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1898 Holland Society of New York
Member List

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Definition of "Member", Article III, Section I, of the Holland Society Constitution in 1898:

No one shall be eligible as a member unless he be of full age, of respectable standing in society, of good moral character, and the descendent in the direct male line of a Dutchman who was a native or resident of New York or of the American colonies prior to the year 1675.

This shall include those of other former nationalities who found in Holland a refuge or a home, and whose descendants in the male line came to this country as Dutch settlers who were born within the limits of Dutch settlements, and the descendants in the male line of persons who possessed the rights of Dutch citizenship within Dutch settlements in America, prior to the year 1675; also of any descendant in the direct male line of a Dutchman, one of whose descendants became a member of this Society prior to June 16, 1886.

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