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NOTE: The witnesses are typically the parents. When you see, for example, the first one for David: Francois's last name is GODIN and Morin is Rosalie's maiden name



DAVID (33 years old) m. MELIE (21 years old) ARBOUR on 9/24/1867 at St. Joseph's Church, Coopersville; Witness/Sponsors: Francois & Rosalie Morin


FLAVIE (minor) m. JEREMIE BABIN on 9/14/1857 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesss: Louis & Flavie Jouere


MARIE (17 years old) m. EUSEBE BOMBARDIER on 3/3/1851 at St. Joseph, Cooperville; Witness: Antoine & Catherine Chamberland


MARIE m. FIDELE BOUTINET on 11/27/1876 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Etienne Roger & F.X. Labonte


JOSEPHINE m. JAMES COVENTRY on 1/30/1871 at Holy Name Church, Ausable Forks; Witnesses: L. Brouillier & Chs. Renaud


JOSEPH m. AURELIE DONAIS on 4/5/1880 at St. Joseph, Cooperville; Witnesses: Charles & Marcelline Cyr


M. ANNE m. EUSEBE DUPUIS on 7/27/1873 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Pierre & Louise Brouillet


DELIMA m. ALBERT DUPUIS on 8/3/1873 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Pierre & Louise Brouillet


JEAN m. PHILOMENE GLADU on 9/14/1857 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Louis & Flavie Jouere


SIMON (minor) m. JOSEPHINE GOUDRIAT on 4/22/1866 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville;  )00*ggrandparents yourWitnesses: Pierre & Marie Grandbois g ggrandparents &g ggrandparents


CHARLES m. ROSALIE GOYETTE on 5/5/1878 at Assumption Church, Redford; Witnesses: I. Godin & Frs. Cloutier


AUGUSTIN m. MARGARET HERRIN on 4/12/1875 at Holy Name, Ausable Forks; Witnesses: none noted


PIERRE m. DELPHINE LABONTE on 7/1/1871 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Pierre & Louise Brouillet


PHILOMENE m. ANDREW LABONTE on 4/5/1874 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Pierre & Louise Brouillet


MOISE m. EMILIE LAMONTAGNE (my relative) on 12/24/1873 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Joseph & Ursule Normandin


ALEXIS m. MARIE LAMONTAGNE on 4/1/1877 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Joseph Godin and J.B. Lamontagne


AGLAE m. ALFRED LEVEILLE on 4/21/1866 at Assumption Church, Redford; Witnesses: Louis & Flavie Briniol


LOUIS m. LUCIE MENARD on 6/29/1857 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Louis & Flavie Briniol



Francois-Xavier m. MARGUERITE LAZURE on 1/23/1871 at St. Edmund Church, Ellenburg; Witnesses: none noted




SALOME m. JOSEPH DUVERNAY on 11/24/1873 at Immaculate Conception, Churubusco; Witnesses Henri Blais & J. Duvernais


THOMAS m. MARIA FORSYTH on 6/18/1874 at Immaculate Conception, Churubusco; Witnesses: none noted


NANCY m. CHARLES GILBERT on 9/14/1873 at Immaculate Conception, Churubusco; Witnesses: M. Gordin & M. Gay




ALEXANDER m. JOSETTE BAISSON on 1/29/1853 at Immaculate Conception, Keeseville; Witnesses: Alex Baeson & Mary Laflamme


JOSEPHINE m. WILLIAM CARR on 1/4/1875 at St. Pierre, Plattsburgh; Witnesses: C. St. Louis & Martin Smith


MATHILDA m. WILLIAM LAVENTURE on 10/13/1878 at St. Mary's, Champlain; Witnesses: Frs. Belisle & P. Garend


JULIE m. TELESPHORE MARCEAU on 8/8/1869 at St. Pierre, Plattsburgh; Witnesses: Adelle & Joseph Marceau


