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HENRY ADAMS, son of Morris and Anna Adams, was born in Pomfret February 2nd, 1817, and with the exception of five years passed in Portland has lived in the town most of his life. September 1st, 1840, he married Esther J. Crandall, of Portland, who died October 8th, 1856. June 17th, 1859, he married Harriet H. Fitch, also of Portland, who was born there May 27th, 1825. He is a farmer and dairyman. His father was a native of Dutchess county, born January 28th, 1792. He came to Pomfret about 1808 and died May 1st, 1853. His mother was born in Delaware county about 1797, and came to Pomfret in July, 1815.


THOMAS ADAMS was a son of Justus and Jemima Adams. He was born in Roxbury, Delaware county, July 9th, 1805, came to Pomfret with his parents in 1810, married Eliza Ann Morrison, of Pomfret, September 7th, 1835, and died November 5th, 1865. Mrs. Adams was born in Parma, Monroe county, January 26th, 1815. Her late husband was a farmer.


SAYLES ALDRICH, son of Scott and Anna Aldrich, was born in Hamburg, Erie county, January 11th, 1853, and married Virginia H. Sweet, of Sheridan, April 24th, 1878. He removed from Hamburg with his parents and located in Pomfret in 1857, and is a farmer and fruit grower. Mrs. Aldrich was born in Sheridan October 12th, 1854. Jonathan N. Sweet, her father, was born in Sheridan March 24th, 1819, and died July 9th, 1869. Lydia I. Sweet, her mother, was born November 9th, 1827, in Arkwright, and died May 4th, 1856.


SCOTT ALDRICH was born in Rhode Island June 6th, 1801, and is one of the oldest residents of Western New York. He settled in Erie county in 1823, and lived in that county till 1857, when he came to Chautauqua county. In 1823 he married Eliza White, of Massachusetts, by whom he had seven children, five of whom are now living, and who died in 1835. He married Annie Meal, of Boston, Erie county, who died in 1857, having borne him nine children, seven of whom are living. In 1858 he married Lydia Snell, of Waterford, Pa., by whom he has had one child, now deceased. Mr. Aldrich has been successful in business, from which he has retired.


SETH ALDRICH, son of Scott and Eliza Aldrich, is a farmer and dairyman.

He was born in Hamburg, Erie county, October 7th, 1827, and married Martha M. Clark, a resident and native of that town, May 10th, 1853. She was born October 18th, 1835. He came to Pomfret from Wethersfield, N. Y., March 2nd, 1863.


SIMON ALDRICH is a son of Scott Aldrich and his wife Anna, and was born in Hamburg, Erie county, November 3rd, 1850, and came with his parents to Pomfret in 1857. He is a farmer and fruit grower and has lived in Chautauqua county since that date. February 5th, 1873, he married Carrie, daughter of Ives and Pamelia Spink, of Hanover, born there April 11th, 1855. Her father was born in Hanover February 5th, 1819; her mother at Rutland, Vt., July 28th, 1819.


CHAMPLIN, son of Roger and Lydia Barber, was born in Litchfield, Herkimer county, May 21st, 1802, and married Malaney Green, of Winfield, Herkimer county, April 11th, 1824. She was born in that town May 15th, 1806. April 11th, 1834, they came to Pomfret from Oneida county. Mr. Barber is a farmer and sheep-raiser.


DARWIN R. BARKER, junior partner of the firm which founded Pettits' eye salve, was born in Fredonia September 9th, 1820, and married Helen E. Pettit, of Pompey, N. Y., June 24th, 1846.


B. C. BARLOW is a son of Samuel and Nancy Barlow, and a farmer and dairyman. He was born in Pomfret, June 27th, 1827, and married Louisa Allison, of Hanover, October 9th, 1859. She was born in Genesee county October 17th, 1836.


SAMUEL G. BARTLETT was born in Mina January 10th, 1830. His parents were John and Louisa Bartlett. March 17th, 1853, he married, in Hanover, Adeline Doolittle, born in Clymer February 2nd, 1834. He removed from Mina to Pomfret in 1840, and has lived at Laona, where he is a cheese manufacturer, since 1870. His parents were natives of Massachusetts. His father died May 15th, 1856; his mother May 13th, 1845.


GEORGE W. BLOOD was born in Forestville in 1843, and is a manufacturer of and dealer in all kinds of furniture. August 26th, 1869, he married Sarah E. Whyman, of Lockport, N. Y. They are both members of the Baptist church, and have lived in Fredonia since 1871.


WILLIAM BOND was born in Columbia county, in 1791; was among the early settlers of Pomfret, served in the war of 1812, and died November 23rd, 1875. His wife, Betsey, was born in Washington county about 1800, and died April 15th, 1848. Their son, A. P. Bond, was born in Fredonia September 28th, 1825; is a farmer and fruit grower; has always been a resident of Pomfret, and married Emeline Bond, of Sandy Hill, Washington county, in December, 1856.


F. O. BRIGGS, son of George W. and Sally A. Briggs, was born in Arkwright September 21st, 1863, and came to Pomfret in 1875, and is a farmer and gardener. June 4th, 1879, he married Sophia Lee, of Fredonia, born September 7th, 1861. Mrs. Brigg's father and mother, Uriah and Eliza Lee, were born in England, the former August 28th and the latter August 6th, 1836. They came to Pomfret May 6th, 1860.


