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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
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Immigrants, First Settlers

Response of Jesse De Forest's Request

Order prohibiting all persons to resort to New England contrary to His Majesty's Grant
October, 1622

The Council for the affairs of New England presenting their humble petition this day unto the Board and shewing that whereas his Majesty by his letters patents, hath been pleased to grant unto them the managing of the affairs of New England, prohibiting all other his subjects not adventurers or planters to frequent those coasts, and that letters were written from the Board to several Townes of the west parts of the Kingdom to conform themselves unto his Majesty said Royal Grant, nevertheless, sundries irregular persons, (contrary to the tenor of the said letters patents, and the said letters written from the Board) have this last year sent and gone unto those parts, and dispossessed some of the ships and Planters of their proper places, and committed other outrages tending to the hindrance and great prejudice of the Plantation, as in their said petition more at large is expressed. Upon this their information it was this day ordered by their Lordships that Mr Attorney General should make ready a proclamation fit for his Majesty's Signature prohibiting all persons to resort unto the coasts of New England contrary to his Majesties said Royal grant.

Privy Council Register
At Whitehall the 23 of Ocotber 1622

Lord Archbp of Cant.
Lord Treasurer
Lord President
Lord Privie Seale
Lord Steward
Lord Marquisse Hamilton
E. Marshall
E. of Kellie
Lord Visc. Grandison
Lord Carewe
Mr Treasurer
Mr Comptroler
Mr Secy Calvert
Mr Chr. f ye Exchr
Mr of the Roles
Sir Edward Conwey

Documents Relative to the Colonial History of New York, John R. Broadhead, 1853, London Documents I, pg 11. [Words mispelled in original translation have been corrected to read more fluently]

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