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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
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Immigrants, First Settlers

Representative Pioneer Settlers of New Netherland
and Their Original Home Places
by Richard Schermerhorn, Jr. and A. J. Van Laer, archivist

..."This list is, of course, not complete. It was necessary to leave out many important families, because the location of their original homes could not be determined. Other families have been omitted because their names died out early and have no present day significance. A few families, however, whose names do not exist in America today, were included on account of their being well known in the early history of New Netherland. Some other families were perhaps neglected because while not having actually died out, their names are encountered so seldom as to be of little interest....
Another point which must be considered is that not all by any means of these original settlers who may be considered Dutch were actually Dutch. As we know, many (the Walloons) came from France, having settled temporarily in Holland before they came to America. The latter are not included on the lists appearing in this article as France was not to be considered in this particular work..."

The (numbers) represent the references found at the end of the list.
Abeel, Christoffel Janse, born in Amsterdam (25) (39)

Ackerman, David, from Berlicum, district of Bois-Le-Duc, in N. Brabant (also Abraham and Lodewyck Ackerman (46)(47)

Adriance (Adriaen Reyerse emigrated from Amsterdam, prob. son of Reyer Elberts from Utrecht) (54) (11)

Amermann, Dirck Janse from Amsterdam (11)

Bancker, Gerrit, prob from Amsterdam (11)

Banta, Epke Jacobs, from vicinity of Harlingen, in Friesland (3)

Beeckman, Willem, from Hasselt, Overyssel (NY Ref. D. Ch. says from Zutphen) (39) (46)

Beeckman, Marten Hendrickse, from Hamelwaerde (prob. Hammelwarden in Oldenburg) (38)

Benson, Dirck, originally from Groningen, later Amsterdam. The name Bensing, or Bensinck, occurs several times in Court records, 1518-1604, of the Province of Drenth (11) (39) (54)

Bergen, Hans Hans from Bergen, Norway (59)

Blauvelt, Gerret Hendrickse from Deventer, Overyssel (54)

Bleecker, Jan Jansen, from Meppel, Drenth (45)

Bloodgood, Frans Jans, prob. from Gouda, South Holland (39)

Boerum, Hendrick Willemse, from Amsterdam (11)

Bogardus, Rev. Evarardus, born at Woerden, Utrecht (55)

Bogart, Jan Laurensz, from Schoonderwoert, S. Holland (39) (54)

Bogart, Pieter Jansen, from Leerdam, S. Holland (56)

Bogart, Tunis Gysbertse, from Heikop, Utrecht (or Heikop, near Leerdam, S. Holland (11) (18)

Brandt (Bratt), Albert Andriese, from Frederickstadt, Norway, at mouth of Glommen River (38)

Brevoort (van), Hendrick Janszen, born at Breevort, near Amersfoort, Utrecht (54)

Brinckerhoof, Joris Diercksen, from Drenthe (Abraham Joris b. at Flushing, Zeeland) (4) (11)

Brinckerhoff, Jan Dircksen, b. in Drenthe, living some time in Flushing, Zeeland (11) (39)

Brink, Lambert Huybertse, from Wageningen, Gelderland (28) (37)

Bvvanck, Jan, from Oldenzeel (Oldenzaal, Overyssel) (46)

Brouwer, Adam, from Cologne, Rhine Province (11)

Brouwer, Thomas Harmensen, from Zevenbergen (17)

Coeymans, Pieter; his sons came from Utrecht (16)

Cortelyou, Jacques, from Utrecht (16)

Couwenhoven (van), Wolfert Gysbertsen, from Amersfort, Utrecht. (Couwenhoven a farm or estate near Amersfort.) (Name also found as Conover NJ branch) (38)

Covert (Coevert) Teunis Janse, from Heemstede, N. Holland (11) (18)

Coykendall (van Kykendaal), Jacob Luursen; prob. from Wageningen, Gelderland (see Kijk-in-t-dal, near Wageningen) (8) (42)

Cuyler, Hendrick, b. in Hasselt, Overyssel. His brother, Reiner Cuyler, lived in Amsterdam (26) (41)

De Decker, Johan, prob. from Amsterdam (16)

De Groot, Willem Pietersen, from Haerlem, N. Holland (46) (11)

De Witt, Tjerck Claase, from Grootholdt, Zunderlandt (possibly Sonderen, Westphalia, E. Friesland, though also possible Emberland, Friesland) (46)

Denise (De Nyse), Teunis Nyssen, from Utrecht (62)

Dingman, Adam b. in Haerlem, N. Holland (41)

