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1870 Boyd's Business Directory
LeRoy Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Batavia Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
1881 Pioneer Monthly Mag
Part 1 Part 2 Index
1921 Le Roy
Dun & Bradstreet
This is small - only one page of names and business, along with financial rating keys.
1925 Directory - Village of Le Roy
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
1927 Directory
First Baptist Church-Batavia
Part 1
Part 2
1932 Phonebook
Part 1 General Information
Part 2 Akron, Alabama, Albion, Alexander, Attica (A-C)
Part 3 Attica (C-Z), Attica Center, Basom, Batavia (A-F)
Part 4 Batavia (F-S)
Part 5 Batavia (S-Z), Bennington, Bergen, Bethany, Brockport, Byron (A-W)
Part 6 Byron (W-Z), Chaffee, Corfu, Darien, East Pembroke, Elba, Fair Haven, Fancher, Fargo, Folsomdale, Fort Hill, Gaines, Garland, Griswold, Hamlin, Hindsburg, Holley, Hulburton, Indian Falls, Java, Java Center, Java Lake, Java Village, Johnsonburg, Kendall (A-B)
Part 7 Kendall (C-Z), Kendall Mills, Knowlesville, Kuckville, Le Roy, Lime Rock, Linden, Longwood, Medina (A-L)
Part 8 Medina (L- Z), Millville, Morganville, Morton, Murray, North Bergen, North Java, North Le Roy, Oakfield, Oatka, Orangeville, Pembroke, Pembroke Center, Point Breeze, Ridgeway, Rock Glen, Saltvale, Sardinia, Shelby, Sheldon, Sierks, South Alabama, South Byron, Stafford, Stone Church, Strykerville, Sweden, The Forks, Troutburg, Two Bridges, Varysburg, Warsaw (A-G)
Part 9 Warsaw (G-Z), Waterport, West Barre, West Batavia, West Bergen, West Kendall, Wheatville
Part 10 Business Ads
Part 11 Business Ads
1934 Batavia Business Directory
These are large files in Adobe Acrobat format.
Part 1 - Outside Cover - Index - Batavia Overview - Churchs - Businesses - Surnames A-C
Part 2 - Surnames D-P
Part 3 - Surnames P-Z
Part 4 - Streets - Blocks - Points of Interest - Businesses A
Part 5 - Businesses A-Y, County Road Directory, E. Pembroke Road, Batavia Town Directory, Batavia Businesses
Boyd and Parker
The Record of a Tribute to Two Heroes of The American Revolution, by The Livingston County Historical Society, published 1928
Genesee Country
This book has alot of historical information on the Genesee Country and especially the Town of Castile, in neighboring Wyoming County.
Genesee Valley People
by Irene A. Beale. If you find your name, email the Genesee County GenWeb Host for a lookup. Index and Bibliography
Genesee Valley Women

by Irene A. Beale. Index. If you find a name you are looking for, please email the Town Coordinator.
Guide to Historical Resources for Genesee County, NY repositories

Heritage of the Village of Le Roy, New York


by The Le Roy Sesquicentennial Historical Committee

This is an Index only. If you find your name, email the Genesee County GenWeb Host for a lookup.

Historical Excerpts Regarding Genesee County and the County of Orleans
League of Five Nations By Arthur C. Parker
Our County and its People
A Descriptive and Biological Record of Genesee County, NY - 1899, by Safford E. North
Table of Contents, Chapters 1-5
Chapters 5-9 (contains 6 Oct 1800 tax roll)
Chapters 9-10 (contains list of Holland Land Purchase settlers)
Chapters 10-12 (includes the Freemason Episode)
Chapters 12-14 (includes War of the Rebellion)
Chapters 14-16
Chapters 16-17
Chapters 17-18 (includes judges, lawyers and medical profession)
Chapters 19-22 (Educational, Masons, The Press, Civil List)
Chapters 22-24 (Includes Gazetteer of towns of Alabama through part of LeRoy)
Chapters 24 through Part II - Biographical Sketches
Part II - Biographical Sketches through Part III - Personal References, pages 1 to 44
Part III - Personal References Con'd, pages 45 to 94
Part III - Personal References Con'd, pages 95 to 144
Part III - Personal References Con'd, pages 145-162
Indices - There are 3 indices in this section.
Pioneer History of Phelps & Gorham's Purchase, by O. Turner
This covers the "Triangle Tract" which encompasses the Le Roy area.
Pages 542-656 (Leroy) Triangle Tract map Index A-Knowles
    Index Knowlton-Z
Rochester Historical Society, Publication Fund Series - Volume III, 1924
These are scanned images of the index, in Adobe Acrobat format.
Abbot-Beal Beatty-Charlotte Charts-Cushwa Cutler-Editor
Editor-Gareissen Gargoza-Hawkins Hays-Knowlton Kreisler-Mills
Ministers-Music Music-Penny Penny-Rochester Rochester-Savage
Saxe-Stone St. Lukes-Wedding Weed-Zwierlein  

Rochester Historical Society, Publication Fund Series - Volume VI, 1927

Index is online here.


Sesquicentennial of Genesee County, NY
1802 - 1952

This book has been split into 7 parts that are each approximately 10 pages due to file size. Adobe Reader is required to open these files.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Excelsior Hook and Ladder Co. 1834 -1985
Pages 1-15 Pages 16-30 Pages 31 - 45 Pages 46 - 59 Pages 60 -71

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