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Depositions of Catelina Trico

February 14, 1684/5

The Deposition of Catelina Trico aged four score years or thereabout taken before the right Honorable Colonel Thomas Dongan Lieutenant and Governor under his Royal Highness James Duke of York and Albany, etc. of New York and its Dependencies in America who saith and declares in the presence of God as followeth:

That she came to this Province either in the year one thousand six hundred and twenty-three or twenty-four to the best of her remembrance, and that four women came along with her in the same ship, in which ship the governor Adrian Jorissen came also over, which four women were married at sea and that they and their husbands stayed about three weeks at this place and then they with eight seamen more went in a vessel by order of the Dutch Governor to Delaware River and there settled.
This I certify under my hand and ye seal of this province.
Tho. Dongan.

* * * * * * *

Catelyn Trico aged about 83 years born in Paris doth testify and declare that in ye year 1623 she came into this country with a ship called Unity whereof was Commander Arien Jorise belonging to the West India Company, being the first ship that came here for the said Company; as soon as they came to Manhatans now called New York, they sent two families and six men to Hartford River and two families and 8 men to Delaware River and 8 men they left at New York to take possession and the rest of ye passengers went with the ship up as far as Albany, which they then called Fort Orange. When as ye Ship came as far as Sopus which is half way to Albany; they lightened the ship with some boats that were left there by the Dutch that had been there a year before a trading with the Indians, upon there own accompts and gone back again to Holland and so brought ye vessel up; there were about 18 families aboard who settled themselves at Albany and made a small fort; and as soon as they had built themselves some huts of bark; the Mahikanders or River Indians, ye Maquase, Oneydes, Onnondages, Cayougas and Sinnekes, with the Mahawawa or Ottawawaes Indians came and made covenants of friendship with ye said Arien Jorise there Commander, bringing him great presents of beaver and of peltry and desired that they might come and have a constant free trade with them with which was concluded upon and ye said nations came daily with great multitudes of beaver and traded them with the Christians. Their said Commander Arien Jorise stayed with them all winter and sent his son home with the ship; ye said Deponent lived in Albany three years all which time ye said Indians were all as quiet as lambs and came and traded with all the freedom imaginable, in the year 1626 the Deponent came from Albany and settled at New york where she lived afterwards for many years and then came to Long Island where she now lives.

The said Catelyn Trico made oath of ye
said Deposition before me at her house
on Long Island in ye Wale Bought
this 17th day of October 1688.

William Morris
Justice of ye Peace

Documentary History of the State of New York,
E. B. O'Callaghan, 1849, Vol. III pg 49-51.

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