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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants, First Settlers

Origin and Settlement of New York Families
by Joel N. Eno

Barheit, Jeronimus Hanse; m. at Albany, 1684

Barkeloo (Barckelloo, Borkelo), Wyllem Jansen van; his family originally from (Bor(c)keloe, a community near Zutphen in Gelderland; he came to Nee Amsterdam before 1662; settled at Flatlands, Long Island, 1683.

Beeckman, Martin Hendricksen; from Hamelwaard in the Duchy of Bremen, 1638, to serve the patroon Van Rensselaer at Rensselaerwyck near Albany; 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Beekman, Wilhelmus; from Hasselt in Overyssel, Holland, settled at New Amsterdam, 1647.

Benson, Dirck; from Groningen to New Amsterdam, 1648; to Beverwyck (Albany), 1654.

Bergen, Hans Hansen van (alias H. H. van Bergen in Noorwegen, and H. H. Noorman=H. H. v. B. of Norway, or H. H. the Norseman); via Holland to New Amsterdam, 1633.

Bergen, Martin Gerretsen van; from Holland to Beverwyck, 1630; descendants on the Hudson, above the Highlands.

Bleecker, Jan Janse; 1658 from Meppel in Overyssel to Beverwyck.

Bogardus, Everardus; 1633 in New Amsterdam.

Bogart, Cornelis van der; from Schoenderwoert, near Leerdam, Holland, before 1640 to Rensselaerwyck; children in Albany. His brother, Gysbert, was in New Amsterdam, 1640; in Catskill before 1661; four sons.

Boerum, Remsen (van) (son of Remmert Jansen Vanderbeek); in Brooklyn, 1647.

Bontecou, (Du. Bontekoe, brindled cow), Pierre; via France and England to New York, 1689.

Brevoort, Hendrick J., 1630 at New Amersfoort, Long Island.

Brokaw=Broucard, Bourger (Huguenot); from Mannheim in the Rhine Palatinate to Bushwick, Long Island, 1684.

Brower=Brouwer Kerckhoven, Adam; 1647 in Brooklyn.

Buskirk, see Van Buskirk.

Conover=Couwenhoven, Wolfert Gerretsen van; from Amersfoort in Utrecht province to Rensselaerwyck, 1630; orig. from Couwenhoven or Kauwenhoven, a village 9 miles southwest of Amersfoort.

Cortelyou=Corteljau, Jacques (Huguenot); to New Utrecht, N. Y., 1652; at Flatbush, Long Island, 1684

Cuyler, Hendrick; 1664, Albany

De Forest, Henry and Isaac (sons of Jan); from Amsterdam to Harlem, N. Y., 1636

Delamater (de la Maitre), Claude; from Artois, France, via Amsterdam, to Flatbush, Long Island.

Delancy=Etienne de Lanci, Caen; Normandy, 1686 to N. Y.

De Peyster, Johannis; from Haarlem, Holland, to New Amsterdam about 1645.

Devou=De Veaux, Frederick; in New York, 1675

Dewees, Cornelius, Lewis and Willem, three sons of Gerrett Hendrickse De Wees (the orphan); born at Leeuwarden, Friesland, they were in Germantown, PA., in 1690.

Douw, Volkert Janszen; from Leeuwarden to Beverwyck, 1638.

Duyckinck=Duyckingh, Evert; Holland to New Netherland.

Flagler=Fleigler, (    ); from Westheim in Franconia, 1711 to Holland; 1735 to Dutchess Co., N.Y.

Flypsen, Frederick; 1647 Bolswaert, Friesland, to New Amsterdam, ancestor of Philipse family.

Frelinghuysen, Rev. Theodorus Jacobus; from Friesland to the vicinity of Somerville, N.J., 1720

Ganesvoort, (    ), from Groningen, Holland, to Albany.

Girard, Stephen; born near Bordeaux, France; to N. Y., 1774; Phiadelphia, 1776.

Goelette, Francois; from France to New york City, 1676.

Groesbeck, Claes, Rotterdam to Beverwyck, 1624; New YorkCity, 1696.

Gouverneur, Nicolas Pierre; 1663, New Amsterdam.

Gulick, Hendrik; Netherlands to New Netherland, 1653.

