The story of Pharsalia Hook and how it came by its name.

Pharsalia was a cross-roads town where the stage coach lines from the North, South, East and West intersected. Where these roads crossed there was a tiny park and in the center of it sat a tall flag pole.

Some of the coaches went through at night and to better see the spot, an iron hook was imbedded in the flag pole about eight feet off the ground and at night a lantern was hung on the hook.

On holidays such as the Fourth of July and on many civic occasions too, a flag was raised on the pole. One day the flag line became entangled in the pulley at the top and a man shinnied up the pole to fix it. On the way down he lost his grip and slid down the pole as far as the hook, which impaled him. He was dead when they took him off.

Ever since that day Pharsalia has been known of as the "Hook".

Source: News article - Chips and Savings by Lee Brown Coye, titled - The Hook located in Otis A. Thompson Local History Room.

Last updated: 1 Jan 2001
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