and 1874 of the 26th masonic district of New York. His children have been George B., born November 9th, 1863; Sherman, November 2nd, 1866 (deceased); Willie, May 2nd, 1872 (died March 21st, 1880); Charles, December 13th, 1875.



JAMES GRANGER, dentist, was born in Portland in 1841. He served in the State militia in 1861 and 1862. In 1869 he married Mary H. Van Valkenburg, of Mayville. They have two children-Guy, born in 1874, and Ray, born in 1880. His father, David Granger, was a son of David B. Granger, an early settler in Chautauqua county, and was born in Portland in 1818. He married Juline Webster, born in Cazenovia, N.Y.


WILLIAM GREEN, a native of Springfield, Otsego county, came to Mayville in 1824, and was many years a clerk in the land office there, having previously served in a similar capacity in the land offices at Batavia and Ellicott, and helped survey the Holland Purchase. Subsequently he studied law and was admitted to the bar. He has been justice of the peace thirty years. He had eight sons, five of whom are living. His daughter, Mary Louise, married Dr. William Chace, of Mayville.


E. C. HART, farmer, was born in Chautauqua, July 13th, 1829. October 16th, 1856, he married Harriet J. Alfred, of Farmington, Conn. Their four children were born as follows: Ella M., in 1858; Charles E., 1860 (died the same year); Fred A., in 1862; Henry S., in 1866. He has been assessor six years and an elder of the Presbyterian church, of which Mr. and Mrs. Hart and Ella M. and Fred A. are members. Asa Hart, his father, was born at Avon, Conn., October 24th, 1800. He came to Chautauqua in 1824 and brought his family in 1828. He was a surveyor, and helped survey the county and held several offices. His wife was Julia Crampton. They had four children.


D. H. HEWES was born in Richfield, Otsego county, November 15th, 1819, and married Abigail Irwin, born November 3rd, 1821. They had five children, one of whom is dead. William H., born March 5th, 1846 (died in 1848); Jared, July 23rd, 1848; Robert, March 13th, 1850; Annie, October 23rd, 1852; George, September 19th, 1854. Mr. Hewes has been supervisor and assessor seventeen years.


ROBERT HEWES, father of D. H. and R. P. Hewes, was born in Wrentham, Mass., January 25th, 1784,. January 20th, 1811, he married Annie Hawks, born in Vermont, November 7th, 1785. In 1829 he came to Harmony from Richfield, N. Y.; thence to Mayville. He served as supervisor a number of years, and was captain in the county militia. His family is of English descent. His father, George R. Hewes, was born in Boston, September 15th, 1730, and died in 1840. He married Lydia Sumner, aunt of Charles Sumner, and was a Revolutionary soldier, and was present on the occasion of the Boston Tea Party.


R. P. HEWES was born in Richfield, Otsego county, in 1815, and came with his parents to Chautauqua county in 1829. In 1841 he married Olive Porter, of Chautauqua, born February 13th, 1820. They have had thirteen children. The following are living: Mary J. P., born in 1843; Cassius M. C., in 1856; John W., in 1849; Franklin F., in 1851; R. V. A., in 1852; T. Sydney, in 1854; Ed ward B., in 1858; Minnie T., in 1864.


HIRAM HITCHCOCK was born in Lowville, N. Y., January 14th, 1803, and is the oldest of five children of Amasa Hitchcock, who was born in Springfield, Mass., in 1780, subsequently removing to Lowville, thence to Chautauqua, where he lived in the family of Hiram till his death. Hiram Hitchcock came to the town in 1824, and has been engaged in cloth-dressing, the lumber trade and the manufacture of shingles, fork-handles, &c. In 1825 he married Nancy Pierce, who died in 1826. His second wife was Eleanor (Baker) Smith. His mother's maiden name was Chloe Sabins.


