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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Distinguished Men and Notables

Colonial New York Governors

List of the governors and lieutenant-governors of the colony of New York,
with the time of their appointment

1664   Richard Nichols
1667   Francis Lovelace
1674   Edward Andros
1681   Anthony Brockholst
1682   Thomas Dongan
1688   Francis Nicholson, lieut.
1689   Jacob Leisler
1691   Henry Sloughter
1692   Richard Ingolsby, president
1692   Benjamin Fletcher, governor
1698   Richard earl of Bellmont
1701   John Nanfan, lieut., acted
1702   Lord Cornbury, arrived
1708   John, Lord Lovelace, baron of Husley
1709   Richard Ingolsby, lieut., acted
1710   Gerandus Beekman, president
1710   Robert Hunter, governor
1719   Peter Schuyler, president
1720   William Burnet, governor
1728   James Montgomery
1731   Rip Van Dam, president
1732   William Crosby, governor
1736   George Clarke, president
1736   Mr. Clarke soon after appointed lieutenant-governor
1743   George Clinton
1753   Danvers Osborn
1753   James De Lancey, lieutenant-governor
1755   Sir Charles Hardy, governor
1757   Cadwallader Colden president
1761   Mr. Colden, appointed lieutenant-governor
1762   Robert Monckton, governor
1769   Mr. Colden, lieutenant-governor
1770   John earl of Dunmore, governor
1771   William T ryon, governor
1771   Mr. Colden, lieutenant-governor, acted
1775   William Tryon, governor

A History of the State of New York, by F. S. Eastman, ©1830, pg 449-450

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