Ditmars, Jan Jansen, from Ditmarsen, Schleswig-Holstein (11)

Doremus, Cornelis Cornelise, b. at Middleburg, Zeeland (56)

Douw, Volkert Janse, from Stapelholm, near Frederickstadt (Fredrichstadt), in Schleswig-Holstein (40) (46)

Durie (Duryea), Joost, from Mannheim, in Baden, on the Rhine (There is also a small place, Mannheim, in the Palatinate, but not on the Rhine) (11)

Duyckinck, Evert, from Borken. Borken is a village in Westphalia. The place in N. Brabant is called Borkel. (See Borchen, N. Brabant) (46) (11) (6)

Dyckman, Johannes, from Benthem (Bentheim,? Hanover) (45) 54)

Elmendorf, Jacobus (Conradt), b. in Rynborch, S. Holland, near Leyden (19)

Elting, Jan from Sweghteler (now (Zwiggelt), Drenthe (18) (11)

Freelinghuysen, Domine Theodorus Jacobus, b. Wolfenbuettel, E. Friesland (5) (22)

Freeman, Domine Bernardus, b. at Gilhuis (Gildehaus, near Bentheim, Hanover) (48)

Gansevoort, Harmen Harmense, supposed to have come from Groningen (16)

Gardinier, Jacob Janse, from Campen (Kampen in Overyssel) (38)

Goewey, Salomen Abelse, b. in Amsterdam (45)

Groesbeck, Claes Jacobse, from Rotterdam, S. Holland (see also Groesbeek, Gelderland, near Nijmegen) (39) (40)

Hallenbeck, Caspar Jacobse, from Hollenbek, Schleswig-Holstein (40)

Hardenbergh, Gerrit Janse, from Maerssen (Maarssen), near Urtrecht (24) (40)

Hardenbroeck, Johannes, from Elbervelt (Elberfeld, Rhine Province) (17)

Haring, Pieter, from N. Holland (60) (one record says from Amsterdam) (56)

Hegeman, Adriaen, from Amsterdam (11)

Heermans, Jan Focken, from Ruinen, Drenthe (18)

Hoes, Jan Tyse, son of Mtthys Janse (see Goes, Zeeland) (58)

Hoffman, Martinus, from Revel, Gulf of Finland, then Finland, later Russia (46)

Hoogland, Dirck Janse, fro Maarssenveen, Utrecht (11)

Hoogland, Cornelius Andriesen, from The Hague, South Holland (46)

Hoogland, Stoffel, from Haerlem, N. Holland (46)

Hun, Harmen Thomassen, from Amersfoort, Utrecht (41)

Huyck (Huyghen), Jan, from Wesel, Rhine Province (58)

Kettelhuyn, Joachim, from Cremyn (Kremmin, near Stettin, Pomerania) (41)

Kiersted, Dr. Hans, from Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony (46)

Kip, Hendrick Hendrickse, from Amsterdam (53)

Knickerbacker, Harmen Janse, from Bommel (Zalt-Bommel, Gelderland) (7); family perhaps originally from Wie (now Wyhe), near Zwolle, Overyssel (18)

Lansing, Gerrit Frederickse, from Hasselt, Overyssel. He died in Holland and never came to New Netherland. His widow and 5 children came over in 1655. NY Col. Doc. 14:344. (45)

Lefferts (Leffert Pieterse), from Drenth. (Bergen says from Haughwout (Hoogwoud), N. Holland) (18) (11)

Leisler, Jacob, from Frankfort (46) (17)

Low, (Louw) Pieter Cornelissen, from Schleswig-Holstein (62)

Lowe, Jan Bastiansen, from Leerdam, S. Holland (63)

Loockermans, Govert, Pieter and Jacob brothers, from Turnhout, Antwerp (46)

Marcelis, Jansen, from Bommel, Gelderland (17) (45)

Marselis, Pieter, from Beest, Gelderland (17)

Megapolensis, Domine Joannes, b. Koedyk, N. Holland (11)

Middagh, Aert Antonisse, from Heikop, Utrecht (62)

Minuit, Peter, from Wesel, Westphalia (49)

Moll, Huybert Lambertsen, from Arnhem, Gelderland (also Abraham Lambertse Moll) (46)

Moll, Jan Jansen, from Amsterdam (46)

Mynderse (see Van Every)

Nevius, Johannes, from Zoelen, Gelderland (11 says in error Solin, Westphalia), b. at Zoelen (62)