WILLIAM HUNT, farmer, was born in Chautauqua, August 12th, 1849. August 19th, 1872, he married Kate, daughter of Whiteside and Mary Anne Hazleton, of Chautauqua. His father, Stephen W. Hunt, was born in Cambridge, N. Y., in 1805, and came to Chautauqua county with William and Thankful Hunt, his parents, in 1816. February 24th, 1838, he married Martha Irwin, born in New York city, November 11th, 1815, who came to Chautauqua in 1817 with the family of her father, Girard Irwin, who married a Prendergast.


M. A. KEYES, boot and shoe dealer, was born in Vermillion, Erie county, O., September 4th, 1844; left there in 1849, and has lived in Mayville since 1857. August 1st, 1866, he married Kate C, Barnett, of Bennington, Vt. They have three children-Minnie B., born December 7th, 1868; Willie C., July 4th, 1870; Marion A., December 15th, 1879.


WILLIAM LEET was born in Chautauqua, June 24th, 1818, and is a farmer and produce dealer. December 27th, 1840, he married Eliza Ann Strong, who bore him one son, Anson G., in 1844, and died in 1850. December 21st, 1852, be married Harriet S. Belden, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Hills. The children by this marriage have been: Mary Elizabeth, born February 25th, 1854, Willis D., October 29th, 1856; George E., September 18th, 1862; Eliza A., March 23rd, 1866. Anson Leet, father of William, was born in April, 1777, at Guilford, Conn.; he lived in Herkimer county. He came to Stockton in 1806; thence moved to Chautauqua. He married Abigail Dudley, born in 1780, by whom he had eleven children, and who died in 1879. He died June 21st, 1843. Simeon Leet, William's grandfather, was born in Connecticut, and was a descendant of William Leet, who was sent over by the Crown as the second governor of Connecticut. He was killed during the Revolution while attempting to prevent the plunder of his locality by a ship's crew.


ADELGONDE MACKENZIE was born in Reynault, Switzerland, June 6th, 1807. August 18th, 1825, she married Donald McKenzie, whose family is a very ancient one, descended from one of the noblest houses of Scotland. Their children have been as follows: Jemima, born in 1827; Catharine, in 1829; Roderick, in 1830; Noel, in 1831; Fennella, in 1834; Alexander, January 16th, 1836; Alice E., November, 1837; Henry, in 1839; William P., 1841; Donald, in 1843; Adelgonde, in 1844; Silista (deceased), in 1847; Humbertson, March 26th, 1849.


S. H. MAIN, farmer, was born in Villenova July 26th, 1828. January 1st, 1856, he married Lucretia, daughter of Stephen and Clara Chase, born in Charlotte March 6th, 1831. Jennie, born December 27th, 1856, and George, born January 7th, 1862, are their children. Mr. Main came to the town from Charlotte in 1866, and purchased the farm where he has since lived. Rev. Thomas B. Main, his father, was born in Washington county, in 1798. He married Harriet Wilson, of Brownsville, N. Y. He removed to Oneida county, thence to Chautauqua. As a preacher he stood high in the Free-Will Baptist church. He died in 1858.


CHARLES G. MAPLES, elected surrogate of Chautauqua county, in 1870, and re-elected in 1876, has been justice of the peace nearly twenty years, justice of sessions, two terms; railroad commissioner, assistant internal revenue assessor, six years; coroner, eight years, and has held other offices. He was born in Milo, Yates county, February 20th, 1818, was reared a farmer and has been one most of his life. He came to Chautauqua county, from Aurora, Erie county, in 1836, and to Mayville in 1871. March 4th, 1838, he married Ruth Barney, of Ellery, born in Newstead, Erie county.


ISAAC MOORE was born in Dryden, N. Y., November 14th, 1807, and came to Chautauqua with his parents, in 1829, from Newfield, N. Y. December 17th of that year he married Caroline Green, who was born in Fishkill, N. Y., May 16th, 1811. He has been a merchant and a live stock dealer, and has kept a temperance hotel at Mayville four years. He was once a commissioned officer in the rifle corps of the county. He and his wife are Methodists. Elijah Moore, father of Isaac, was born in Middletown, N. Y., and removed successively to Dryden, N. Y., to Newfield, N. Y., to Harmony and to Chautauqua. His wife was Jane Cazer.


