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New York City Property Owners

"List of the owners of houses and lots in the city, about the year 1674, at the final cession to the English; the property being classified according to its relative value, as first, second, third and fourth; with the national descent of the persons named - given to illustrate the condition of the population a that era - and their estimated wealth. The estimate of the wealth of the several inhabitants of New york, at this period, is not based upon any single document, but is compiled from various sources, and is only designed by the author (David T. Valentine), to be considered as an approximate estimate, formed from the best evidences within his reach."

Class of
Abrahams, Isaac Fourth Dutch
Abrahams, Jacob Second Dutch $5,000
Abrahamsen, Peter Third Dutch
Adams, John Fourth English
Allen, William Second English $1,000
Andrews, Andrew Third Dutch
Andrews, Lucas Second Dutch $2,500
Andross, John Fourth Dutch
Anthony, Allard First Dutch $3,500
Araits, Henry Second Spanish
Arents, Frederick Second Dutch $2,000
Arisen, Evert Third Dutch $1,000
Backer, Margaret First Dutch $2,000
Barens, Cornelis Second Dutch $2,000
Barouts, Symon Third Dutch $1,500
Bayard, Balthazar First Dutch $7,000
Bayard, Nicholas First Dutch $15,000
Bayard, Nicholas Third Dutch
Bayard, Peter Second Dutch $2,500
Bayrouts, Hugh Third Dutch
Bedlow, Widow First Dutch $1,000
Beekman, Jochem Third Dutch $1,000
Beekman, William First Dutch $10,000
Blake, Richard First English $6,000
Blanck, Jurien Second Dutch $1,000
Blydenburgh, Augustyn Second Dutch $2,000
Bogardus, William Third Dutch
Bolasser, John Second English $1,000
Bordingh, Nicholas Second Dutch $3,000
Bosch, Henry Second Dutch
Brazier, Henry Third Dutch $1,500
Brazier, Henry Third Dutch
Bresteed, Andrew Second Dutch $1,000
Bresteede, Widow Second Dutch $1,000
Bruyn, John Hendricks First Dutch $10,000
Bush, Albert Second Dutch $1,200
Bush, John Third Dutch
Carelzen, Joost Fourth Dutch $500
Clare, Andrew Third English
Clasen, Andrew Fourth Dutch
Clasen, Dick Third Dutch $1,500
Clasen, Elizabeth Fourth Dutch
Clasen, Sybont Second Dutch $1,000
Claus, Andrew Third Dutch
Clock, Tryntje Third Dutch $1,000
Clomp, Lombert Third Dutch $500
Clopper, Cornelis First Dutch $10,000
Cobbett, George Third Dutch $1,000
Coersen, John Fourth Dutch
Coerten, Barent Second Dutch $8,000
Cook, George Third English $2,500
Cook, William Fourth English
Cooley, John First English $4,000
Corlvolt, Lawrence Third English $1,000
Cornelis, Albert Third Dutch $500
Cornelis, John Third Dutch $1,000
Corteu, Barent Third Dutch $4,000
Cosseau, Jaques Second French $2,000
Cosseau, Jaques Third French $3,000
Coursfield, Barent Second Dutch
Cox, Anna First Dutch $5,000
Crigier, Martin Second Dutch $5,000
Darkins, Robert Second English $5,000
Darvall, John Second English $5,000
Darvall, William First English $30,000
Davenport, Humphrey First English $2,500
Davis, Samuel Third English
De Champ, William J. Third French $5,000
De Foreest, Sarah Third Dutch $3,000
De Kay, Jacob Tunis Second Dutch $8,000
De Kay, Jacob Tunisen Second Dutch $10,000
De Meyer, Nicholas First Dutch $10,000
De Peyster, Johannes Second Dutch $10,000
de Rymer, Peter Second Dutch $3,000
De Silla, Mrs. Third Dutch $2,000
Dehart, Jacobus First Dutch $7,000
Dehart, Widow First Dutch $15,000
Delaphaine, Nicholas Third Dutch $3,000
Deschamps, Isaac Second French $5,000
D'Honeur, William First French $2,500
Dircks, Ennetje Fourth Dutch
Dircksen, Adrian Third Dutch
Dirle, Cornelius First English $3,000
Drissins, Mrs. Fourth Dutch
Drissius, Elizabeth First Dutch $8,000
Dupuy, Nicholas Second Dutch $2,500
Duychink, Evert Second Dutch $3,000
Duyckink, Evert Fourth Dutch
Edsall, Samuel First Dutch $2,500
Elberts, Gilbert Fourth Dutch
Elsworth, Christopher Third Dutch $1,000
Everts, Evert Second Dutch $1,000
Fabritius, Arnold Fourth French
Floyd, Dirck Evertsen Second Dutch $1,000
Furuiss, Abraham Second English $3,000
Garrits, G. Fourth Dutch
Gerrits, Henry First Dutch $2,500
Gerritsen, Otto Third Dutch $1,000
Gerritson, Barent Third Dutch
Gibbs, Mrs. Fourth English
Goderis, Hans Third Dutch
Greveraat, Isaac Third Dutch
Greveraet, Isaac Second Dutch $5,000
Grevernet, Mettie Fourth Dutch
Grim, Otto Third Dutch $1,000
Guilliam, Peter Second English $1,500
Guineau, Etienne Fourth Dutch
Gysberts, Frederide Second Dutch $3,000
Hall, Anna Fourth English $1,000
Hardenbrook, Abel Second Dutch $2,500
Hardenbrook, Abel Third Dutch
Harmens, Frederick Fourth Dutch
Haronbrisk, Domine Third