Opdyck, Gysbert, from Wesel, Rhine Province (11) (46)

Osterhout, Jan Jansen, from Oosterhout, N. Brabant (47)

Ostrander, Pieter Pietersen, from Amsterdam (28)

Oudewater, Frans Jacobsen, prob. from Oudewater, S. Holland, on Ysel River, between Utrecht and Leyden (18)

Pels, Evert, from Stettin, Pomerania (38)

Philipse, Frederick, from Bolsward, Friesland (46)

Polhemus (Polheim), Rev. Johannes Theodorus. He had been a minister in the Palatinate, at Meppel, Drenthe, and in Brazil, before he came to New Netherland, prob. born in Germany (16) (55)

Post, Adriaaen, from The Hague, S. Holland (56)

Post, Loewyck Corneliszen, from Amsterdam (64)

Pruyn, Frans Jansen, said to have come from Maastricht, Limburg, but family originally from Antwerp (16)

Quackenbos, Pieter (Pieter Bont alias Quackenbos), from Oestgeest, near Leyden, S. Holland (46) (12)

Remsen (Rem), (Rem Jansen Vander Beeck), from Jeveren (Jever), Oldenburg (46) (11)

Roosevelt, Claes Martensen, prob. from Zeeland (16)

Roosa, Albert Heymans, from Herwijnen, Gelderland (17) (Holland Society Yrbk 1907)

Rutgers (see Van Woert) (39)

Schaets, Rev. Gideon, b. at Leerdam, S. Holland.

Schenck, Jan and Roeloff Martensen, brothers; Roeloff, b. in Amersfoort, Utrecht. (Johannes Schenck from Middleburg, Zeeland) (58) (21) (36)

Schermerhorn, Jacob Janse, from Amsterdam (originally from Village of Schermerhorn, N. Holland)

Schoonmaker, Hendrick Jochemsen, b. Hamburg (28) (37)

Schuyler, Philip Pietersen, from Amsterdam (also David Pietersen Schuyler) (20) (38) (46)

Sebring (Seberinge), Jan Roelofse, prob. from Drenthe (61)

Slingerland, Teunis Cornelis from Amsterdam (58)

Springsteen, Johannes and Joost Casparse, brothers, from Groningen (11)

Staats, Major Abraham (Staes), from Amsterdam (38)

Steenwyck, Cornelis, from Haarlem, N. Holland (46)

Stoutenburgh, Pieter, from Stoutenburch, near Amersfoort, Utrecht (16)

Stoutenburgh, Jacob Jansz, from Stoutenburch, near Amersfoort, Utrecht (38)

Strycker, Jan and Jacob Gerritse, prob. brothers; Jan, from Ruinen, Drenthe (11) (18) (22)

Stuyvesant, Pieter, probably originally came from Dockum (Dokkum), Friesland (51)

Sutphen (van), Derick Jansen, from Zutphen, Gelderland (11) (22) [not 13]1

Suydam, Hendrick Rycke, from Suyt-dam or Zuyt-dam (11)

Swart, Gerrit, prob. from Amsterdam (16)

Ten Broeck, Dirck Wesselse, Hendrick Wesselse and Wessel Wesselse, brothers; the last came from Wessum, Munster, Westphalia (18) (37)

Ten Eyck, Coenraet, family prob. from Amsterdam (16) (37)

Terhune, Albert Albertse, prob. from Huinen (Gelderland) (63)

Traphagen, Willem Janszen, from Lemgo (Lemgow, Hanover) (46)

Van Alen, Pieter and Lourens, brother, from Utrecht, prob. originally from Aelen or Haelen, Waterloo, Brabant, Belgium (1) (17)

Van Alstyne, Jan Martensen, form Meppel, Drenth (44)

Van Antwerp, Daniel Jansen, from Antwerp, b. at Amsterdam (16) (58)

Van Benthuysen, Paulus Martense, from Benthuizen, near Leyden, S. Holland (40)

Van Bergen, Marten Gerritsen, from Bergen, in Norway (16)

Van Boskerck (Buskirk), Lourens Andriessen, from Schleswig-Holstein (22)

Van Brugh (Verbrugge), Johannes Pieterse, from Haarlem, N. Holland (45)

Van Brunt, Rutger Joosten (from Bruntinge, Drenth?) (16)

Van Bunschoten, Theunis Eliasen, supposedly from Benschoten, Utrecht (39)

Van Buren, Cornelius Hendricksen, from Buurmalsen, Gelderland (38)
[Hendrick was born on the ship enroute to New Netherland, his father being Cornelis Maessen (Van Buren) from Buurmalsen, Gelderland (13)]2

