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DAVID S. BENNETT, son of Warren and Louisa (Wilson) Bennett, was born in Gananoque, Canada, October 19th, 1834, and married Martha A. Smith, daughter of Russell O. Smith, of Villenova, September 16th, 1855. They have five children, Alice, Warren, Agnes, Herbert and Mattie Bell. Mr. Bennett is a farmer and undertaker. He has been supervisor, justice of the peace and town commissioner, and is now inspector of customs in New York city.


F. SMITH BRONSON, farmer, has been highway commissioner and overseer of the poor and served in Company H, 68th regiment National guard. His father was Allen Bronson and he was born in Cherry Creek, January 14th, 1834. September 29th, 1853, he married Rosina, daughter of Jeremiah Warner, of Villenova. They have two children, Elbert J., a farmer, and Satina A., a teacher.


S. H. CARR, son of William G. Carr, a native of Rhode Island, was born September 12th, 1827, in Otsego, N. Y., and came with his parents to Villenova in 1829 and has been assessor three years. December 27th, 1849, he married Matilda Kilbourn, daughter of William Kilbourn, of Cherry Creek, by whom be had four children, two daughters (Sarah and Clarinda); both are living. His present wife was Eliza, daughter of Ward King, by whom he has had a son, Nason, deceased.


EDMUND W. CROWELL, stock and dairy farmer, was thirty days in the United States service during the war. He was born in Villenova, December 27th, 1838. November 19th, 1861, he married Mary A. Bronson, daughter of Allen L. Bronson, of Villenova.


HON. MARTIN CROWELL, son of David Crowell and a merchant and farmer, has been supervisor eleven years, town clerk four years and justice of the peace sixteen years. He was captain of Company H, 68th regiment National guard. In 1864 he was elected a member of the Legislature. He was born in Sherburne, Chenango county, September 25th, 1819, and married Louisa, a daughter of Daniel McBride, in 1842. They have two children, Dexter M., a merchant, and Sarah L., wife of R. L. Shepard.


CURTIS C. DENNISON, formerly a millwright and machinist, at present a farmer, was born in Edmiston, N. Y., September 28th, 1822, and married Sarah Mollineaux, a daughter of Robert Mollineaux, of French descent, August 2nd, 1854. During that year he came to Villenova, and located where he now lives. He has served the town as assessor and was second lieutenant in Company H, 68th regiment National guard, in the United States service in 1863. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Dennison are Edwin M., Emma J. and John C.


ELISHA, son of John Dye, was born in Villenova July 20th, 1830, and is a farmer. February 19th, 1865, he married Ann Eliza, daughter of Josiah Barker, of Oswego, N. Y. They have two children, Ernest and Maurice.


LEDYARD, son of John Dye, was born in Pitcher, N. Y., December 13th, 1820. He came to Villenova in 1830 and is a farmer and stock breeder. December 25th, 1847, he married Clarinda Fletcher, of Amherst, N. H., daughter of Otis Fletcher. Their children are Alvin, Eugene A., Orisa, Edgar, Lewis, Jane, Sarah and Willie. Eugene A. is justly popular as a teacher.


EMMETT HALSTEAD, farmer and owner of a valuable marl bed, was born in Villenova April 7th, 1837, and married Amelia P. Ingham, daughter of Isaac Ingham, March 17th, 1859. Their children are Addie L., Julia A., Edith M. and Ethel May.


OREN S. HARMON, farmer, teacher and carpenter, was born in Nassau, N. Y., September 12th, 1814. He came to Villenova in 1832 and has been superintendent of schools, tax collector and inspector of elections. February 26th, 1840, he married Ruany Dibble, daughter of Joseph P. Dibble, of Villanova. Their children have been Orpha A., Ellen R., (deceased) and J. Baron.


MARK MARKHAM, son of Benjamin Markham, is a native of Berkshire county, Mass., and was born March 25th, 1823, and is a farmer. March 16th, 1848, he married Sally McBride, daughter of Daniel McBride, of Villenova. Their children are Melvin, Paulina L. and Adelbert.


WILLIAM O. PALMER was born September 7th, 1836, in Sherman and is a harness-maker. August 30th, 1859, he married Cynthia M., daughter of Asel Hulet, of Dayton, N. Y. They have one son and two daughters.


HORATIO G. POPE, dairy farmer and stock raiser, has been assessor five years and supervisor one year. He was born in Columbus, N. Y., September 13th, 1819, and is a son of John Pope. His first wife was Lydia Johnson, who bore him a son and a daughter, Edwin J. and Amelia M. His second wife was Susan E. Cummings, by whom he had one son, Merton E. His third wife was Fanny Newton.


PORTER S. RUTTENBUR, son of Daniel Ruttenbur, has been sergeant of militia and has served as assessor six years and auditor two years. He was born in Walworth, Wayne county, October 6th, 1819, and married Lydia C. Babcock, of Cherry Oreek, June 15th, 1845. Their children have been Lester B., Artemesia D., Armina A., Alice E. (deceased), Louisa A. (deceased), John L., James L. and Murtie. Mr. Ruttenbur came to Villenova in 1832 and is a farmer and dairyman.


HORACE SANDERSON is a son of Eri M. Sanderson, a native of Deerfield county, Mass. He was born October 22nd, 1834, in Sangersfield, N. Y., and came to Villenova in 1838. October 27th, 1854, he married Angeline, daughter of Luther Ames, of Cherry Creek, who died July 4th, 1877. February 26th, 1878, he married Roena Rundell. By his first marriage he had two children Jane and George; by his second marriage one son, Clyde H. He is a miller and dealer in flour and feed, and has served the town as tax collector and highway commissioner.


