Chenango County Schools

1902 Pitcher School

1902 Pitcher school

Left to right.
Back Row: Catherine HAKES, Louise CHANDLER, A. D. HAKES, Dean TUTTLE, Leon AUSTIN, Nina GATES
Three girls: Etta LAW, Annie TAYLOR, Ellen GEER
Fourth Row: Walter EATON, Clarence COOK, Willard EATON, Ralph TAYLOR, Paul DICKERSON, Harry HAKES, ____ _____
Third Row: (3 boys) - Burr HAKES, Clare EATON, Karl DICKERSON
Second Row: Lavinia HAKES, Gladys COOK, Harry EATON, Clinton COOK, Don BENNETT, Clinton EATON, Jack FOX, Harris IVY
First Row: Roy DAVIS, Leah CRAFT, Annie CRAFT, Clara CRAFT, 2 COATs girls, HARRIS girl.

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Oxford Band

Oxford Academy Band - Oxford, NY

Miss Price's 1934 class

Oxford Academy - 1934 - Mrs Price's 4th grade

Standing, from the left:
? , Geraldine ?, Nora Munion (?), Minnie Stagmen, Burt Nicholson, Miss Price, H-------- Moore, Dorothy Parks, Agnes Miller, Floretta Burdick, Nueta (?) Paulisen (possibly Burlison), ?, ?, ?, Thomas Tansey, Giles Gil-------, Coleman Diamond, Wayne Williams

First row on the right:
Lillian Palmer, Billy Hemstrought, Leona Campbell, Gerald Do----g, Donald Kinney, Anna Spears, Robert Wessels

Second, center, row:
Douglas Burlison, Ruth Rucker, Letty Walden, Marjorie Wood, Ronald Harris, Robert Stagman, Eloise Bowen, Jean Moore

Last row, left:
Mike Race, Elinor Smith, ?, Marian Teft, Doris Thomas, Alma Jean Spencer

Mr. Robert's 1938 homeroom

Oxford Academy - 1938 - Mr. Robert's homeroom

Standing, from the left:
Anna Spears, Boyce Roberts, Thomas Tansey, Raymond Davis, William Hemstrought, Mr. Roberts, Agnes Miller, Marian Teft, Earl Hunter, Laurence Van Slyke, Robert Wessels, Mike Race, Minnie Beckwith, Elinor Smith, Patricia Finch

Right side row:
Wayne Williams, Giles Gulclay (Gulday?), Doris Langman, Lillian Palmer, Ronald Harvey, Donald Kinney, Jean Moore, Joseph Chapman

Center row:
Lester Cooper, Charles Roberts, Dorothy Madden, Dorothy Parks, Harold Moore, Alma Jean Spencer, Charles Vigus

Miss Miller's class

Oxford Academy - Mrs Miller's 5th & 6th grade - 1935 or 1936

Standing, from the left:
Charles Vigus, Giles Gi-lday, Newton Burleson, Patricia Finch, Isabella Burr(?), Wilford Taylor, Donald Smith, Kathryn Brigham, Anna Spears, Louise Alger, Donald Parks, Duane Valentine, Raymond Davis, Richard Stricker

First row on the left:
Jesse Stringham, Emery Parks, Fred Stringham, Doris Langman, Jul-- Nash

Center row:
Alice Mory, Hubert DeB----, James Taylor, Elizabeth Wood, Margaret Raliston, Betty Sharpe, Paul Leach

Right side row:
Hial Hodge, Hubert Church, Francis Cole, Virginia Basset, Arthur Mon----y, Grace Krause

3rd grade -

3rd grade class - 1927-28 Greene, NY

1902 Pitcher class - Jack Eaton - Apr 2002
Oxford Band - 1999
Miss Price's class, Mr. Robert's homeroom, Mrs Miller's 5th & 6th grade pictures - Ann Hayes.
Greene 3rd grade class - 2000

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