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Mayors of Albany

Johannes Schulyer
Mayor 1703-1706
Johannes Schuyler, Mayor 1703-06, son of Philip Peter Schuyler and brother of Peter, the first Mayor, was born April 5, 1668. Attached to General Winthrop's army in 1691 was this John Schuyler, then holding a Captain's commission, a man of great bravery and energy of character, and of considerable experience in border warfare. Schuyler was dissatisfied with the decision of the Council of War relinquishing the Canada expedition, which he considered weak and cowardly, and declared that the campaign should not be abandoned so easily. Beating up for volunteers he soon gathered around him a little band of twenty-nine followers, each as bold and daring as himself. To these he added one hundred and twenty Indians, and loading a number of canoes with provisions, proceeded on the 13th of August, 1691, as far probably as Whitehall, where he encamped for the night. Embarking the next day, he reached a point near Chembly on the 21st. On the 23rd he intercepted the enemy coming out of the fort at La Prairie, killed six and took nineteen prisoners. He also killed one hundred and fifty cattle, and prudently hastened his retreat. On the 31st of August he reached Albany in safety with his prisoners. This was at the beginning of King William's War, and records the kind of man he was.

In 1698 he was sent by the Earl of Bellomont, the newly arrived Governor of the Province, in company with the Rev. Mr. Dellius, to Canada to convey the account of the Peace of Ryswick and to solicit a mutual interchange of prisoners. He was Alderman for several years, and was among those who took the oath of allegiance in 1699. He was an Indian Commissioner, and in 1705 was chosen to the Colonial Assembly.

He married Elizabeth Staats, widow of John Wendell, April 25, 1695. They were the parents of Margarita, "The American Lady," born January 12, 1701, who married her cousin, Colonel Philip Schuyler, and became a widow on his death in 1745. Captain Schuyler had his city home at the corner of State and Pearl streets, where he died July 25, 1727.

The History of the County of Albany, by George Howell, (c)1886, p 659.

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