GEORGE W. BRIGGS is a son of Joseph R. and Rhoda Briggs, and was born in Jerusalem, Ontario county, July 19th, 1820. January 1st, 1843, he married Sally A. Tarbox, of Arkwright. They came to Fredonia in 1876 from Arkwright, where he had removed with his parents in 1827. Mr. Briggs was supervisor of Arkwright three years, and has been assessor twelve years. His wife was born in Herkimer county July 4th, 1824. Her father, Dudley Tarbox, was born in Hebron, Conn., January 9th, 1795, and was an early settler in Arkwright. Joseph R. Briggs was born in Montgomery county about 1793.


HENRY A. BUCK, pattern maker, was born in Mayfield, N. Y., in 1812. In 1822 he came to Fredonia from Manchester, Ontario county. In 1836 he married Miss O. H. Crawford, of Arkwright. They are members of the Baptist church, with which their daughter is also connected.


J. D. BUCK, homoeopathic physician and professor in the Homoeopathic Medical College, of Cincinnati, O., was born in Fredonia November 20th, 1838, and returned to Fredonia in 1878, though his permanent residence is in Cincinnati, O. His parents were Reuben and Fanny Buck. His wife was formerly Lizzie Clough, of Fredonia, born October 3rd, 1843. They were married October 18th, 1864.


ALANSON BUCKINGHAM, son of Nathan and Salena Buckingham, was born in Oxford, New Haven county, Conn., in 1806. In 1855 he married Sarah Aiken, of Chenango county. In 1823 he came to Fredonia, poor, and soon engaged as school teacher in the town of Sheridan. Teaching one term there, he went to Mayville and taught there two years. Then going to Fredonia he entered the service of John J. Saxton as a clerk in his store. At the end of a year he became a partner in the business. Five years later he withdrew from the firm and engaged in trade alone as a merchant and drover. He retired in 1875.


O. R. BURCHARD, for eleven years instructor in the State Normal school at Fredonia, was born in Conklin, Broome county, June 9th, 1842, and came to Fredonia, in August, 1869. August 17th, 1871, he married Kate B. Burt, of Oswego, N. Y.


FRANKLIN, son of Charles and Orpha Burritt, is a farmer and was born in Fredonia, in 1827. In 1850 he married Ann N. Norton, of Pomfret. He was formerly a druggist.


H. H. CLARK, salesman of agricultural implements and agent for the G. Westinghouse threshing machine, was born in Stafford, Genesee county, July 8th, 1827. His wife, formerly Clarissa Derby, of Pomfret, where he married October 15th, 1847, was born in Pomfret, September 10th, 1828. His father, Elijah Clark, was born in Vermont and came, bringing his family, to Pomfret, in 1829. He died in July, 1865, aged eighty-three. His mother, Polly Clark, was born in the State of New York and died in March, 1865, aged seventy-three years.


R. P. CLEMENT, banker, was born in Waterloo, N. Y., October 16th, 1846, came to Fredonia from Henderson, N. Y., July 28th, 1868, and married Matilda M. Chinery, of Bath, Ontario, June 22nd, 1872. Mr. and Mrs. Clement are members of the Presbyterian church.


HAMILTON CLOTHIER is a son of Artemas and Lucy Clothier, and was born in Silver Creek, N. Y., September 26th, 1815. November 5th, 1836, he married Elizabeth Spink, of Silver Creek. They removed to Fredonia in November, 1864, and Mr. Clothier is a farmer and miller. His wife was born in Hanover, November 5th, 1818. They have had two sons and four daughters. Artemas and Lucy Clothier were natives of Massachusetts. They came to Hanover about 1808 and began life in a wilderness.


A. N. COLBURN, son of Alva and Ann Colburn, was born in Fredonia in 1847. In 1873, he married Lottie S. Hart, a native of Canada West. He is a member of the firm of Colburn Brothers, wholesale and retail dealers in flour, feed, &c.


E. C. COLSON, paper maker, is a son of D. W. C. and Mary Colson, and was born in North East, Pa., June 7th, 1845. He came to Laona in 1857, and September 4th, 1867, married Mira Tuttle, born at Laona, April 27th, 1851, whose father, Lorenzo Tuttle, a native of Connecticut, was born August 31st, 1824, and came to Pomfret in 1825, and whose mother, Nancy Tuttle, was born in Pomfret in December, 1820. D. W. C. Colson was born in Madison county and came to Laona, in 1856. Mary Colson, born in North East, Pa., died in October, 1853.


BENJAMIN W. COTTON is a son of Elisha Cotton. He was born in Broadalbin, Fulton county, in 1815. In 1832 he came to Fredonia, where he is proprietor of a livery and exchange stable. In 1843 he married Miss Rebecca Champlain, and in 1877 Miss Sarah Guest, of Pomfret. For sixteen years, Mr. Cotton was engaged in the stage business on the route between Dunkirk and Warren. He was deputy sheriff twelve years.


ADDISON C. CUSHING, son of Zattu and Eunice Cushing, was born in Fredonia, in 1820, and has been twelve years a justice of the peace and many years president of the village. In 1846 he married Elizabeth King, of Hamilton, N. Y., by whom he had two children, still living, and who died at the age of twenty-seven in 1848. In 1849 he married Miss Ellen Cummings, of Silver Creek, daughter of Robert and Lydia Cummings, by whom he has two children. His father, Zattu Cushing, came to Chautauqua county early, became a well-known citizen and died in 1829. He was a member of the Baptist church and served in the war of 1812.