CHARLES m. SALOME NOEL on 2/19/1849 at St. Joseph's, Cooperville; Witnesses: Louis & Sale Halls




JOSEPH (21 years old) m. HENRIETTE BEAUPRE on 11/29/1866 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Michel & Jeanne Archambault


MARIE m. CAMILE BOUCHARD on 6/4/1868 at Assumption, Redford; Witnesses: Simon Bailey & Octave Ethier


JOSEPH m. JULIENNE CURENT on 1/20/1867 at Assumption, Redford; Witnesses: Pierre & Antoine Pare


HENRIETTE m. JOSEPH MARCHAND on 10/22/1866 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: none noted


ROSALIE m. LOUIS MARCHAND on 9/19/1874 at Assumption, Redford; Witnesses: Joseph & Antoine Chartier


MICHEL m. AGLAE ROBIDOUX on 1/28/1872 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Michel & Jeanne Archambault


PROSPER m. M. ANN ROSE on 4/2/1853 at Immaculate Conception, Keeseville; Witnesses: Elie Mercier & S. Grandbois


JOSEPH m. DESANGES ST ONGE on 4/27/1857 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses: Joseph & Celine Frechette


ROSE m. CHARLES SAVOIE on 9/14/1857 at St. John the Baptist, Keeseville; Witnesses; none noted








FATHER'S NAME                             DATE OF BAPTISM               GODMOTHER


(Witnesses are "usually" one on parent on each side of family; sometimes both on one side; siblings if parents are dead)


GODIN, ADELAIDE  gg aunt                              March 2, 1865                         Isaac Baillargeon  ggaunt

Pierre Godin  gggrandfather                            March 17, 1865                       Adelaide Jihiere

Marie Grandbois  gggrandmother


GODIN, AI CLAUDUS JOSEPHUS          October 28, 1878                   Alexander Godin

          Moise Godin                           November 3, 1878                  M. Ludovica LaMontagne

          Emelia LaMontagne   


GODIN, ALFRED                              February 25, 1858                  Louis Gladiu

          John Godin                            November 14, 1858               Desanges Lecler

          Philomene Gladiu


GODIN, ALFRED                              October 1858                          Pierre Picot

          Joseph Godin                        December 5, 1858                  Marceline Briens

          Marie Poitras


GODIN, ANGELINE                          October 7, 1869                     Andre Labonte

          Pierre Godin                           November 7, 1869                  Julie Laflamme

          Louise Brouillet


GODIN, ANNA                                  September 30, 1856              Pierre Brouillet

          Pierre Godin                           October 2, 1856                     Julie Belaire

          Louise Brouillet


GODIN, CHARLES                           Age several days                   Charles Labombarde

          Louis Godin                           April 23, 1854                         Domitille Chene

          Flavie Juere


GODIN, DOLOR LOUIS PHILIPPE April 29, 1876                         Jean Baptiste LaMontagne

          Moise Godin                           April 30, 1876                         Esther Beaudry

          Emelia LaMontagne


GODIN, EDOUARD GG UNCLE                         Age 15 days                            Edouard Sauvage

          Pierre Godin                           November 18, 1860               Claire Anne Brion

          Marie Grandbois


GODIN, FRANCISCUS                    July 1879                       Carolus Menard

          Josephus Godin                   July 4, 1879                             Maria Oligny

          Maria St. George


GODIN, GEORGE CYPRIEN           July 10, 1872                          Pierre Godin

          Pierre Godin                           July 14, 1872                          Sophie Argouette

          Delphine Labonte


GODIN, GEORGE ETIENNE LEON          May 3, 1874                             Etienne Boule

          Joseph Godin                        May 3, 1874                             Virginie Nolette

          Ursule Normandin


GODIN, GEORGIUS WILLFREDUS         May 7, 1880                             Josephus LaMontagne

          Moise Godin                           May 9, 1880                             Elmira Godin