MARCUS D. SCOTT, son of Phineas Scott, was born in Concord, Erie county, May 10th, 1827. He owns and operates a grist-mill, a foundry and a farm. April 19th, 1849, he married Mary C., daughter of Allen and Mary Drake. They have five children, Sophronia, Harvey W., Emma, George A. and Bertie.


TYLER H. SEARLE is a son of Elisha Searle, a native of Massachusetts, and was born in Brookfield, N. Y., July 29th, 1822. When ten years of age he came to Villenova with his parents, and located on the farm where he now lives. He is a life-long farmer, and has been superintendent of schools, magistrate and supervisor. In the latter office he is serving his seventh term. He married Jane, daughter of Isaac Ostram, of Saratoga, N. Y., and has two sons, William E., a merchant, and Fred E., a farmer.


C. A. SHEFFIELD was born in Cherry Creek, March 5th, 1854, and is a merchant at Villenova. October 14th, 1875, he married Frances E. Wright, daughter of James Wright, of Villenova. They have two children, Blanche E. and Earle D.


ROLLIN L. SHEPARD was born in Arkwright, September 7th, 1836. His father was Washington Shepard, a native of Massachusetts. Mr. Shepard is a retired merchant, largely interested in mining in California. He has been supervisor two years, inspector of customs at the port of New York and lieutenant of Company H, 68th regiment National Guard. In June, 1865, he married S. Lizzie, daughter of Hon. Martin Crowell. He has lived in Villenova forty-two years.


SANFORD SIMONS, farmer, was born in Nelson, Madison county, November 5th, 1817. He came to Villanova in 1835, and located where he now resides, and owns a farm of one hundred and fifty-five acres and another of one hundred and eleven acres in Gerry. January 28th, 1856, he married Purlyette Faulkner, daughter of Aaron Faulkner, of Villenova. They have six children Aurea, Dan, Scott, Grant, Blair and Minnie.


ALBERT M. TOWN is a son of Francis Town, an early settler of Arkwright; was born December 3rd, 1841. April 25th, 1866, he married Orissa Smith, daughter of Henry B. Smith, of Villenova. He is a farmer and dealer in live stock. They have one son, George L. Smith.


J. B. WALKER was born in West Westfield, N. Y., December 17th, 1838. June 14th, 1874, he married Polly A., daughter of Obadiah and Rebecca Warner, of Villenova. In 1869 he came to Cherry Creek, and five years later removed to Hamlet, where he is in the hotel business. His father, Daniel Walker, was a native of Massachusetts.


AVERY WARNER is a son of Judah and a grandson of Nathaniel Warner; was born in Villenova, October 13th, 1818, and is a dairyman and breeder of Durham cattle. He has served six years as highway commissioner, and six years as assessor. October 17th, 1841, he married Clarissa Congdon, of Villenova. They have three children Terrissa B., J. Leroy and Elbert L.


ENOS WARNER, son of Nathaniel Warner, was born in Villenova, May 17th, 1842, and married De Ette Cory, daughter of Hall Cory, February 27th, 1865. They have three children, Helen, Emma and Dolly (deceased). Mr. Warner, who is a farmer, enlisted in August, 1861, in Company A, 49th N. Y. volunteers, and served three years and eight months in the Rebellion. He was taken prisoner while in pursuit of General R. E. Lee, and detained fourteen months.


GEORGE W. WARNER, dairy farmer, was born in Villenova, November 14th, 1823, and is a son of Obadiah Warner, an early settler. July 30th, 1845, he married Harriet Hills, daughter of Asel Hills, an early settler. They have two children K. G., a son, and Flora A., a daughter, wife of Burlin Frost, of Cherry Creek.


REUBEN WARNER, son of Nathaniel Warner, jr., was born in Villenova. November 18th, 1828, and married Roseville, daughter of Andrew Crowell, of Villenova, July 3rd, 1851. Their children are Andrew N., Aphrenia M., Lura, Bertha E. and Maurice. Mr. Warner is a farmer and a breeder of Herford cattle.


ARAD WHEELER is a son of Amos Wheeler, and was born in Wilmington, Vt., August 22nd, 1790. He is a farmer and lumberman, has held important local offices, and is a pensioner of the war of 1812. He married Susanna Davis, of Brookfield, N. Y., March 13th, 1814. His present wife was Mrs. Lucy Mott, of Brookfield, N. Y. By his first marriage he had six children, five of whom are living. At the age of six he accompanied his parents from Vermont to Herkimer county. Later he lived eight years in Alfred, Allegany county. He removed to Villenova in 1824. Joseph D. Wheeler, his son, was born in Alfred August 29th, 1823, and married Loretta D. Davis, of Alfred, December 22nd, 1843, by whom he has a son, Eddie J. He is a farmer and lumberman.


DANIEL, son of James and grandson of Daniel Wright, was born in Villenova, November 21st, 1842, and is a farmer. His mother, a daughter of Daniel Whipple, was the first child born in the town (May 5th, 1812), and now resides with him. He married Florence L., daughter of Judson Sheffield, of Cherry Creek, September 21st, 1864. Their children are Grace A., Judson S., James C., Mary F., Clara F. and D. Meade.


DANIEL WRIGHT also gave his support to this publication.