Hardenbergh, Gerrit Janse; 1667 at Albany; of Hardenberg, town, Overyssel.

Hasbrouck, Isaac; from France (orig. Hazebrouck, in dept. Nord=Flemish Haesebroek), to Ulster Co., NY, 1673.

Haughwout (Hoogwood or Hauwert), village near Hoorn in N. Holland), Pietersen, van; to NY.

Hegeman, Adriaan; from Amsterdam to Flatbush, Long Island, 1650 or 1651.

Hoagland=Hoogland, Cornelis Dircksen; Holland to New Amsterdam before 1645.

Hooglant, Dirck Janse, m. in NY, 1662 (orig. from Hoogland, a village near Amersfoort).

Hoffman, Martin H.; born in Esthonia; 1657 New Netherland.

Houghtaling=Du Hoogteling, Mathys; 1676 Albany=high begetting.

Hun, Harmen T; 1661, Beverwyck, from Amersfoort, Holland.

Kip=Kype, Henry de; Amsterdam to New Amsterdam 1635.

Knickerbocker=Knickerbacker, Herman Jansen; from Friesland to New Amsterdam, before 1700.

Koeymans, Barent Pieterse; 1636 from Utrecht to Coeymans.

Lansing, Gerret; from Hasselt in Overyssel, to New Amsterdam before 1640, with 3 sons and 3 daughters, thence to Rensselaerwyck, 1650.

Lawrence, William; from Mass. to Flushing, Long Island, 1644.

Le Conte, Guillaume, (Huguenot); from France to New Rochelle, NY, 1698.

Lefferts, from a son of Leffert Pietersen van Haughwout; see also Haughwout.

Livingston, Robert; born at Ancrum in Roxburghshire, Scotland; in Chalestown, Mass., 1673; thence to Albany, NY.

Lockermans, Govert, 1633, Jacob and 1642 Pieter; in New Netherlands, brothers from Turnhout, Holland.

Lott, Pieter; from Reynerwout village in Drenthe province, Holland, to Flatbush, Long Island, 1652-53.

Metselaer, Teunis Teunisse; Holland to Beverwyck, 1641.

Polhemius, Theodorus; Holland to New Amsterdam before 1680.

Provoost, Willem; Amsterdam to New Netherland, 1624.

Quackenbos(ch), Pieter van; from Oostgeest, Holland to New Amsterdam about 1670; thence to Albany before 1688.

Rapalje, Joris Jansen (Huguenot); Fort Orange, 1623; New Amsterdam, 1626.

Remsen, from a son of Rem(mert) Jansen Vander beeck; from Holland to Beverwyck, 1642.

Roosevelt=Rozenvelt, Klaas Martensen van; from Holland to New Amsterdam, 1649.

Rutgers, Capt. Harmen; Holland to New Netherland, 1642-45.

Ryerson=Reyerse(n), Ryerse; from Amsterdam; m. at New Amsterdam 1663.

Schenck, Roelof Martense; from Amersfoort, Holland, to New Amsterdam, 1650.

Schermerhorn, Jacob Janse; from Waterland, Holland, to Beverwyck, 1636.

Schoonmaker, Henry; Germany to Ulster Co., NY, before 1653.

Schuyler, Philip Pieterse; from Holland; his first m. in Beverwyck, Dec. 12, 1650; wife Marz. van Schlechtenhorst.

Stoothoff, Elbert Elbertse; from Nieukerken in N. Brabant to New Amsterdam about 1632.

Stuyvesant, Pieter; from Friesland to New Amsterdam, 1647.

Stryker, Jan; from Ruinen in Drenthe Province to Flatbush, Long Island, 1652.

Suydam, Hendrick Reycke; from Suytdam or Zuytdam, Holland, to NY, 1663.

Swartwout, Roelof and Thomas; Holland to New Netherland 1651.

Tappan=Tappen Jurian Teunisse; Holland to Beverwyck, 1662; another Tappan=Eng. Toppan or Tapping in Milford Conn, 1639; settled at Southampton, Long Island.