WALTER MOORE, farmer, was born in Newfield, N. Y., May 15th, 1814, and came with his parents from his native place to Chautauqua at the age of fifteen. He has been highway commissioner six years and superintendent of the poor three years. January 1st, 1835, he married Polly Bloomer. His second wife was Elizabeth M. Kelsey, whom he married in 1841. His present wife was Jane Aspinwall, daughter of B. Bloomer. His children by his first wife were Adeline, wife of A. C. Green, born April 8th, 1836, and Hannah A., born in 1839, who died in 1862. Watson W., born in 1842; Mary J., born in 1846 and Eugene W., born in 1850, are his children by his second wife.



ELIZABETH PEACOCK was born in Smarden, Kent, England, in 1850, and before the close of that year came to America with her parents, James and Charlotte Homewood. March 14th, 1871, she married William P. Peacock, of Westfield. Mr. Peacock, who was an extensive farmer, was born in 1825 and died in 1880. Mrs. Peacock has two daughters, Margaret Isabelle, born April 8th, 1872, and Sarah Jane, born June 19th, 1877.


HIRAM A. PRATT, farmer, has been engaged in the construction of public works, is assistant superintendent of the Sunday-school assembly grounds, has been supervisor and justice of the peace and has held a commission in the State militia four years. He was born March 5th, 1807, at Cambridge, Washington county, and came from there to Chautauqua, in 1831. In 1830 he married Minerva Wyman; in 1850 Nancy Kessler, and in 1856 Mary A. Goodrich, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Barnes Potter, born in Chautauqua September 28th, 1811. A. W., born in 1831; H. W., born in 1833; M. B., born in 1835; Helen M., born in 1837; Harriet L., born in 1842, and Jule, born in 1847, are the children of his first wife. By his third wife Martin Allen was born March 16th, 1857, and died in 1858. By her former marriage Mrs. Pratt had four children, one of whom, Harriet W. married Joshua La Due. Mrs. Pratt's father, Hiram, was born in Westbrook, in 1775, married Rachel Allen, of Cambridge, N. Y., and died in 1814. He had command of the 116th volunteers in the war of 1812, with the rank of captain.


JOHN R. ROBERTSON, son of George Robertson, was born at Jamestown, December 18th, 1833. In 1855 he married Eveline B. Brown. He has been a merchant for years, and was elected county clerk in 1870.


EZRA J. SCOFIELD was born in Ellery, April 7th, 1841. In 1861 he married Amy E. Barnhart, of Chautauqua. Lottie, born in September, 1866, and Berris, born December 20th, 1877, are their children. Mr. Scofield came to the town in 1855, and is a merchant and a manufacturer of butter and cheese packages at Hartfield. He has been justice of the peace eight years, and is supervisor of the town. Elias Scofield, his father, was born in 1810.


M. W. SCOFIELD was born in Ellery, February 4th, 1845, and came to Chautauqua in 1855. He is a merchant and a manufacturer of cheese and butter packages at Hartfield, and has been postmaster there twelve years. In 1866 he married Susan A. Hanchett, of Chautauqua.


HERMAN SIXBEY, hardware and grocery merchant, was 1st lieutenant of Company E, 112th N. Y. volunteers, from December 9th, 1862, to February 3rd, 1865, and was county clerk of Chautauqua county, 1874-77. He was born in Montgomery county, September 8th, 1838, married Marianna R. Buck, of Westfield, August 3rd, 1863, and came to Mayville January 1st, 1874. .


ORVILLE SPERRY was born in Homer, Cortland county, December 30th, 1820. He came to Chautauqua with his parents in 1832, and has been assessor four terms and inspector of elections a number of years. In 1843 he married Diantha, daughter of Zephaniah and Olive Howard. His father, Lewis Sperry, was born in 1793, and died in 1879. He was a descendant of an old Welsh family and a son of Elijah Sperry, a captain in the Revolution.