WILLIAM DARBY, son of Blancher and Ruth Darby, was born in Pomfret in 1821, and married Sally Wilson, of Fredonia, in 1846. They have had five children, three of whom are living. Mr. Darby's parents were from Burlington, Otsego county, and located early in Pomfret. His father was a mason by trade, and built the lighthouse near Dunkirk harbor.


ELY DAVIS, son of Harry and Mary Davis, was born in Angelica, Allegany county, November 24th, 1817. September 14th, 1843, he married Maria M. Masher, who bore him two children and died in 1851. December 1st, 1853, he married Miss Betsy M., daughter of Robert Reed, of Belmont, Allegany county, by whom he has had three children, two of whom are living. One of his children by his first wife is also living. Mr. Davis has been principally engaged in farming and lumbering. He and his wife are Baptists.


H. R. S. DUNNING was born in Lyons, N. Y., September 3rd, 1836. December 25th, 1864, he married Rozilla Ash, who died November 15th, 1871. October 26th, 1874, he married Minnie Connaro, a native of Detroit, Mich., born April 9th, 1855. Mr. Dunning served as lieutenant in Company H, 22nd N. Y. cavalry, enlisting in 1863 and receiving his discharge August 16th, 1864. He was in battle in the Wilderness; at Todd's Tavern, at Fredericksburg and in front of Richmond. He returned from Silver Creek to Pomfret January 1st, 1880. He is a builder by trade, but is engaged in farming and fruit growing. His parents were H. R. and Betsy Dunning.


DWIGHT DUTTON, liveryman, was born in Sherman in 1840; married Miss Ann Bowdish, of Portland in 1874; served three years as turnkey at the county jail at Mayville, and came to Fredonia in May, 1879.


LYVENUS ELLIS, son of Freeman and Abigail Ellis, was born in Charlotte, June 11th, 1823, and is a farmer. He married Lovisa Wilson, who was born in Arkwright August 23rd, 1825, (April 5th, 1848) and removed to Laona from Charlotte in 1854. Freeman Ellis was born in Wales, January 8th, 1780, came to Charlotte in 1812 and died May 28th, 1842. Abigail Ellis was born in Massachusetts July 10th, 1785, and died October 10th, 1868.


E. S. ELY is a civil engineer and has been employed upon the construction of various railroads about twelve years. He was born in Gravel Run, Pa., January 17th, 1825, and married March 2nd, 1853, Harriet Mason, of Ripley, who was born at Fort Ann, Washington county, March 2nd, 1830. He has lived in Pomfret since 1827.


HENRY FIELD was born in Columbia county in 1812, and is the proprietor of the Park House, Fredonia. He removed with his parents to Ashtabula county, Ohio, in 1818, and lived there till early in 1880, when he came to Fredonia. In 1837 he married Miss Julia A. Lyon, of Saybrook, Ohio.


K. W. FORBES was born in Fredonia December 13th, 1844, and June 8th, 1869, married Nellie A. Payne, born in Fredonia October 21st, 1848. He has resided in Fredonia most of his life.


H. A. FOSTER, only son of Elisha and Eunice Foster, was born in Fredonia October 14th, 1819, and has lived there most of his life. June 25th, 1847, he married Julia A. Undorner, of Albany, N. Y. His present wife was Sarah H. Hedenberg, of Peoria, Ill., who was born in Jacksonville, Ill., January 1st, 1833, and whom be married June 30th, 1852. Mr. Foster is a commercial traveler in the interest of the Chicago White Lead and Oil Company. Elisha Foster was born in New Hampshire in 1784, and died February 22nd, 1857. Eunice Foster, born in Bennington, Vermont, February 3rd, 1789, died May 23rd, 1869.


B. W., son of James and Lucinda Frazier, was born in Poland October 14th, 1840. October 21st, 1865, he married Sarah A. Sage, of Jamestown, a native of Ashtabula county, Ohio, born June 19th, 1840. He removed to Pomfret in 1877 and is a farmer.


ROWLAND W. GARDNER, farmer and gardener, was born in Washington county, R. I., October 12th, 1819, and married Jane C. Carpenter, of Sheridan, in 1861. His parents, natives of Rhode Island, removed to Genesee county about 1821, ten years later to Penfield, Monroe county, and thence to Chautauqua county in 1832. In 1840 they located in Fredonia, where Mr. Gardner died in 1865.


ELI S. GATES, retired, was born in Pomfret, in 1814, and married Miss Martha Scott, of Massachusetts, in 1837. His parents, Henry and Betsy Gates, came to Pomfret in 1806. Both died in 1823.


