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Mayors of Albany

John Barclay
Mayor 1778-1779
John Barclay, received his appointment from the State government, and was the first Chief Magistrate of th city holding office under State authority after the reinstatement of the City Council by law, April 17, 1778.

The City and County Committee of Correspondence and Safety was organized in the latter part of 1774, and Mr. Barclay was made its first President. When there was no State nor City Government, this Committee had great responsibility and exercised great power. all over the territory north and west of Ulster and Dutchess, it exercised the legislative and executive functions of civil government for about three years. In pure, zealous, self-sacrificing patriotism and good judgment, there could have been no better man. His office terminated with his death, early in 1779.

The History of the County of Albany, by George Howell, (c)1886.

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