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Casualties of War, Military Lists

1661 Esopus Muster Rolls
Ulster County

Name Title Comments
Abelly, Gerrit Cadet
Bovatz, Andries
*see note below
Andriesen, Christian

Bottien, Jellis Lance-pesade discharged
Brabanter, Jan the Cadet discharged
Broersen, Jan Cadet discharged
Burhannsen, Jacob

Claessen, Frederick

Cornelissen, Hendrick
desires his discharge
Croeger, Wilm
desires his discharge
Gerritsen, Jan

Hamelton, Jan

Harmsen, Marten Cadet discharged
Hayrn, Conraet private soldier desires his discharge
Hedrick the Rider

Hendrick from Utrecht

Hinssendorp, Cornelis

Jellissen, Pieter

Leblein, Joannis

Looblean, Jan

Martensen, Hendrick

Melone, Jacob

Metzer, Joris
desires his discharge
Niessen, Christian Commander
Noorman, Andries

Paulsen, Paulus Cadet discharged
Pierssen, Jan Corporal
Rantzou, Jonas Corporal
Thomassen, Paulus

Thomassen, Thomas Cadet discharged
Van Campen, Gerrit

Van Halen, Pieter Cadet discharged
Verbrugge, Michiel Cadet discharged
Vorbert, Arriaen

Vornier, Adriaen

Warners, Marten Cadet discharged
Westhuysen, Jan

*Adries Bovatz desires to remain in the service, while
Hendrick Cornelissen desires to be discharged in his stead.

Documents relating to the history and settlements of the towns
along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers 1630-1684,
by B. Fernow, ©1881, Vol XIII, pgs 201-202

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