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Persons to New Amstel 1659-1662
No ship mentioned

List of persons to the Colony of New Amstel, compiled from "Return of Moneys paid for the Colonie on the Delaware River, November 18, 1659 - November 3, 1662."

The original list includes passengers who have been identified aboard other ships. No ship is determined in the document for the persons listed below, as monies paid were not recorded upon arrival, but a the time of payment. (The term "late" after a person's name is deceased.)

date of
first entry                Name

06-28-1661   Abraham van Rynevelt, commissary

12-20-1661   Andries van der Meylen (Mynen), drummer

05-02-1661   Arent Evertsen Molenaer, comforter of the sick

08-11-1661   Barent Odwael Noorman, sailor

03-25-1660   Bernard Stodeur, late soldier

01-10-1660   Christiaen Libert van Iperen, soldier

01-10-1660   Claes Antonisen, late soldier

01-30-1660   Cornelis Theunissen, late smith in the colonie

12-24-1660   Everardus Welius, late clergyman, died Dec. 9, 1659

08-16-1662   Francois Greeyn, late soldier

01-15-1660   Gerrit Specht, soldier

06-28-1662   Hans Block, gunner

01-20-1660   Hans Oloffsen, soldier

02-26-1660   Hans Rasmussen, soldier

02-26-1660   Hendrick Gerritsen, cadet

08-11-1661   Hendrick van Bilevelt, late cadet

01-20-1660   Hendrick Willemsen, soldier

01-15-1660   Jacob Jansen, soldier

08-09-1662   Jacques Gardello or Payo, soldier

03-23-1660   Jan Andriesen, soldier

04-27-1660   Jan Barentsen van Deventer, soldier

01-15-1660   Jan Claesen van den Bolch, soldier

09-11-1662   Jan Cornelissen of Deutecom, cadet

01-15-1660   Jan de Ruyter of Antwerp, late soldier

01-27-1661   Jan Evertsen of Kalcker, master mason

12-09-1660   Jan Oosting, late surgeon

01-20-1661   Jan Roodelier, soldier

01-20-1661   Louys Frison of Iperen, soldier

10-05-1662   Marten Cleynsmit, cadet

09-06-1660   Martinus van de Rest, soldier

10-20-1660   Michael Evertsen, corporal

02-03-1660   Michiel Blickhuysen, cadet

10-05-1662   Otto Phillips, soldier

01-10-1660   Peter Tergotsky (Fergotsky), soldier

08-16-1662   Pieter Pouwelsen, soldier

03-02-1660   Reynier Spierman (Siperman), soldier

11-18-1659   Roeloft Swenske, soldier

01-15-1660   Theunis Servaes of Haarlem, late cooper

03-25-1660   Thomas Bingen, soldier

02-03-1660   Tites Sieversen, soldier

11-18-1659   William van Diemen, sergeant

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