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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Church Records, Vitals, Wills

  • Church Records
    - Over 150 Churches Listed, with available links; birth, marriage, members, deaths.

  • A Summary Of Churches and Places in 1704

  • Protestant Reformed Church Members, 1677-1685
    in Brooklyn, Flatbush, Flatlands and New Utrecht

  • Contributors to Domine Godefridus Dellius's Salary, Albany 1683

  • Albany Dutch Reformed Church Seating, 1730-1770
  •       Men      Women

  • Albany Dutch Reformed Church Burials, 1722-1757

  • Deaths Published in Albany Newspapers, 1784-1798

  • French Reformed Church Members, New York, 1724

  • Petitioners of the French Church, New Rochelle, NY 1762

  • Enrollment of Quakers and Moravians, 1755-56
    New York City, Queens and Suffolk Counties

  • Enrollment of Quakers in Dutchess County, 1755

  • Digital Archives:

    Names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued previous to 1784
    by the Secretary of the Province of New York
    Albany: Weed, Parsons and Co., ©1860
    Additions and Corrections of the New York marriage licenses
    published in a volume in 1860; originals being in the archives
    of the New York Historical Society,
    contributed by Robert H. Kelby, Librarian ©1915

    Supplementary list of marriage licenses 1752-1758
    State Library Bulletin, University of the State of NY, 1898
    Schenectady County Family Bible Records
    by Charlotte Luckhurst, © 1921

    Calendar of Wills 1626-1836
    in the offices of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany,
    and of the Secretary of State, Berthold Fernow, ©1896

    Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck
    Volume 4 Mortgages 1658-1660, Wills 1681-1765
    Jonathan Pearson, revised and edited by A. J. Van Laer, ©1919

    Abstracts of Wills 1794-1822, Rensselaer County
    Proved in the Court of Common Pleas
    by C. Shepard, ©1921

    Abstract of Wills and other miscellaneous documents
    on file in the Surrogates Office, City of New York:

         Volume I 1665-1707
         Volume II 1708-1728
         Volume III 1730-1744
         Volume IV 1744-1753
         Volume V 1754-1760
         Volume VI 1760-1766
         Volume VII 1766-1771
         Volume VIII 1771-1776
         Volume IX 1777-1783
         Volume X 1780-1782
         Volume XI - unrecorded wills prior to 1790
         Volume XII 1782-1784
         Volume XIII 1784-1786
         Volume XIV 1786-1796
         Volume XV 1796-1801
         Volume XVI Corrections to Volume I-V
         Volume XVII Corrections to Volumes VI-IX and XI

    Early Long Island wills of Suffolk county, 1691-1703
    by W. S. Pelletreau ©1897

    Early Wills of Westchester Co. from 1664-1784
    by William S. Pelletreau, ©1898

    Ulster County Probate Records, 1663-1766, 1792, 1827
    in the office of the Surrogate and County Clerk's office at Kingston, N.Y.
    A careful abstract and translation of the Dutch and english wills,
    letters of administration after intestates, and inventories
    by Gustave Anjou, ©1906
         Volume 1
         Volume 2

    Index of Wills of Dutchess County, New York 1742-1832
    by Gertrude Barber

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    New York Probate, Wills etc., 1629-1971 to view at Family History Center

    Guide to New York State vital records at the Family History Center
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    Cemeteries, Burials
    (are listed in State Section)

    Family Bible Records
    - Suffolk County.

    Schenectady Vitals
    Baptisms 1662-1800
    Marriages 1662-1800
    Records extracted by R Billard from
    'Contributions for the Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of Schenectady'
    by Jonathan Pearson, ©1873

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