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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Military and Casualties of War

  • 1690 The Burning of Schenectady
    - List of Persons Killed and Taken Prisoner.

  • Commissions issued by Governor Leisler, 1689-1691

  • Military and Civil Officers of Ulster County, 1728

  • Digital Archives:

    Colonial Muster Rolls 1664-1760
    Second and Third Annual Reports of the New York State Historian, 1897
         Volume 1
         Muster rolls and military commisions issued for the Colony of New York
         Appendix H - page 373-956, Index... pg 969
         This index embraces the names of Commissioned Officers only.
         See Volume 2 (below) for index of soldiers names
         Volume 2
         Completion of the work of publishing all rolls contained in the State Library
         Appendix M - page 437-898
         Index of Names for Volumes 1 and 2
         page 899-1130

    Papers of the Court of Lieutenancy 1686-1696
    Collections of the New York Historical Society, 1880, pgs 389-438

    Muster Rolls of New York Provincial troops, 1755-1764
    During the Seven Years' War in America (aka old French War)
    Published 1897, New York Historical Society,
    by Berthold Fernow and E. B. O'Callaghan

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