The regular mode of forming family names in the Low Countries of Netherland (Holland and Belgium), as in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland was patronymic; that is, the Christian name of the father was the basis of the last name of the son; so Remsen, the son of Rem(mert) Jansen; the ending -- often shortened to -se ; as in Jan-se=son of Jan (English=John); Dirck-se, son of Didrick or Dedrick; Teunis-se, son of Teunis (Antony); but this mode resulting in many duplicate names, there grew into use, as a temporary expedient for distinguishing between duplicate names, the affixing of the native place of each; with the preposition of location, usually van=of; occasionally te, ten, ter=at the; as in the following:

Ten Broeck (=at the Marsh), Johannes; of Holland; had a son born at Albany, 1686.

Ten Eyck (=at the Oak), Coenradt; Amsterdam to New Amsterdam, 1653.

Terhune (=at Huinen, a village in Gelderland), Albert Alberts; at Gravesend, Long Island, 1631; another baptized at New Amsterdam, 1651.

Terwilliger (=at Willige, a parish in Utrecht Province), in Schenectady, 1700.

Tunison=Teunisen, son of Teunis Nyssen or Duyse; from Binnick or Benneken, a village near Arnhem in Gelderland, to New Amsterdam, 1638.

Updike, (=op dyk or dijk, (dwelling) upon the dike)

Van Allen (=Van Allen, parish in Westpahlia), Lourens; thence to Beverwyck, 1630?.

Van Alstyne, see Van Olstine or Hulsteyn.

Van Amburgh (=of Hamburgh); to New Amsterdam.

Van Arsdale (=Dutch van Arsdalen), Symon Jansen; from Holland, 1653 to Flatlands, Long Island.

Van Benshoten (=Dutch van Bunschoten, a village in Utrecht Province); to New Netherland.

Van Brunt, Rutger Joosten; Holland to New Utrecht, Long Island, 1653.

Van Buren (Beuren), Hendrick Cornelis; orig. of Buren, a town in Gelderland; to Long Island, 1683

Van Buskirk (=Dutch van Beskerck), Holland to New Netherland.

Van Camp (=Dutch van Campen=of Kampen, a town in Overyssel province, Holland), to New Netherland.

Van Cleef, Van Cleeve (=Dutchy of Cleves, a town in Rhenish Prussia), to New Netherland, 1630

Van Corlear (Carrelaar), Van Curler, Arendt; Holland to Rensselaerwyck, 1630; Jacobus at Harlem on Manhattan 1653.

Van Cortlandt, Oloff Stevense; Holland to New Netherland, 1638.

Van Cott, Claes Cornelise; Holland to New Netheralnd, 1652.

Vandeleur (=van de Leur=Leur, village in N. Brabant).

Van der Beek or Vanderbeeck, Rem(mert) Jansen; from Holland to Beverwyck, 1642; orig. from Beek (=Brook) a parish in Belgium.

Vanderbilt (=van der Bylt), Jan Aertsen; from Holland to Flatbush, Long Island, about 1640; in New Amsterdam, 1653; orig. probably from het Bildt, a Bailiwick in Friesland, whcih certainly gives name to a famed Dutch family; but there is a parish, de Bilt, near Utrecht.

Van den Bergh (alias Van Wesep), Gysbert Cornelisen; Holland to Rensselaerwyck, 1645.

Van der Burgh (=of the city)

Van der Donck, Adriaen; from Belgium to Beverwyck, 1641; orig. from Donck, a parish in Lunburg, Belgium.

Vanderlyn (= van der Lijn=of the rope or flax).

Van der Poel, Wynant Gerretse; Holland to Beverwyck, 1647.

Van der Veer (Vandever) (Ver=ferry), Cornelis Jansen; from Alckmaar, North Holland, to Flatbush, Long Island, 1659.

Vandervoort, (    ) ; from Vandermonde in Vlaenderen, Netherlands; m. at New Amsterdam, 1640.

Van Deursen (Deusen, Duursen) (=Deursen is a hamlet in N. Brabant), Abraham; from Holland to New Amsterdam, thence to Fort Orange or Beverwyck, where was Pieter Abrahamsen, in 1657; m. at NY 1666.

Van Devanter (=van Deventer, a town in Overyssel).

Vandewater (=van de Water=of the water), Jacobus; to New Amsterdam, 1653.

Van Dorn (=van Doorn, a parish near Utrecht).