Harpending, John Second Dutch $3,000
Hays, Frederick Third English $1,000
Hays, Walter Third English
Heermans, Pieter Fourth Dutch
Hendicks, Garret Third Dutch
Hendricks, Andrew Third Dutch
Hendricks, Frederick Fourth Dutch $1,000
Henry, John Third English $1,000
Hessel, Bernardus Third Dutch
Hollaker, Joseph Fourth English $500
Hooghland, Christopher Second Dutch $8,000
Hulst, Lawrence Third Dutch $1,000
Ibeer, Geertruyd Fourth Dutch
Israel, Jacob Fourth Jewish
Jacobs, Mary First Dutch $1,000
Janes, Matthias Fourth English
Jansen, Abraham Third Dutch $1,200
Jansen, Anthony Second Dutch $3,000
Jansen, Carsten Fourth Dutch
Jansen, Henry Second Dutch $3,000
Jansen, Jeremias Third Dutch $1,000
Jansen, Mettie Third Dutch
Jansen, Nicholas First Dutch $1,500
Jochemsen, Heirs A. Third Dutch
Johnson, Cornelius Third English
Johnson, David Second English
Johnson, George Fourth Dutch
Johnson, John Fourth Dutch
Johnson, John Third Dutch
Johnson, Rinier Second Dutch $1,200
Jonson, Arien Third Dutch
Joosten, John Second Dutch $4,000
Joris, B., widow of Second Dutch $1,500
Kiersted, Hannah Second Dutch $5,000
King, Pieter Third English $3,000
Kip, Henry Third Dutch $2,500
Kip, Jacob First Dutch $8,000
Lamberts, Henry Fourth Dutch $500
Lamberts, Thomas Second Dutch
Landyke, John Johnson Fourth Dutch
Landyke, John Johnson Third Dutch $1,000
Langstreete, John Third Dutch
Lasalras, John Everts Fourth Dutch
Lauries, Christian Third Dutch $1,000
Lawrence, John First English $10,000
Lawrence, John Fourth English $1,500
Lawrence, Peter Fourth Dutch $500
Lawrence, William Second English $2,000
Lawrens, Thomas Second Dutch $4,000
Lee, Francis Third English $3,000
Leenders, Albert Third Dutch $1,000
Leersen, Carsten Second Dutch $7,500
Leete, Samuel Third Dutch $2,000
Leisler, Jacob First Dutch $30,000
Leunis, Jacob Third Dutch $1,000
Lewis, Thomas First English $10,000
Lewis, Thomas Third English
Litschoe, Ann Second Dutch $1,500
Lock, Claes Third Dutch $2,500
Lockwood, Captain Fourth English
Loockermans, Jacob Second Dutch $3,000
Loockermans, Widow Second Dutch $4,000
Lott, Barse Fourth English
Lovelace, Governor First English
Lovelace, Governor Second English
Lucas, Sigismundis Third Dutch $1,000
Man, Richard Second Dutch $4,000
Marius, Pieter Jacobs Second Dutch $6,000
Marshal, Jarvis Third English $1,000
Matthews, James First English $6,000
Melyn, Jacob Third Dutch
Mens, Jacob Third Dutch
Merritt, William First English $5,000
Meyer, Andrew J. Third Dutch
Meyer, John Derricks Third Dutch $2,000
Meyer, Martyn First Dutch $1,500
Meynderse, John Third Dutch $1,000
Miller, Garret the Third Dutch
Minvielle, Gabriel First French $15,000
Mol, Abraham Lamberts Second Dutch $1,200
Moll, John Johnson Third Dutch $3,000
Mories, Pieter J. Fourth Dutch
Morland, Isaac First English $5,000
Mynderts, Widow Third Dutch
Norman, Derrick Fourth Dutch
Norwood, William Second English $2,500
Olpherts, Snert Second Dutch $5,000
Palmer, Mr. First English $5,000
Peters, John Third Dutch
Philipse, Frederick 3 small houses Dutch
Philipse, Frederick First Dutch $130,000
Pieters, Christian Third Dutch
Pietersen, Adolph Second Dutch $2,500
Pietersen, Evert Second Dutch
Polers, Philip Second English $1,000
Post, Lodowyck Third Dutch $1,000
Provoost, David Second Dutch $3,000
Provoost, Elias Third Dutch $1,000
Provoost, Margaret Fourth Dutch $1,500
Quick, Jacob Tunis Fourth Dutch
Ray, John Third English $2,000
Rees, Andrew Fourth Dutch
Richards, Paulus Second French $10,000
Richards, Paulus Second French
Ricks, Henry Second English $500
Rider, John First English $5,000
Rodney, William Third English $1,000