Van Cleve (van Cleef) Jan, from Amsterdam (52)

Van Cortlandt, Oloff Stevense, from Wyck by Duurstede, Utrecht (46)

Van Curler, Arent from Nykerck, Gelderland (38)

Van Dam, Claes Ripsen (see Damme, W. Flanders)

Van Deusen, Abraham Pietersen (Van Deursen), b. in Haarlem, North Holland (18) (39)

Van Deventer, Jan Pietersen, from the (Steght." Stegeren is a small place near Deventer, in Overyssel. (11)

Van Dolsen, Jan Gerritsen, from Dalfsen or Dalsen (Overyssel (54)

Van Doorn, Pieter, from 's-Gravezande, S. Holland (see also Doorn, Utrecht) (33)

Van Duyn, Abraham Gerritse, from Zwolle, Overyssel (11)

Van Duyn Gerrit Cornelissen, from Niewerkerk, Zeeland (see Duin or Duen in Brabant) (18)

Van Dyne (van Dien, Dirck Gerritz, from Tricht (Tricht is a small place in Gelderland (17)

Van Dyck, Hendrick from Utrecht (45)

Van Dyck, Jan Jansen, from Amsterdam (also Dirck Jansen Van Dyck and Jacobus Fransen Van Dyck) (46)

Van Etten, Jacob Jansen, from Etten, N. Brabant, near Breda (47)

Van Every (van Iveren, Jeverden), Myndert Frederickse, from Jeveren, Oldenburg (see also Mynderse family) (46)

Van Gaasbeeck, Rev. Domine Laurentius, from Leyden, S. Holland (28) (37)

Van Geisen, Reynier Bastiansen, prob. from Giessen, N. Brabant, but perhaps from Giessen, S. Holland (11)

Van Giesen, Johannis, from Utrecht (56)

Van Guysling, Elias, from Zeeland (17)

Van Hoesen, Jan Fransen, prob. from Husum, in Schleswig-Holstein (40)

Van Horn, Jan Cornelissen, "a citizen of Amsterdam," prob. from Hoorn, N. Holland (22) (31)

Van Houten, three brothers, one, Helmigh Roelofs, from Gelderland. Houten is a village in the Province of Utrecht (18)

Van Keulen (Keuren), Mattys Jansen, from Amsterdam (28)

Van Leeuwens (van Lieuw), Frederick Hendricksen, from Utrecht, and Leeuwen, Gelderland (10)

Van Loon, Jan, from Luik, or Liege, Belgium (46)

Van Meteren, Jan Joosten, from Thielerwaardt, Gelderland (44)

Van Meteren, Jan Gysbertsen, from Bommel Gelderland. Bommel lies on the River Waal, which forms the dividing line between the Tielerwaard and the Bommelerwaard (44) (21) (11) (15)

Van Namen, Jochem Engelbert, from Heusden, North Brabant (54)

Van Ness, Cornelius Hendrickse, from Vianen, South Holland (41)

Van Noort, Goosen Jansen, from Beest, Gelderland (17)

Van Norden, Pieter Glaesen, supposedly from Norden, Germany, near Ems or from Norden near Puten, Gelderland? (36) (16)

Van Nostrand, Jacob Janse, from Norstrand, island off coast of Schlewig-Holstein (35) (39) (40)

Van Pelt, Teunis and Matthys Jansen Lanen, brothers, from Luik (Liege), Belgium (15). (Lane family descended from Matthys Jansen)

Van Petten, Claes Frederickse (see Petten, N. Holland, North Sea)

Van Rensselaer, Kiliaen, from Nykerck, Gelderland. Kiliaen van Rensselaer did not come to New Netherland. His family originally came from the vicinity of Nykerck but he resided at Amsterdam (38)

Van Ripen, Juriaen Tomassen (Ripen is or was in N. Jutland, Denmark) (23)

Van Schelluyne, Dirck, b. in Gorckum, S. Holland; came from The Hague, S. Holland (18) (49)

Van Santvoord, Rev. Cornelius, b. at Leyden, S. Holland; family of Belgium origin, Ypres (18) (48)

Van Schaick, Goosen Gerritsen, from Westerbroeck (Westbroek, Utrecht?). The name van Schaick was prominent in Amersfoort, Utrecht, in the 17th Century (38) (16)

Van Schoonhoven, Geurt Hendrickse, from Schoonhoven, S. Holland (16)

Van Slichtenhorst, Brant Aertz, from Nykerck, Gelderland (38)

Van Slyck, Cornelis Antonissen, from Breuckelen, Utrecht (38) (17)

Van Slyck, Willem Pieterse, from The Hague (Munsell Alb. Colls. Vol 4, 1849)

Van Steenbergh, Jan Jansen, from Amersfoort, Utrecht (37)

Van Tassell, (van Tessel), Jan Cornelise, b. in Schoonderwoert, near Leerdam, S. Holland, prob. originally from Island of Tessel (The Texel), S. W. of Frisian Islands.

