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1898 Holland Society Year Book
Deceased Members

Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr., died February 14, 1898, in Thomasville, GA., of apoplexy. He had been South for three weeks for his health, which had been poor ever since last September, when he gave up active business.

He was born in 1827 in the old Johnson homestead, in what is now the nineteenth ward of Brooklyn, and near where the Naval Hospital now stands. His great-grandfather served in the Revolutionary War as an officer in the Kings County militia, and his grandfather, Major-Gen. Jeremiah Johnson, was a statesman, soldier, scholar, and churchman, who was three times Mayor of Brooklyn, and was elected four times to the State Legislature, and during the latter part of the war of 1812 he commanded the troops stationed at Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Upon attaining his majority, Jeremiah Johnson, Jr., engaged in the lumber business, which he left in 1866 to become a real-estate broker and auctioneer. In the selling of home-sites on the outskirts of the two cities Mr. Johnson introduced the then novel features of music and lunches under his tent. Since that time Mr. Johnson had been a well-known operator in the real-estate business, having disposed by auction of more than two hundred thousand suburban lots, representing many millions of dollars, as well as much city real estate. About thirty-five years ago he was superintendent of the Lee Avenue Congregational Sunday School, which at that time was one of the largest and most noted in the country, attracting visitors from everywhere.

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