REV. ISAAC GEORGE is a resident of Fredonia, N. Y., and by profession a clergyman of the Universalist Church. His father, Benjamin George, was from Calais, Vt., and his mother, Martha (Patty) Coston, was from Litchfield, Herkimer county, N. Y. He was born in Gainesville, Wyoming county, N. Y., May 1st, 1818. His early years were spent chiefly in the vicinity of Springville, N. Y., where he received his education. He commenced preaching at the age of twenty-one, and entered the ministry in 1840. On the 4th day of February, 1841, he married Miss Mary Brewer, in Cuba, N. Y. The fruit of this union was four children, only one of whom, Mrs. C. L. Danforth, of Sinclairville, N. Y., survives. His wife died in Dunkirk, N. Y., December 9th, 1868. On the 14th of September, 1871, he married Mrs. Caroline C. Klomser, of Yorkshire, N. Y. She died in Fredonia, April 25th, 1879, and on the 23rd of October, 1879, he married Miss Alice A. Town, of Arkwright, N. Y. Mr. George removed to Chautauqua county from Springville in 1851, and, with the exception of brief pastorates in Cleveland and Springfield, O., and Middleport, N. Y., has made this county from that date his residence. In 1856 he was elected by the Republican party, from the Second Assembly District of Chautauqua county, a member of the State Legislature; and during the war of the Rebellion he published a Republican newspaper (the Journal) in Dunkirk. He is still devoted to the duties of his profession, occupying his leisure hours in cultivating and improving the beautiful grounds of his quiet home.


BENJAMIN W. GOODELL, farmer, was born in Bennington, N. Y., in 1829, and married Miss Salome Martin, of Portland, in 1857. He came to Portland in 1840. He has been a railway conductor twenty-three years, eleven on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad and the balance of the time on the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad.


LEWIS B. GRANT has been a merchant during his active life until his retirement in 1879. He was born in Chenango county in 1809, and married Julia A. Forbes, of Fredonia, in 1836. He removed to Forestville in 1831 and to Fredonia in 1839. Mr. and Mrs. Grant are members of the Baptist church.


W. H. GREEN, a son of Nathaniel and Fanny Green, was born in Fairfield, Herkimer county, in 1817, married Sarah, daughter of Phillip and Betsy Kane, of Newport, Herkimer county, in 1843, and is a farmer. His father, a native of Rhode Island, married Miss Fanny Wolson, of Oswego county, N. Y., by whom he had nine children, three of whom are living. He came to Fredonia in 1812, and died in 1866; his wife in 1877.


JOHN GUEST was born in Mendon, N. J.; was formerly a carpenter, and for some time employed on the Erie Canal; is now a farmer and fruit grower and is the son of Jacob and Irena Guest. He was born March 2nd, 1800. October 19th, 1823, he married Amy Peckham, of Watertown, N. Y., born in Oneida county, October 4th, 1804 who died February 28th, 1861. He came to Pomfret, February 6th, 1836. Jacob Guest was born in New Jersey, took part in the war of 1812, and died September 18th, 1862, aged eighty-eight. Irene Guest was born in Morris county, N. J., and died March 27th, 1855, aged seventy-five.


HENRY H. HALL, son of Harry and Polly Hall was born in Sheridan, October 31st, 1832. In 1863 he married Julia Roberts, of Sheridan. They have one child. In 1861 he entered the commissary department of the United States army and served four years. In 1865 he removed to Crawford county, Wis. In 1868 he came to Fredonia. He is a farmer.


T. L. HIGGINS, son of Isaac and Hannah Higgins, was born in Brookfield, Conn., November 17th, 1820, and came to Fredonia with his parents in the fall of 1821. November 15th, 1840, he married Rachel Watkins, born in Nassau, N. Y., June 5th, 1820, and at that time a resident of Ellington. His father, Isaac H. Higgins, was, as was his wife Hannah, born in Connecticut. He came to Fredonia in 1821. He served as supervisor of the town of Cold Spring, Cattaraugus county, and also as justice of the peace. Mr.

Higgins is a contractor and oil producer.


LYMAN C. HOWE, son of Jared and Clarissa Howe, was born in Butternuts, Otsego county, February 11th, 1832, and is a public speaker. For about twenty-two years he has been prominently identified with the spiritual movement. August 10th, 1862, he married Sarah E. Horth, of New Albion, Cattaraugus county. In 1867 he came to Fredonia.


GEORGE HUTCHINSON is a farmer and dairyman. He was born February 21st, 1826, in Pomfret, and February 25th, 1852, married Margaret A. Van Vleck, born at Saratoga, N. Y., August 18th, 1829. Calvin Hutchinson, father of George, was born in Connecticut, December 9th, 1800, and came to Pomfret, in 1822, and was a prominent citizen and an early cheese manufacturer. Sophia Hutchinson, mother of George, was born in Madison county, April 25th, 1803.


J. P. IRWIN, road master for the Dunkirk and Warren railroad, was born in Sunbury, Pa., in May, 1832. March 3rd, 1859, he married Jennie Wirt, of Youngstown, Ohio. He has lived in Fredonia since December 19th, 1869.


O. W. JOHNSON, attorney, was born in Butternuts, Otsego county, September 8th, 1824. In 1852 he married Emily M. Murray, of Norwich, Chenango county, and came to Fredonia.


JOHN, son of Thomas Jones, was born in Bala, North Wales, February 12th, 1806. In August, 1830, he married Mary Breese, of New York city. In 1833 he removed to Westfield and thence, in 1837, to Fredonia, where he was an architect and contractor, and died December 12th, 1852. His widow, Mary Jones, was born in Wales in May, 1808, and died April 30th, 1872.