          Emelia LaMontagne


GODIN, HENRY  GG UNCLE                              May 19, 1856                           Elzear Savoid

          Pierre Godin  GGGRANDFATHER                   May 20, 1856                           Joseph Grandbois

          Marie Grandbois  GGGRANDMOTHER


GODIN, JEAN LOUIS                       Age Two years                       David Landre

          Joseph Godin                        December 5, 1858                  Marie Sanscartier

          Marie Poitras


GODIN, JOSEPH EDOUARD                   January 2, 1862                     Francis Gladiu

          Pierre Godin                           November 22, 1863               Victorie Veilleux


GODIN, JOSEPH HENRY JULIEN October 22, 1872                   Pierre Michel

          Joseph Godin                        October 26, 1872                   Clemence Fortin

          Ursule Normandin


GODIN,  JOSEPH JEAN BAPTISTE        October 17, 1874                   Joseph Godin

          Moise Godin                           October 18, 1874                   Ursule Normandin

          Emilie LaMontagne


GODIN, LOUIS                                  Age Six years                         Francois Chamberlan

          Joseph Godin                        December 5, 1858                  Catherine Chamberlan

          Marie Poitras


GODIN, LOUIS                                  Age One month                     Julien Menard

          Louis Godin                           September 19, 1858              Flavie Guhiere

          Lucie Menard


GODIN, LUDOVICUS PETRUS                June 16, 1877                         Ludovicus Senecal

          Josephus Godin                   June 17, 1877                         Henrietta Menard

          Ursula Normandin


GODIN, MARIE LIA BUSIA              May 8, 1877                             Joannes LaMontagne

          Alexis Godin                          May 12, 1877                           Esther Bourbonniere

          Maria LaMontagne


GODIN, MARIE                                 Age Four years                      Omitted

          Joseph Godin                        December 5, 1858                  Mrs. J.B. Beausoleil

          Marie Poitras


GODIN, MARIE EXHILDA                June 11, 1864                         Edouard Tremble

          Pierre Godin                           July 3, 1864                             Olive Lacase

          Louise Brouillette


GODIN, MARIE PHILOMENE                    Age One year                         Adolphe Lefevre

          Pierre Godin                           September 11, 1860              Flavie Aubin

          Louise Brouillette


GODIN, MARIE ROSE                      March 3, 1855                         Amable Ethier

          Pierre Godin                           March 7, 1855                         Sophie Lacrois

          Louise Brouillet


GODIN, MATHILDA                         Age Two months                   France Gladiu

          Pierre Godin                           November 4, 1860                  Sophie Hebert

          Philomene Gladiu


GODIN, PETRUS                              October 27, 1876                   Eusebius Godin

          Petrus Godin                          October 28, 1876                   Emma Godin

          Delphine Labonte


GODIN, SOPHIE                     Age Six months                     Nazaire Boulet

          Leon Godin                            August 31, 1858          Rosalie Giroult

          Elmire Lalande


GODIN, URSULE CORDELIA LIA  December 22, 1870                Isaac Labossiere

          Joseph Godin                        December 25, 1870                Celina Nolette

          Ursule Normandin


GODIN, WILFREDUS                       June 30, 1880                         Albertus Manant

          Petrus Godin                          July 4, 1880                             Maria Labonte

          Delphina Labonte


GRANDBOIS, ELMIRE                    April 10, 1856                         Antoine Bouchard

          Prospere Grandbois             July 10, 1856                          Genevieve Gladu

          Marie Anne Larose


GRANDBOIS, EMELIE                     Age Six weeks                       Leandre St. Denis

          Michel Grandbois                 September 16, 1860              Emelie Marcotte

          Jeanne Archambault


GRANDBOIS, FRANCIS NAPOLEON     January 9, 1862                     Edouard Sauvage

          Julie Archambault                March 9, 1862                         Clemance Brion


