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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Church Records, Vitals, Wills

1762 Petitioners of the French Church
New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY

Ally, Jean
Angevine, Easter
Antuniz, Content
Antuniz, Joseph
Bertain, Catharin
Bertain, Judith
Bertain, Peter
Bertine, Mary
Bertine, Peter Jr
Besley, Corncliah
Besley, James
Besley, Oliver
Bleecker, Abigail
Bleecker, Jacobus
Bleecker, Rutger
Bleecker, Sarah
Bonnet, Daniel
Bonnet, John
Bonnet, Mary
Bonnet, Mary
Bonnet, Mary
Bonnet, Peter
Bryan, Jno
Contine, Jane
Contine, Susanne
Danlenson, Anne
De Blez, James
De Blez, Mariha
De Sain Croix, Marie
De St Croix, Moses
Donaldson, Agnis
Guion, Abram
Guion, Allada
Guion, Benjamen
Guion, David
Guion, Dina
Guion, Elias
Guion, Elizabeth
Guion, Elizabeth
Guion, esaie
Guion, Isaac
Guion, Isaac Jr
Guion, Jane
Guion, Mary
Guion, Peter
Guion, Rachel
Guion, Thomas
Houdin, Catherine
Houdin, Elizabeth
Houdin, John
Houdin, Kitty
Houdin, Michael, Minister
King, Frederick
Landrin, Susannah
Le Conet, Judith
Le Conte, Esther
Le Conte, Francis
Le Conte, Hester
Le Conte, Josiah
Le Conte, Judith
Leespinard, David
Lespenard, Elizabeth
Mauraux, Jane
McCevrs, James
Neufuille, Marie
Nicolle, Arguesante
Nicolle, Jan
Parquot, Elizabeth
Parquot, Peter
Pine, James
Rodman, Mary
Se Cord, Daniel
Seacord, Abraham
Seacord, Benjamin
Seacord, Jane
Seacord, Mary
Secord, Paul
Secord, Sarah
Seicard, Jonathan
Sicard, Lidia
Smith, Edwd
Solis, Joshua
Soulice, Jean
Soulis, Ester
Soulis, Susanna
Soulls, Magdelene
Steele, Thos
Stouppe, Magd
Sulis, Daniel
Toulon, Debora

Documentary History of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan, (c)1849, Vol. III, pg 957.

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