Isaiah White

Isaiah White Pharsalia Quill & Press Feb. 3, 1883 In the fall of 1817 Isaiah White came from Tolland, Mass., and purchased a part of lot 72, now owned by Joseph Slater and settled on the same. He was a son of David White, and was born in Worcester, Mass. He had two Brothers, George and Solomon, who settled in this state near Albany, and two sisters, Hipsah and Thighah (sic), who married, and settled in Stonington, Conn. When quite a young man, Isaiah White went to Stonington Conn., and there married Wealthy Cook. He resided there a few years and then moved to Unadilla in this state. After a few years he returned to Stonington, and from there he moved to Goshen about 1813, and from there to Tolland, Mass. and in 1817, he moved to this town, where he resided till his death in 1853, aged 85 years. He was not an educated man but was well read particularly in the Bible. He had a large family of children, some of whom settled in this town, and two of them, Mrs. Wealthy Chapman, and Mrs. Mercy A. Luther, now reside here. His youngest son, Prentice, enlisted in the Florida Indian War, and was killed about 1836. Ten of the grandsons and two great-grandsons of Isaiah White were volunteers in the war for the suppression of the rebellion, and no braver soldiers ever carried a musket. Several of them were in the 114th Regiment, and were in all the battles, sieges and long marches of that regiment.
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