Van Twiller, Aert Goosense, from Nykerck, Gelderland (16) (17)

Van Twiller, Wouter, from Nykerck, Gelderland (49)

Van Valkenburg, Lambert Jochemse, b. at Valkenburgh, Limburg (36)

Van Vechten, Teunis Cornelissen, prob. from Vechten, near Utrecht (2) (38)

Van Vechten (Vecht, Vechte), Klaes Arentse, from Norg, Drenthe (11)

Van Vleck, Tielman, from Limburg (16)

Van Vliet, Adriaen Gerritsen, from Utrecht (22)

Van Voorhies, Steven Koerts, from Hees, near Ruinen, Drenthe. Ruinen is the name of a place, as well of former manor of very large extent, in the S. W. part of the Province of Drenthe (16) (39)

Van Voorhout, Cornelis Segerse (van Egmont), from Voohout, South Holland, but probably originally from Egmont, N. Holland (38)

Van Voorst, Cornelis, from Utrecht (16)

Van Voorst, Willem, from Arnhem, Gelderland (17)

Van Vredenburgh, Willem Isaacsen, from The Hague, South Holland (46)

Van Wagenen, Aert Jacobsen, from Wageningen, Gelderland (34)

Van Winkle (van Winkel), Jacob Walingen and Symon, brothers, sailed from Hoorn, N. Holland; also said to have come from Middleburg, Zeeland. Winkel is a place in N. Holland (23)

Van Woert, Rutger and Teunis Jacobse, brothers (see also Rutgers family). Woert is a short form of Schoonderwoert, or Schoonrewoerd, in South Holland (38)

Van Wyck, Cornelis Barentse, prob. from Wijck, N. Brabant (see also Wyk, Utrecht, and Wyck, Limburg (11) (9) (18)

Van Zandt (Sant), Adam Wenzel, b. in Arnhem, Gelderland (18)

Vanderbilt, Jan Aertsen; family prob. from "Het Bilt," Friesland, or possibly deBilt, suburb of Utrecht (32)

Vanderheyden, Jacob Tyse. (Jan Cornelissen vander Heyden came from Zevengergen, in N. Brabant (45)

Vanderlinde, Roelof, from Wageningen, Gelderland (56)

Vanderpoel, Wynant Gerritse, from Gorcum, South Holland (50)

Vanderveer, Cornelis Jansen, from Alkmaar, N. Holland (30) (11)

Vanderveer, Pieter Corneliszen, b. at Amsterdam (14)

Vander Linden, Pieter, from Belle, Flanders (Bael, Baelen, Antwerp) (11)

Vander Donck, Adriaen, from Breda, N. Brabant (38)

Vander Volgen, Claas Lourentsen (van Purmerend) (Purmerend, N. Holland) (40) (48)

Vander Voort, Michael Pauluszen, from Dermond, Flanders (11)

Van de Water, Hendrick, from Amsterdam (also Pieter Van de Water) (46)

Varick, Jan, from Rhenen, Utrecht (18)

Vermeule, Adriaan, b. at Vlissingen (Flushing), Zeeland (56)

Viele, Cornelis Cornelise, from Kniphuysen (Kniphausen), Oldenburg (16)

Visscher, Harmen Bastiaense; his father lived in Hoorn, N. Holland (45)

Vreeland, Michiel Janszoon, from "'s Heer Abtskerke" (Schrabbekerke), Island of S. Beveland, Zeeland (also said to be from Broeckhuysen, N. Brabant (23) (49)

Wendell, Evert Jansen, from Embden, E. Friesland (now Hanover, Germany) (46)

Westervelt, William Lubbertsen, from Meppel, Drenthe; also Roeloff Lubbertse Westervelt (56) (57)

Westfall (Bestval), Juriaen, from Leiderdorp, near Leyden, S. Holland (38)

Winne, Pieter, from Ghent, East Flanders (38)

Witbeck, Jan Thomase, b. at Witbek (Wittbek), Schleswig-Holstein (45)

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