GEORGE S. JOSSELYN was born in Hanover, Mass., June 17th, 1842, and married Mary White, of Fredonia, in 1869, during which year he came to Fredonia, where he is a dealer in grape vines, small fruit, plants and fancy poultry. He has served as supervisor of the town of Pomfret.


WILLIAM M. LESTER was born in Fredonia, April 29th, 1833, and is now (October, 1880) president of the village and treasurer of the Dunkirk, Allegany Valley and Pennsylvania railroad. May 22nd, 1856, he married Matilda Day, of Fredonia.


GEORGE W. LEWIS, agent for the Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine and until 1854 a merchant, was born in Buffalo, N. Y., March 13th, 1816, and married Miss Eliza Wheelock, of Mendon, Mass., October 20th, 1842. He became a resident of Fredonia, January 25th, 1843.


ALMOND Z. MADISON was born in Hebron, N. Y., August 17th, 1803, and is an insurance agent and notary public. He formerly lived in Gouverneur, N. Y., where he was commissioner of deeds eight years, supervisor two years, town clerk five years, justice of the peace thirteen years, and served as coroner and superintendent of the poor, and in other official positions, including the captaincy of a fully equipped artillery company attached to an infantry regiment in the brigade of General Silas Wright, jr. Since coming to Fredonia from Bath, N. Y. (where he was a merchant), August 6th, 1862, he has been town clerk of Pomfret two years, president of Fredonia village one year, and assessor fifteen years. May 1st, 1825, he married Deborah Rowley, and June 23rd, 1839, Maria T. Vary, both of Gouverneur and both now dead.


GEORGE MARTIN, son of John and Mary Martin, was born in Thompson, Conn., March 30th, 1820; came to Pomfret May 15th, 1835, with his parents; married Harriet C. King, of Pomfret, March 7th, 1844, and is a farmer and dairyman. Mrs. Martin was born in Pomfret December 25th, 1820. John Martin, a native of Connecticut, came to Pomfret in 1835, and died July 26th, 1867. Mary A. Martin was born in Thompson, Conn. Robert King, father of Mrs. Martin, was a native of Ireland; lived in eastern New York, and was a settler in Pomfret in 1818. His wife, Susan, was a native of Scotland.


HENRY M. MATTHEWS was born in Jefferson county, September 2nd, 1839; came to Fredonia in 1870, and December 10th, 1873, married Lizzie M. Schafer, who was born in Rochester, N. Y., March 6th, 1848, and who survives him. He was teller in the Fredonia National Bank. George Shafer, Mrs. Matthews's father, was born in Madison county September 18th, 1812, and died December 30th, 1865. Susan Shafer, her mother, a native of Monroe county, was born February 22nd, 1816.


JEDEDIAH D. MAYNARD was born in Middlesex, Yates county, in 1820.

In 1838 he came to Fredonia and in 1844 married Amelia Bronson, of Charlotte. He served a year in the 112th New York volunteers during the war, as first lieutenant, seeing service at the siege of Suffolk, at the battle of Blackwater and other engagements. He had previously been a lieutenant of militia. He was assessor several years of the town of Charlotte. He has been a druggist since 1866.


H. S. MCALLISTER was born in Gerry March 21st, 1843. His parents were William and Caroline McAllister. November 17th, 1869, he married Anna Wilson, of Pomfret. She was born in Fredonia July 12th, 1848. They have two children, named Frank and Irene. Mr. McAllister has been a resident of Pomfret since the spring of 1863. He is a farmer and dairyman. William McAllister was born in Amsterdam, N. Y., July 5th, 1813. In 1841 he married. His wife, a native of Massachusetts, was born December 1st, 1810, and died August 22nd, 1875.


D. D. MOREY was born in Nelson, Madison county, January 5th, 1818.

January 1st, 1844, he married Elvira Stillwell, of Villanova. October 25th, 1854, he married his present wife, C. L. Spencer, a native of New York State, born January 17th, 1824. He has been a resident of Chautauqua county most of the time since he was nine years old, has been a hotelkeeper twenty-five years and came to Laona in 1879. Samuel A. and Ruth Morey, his parents, natives of Madison county, came to Chautauqua county as early as 1829.


D. H. MORGAN, builder, son of Harvey and Elizabeth Morgan, was born July 14th, 1845, in Buffalo, N. Y., and February 14th, 1871, married Mary Safford, of Pomfret, born in Troy, N. Y., September 20th, 1850. Harvey Morgan was born in Chautauqua county in April, 1808, and came to Portland at an early day. The family subsequently lived in Buffalo and came to Pomfret in 1853. Elizabeth Morgan was born in Chautauqua county in 1817, and died in 1877.


EDWIN O. MORRISON, farmer, was born in Pittsford, Monroe county, January 15th, 1813, and came to Chautauqua county in 1825 and to Fredonia in 1880. John Morrison, his father, was born in New York State, November 23rd, 1790, and was a wool carder and cloth-dresser. He died September 9th, 1824. Ascenith Morrison, his wife, was born in Pittsford, Monroe county, August 11th,1793, and died October 5th,1872. Mariette Morrison, sister of Edwin O., was born November 15th, 1816.


