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1742 City of Albany Freeholders

Name Ward
Abeel, Christopher Third
Barret, Robert Jr First
Basset, Michael Second
Beasley, John First
Beekman, John Second
Beekman, Martin Third
Bleecker, Johannes Second
Bleecker, Rutger Second
Bleeker, Hendrick Second
Bleeker, Nicholas Second
Bleeker, Nicholas Jr Second
Bogardus, Antlesius First
Bogardus, Schebolet Second
Bogart, Benja First
Bogert, Abraham Third
Bogert, Cornelius Third
Bogert, Isaac First
Bogert, Jacob Third
Bogert, Peter Third
Brat, Andries First
Brat, Anthony Third
Brat, Barent Third
Brat, Bernardus First
Brat, Egbert First
Brat, Gerrit First
Brooks, Johathan First
Carlan, Manas First
Collins, Edward First
Cooper, Obadiah First
Cuyler, Abraham Second
Cuyler, Cornelius Second
Cuyler, Johannes Second
Cuyler, Johannes A. Third
D. Foreest, Johannes First
DeForeest, Jesse Third
DePeyster, John First
Douw, Abraham Third
Douw, Vokert First
Douw, Volkert Jr First
Egbertse, Benja Second
Egbertse, Egbert First
Evertse, Jacob Third
Evertse, Johannes Third
Evertse, Tennise Third
Flensburgh, Johannes First
Floyd, Thomas Third
Fonda, Douw
son of John Fonda
Fonda, Nicholas Second
Fryer, Isaac First
Gansevoort, Leendert Third
Garius, Jillis D. First
Garius, Johannes Second
Gates, Joseph First
Gerritse, Elbert Third
Gerritse, Ryer First
Glen, Jacob Jr Second
Goewyck, Johannes Third
Goewyck, Solomon Third
Greverset, Isaac Third
Groesbeck, Stephanus Second
Groesbeeck, David Second
Hallenbeeck, Hendrick First
Hansen, Hans Second
Hansen, Johannes Third
Hansen, Richard Third
Harsen, Bernardus Second
Heaton, John First
Helling, William First
Hildton, Jacobus First
Hilton, Richard First
Hilton, William First
Hogan, Johannes Second
Hogan, William First
Hogan, William Jr First
Holland, Edward First
Holland, Henry Third
Hoogkerck, Luykas First
Hun, Dirk First
Hun, Johannes Third
Kidney, Jacobus First
Kidney, Johannes First
Kidney, Roelif First
Kip, Isaac Second
Koster, Anthony First
Lansing, Abraham Second
Lansing, Abraham Jr Second
Lansing, Gerrit Second
Lansing, Gerrit Third
Lansing, Isaac First
Lansing, Jacob Third
Lansing, Johannes First
Lansing, Johannes Gerr'se First
Lansing, Johannes Jr Second
Lansing, Robert First
Livingstone, Philip First
Maase, Cornelius Third
Maase, John Third
Marsellis, Garrit Second
Marsellis, Johannes First
Muller, Jacob Third
Myndertse, Johannes First
Pruyn, Johannes Third
Pruyn, Samuel Third
Quackenboss, Johannes W. Third
Radlif, Johannes First
Ratlif, Jacobus First
Ratliff, Lambert First
Rensselaer, Stephen First
Ridder, Hendrick D. Third
Rogers, William Third
Roseboom, Ahasuerus Third
Roseboom, Garrit Second
Roseboom, Gysbert Third
Roseboom, Hendrick Second
Roseboom, Hendrick M. Second
Roseboom, Jacob First
Roseboom, Johannes Second
Roseboom, Johannes Jr Second
Roseboom, Robert Third
Ryckman, Harman First
Ryckman, Peter First
Ryckman, Tobias First
Sanders, Barent Second
Savage, John First
Saxbury, Evert First
Schaus, Christian Second
Schermerhorn, Jacob Cornelius Second
Schulyer, Myndert First
Schuyler, Abraham Third
Schuyler, David A. Third
Schuyler, Jacobus Third
Schuyler, Johannes First
Seager, Johannes First
Sharpe, Thomas First
Staats, Isaac First
Stenhouse, James Second
Stevenson, James Second
Swits, Isaac Third
Ten Broeck, Cornelius Second
Ten Broeck, Dirk Third
Ten Broeck, Johannes First
Ten Eyck, Coenraet Third
Ten Eyck, Hendrick Second
Ten Eyck, Jacob Second
Ten Eyck, Jacob C. First
Van Alen, Johannes First
Van Benthusen, Garrit First
Van den Bergh, Garrit C. Third
Van den Bergh, Gysbert Third
Van den Bergh, Petrus First
Van den Bergh, Wilhelmus Third
Van der Heyden, David Second
Van der Heyden, Johannes First
Van Derpool, Abraham First
Van Deusen, Harpert Second
Van Deusen, Harpert Jr Third
Van Dyck, Cornelius First
Van Iveren, Myndert Second
Van Ness, Garrit Third
Van Sante, David First
Van Sante, Garrit First
Van Sante, Johannes First
Van Sante, Joseph First
Van Schaick, Anthony Second
Van Schaick, Anthony S. First
Van Schaick, Nicholas First
Van Schaick, Sybrant Goose First
Van Schaick, Sybrant Jr First
Van Schelinyne, Teleman Second
Van Schelluyne, Dirk Second
Van Schelluyne, Harmanus Second
Van Schelluyne, Johannes Second
Van Schelluyne, William Second
Van Vechten, Johannes Jr First
Van Vranken, Ulderick First
Van Woort, Nicholas First
Vandenbergh, Nicholas First
Vandenbergh, Wynant Third
Veeder, Simon Third
Verplanck, Gulian Second
Vinhagen, Johannes Second
Vischer, Harmanus Third
Vischer, Jacob Third
Visscher, Johannes Third
Visscher, Teunis Third
Waldron, William First
Waters, John Third
Wendell, Abraham E. Third
Wendell, Ephraim Second
Wendell, Evert First
Wendell, Harmanus Second
Wendell, Isaac First
Wilkinson, Thomas First
Williams, Thomas First
Winne, Peter Third
Winne, William Third
Witbeck, Abraham Third
Wyngaert, Johannes First
Wyngaert, Luykas First
Wyngaert, Luykas Gerritse First
Wyngaert, Luykas Joh's Second
Yates, Adam Third
Yates, Christopher Second

Annals of Albany, Joel Munsell, (c)1870, Vol II, pg 282-283.

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