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Leyden, Netherlands

Notes from Walloon Records1 1597-1633
Adrien, son of Jean Barbe, baptized September 14, 1625.
Witness, Adrian Barbe.

Broque - Quinze
Louis Broque and Chertruy Quinze presented their son, Pierre for baptism, January 30, 1622.
Witness: Gillain Broque

A child of Arnoul Catoire, was baptized September 23, 1618.

Michelle, daughter of Michel Censier, was baptized September 29, 1624.

Coinne - Basea
Noe, son of Jaques Coinne and Christienne Basea, baptized June 28, 1620.

Crepy - De Lannoy
Abel Crepy and Jaquemine de Lannoy presented their daughter
Susanne for baptism, February 6, 1627.

De Croy
2 children of Jean de Croy, baptized; April 12, 1615 and March 28, 1621.
Witness March 28, 1621: Anthoine Decendre

De La Mot - Fache
Jean de la Mot and Marie Fache presented their son, Jean for baptism, November 10, 1622.

De Forest - Du Cloux
Jesse De Forest and Marie du Cloux presented their son, Philippe for baptism, September 13, 1620.
Witness, Jean de la Marlier.

Digand - Fregeau
Barthelemy Digand and Francoise Fregeau, presented their son Isaac for baptism, March 1, 1620.

Du Four - Nicaise
Theodore du Four and Sara Nicaise, presented their daughter Madelaine for baptism, July 24, 1616.

Thomas Farvarque and Marie, his wife, presented their son Abraham for baptism, August 4, 1624.

Framerie - Freqeau
Martin Framerie and Marie Francois, presented their son Zacharie for baptism, October 25, 1620.

Henri, son of Henri Lambert, baptized August 1, 1621.
Witnesses: Jaques de Lechielles, Jesse and Rachel De Forest.

Le Jeune
Child of Gregoire le Jeune, baptized March 28, 1621.
Witnesses: Jean de Cranne, Claude Gyselin

Marie, fille de Jean le Sage, was baptized in March, 1605.


Campion - Cap
Jean Campion, native of Artois, married to Isabeau Cap,
August 25, 1607.

Coinne - Le Baiseur
Jaques Coinne, a native of Ron, near Lille, married to Christienne Baseu (or le Baiseur) of Fourcoin,
July 27, 1614.

Francoise Damont, a native of Leige, was married,
December 16, 1633.

Du Carpentry - Chotein
Jean des Carpentry, a native of Landas, in Flanders, was married to Anna Chotein, from the neighborhood of St. Amand,
March 10, 1619.

Du Pon - Billet
Michiel du Pon, a native of Valenciennes, was married to Nicole Billet, of Herdeyn,
July 5, 1597.

Gille - Face
Jean Gille, a native of Lille, was married to Cataline Face, of Leyden,
October 17, 1615.

Lambert - Digan
Henri Lambet was received to the Holy Communion at Pentecost, 1620, upon confession of his faith. Henri Lambert, born near Limbourg, and Anne Digan, of Noyelles in Hainault, were married
November 1, 1620.

Lambert - Simon
Henri Lambert, a native of Liege, was married to Marguerite Simon,
November 10, 1621.

Le Ca - Des Pre
Jean Le Ca, a native of Halewyn, was married to Marie des Pre of Monvau,
January 7, 1617.

Le Roy - Le Per
Jerosme le Roy, a native of Armentieres, was married to Susanne Le Per, of Norwich, England,
November 1, 1620.

Martin - Husse
Antoine Martin, born near St. Amand, was married to Prudence Husse of St. Amand,
December 8, 1619.

Maton - Caron
Philippe Maton, a native of Fourcoin, was married to Philippotte Caron,
January 10, 1599.

Quiesnier - Le Per
Pierre Quesnee (Quesnoy), a native of Fourcoin, and Marie le Per of Wacka, near Lille, were married
February 27, 1617.

1The City of Leyden in the Netherlands became the refuge of a great many Walloons who came from the northern provinces of France, some eventually immigrating to New Netherland.

History of the Huguenot Emigration to America, Charles W. Baird, 1885, pg 353-4.

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