JAMES STEVENS was born in Chautauqua in 1835, and is a farmer. In 1860 he married Ellen Hitchcock, daughter of' Hiram Hitchcock, who was born in Chautauqua in 1835. They have had three children, one of whom, Albert J., born December 31st, 1867, is living. David, father of Mr. Stevens, was born in Massachusetts, and came to Chautauqua in 1823. He married Polly Ward; they had five children.


CHARLES W. TARBOX was born in Pomfret, July 3rd, 1827; came to Chautauqua in 1865, and is a farmer and has been road commissioner. In 1848 he married Elizabeth Wilson, and May 25th, 1865, A. Main, a native of Villenova. He has five children by his first wife-Frank, born in 1850; John, 1852; Charles, 1854; Mary, 1861; Hattie, 1863. There were two children by the second marriage-George, born in 1867 (died 1872), and Clinton, born August 21st, 1873. Mr. Tarbox's father, John, was born in Connecticut in 1799, and removed to Oneida county; thence to Pomfret, where he died in 1854. He married Rebecca Rude, and had five children.



D. E. WALLIS was born in Bethany, Genesee county, in 1804, and came to Chautauqua with his parents, Elisha and Debby (Lincoln) Wallis, in 1811. He has been collector, inspector of election and poor master, and a member of an independent rifle company. His father was justice of the peace, poor master, assessor and county coroner, and a commissioned officer in the county militia. In 1845 Mr. Wallis married Eliza A. Huggins, of Bethany, Genesee county. They have two children, Frances A., born in 1846, and Rosemer E.; born January 15th, 1839. Elisha Wallis was born in 1780, He died in 1857; his wife in 1867.


A. H. WHITNEY, farmer and carpenter and joiner, was born in Lennox, Oneida county, October 11th, 1818, and came to Chautauqua with his parents, Henry and Aurelia, in 1821. In 1840 he married Mary Ann Rheubottom and in 1853 Lucy Almeda Clarke, of Spring, Erie county, Pa. By the first marriage there were three children: John H., born in 1852; Martha E., 1845; Caroline, 1848. Henry Claude, born in 1873, is by the second marriage. Henry Whitney, a native of Connecticut, removed with his parents, Richard and Ruth Whitney, to West Moreland, Oneida county, where he married Aurelia Fenton. They came to Chautauqua In 1821.


WILLARD WOOD, farmer, was born in Pomfret March 9th, 1818, and came to Chautauqua, with his parents, in 1825. In 1843 he married Sarah M. Dayton, daughter of Henry and Sophia Dayton, of Chautauqua. Their daughter, Julia L., was born February 17th, 1848. Elmer Wood, father of Willard, was born February 22nd, 1787, in Massachusetts, and came to Stockton in 1809. From there he removed to Pomfret; thence to Chautauqua, in 1829. He married Philene Lewis, born April 24th, 1792, and served in the war of 1812. He died in 1859; his wife in 1860. William Wood, grandfather of Willard, was a native of New England, of English descent, and served seven years in the Revolution.


WILLIAM WOOD was born in Pomfret March 24th, 1816, and married Sally Jane Scofield, of Hadley, Saratoga county, in 1837. They have had three children, Polly M., born in 1838, died in 1840; Charlotte Eliza, born June 6th, 1841, married E. C. Cadwell. George was born June 15th, 1845, and married Amy, daughter of Nathan and Mary Cheney. They have two children, Glenni, born September 23rd, 1872, and Altie J., July 8th, 1880.


The following named citizens of Chautauqua also gave their support to this work: J. J. Aldrich, G. A. Baker, J. L. Butman, Garland H. Cheney, N. J. Elliott, Horace Fox, J. Otto Green, T. D. Hammond, A. Hersperger, Thomas Hutson, J. M. Hurty, Edwin Kirkland, Ziba Lott, J. H. Miller, E. T. Sperry, A. A. Van Dusen, Mrs. H. Vanvalkenburg, Rev. J. H. Vincent, J. B. Vrooman, J. H. Ward, A. K. Warren, W. M. Whalen, A. Wilcox, William Wilkinson, John Wood and P. D. Wood.