GRANDBOIS, HERMINE                 March 27, 1856                       Pierre Godin  ggrandfather

          Baptiste Grandbois              April 6, 1856                           Marie Grandbois & mother

          Julie Archambault


GRANDBOIS, JOSEPH EDMOND Age Three weeks                  Edmond Robert

          Michel Grandbois                 February 28, 1858                  Henriette Beaupre

          Stephani Archambault


GRANDBOIS, MARIA ELIZABETH          September 20, 1877              Franciscus Layhane

          Onezimus Grandbois           October 21, 1877                   Katie G. Burke

          Elizabeth McCormick


GRANDBOIS, MARIE ISABELLE   Age Three weeks                  Emmanuel Robidou

          Michel Grandbois                 November 18, 1855               Marie Soulard

          Genevieve Archambaut



GRANDBOIS, NAPOLEONIS                   November 29, 1868               Josephus Grandbois

          Michaelis Grandbois            January 17, 1869                   Julia Laflamme

          Joanna Archambault


GRANDBOIS, ONEZIME MICH                 July 3, 1875                             Joseph Grandbois

          Onezime Grandbois             August 5, 1875                       Henriette Beaupre

          Elizabeth McCormick


GRANDBOIS, PHILOMENE            November 17, 1859               Pierre Gladiu

          Jean-Bte Grandbois             December 11, 1859                Genevieve Steben

          Julie Archambault





GODIN, ALFRED          d. December 28, 1859, 15 months old [index says Maria Sarah Maher]


GODIN, EDOUARD      d. February 14, 1864, 1 yr 13 d; witness: Jean Godin & Louis Godin


GODIN, GEORGE ETIENNE d. September 18, 1874, 5 months; witness: Edouard Tremblay & Thimothee Gladiu; Parents     : Joseph Godin & Ursule Normandin.


GODIN, JOSEPHUS JOANNES GEORGIUS, d. June 14, 1878, 3 years old; witness: Moise & Joseph Godin


GODIN, LOUIS, d. September 25, 1858, 2 months old (no other info)


GODIN, ONESIME, d. April 27, 1855, 5 weeks; Parents: Pierre Godin & Marie Grandbois; witnesses: GGGRAND PARENTS AND BABYLouis Godin & Pierre Gilbert


GODIN, ZELANIE, d. October 10, 1869, 15 days old; Parents: Joseph Godin & Zelanie Champagne; Witnesses: Louis Brunel & Labonte


GRANDBOIS, HENRI, d. November 14, 1856, 5 months old; Parents: Jean Baptiste Grandbois & Julie Archambeault; Witnesses: Francis Normandin & Louis Nollet


GRANDBOIS, HERMINE, d. January 7, 1857, 9 months old; Parents: Jean Baptiste Grandbois & Julie Archambeault;


GRANDBOIS, JOHNA, d. July 27, 1858, 8 months old; Witnesses: Francis Normandin & Jean Baptiste Brouillette


GRANDBOIS, JOSEPH, d. November 25, 1869, 77 years old; Witnesses: Jean Baptiste Grandbois & Michel Grandbois  JOSEPH WAS GGGGRAND FATHER ( MARIE;S FATHER BORN - 1792


GRANDBOIS, JOSEPH, d. March 25, 1871, 23 years old; Spouse: Josette Bonin; Witnesses: Jean Baptiste Grandbois & Julie Archambeault


GRANDBOIS, JULIE, d. September 30, 1874; 20 years old; Witnesses: J.B. Grandbois & Alexandre Charette


GRANDBOIS, MELIE, d. September 28, 1863, 3 years old; Witnesses: Joseph Grandbois & Joseph Desmarais


GRANDBOIS, MICHEL, d. November 14, 1869, 50 years old; Witnesses: France Gladiu & Pierre Gladiu


GRANDBOIS, NAPOLEON, d. October 12, 1870, 1 yr. 11 mos.; Parents: Michel Grandbois & Jeanne Archambault; Witnesses:  Treffle Bienvenu & Emmanuel Robidoux







