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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Military and Casualties of War

  • New York in the Revolution

  • 1690 The Burning of Schenectady
    - List of Persons Killed and Taken Prisoner.

  • Commissions issued by Governor Leisler, 1689-1691

  • Military and Civil Officers of Ulster County, 1728

  • Digital Archives:

    Colonial Muster Rolls 1664-1760
    Second and Third Annual Reports of the New York State Historian, 1897
         Volume 1
         Muster rolls and military commisions issued for the Colony of New York
         Appendix H - page 373-956, Index... pg 969
         This index embraces the names of Commissioned Officers only.
         See Volume 2 (below) for index of soldiers names
         Volume 2
         Completion of the work of publishing all rolls contained in the State Library
         Appendix M - page 437-898
         Index of Names for Volumes 1 and 2
         page 899-1130

    Papers of the Court of Lieutenancy 1686-1696
    Collections of the New York Historical Society, 1880, pgs 389-438

    Muster Rolls of New York Provincial troops, 1755-1764
    During the Seven Years' War in America (aka old French War)
    Published 1897, New York Historical Society,
    by Berthold Fernow and E. B. O'Callaghan

    Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York 1783-1821
    by Hugh Hastings, State Historian, 1901
         Volume 1, page 59 - 948
         Volume 2, page 949 - 1817
         Volume 3, page 1818 - 2445
         Volume 4 - Index

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