JOHN C. MULLETT was born in Fredonia, January 29th, 1826, and is an attorney and for twenty-one years has been justice of the peace. July 10th, 1859, be married Miss Harriet Shadbolt, of Bennington, Wyoming county. His father, Hon. James Mullett, also a lawyer, was a member of the Legislature and drew up and introduced the first charter for the village of Fredonia. He was elected a judge of the supreme court in 1846 and served until compelled to resign on account of ill health. He died September 10th, 1858.


ERVIN F. OSBORN was a farmer. He was born in Hoosick, N. Y., April 29th, 1802, and married Harriet Randall, of Pomfret, May 16th, 1825, having come to the town four years earlier. Mrs. Osborn was born in Hoosick, N. Y., September 20th, 1801. G. F. & T. A. Osborn, sons of Ervin F. Osborn, are farmers and fruit-growers.


KOSCIUSKO R. PALMER was born in Fredonia, July 3rd, 1844, and has been a trustee of the village two years (1879, 1880), and foreman of Fredonia Fire Company, No. 1, three years (1877-80). January 27th, 1868, he married Florence E. Powell, of Pomfret.


J. J. PARKER, fruit and vegetable grower and shipper, was born in Fredonia, February 9th, 1838, and married Lucy H. Tremain, of Fredonia, June 23rd, 1880. He was once 2nd lieutenant in the 68th regiment New York militia.


O. P. PRESCOTT, farmer, was born in Cheshire county, N. H., January 22nd, 1821, and came to Fredonia, in September, 1867. December 8th, 1846, he married Adelia Bigelow, who died in January, 1849. January 23rd, 1855, he married Susan M. Stratton, born in New Ipswich, Hillsboro county, N. H., August 26th, 1825.


ARTHUR C. PUTNAM was born in Fredonia, October 10th, 1848. June 16th, 1871, he married Della M. Shelton, of Webster city, Iowa.


AARON O. PUTNAM was born in Fredonia, in 1836 and married Mary T. McDaniels, of Rutland, Vt., in 1865.


D. S. RAMSDELL was born in Exeter, Otsego county, January 12th, 1820, and married Calphurnia P. Eaton, of Pomfret, March 25th, 1840. She was born in Pomfret, March 26th, 1822. He came to Laona, from Madison county, in 1828 and has been a merchant thirty years and is a justice of the peace. E. W. Ramsdell, his father, was a native of Connecticut, born January 1st, 1787. He came to Pomfret in 1828 and died in 1848. Mehitabel Ramsdell, his mother, also a native of Connecticut, died in 1823.


ANSON REED, son of William and Hannah P. Reed, was born in Arkwright, January 28th, 1818, and came to Pomfret in 1838. He is a farmer and has been justice of the peace about twenty years and long prominent in town affairs. William Reed was born in Vermont and died in 1826. His father was a Revolutionary officer. Hannah P. Reed was born in New Hampshire in 1782 and died in 1835. May 1st, 1845, Anson Reed married Jennett H. Bartlett, who died June 19th, 1850. April 10th, 1851, he married Sobrina E. Bull, born in Pomfret, December 5th, 1829, whose father, Thomas Bull, was an early and enterprising citizen of Laona, where he built a mill and was justice of the peace and died August 16th, 1829, and whose mother Sobrina E. Bull, was born March 3rd, 1799, and died November 19th, 1857.


WILLIAM RISLEY, son of Elijah and Phebe Risley, was born in Cazenovia, N. Y., in 1802. He came to Fredonia in 1807 with his father and mother and six brothers and sisters. The family had the usual experiences of pioneers in Western New York. The garden seed business, since so extensively known throughout the United States and Canada, was established by Elijah and William Risley in 1834.


L. J. ROFF, farmer and fruit grower, was born in North East, Pa., August 14th, 1842. September 12th, 1863, he married A. M. Prescott, of Hickory, Pa., and came to Pomfret from Oil City, Pa., in the spring of 1875. His wife was born at Napoli, Cattaraugus county, December 1st, 1844. Her father, Eastman Prescott, was born in Vermont and was an early settler in Cattaraugus county. Eliza Prescott, her mother, was born in Genesee county about 1806. Collins Roff, father of L. J., a native of Yates county, was born March 10th, 1811, and came early to Pomfret. He died December 8th, 1861. Mary A. Roff, his wife, was born in Pomfret October 16th, 1814, and died in December, 1877.


HANSON ROBERTS, merchant miller, was born in Sheridan March 9th, 1842. January 14th, 1870, he married Emma V. Moss, of Brocton. Eli Roberts, his father, was born in Madison county in 1810, came to Chautauqua county in 1811, married Julia Sheldon, of Sheridan, in 1834, and had eight children, seven of whom are living. He came to Fredonia in 1864 and was in the hardware business till 1877, when he purchased the flouring mill on Liberty street and engaged with Hanson Roberts in milling, under the firm name of E. Roberts & Son.


L. D. ROBERTS, son of William and Laura Roberts, was born in Pomfret June 8th, 1822, and is a farmer and dairyman. His parents were natives of Bennington, Vt., and came to Fredonia in the pioneer days. He married Hannah M. Howard, of Pomfret, October 1st, 1831. He was born at Pine Grove, N. Y., April 23rd, 1832.


GEORGE RYMAN, son of James and Hannah Ryman, was born in Oxford, England, in 1829. In 1856 he married Sarah Homer, of Sussex, and came to Fredonia, where he is sexton of Forest Hill Cemetery.