Roelofs, Boile Second Dutch $2,000
Roos, Garrit Third Dutch $2,500
Rosch, John Pieters Third Dutch $1,000
Roy, James Third English $1,000
Schouten, John Second Dutch $1,000
Sellepon, Henry Second Dutch
Shackerly, John First English $3,000
Sharpe, John First English $5,000
Shumis, John Fourth Dutch
Simkam, Pieter Third Dutch $1,000
Sinker, Richard Fourth English
Slott, John Johnson Third Dutch $1,200
Sluce, Zachariah Third English $1,000
Smeedes, John Fourth Dutch
Smeeman, Harman Third Dutch $1,000
Smith, Derrick Second Dutch
Smith, Jacob Fourth English
Smith, Michael Second English $1,000
Steenwyck, Cornelis First Dutch $50,000
Steinmets, Casper Third Dutch $1,000
Stevens, John First English $2,000
Story, Robert Third English $5,000
Stoutenburgh, Pieter Third Dutch $5,000
Strangwide, Arthur Fourth English
tailor, Lambert, the Fourth Dutch
Taylor, Thomas Third English
Ten Eyck, Coenraet, Jr. Second Dutch $2,000
Ten Eyck, Conraet First Dutch $5,000
Ten Eyck, Derrick Second Dutch $3,000
Tienhoven, Lucas First Dutch $3,500
Tormont, Jacob Third English $1,000
Trumpeter, Albert Fourth Dutch
Trumpeter, Albert the Fourth Dutch
Tunis, Beetje Third Dutch
Turck, Paulus Third Dutch $1,000
Turner, David the Second Dutch
Uregnon, Garret Second Dutch $500
Van Bommel, Henry Third Dutch
Van Bommel, John Hendrick Third Dutch
Van Borsum, Anna First Dutch $3,000
Van Borsum, Cornelis First Dutch $10,000
Van Borsum, Henry Third Dutch $1,000
Van Borsum, Tymen Third Dutch $1,000
Van Brugh, Carel Third Dutch $1,000
Van Brugh, Charles Third Dutch $1,000
Van Brugh, Joannes First Dutch $15,000
Van Busbury, Henry Fourth Dutch
Van Cortland, Oloff Stevensen First Dutch $30,000
Van Cortland, Stephanus First Dutch $5,000
Van Couwenhoven, Est. of J. W. First Dutch
Van Dyck, Hendrick Second Dutch $5,000
Van Gelder, John Third Dutch $2,000
Van Guust, John Hendricks Third Dutch $1,000
Van Horn, Cornelis Jansen Second Dutch $5,000
Van Laar, Christopher Third Dutch $1,500
Van Tright, Gerrit Second Dutch $6,000
Van Vleck, Isaac Second Dutch $3,000
Van Worden, Peter Third Dutch
Van Workendum, Peter J. Fourth Dutch
Vanderscheuren, William Second Dutch $2,000
Vanderspeigle, Laurens First Dutch
Vanderspeigle, Laurens Second Dutch $10,000
Vandervin, H. J. Third Dutch $5,000
Vandewater, Henry Second Dutch $1,500
Vandewater, Jacob Second Dutch $2,500
Vandewater, Peter First Dutch $2,000
Varden, Thomas Third English
Verplanck, Abraham Third Dutch $3,000
Verplanck, Gulian First Dutch $8,000
Vervaelen, Johannes First Dutch $3,000
Vincent, Adrian Third Dutch $1,500
Vincent, Anna Third Dutch
Vincent, John Third Dutch $1,500
Vinje, John First Dutch $2,500
Volkertsen, Henry Fourth Dutch
Vredenburgh, William Third Dutch $1,000
Waldron, Daniel Third Dutch
Waldron, William Third English
Walgrave, George Fourth English $1,000
Walsh, William Fourth Dutch
Wandell, Thomas Third Dutch $1,200
Watkins, John Third English $1,000
Watts, Alexander Second English $2,000
Weerham, Ambrosius de Third Dutch
Wessells, Derrick Third Dutch $1,000
Wessells, Evert Third Dutch $1,000
Wessells, Henry Second Dutch $2,000
Wessells, Pieter Third Dutch
Wessells, Warner Second Dutch $2,500
White, William Third English
Whitty, Robert First English $6,000
Whorley, Abraham Third English $2,000
Willemsen, Rinier Second Dutch $6,000
Williams, Henry Second Dutch $2,500
Wilson, Samuel First English $20,000
Winster, Peter Third Dutch
Woodruff, James Fourth English
Woutersen, Egbert Third Dutch $3,500

*History of the City of New York by David T. Valentine, ©1853, pg 319-330.

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