Chenango County, NY

A station on the New Berlin Branch of the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad, distant 218 miles from New York and 15 miles from Sidney.

Anderson, D - farmer
Atherton, S - farmer
Barre, F J - carpenter
Brownson, J - farmer
Burlingame, M A - station agent
Card, Elmer - em creamery
Card, Frank - farmer
Crandall, Lewis - miller
Dexter, Abraham - farmer
Dexter, James A - farmer
Donoghan, Charles - section hand
Harrington, George - lab
Hoag, M J - farmer
Holmes, Ira - carpenter
Holmes, Mrs. Nancy J - farm
Hopkins, Herman - wagon maker
Hunt, Jesse - farmer
Lamphere, John M - cooper
Lamphere, Douglass - farmer
Littlefair, Horatio G - mechanic
Miller, Philip L - speculator
Ostrander, Nelson - farmer
Palmetier, Charles - supt. creamery
Powers, Charles - cheese maker
Powers, Lucas B - retired farmer
Radley, David - farmer
Sage, Augustus J - farmer
Sage, George H - farmer
Sage, William H - farmer
Sherman, Nelson - mechanic
Sherwood, Erastus - farmer
Thornton, C H - general merchandise
Van Wormer, David - flagman
White, Abel D - mason
White, Alfred - mason
White, Wilbur D - carpenter
Whitman, Rufus - mason
Wicks, Enos - farmer
Woodworth, Watson - blacksmith

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