DARWIN L. SHEPPARD, hardware merchant, was born in Otsego county, in 1842, and came to Fredonia in 1866 from Guilford, Chenango county. During that year he married Sarah E. Windsor, of Fredonia. Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard are both members of the Baptist church.


WILLIAM W. SLOAN, son of George W. and Sally Sloan, was born in Sheridan April 16th, 1840, and married Carrie E. Putnam, of Fredonia, October 14th, 1862. He came to Fredonia March 1st, 1877, and is a farmer. He was formerly a music teacher. George W. Sloan, his father, was born in Madison county in December, 1800, and died in 1873. His mother, Sally Sloan, a native of Hanover, died in January, 1841. Mrs. Carrie E. (Putnam) Sloan was born in Fredonia in November, 1839. Her parents, Aaron L. and Dolly E. Putnam, was born in Massachusetts, the former in 1805. He died in March, 1880; his wife in August, 1870.


JASON SMITH, son of Nathan and Sally Smith, was born in Stockton April 25th, 1827, and married Emily J. Rhinehart (born in Stockton July 27th, 1833), January 8th, 1855. He came to Pomfret in 1871, and is a manufacturer of churns and churn powers. He has been school trustee several years. His parents, Nathan and Sally, were natives of Massachusetts. Nathan was born at Ashfield, September 15th, 1788, and died May 21st, 1864. Sally was born at Buckland, February 6th, 1792, and died January 4th, 1856. Henry and Ann Rhinehart, Mrs. Smith's parents, were born in Putnam county; her father May 13th, 1789; her mother October 29th, 1797. Her father died February 25th, 1877.


PHILO H. STEPHENS was born in Harpersfield, Delaware county, March 28th, 1802, and came to Fredonia in 1824. August 7th, 1827, he married Catharine P. Cushing, of Fredonia. He established himself in the hat business at Fredonia in 1824, and was a merchant and farmer most of his life. He died November 19th, 1865. He was a trustee of the Fredonia Academy and prominently identified with leading interests of the town. Mrs. Stephens was born in Fredonia, in 1808, and is a daughter of Zattu Cushing, who was born in Plymouth county, Mass., and one of the best known pioneers on the Holland Purchase.


S. E. STONE, conductor on the P. T. & B. Railroad, is a son of W. F. and A. B. Stone, and was born in Johnson, Vt., September 3rd, 1844. December 18th, 1872, he married Anna Duff, of Franklin, Pa., who was born in Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1848. He removed from Vermont to Ohio in 1864, and came to Fredonia in 1879. His parents, both natives of Vermont, died in 1866.


A. A. STRAIGHT, son of A. C. and Phebe Straight, was born in Charlotte, September 6th, 1833, and came to Laona (where he is a farmer and dairyman) with his parents in May, 1842. December 29th, 1852, he married Calphurnia A. Ramsdell, of Laona, who was born September 30th, 1836. His father was a native of Hartford, Washington county, born, January 26th, 1805, and came to Charlotte with an ox-team from Wayne county about 1826. His mother was born in New Hampshire, November 16th, 1804. Erastus W. Ramsdell, Mrs. Straight's father, was born in Wethersfield, Conn., November 9th, 1814,

and came to Pomfret November 9th, 1828. Her mother, Harriet B. Ramsdell, was born in Nantucket, Mass., June 15th, 1814, and came to Dunkirk in 1820.


THOMAS J. SWAN is a son of James and Henrietta Swan. He was born in Greenwich, Conn., December 2nd, 1831. October 21st, 1854, he married Elizabeth H. Ames, of Colchester, Conn., and came to Laona February 7th, 1863, from Syracuse, N. Y. His parents were both natives of Connecticut. His wife was born at Norwich, Conn., February 20th, 1837.


HORACE J. THAYER, formerly a butter, cheese and wool buyer, now a fruit dealer, was born in Leroy, Genesee county, November 20th, 1815. Ephraim Thayer, his father, was born in Vermont, January 1st, 1792, and came to Genesee county in 1814. Mary L. Thayer, his mother, was born at St. George's, Bermuda Islands, January 4th, 1793. December 19th, 1839, Mr. Thayer married Sarah A. Cowden, of Arkwright. His present wife, whom he married March 15th, 1856, was Ellen M. Owen, of Harbor Creek, Pa. He came to Pomfret in 1819.


EZRA P. THOMPSON, tinsmith and manufacturer of tinware, is a son of Jonathan and Anna Thompson, and was born in Royalton, Keene county, N. H., in 1806. He married Orrilla Cowden, of Poland, in 1832. He accompanied his parents from New Hampshire to Ontario county in 1808, and they lived at Geneva until 1817, when they removed to Fredonia.


HENRY W., son of Elias and Lucia Thompson, was born in Newport, Herkimer county, in 1826. In 1856 he married Eliza J. Hadcock, of his native town. He came to Fredonia in 1871, and is a grape grower. He was justice of the peace in Herkimer county four years. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are members of the Baptist church.


JAMES THOMPSON is a son of William and Mary A. Thompson. His father was born in Leeds, England, November 12th,1821. He removed to Laona from Fredonia in 1851, and died April 16th, 1872. His mother was born in Saddleworth, England, December 15th, 1822, and came from England to Laona in August, 1851. James was born in Roadend, Saddleworth, England, May 15th, 1847; came to Laona in 1863, and is a carriage manufacturer.