Van Driessen, Revs. Johannes and Petrus; sons of Petrus of Belgium; Petrus to Albany, 1712; Johannes later.

Van Dyke, Jan Thomasse; at New Utrecht, Long Island, 1652; brothers Claes and Hendrick Thomasse (sons of Thomas Janszen van Dyck); in New Amsterdam before 1662.

Van Dyne (Dine, Tine) (=Van Duyn, Duin or Dun, a hamlet in North Brabant), Gerret Cornelise; of Neukerk, Zeeland, Netherlands, with his brother-in-law, Jacques Corteljau; to New Amsterdam, 1649.

Van Haughwout, Leffert Pietersen; from Netherlands to Flatbush, Long Island, 1660; hence Haughwout and Lefferts families.

Van Horn (=van Hoorn, a town in N. Holland).

Van Hulsteyn (Olstine, Alstyne) (=of Holstein), to New Amsterdam.

Van Kirk (=van Kerck, of the church).

Van Lennep (=of Lennep, a town, river and district in Rhenish, Prussia).

Van Meter (=van meteren).

Van Name (=van Namen, a parish in Westphalia).

Van Ness (=of Nes, a village in Friesland), Hendrick Gerritzen; from Emberland, Holland; m. at New Amsterdam, 1654

Van Nest (Ness), Pieter, Pieterse; Utrecht, Netherlands to New Amsterdam, 1647; Brooklyn, 1687.

Van Norden (=van Noorden, of the north).

Van Nostrand (=van Noordstrand, north strand or shore), Jan Hansen; Holland to Flatbush, Long Island, 1639.

Van Rensselaer, Kiliaen; was granted a tract, Rensselaerwyck, in Albany Co.; his son Jeremias arrived there 1658.

Van Rozenvelt (probably=Rosenfeld in Holstein), see Roosevelt.

Van Sandt or Sant, See Van Zandt

Van Schaick, Gozen Gerritse; in Beverwyck about 1652.

Van Schuyler, See Schuyler

Van Sicklen, Antonie; New Amsterdam from Ghent, 1635.

Van Slyck or Slyke (=of Slijk -- Ewijk in Gelderland).

Van Vechten (Vecht, Veghte), (=of Vechte, river in Oldenburg), Claes Arentse; from Drenth Province to New Amsterdam, 1660.

Van Vechten, Teunis Dirckse, settled at Greenbush, opposite Beverwyck, 1638

Van Valkenberg, (=of Valkenberg, mountain in South Holland, and another in Limburg).

Van Vleck (=of the vlek, or market town).

Van Vliet (Fleet) (=of the channel).

Van Voorhies See Voorhies

Van Wickle (=van Wickelen), Evert; from Holland to New Netherland, 1665, settled at Flatlands.

Van Winkle (=van de Winkel, a parish in N. Holland), (    ) ; to New Netherland.

Van Woert (shortened from Schoenderwoert)

Van Wyck, Cornelis B.; at Flatbush, 1659.

Van Zandt (=of 't Zandt (sand), a parish in Groningen, Holland.

Vedder, Harmen Albertse; Holland to Beverwyck, 1657.

Vermilye, (    ) ; at Kingsbridge, NY, 1662.

Ver Planck, Abraham Isaacse; in New Amsterdam about 1633.

Vinhagen, Jan Dirckse; from Geeman, Holland to Albany, 1669.

Vischer, Harmen Bastiaanse; from Hoorn, Holland to Rensselaerwyck, before 1644; at Albany 1678.

Voorhies (Voorhees, Voorhis, Voorhes), Stephen Coerte van, (son of Coerte Albertse van Voorhies who resided in front of Hies (voor Hies), hamlet near Ruinen in Drenthe province); to Flatlands, Long Island, 1660.

Vreeland, Jan Jacobsen; in New Amsterdam, 1633; another in New Jersey; from Michael Jansen Vreeland of Brockhuysen, Holland, 1636.

Vroom, Cornelis Pietersen; oldest son baptized at New Amsterdam, 1645.

Wyckoff, Pieter Claesen; Netherlands to Flatlands, Long Island, 1636

Wendell, Evert Jansen; of Emden, Hannover, to New Amsterdam about 1642.

Wynkoop, Pieter; from Holland to New Netherland, 1639.

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