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The Mayflower
Leyden Passenger List

This is a probable list of Mayflower passengers who were from Leyden, Holland. The (*) indicates the person died during the first year.
Allerton, Mr. Isaac
Allerton, Mrs. Mary*
Allerton, Bartholomew
Allerton, Remember
Allerton, Mary
Allerton, John*
Bradford, Mr. William
Bradford, Mrs. Dorothy*
Brewster, Mr. William
Brewster, Mrs. Mary
Brewster, Love
Brewster, Wrestling
Carver, Mr. John*
Carver, Mrs. Catherine*
Cooke, Francis
Cooke, John
Crackston, John*
Crackston, John, Jr.*
English, Thomas*
Fletcher, Moses*
Fuller, Dr. Samuel
Goodman, John*
Priest, Degory
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Joseph
Tinker, Thomas*
Tinker, Mrs. Thomas*
Tinker, son*
Turner, John*
Turner, son*
Turner, son*
White, Mr. William*
White, Mrs. Sussana
White, Resolved
White, Perigrene
Williams, Thomas*
Winslow, Mr. Edward
Winslow, Mrs. Elizabeth*

You can find more about these families in the book by Leon Clark Hills, History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters, published 1936, 1941.

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