JONATHAN THOMPSON, son of Jonathan and Anna Thompson, was born in New Hampshire in 1797 and came to Fredonia in 1817 from Lewiston, Niagara county. In 1835 be married Roxanna Williams, of Monroe county, by whom he had five children, two of whom are living. She died in 1845, aged thirty-eight. In 1847 Mr. Thompson married Elizabeth Pearl Mark, of Fredonia. His parents, after leaving New Hampshire, lived successively in Seneca county and Lewiston, Niagara county, coming to Fredonia in 1817. Mr. Thompson was a tin and coppersmith until his retirement from active life. He was a volunteer for service in the war of 1812.


JESSE M. TIFFANY was born in Sharon, Vt., October 22nd, 1811, and married Betsy M. Faulkner, of Villanova, August 7th, 1834. He came to Fredonia in 1851, and is an undertaker and dealer in furniture.


ALBERT TODD is a son of Leverett and Charlotte Todd. He was born in Pomfret, February 21st, 1825. August 13th, 1860, he married Sally Andrews, of Fredonia, who was born in Hanover, May 20th, 1830. He is a farmer and dairyman. His father was born in Waterbury, Conn., November 7th, 1795, came to Pomfret about 1819, and died in April, 1878. His mother, born in Keene, N. H., September 22nd, 1793, died in October, 1878.


GAIUS M. TREMAINE, fire insurance agent and adjuster and real estate agent, was born in Rodman, Jefferson county, July 15th, 1838, and has held the office of assessor since 1875. February 11th, 1863, he married Miss Eunice D. Hancock, of Rodman, and May 1st, 1864, he took up his residence in Fredonia, having lived previously in Ontario, Canada.


A. J. TUCKER was born in Arkwright August 29th, 1851, and came to Laona in 1864. He is a merchant. May 25th, 1880, he married Dora Burchard, of Fredonia, born at Porter, Ind., August 29th, 1856. James Tucker, his father, was born in New York State in 1814; came to Arkwright in 1815, and to Pomfret in 1864, where he died September 12th, 1874. Emeline Tucker, his mother, was born in Fredonia July 31st, 1820, and married her late husband May 20th, 1840.


LUCIUS L. TUTTLE, farmer, was born in Massachusetts in 1821; came with his parents to Pomfret, near Fredonia, in 1824, and located on sixty acres of land where he still lives, and in 1850 married Sarah Hart, of Pomfret.



HON. EMORY FORCE WARREN, lawyer, has been justice of the peace, examiner in chancery, member of Assembly (1842-43), surrogate of Chautauqua county (1852-55), and county judge (1872-77). He was born in Eaton, Madison county, November 16th, 1810, and came to Fredonia in February, 1819, with his parents. December 24th, 1833, he married Timandra J. Sacket, of Fredonia. His second wife, whom he married May 26th, 1863, was Grace S. Whitlock.


J. E. WEBSTER is a son of S. B. and Sophronia Webster. He was born in Pomfret, January 16th, 1849, and is a farmer, dairyman and fruit grower. September 26th, 1871, he married Nelia I. Temple, of Pomfret, born at Stockton, April 17th, 1846. His father and mother were natives of Pomfret: the former born January 7th, 1817, the latter October 29th, 1819. His father died February 18th, 1865. Ebenezer Webster, grandfather of J. E., was born in Connecticut March 16th, 1767, and settled early in Pomfret.


HORACE WHITE, farmer, was born in South Hadley, Mass., March 27th, 1828, and came to Laona in 1852. September 29th, 1853, he married Thedora Wilson, of Arkwright. He was supervisor of Pomfret, and died January 6th, 1879. In 1853 he established himself in the tannery business at Shumla. In 1859 he began business at Laona, which is continued by his widow. Mrs. White was born in Arkwright, July 12th, 1830. Her father, Alla Wilson, was born in Beechertown, Mass., October 20th, 1787. Polly, her mother, was born in Wilbraham, Mass., November 13th, 1794.


GEORGE H. WHITE, son of John and Emily White, was born in Middletown, Mass., in 1815, and married Mary Tobey, of Hudson, N. Y., in 1846. He came to Fredonia in 1851 from Milwaukee, Wis., and is a manufacturer of sash, blinds and doors. In 1830 he became a resident of Albany, and in 1847 removed to Milwaukee. He established his present business in 1859.


E. WILLARD, farmer, was born in Berkshire, Mass., in 1807, and came to Fredonia in 1866. The Willard family were from Massachusetts. They located in York, Livingston county, in 1816, and subsequently returned to Pike, Wyoming county. In 1846, after a two year's trip in the west, Willard located in Dewittville, and has since resided in the county. In 1841 he married Rachel J. Vincent, of Sherman, who died in 1846. In 1848 he married Elizabeth Marshall, of Dewittville.


M. S. WOODFORD, undertaker, was born in Manlius, N. Y., March 27th, 1808, and married Harriet D. Wheat, of Hampton, N. Y., in November, 1832. He has resided in Fredonia since 1837.


Ida A. Ford, Anna Jones, Alexander Marian, William Moore, Mrs. E. P. Stearn, Mrs. H. Stillman and Mrs. E. Thatcher also gave their support to this publication.