GODIN, ALFRED JOS. EDMUND m. HELEN DROLLETTE on May 22, 1910; Witnesses: Adelaide Mercure, Mary Charland





GODIN, ANNE on October 6, 1868; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Bellerose; Sponsors: Peter Gladu, Marie Lamenotte


GODIN, ALICE MARIE on March 21, 1922; Parents: Oscar Godin & Margaret Coyer; Witnesses: Charles Godin, Rosalie Guyette


GODIN, AUGUSTINE MALVINA on December 30, 1918; Parents: Arthur Godin & Malvina Livernois; Witnesses: Will Godin, Amanda Livernois


GODIN, BLANCHE THERESE on May 31, 1920; Parents: Oscar Godin & Margaret Cayer; Witnesses: James Cayer, Malvina Lavoie


GODIN, CELINE on May 3, 1862; Parents: John Godin & Philomene Basile; Witnesses: Louis Dutour, Aglae Goddin


GODIN, CLARENCE ROSS on November 11, 1920; Parents: George Godin & Ethel Lyman; Witnesses: James Barber, Cecilia Brunelle


GODIN, EDWARD on January 18, 1872; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Dutour; Witnesses: Joseph Dutous, Julie Dutour


GODIN, ELISABETH on January 11, 1861; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Menard; Witnesses: Michel Hamilton, Olesime Lemair


GODIN, ELISE ROSALIE on January 5, 1916; Parents: Willy Godin & Manda Livernois; Witnesses: Charles Godin, Rosalie Goyette


GODIN, ERNEST PHILOMENE on October 19, 1918; Parents: George Godin & Ethel Lyman; Witnesses: Ernest Rock, Viola Frenier


GODIN, LOUISE on January 18, 1915; Parents: George Godin & Ethel Lyman; Witnesses: Ed Godin, Helen Drollette


GODIN, EVELINE MAY on May 24, 1921; Parents: Arthur Godin & Malvina Livernois; Witnesses: William Livernois, AR__ Lajoie


GODIN, GEORGINE on June 4, 1866; Parents: Jean Godin & Philomene Basile; Witnesses: Jeremiah Babin, Flavia Goddin


GODIN, EMMA GRACE on January 14, 1917; Parents: Arthur Godin & Malvina Livernois; Witnesses: Frank Fournier & Delphine Livernois


GODIN, EMMA HELEN on March 20, 1882; Parents: Louis & Lucy Menard; Witnesses: Simeon Facette, Emma Begin


GODIN, HENRY on December 25, 1862; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Menard; Witnesses: Louis Goddin, Charlotte Goyotte


GODIN, HENRY FREDERICK on June 13, 1917; Parents: George Godin & Ethel Lyman; Witnesses: Alfred Dubreuil, Helen Godin


GODIN, JOHN, age 7 months; Parents: Jean Godin & Philomene Boire; Witnesses: Louis Godin, Lucy Menard


GODIN, MARY EMMA on September 11, 1872; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Menard; Witnesses: Jeremiah Babin, Flavie Godin


GODIN, MARIE LOUISE on April 3, 1871; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Menard; Witnesses: Isaias Lemaire, Liza Labreque


GODIN, MILDRED MAY on February 18, 1922; Parents: Ed Godin & Helen Drolette; Witnesses: William Drolette, Virginia Drolette


GODIN, ROY WILLIAM on October 1, 1919; Parents: William Godin & Amanda Livernois; Witnesses: Orves Boissi, Cecile Livernois


GODIN, WILLIAM on December 23, 1864; Parents: Louis Godin & Lucy Menard; Witnesses: Louis Detour, Aglae Godin





GODIN, RAYMOND d, August 7, 1915, (no age given) Witnesses: Lawrence & Her__/Provost, Lesley & Leo Lyman