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Howe family

Record of Father Howes Family

Father - Elisha Howe - born Aug 8th 1762
Mother - Olive Johnson - born Feb 12th 1767
Lucinda Howe - born Sep 23d 1787
Polly Howe - born Mch 2nd 1790
Darius Howe - born May 7th 1792
Lyman Howe - born Jan 26th 1795
Ebenezer P Howe - born Oct 25th 1797
Olive Howe - born July 10th 1800
Elisha N Howe - born Feb 21st 1803
Maria Howe - born Sept 25th 1805

Maria Howe - Died Dec 21st 1842
Ebenezer P Howe - Died May 31st 1853
Lyman Howe - Died June 13th 1853
Lucinda Dutcher - Died Aug 27th 1874
Darius Howe - Died Feb 5th 1868
Mary Howe - Died Mch 10th 1875
Brother Darius wife - Died Feb 4th 1883
Grandmother - Mary Johnson - Died May 29th 1796
Mother - Olive Howe - Died Jan 16th 1838
Father - Elisha Howe - Died Oct 26th 1849
Olive Norton - Aug 28th 1889


Elisha N Howe - Feb 21st 1803
   m. 1st: Sophia Reed - born June 30th 1800

Silas R Howe - May 26th 1831
Elisha Washington Howe - May 16th 1833
Clifton Kitridge Howe - July 13th 1834
Prescott Byron Howe - April 21st 1836
Mary Jane Howe - July 3d 1837
John P Howe - Nov 17th 1840
   m. 2nd: Harriet Porter - born Sept 15th 1806

Erastus Emery Howe - July 5, 1846
   m. 1st: Anna Furman - born April 8th 1844
   m. 2nd: Mary Alice Bennett - born Abt. Nov 1856

Myrtie Elizabeth Howe - June 23rd 1870
Erma Harriet Howe - Aug 9th 1882
Frederick Emery Howe - Sept 1, 1885
   m. 1st Flora Frances Alford - born Aug. 11th 1893
   m. 2nd Catherine "Clara" Kollmorgan was born May 22nd 1888

Lowell Emery Howe - Mar 30th 1931 (LIVING)
Vera Alice Howe - June 29th 1895


Elisha N. Howe was married to Sophia Reed Oct 10th 1830
Elisha N. Howe was married to Harriet Porter Oct 17th 1844
Erastus Emery Howe - (married) Sept 16th 1869 Anna Furman Berlin, Ia. by Rev. W. Robertson - M.E.
Frederick Emery Howe - (m. 1st) Apr. 18, 1917 Flora Frances Alford Rev. H. E. Rompel
Myrtie Elizabeth Howe - (m.) March 8th 1899 James Whiting Swezey
Frederick Emery Howe - (m. 2nd) Aug 14th 1922 Clara Kollmorgen Gallop (she was a widow with children)
Erastus Emery Howe - (m. 2nd) Aug. 31st 1892 Alice (Mary Alice) Bennett


Prescott Byron Howe - Aug 7th 1836
Sophia (Reed) Howe - July 21st 1843
E. W. Howe was killed by Indians in Oregon - Feb 23d 1856
Silas R. Howe was killed in Yreka, California by the caving in of the mines Oct 29th 1858
Elisha N. Howe - Feb 28th 1889
Harriett (Porter) Howe - Jan 17th 1896
Erastus Emery Howe - May 18th 1895
Anna (Furman) Howe - June 16th 1891
Frederick Emery Howe - Feb 1986 - (Yes, that is correct--he was over 100 years old)!
Flora Frances Alford Howe - Oct 24th 1918
Catherine "Clara" Kollmorgan - Apr 3rd 1966
Erma Harriet Howe - Dec. 5th 1952
Myrtie Howe (Swezey) - Apr 19th 1954

Note: Those items in parenthesis I have added for clarification, etc., otherwise these Bible records are transcribed exactly as written. Please note that both Elisha Washington Howe and Silas R. Howe did not die by Indians in Oregon as indicated by the Howe Genealogies. Silas R. Howe was killed by the caving in of the mines inYreka, California. These were my grandmother's uncles, and I can remember her and my mother talking about them.

Contributed by Neva Babcock - 2000

Lane family

1st page (is written) - Mr. Daniel W. Lane, Lincklaen, New York

Lane, Daniel W. to Fuller, Mary L., Sept 28, 18?? (it appears to be 1838 & then crossed off in pencil)

Lane, John A. age 10 years - 8 mos - 3 days, died March 23, 1873
Lane, Infant - child - died October 14, 1873

Lane, Daniel W. - October 23, 1831
Lane, Mary L. - August 17, 1839
Lane, Macelia ___ - October 7, 1861
Lane, John A. - July 19, 1863
Lane, Jennie M. - November 18, 1865
Lane, Fremont G. - January 24, 1868
Lane, Sylvia H(?) - September 13, 1870
Lane, Jay W. - January 21, 1877
Lane, Gladys M. - October 15, 1881

Contributed by Laura Perkins - 1999

Roberts family

In Greene
Merrell, Clifford W. b. 26 Dec 1856 & Roberts, Emeline Chloe b. 5 Dec 1858 Married in Greene on 27 Feb 1883. Emeline was the daughter of Russell Roberts & Elizabeth Harrington.

Contributed by John Stark - 1999

William STOVER

Daniel D. Smith's Stereotype Edition of the King James Bible
Published and sold by Daniel Smith, New York 1825
First Blank Page inside Bible:
Wm Stover s Book 1827

Family Record:


William Stover and Elisabeth Holnbeck were married October th3 :1789
William Stover and Betsa Elwood were married February th6 :1808
Richard E Stover and Philura P Keeler were married January 17th 1854 (blue ink and different hand)

Births Page 1:

William Stover born May th23 :1765
Hannah Stover born June th22: 1798
Elisabeth Holnbeck born February th11: 1768
Jemima Stover born March th20: 1800
Mary Stover born December th 26: 1790
William Stover born May th28: 1803
Adam Stover born November th21: 1791

Betsa Stover born December th3: 1792

Asenath Stover born February th5: 1795

Samuel Stover born June th16: 1796

Births Page 2:

Betsa Elwood born January th9: 1778
Willie Stover born April 4th 1860
(blue ink and different hand)
Susanah Stover born October th 17: 1809
Burt W Stover born December 3d 1868
(blue ink and different hand)
Lydia Stover born July th22: 1811

Benjamin Stover born February th7: 1813

Ruth Stover born October th22: 1815

John A Stover born March th4: 1818

Catherine B Stover born January th12: 1820

Richard Elwood Stover born January th21: 1822


Betsa Stover Departed this life May th17: 1811
Elisabeth Stover Departed this life October th5: 1806
Adam Stover Departed this life February th17: 1813
William Stover Departed this life Nov the 11 1841
(different hand, different writing instrument, very faint)
Samuel Stover Departed this life February 1820
William Stover Departed this life Nov the 11 1841.
(NOTE this entry is listed twice with different writing instruments.)
Jemima Stover Departed this life September th13: 1824
Betsy Stover Departed this life August 13th 1855.
(blue ink, different hand)
Hannah Stover Departed this life January th28: 1828
Mary Stover Williams Departed this life March 25th 1859
(blue ink different hand)
Wm Stover Departed this Life March th5: 1832 (this is the death of William Stover, Jr.)
Philura P. Keeler Stover Departed this life January 2d 1871 aged 38 years 10 months and 29 days
(blue ink different hand)

Contributed by Sharilyn Whitaker - Feb. 2004

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