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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
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Immigrants to New Netherland

Places Where
New Netherland Settlers Came From
in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Province, etc.
Aalst Gelderland Netherlands
Aalst North Brabant Netherlands
Alkmaar North Holland Netherlands
Amerland Oldenburg Germany
Amersfoort Utrecht Netherlands
Amsterdam North Holland Netherlands
Anvers (Antwerp) Antwerp Belgium
Arnhem Gelderland Netherlands
Bael (Baelen) Antwerp Belgium
Beeck Rhine Germany
Beest Gelderland Netherlands
Bentheim Hanover Germany
Benthuisen South Holland Netherlands
Bergen Limburg Netherlands
Berlicum North Brabant Netherlands
Blarikum North Holland Netherlands
Bloemendaal North Holland Netherlands
Bois-le-duc (den Bosch) North Brabant Netherland
Bolsward Friesland Netherlands
Bommel Gelderland Netherlands
Borken Westphalia Germany
Brakel Gelderland Netherlands
Breda North Brabant Netherlands
Breukelen Utrecht Netherlands
Brevoort Utrecht Netherlands
Broeckhuysen North Brabant Netherlands
Broek North Holland Netherlands
Bruggen Rhine Germany
Bruntinge Drenthe Netherlands
Bunschoten Utrecht Netherlands
Buren Westphalia Germany
Buurmalsen Gelderland Netherlands
Coevorden Drenthe Netherlands
Cologne Rhine Germany
Dalsen Overyssel Netherlands
Damme West Flanders Belgium
De Bilt Utrecht Netherlands
De Wyk Drenthe Netherlands
den Bosch (Bois-le-Duc) North Brabant Netherlands
Dermond Flanders Belgium
Deventer Overyssel Netherlands
Deynze East Flanders Belgium
Ditmarschen Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Dockum Friesland Netherlands
Doesburg Gelderland Netherlands
Donk North Brabant Netherlands
Doorn Utrecht Netherlands
Egmond aan Zee North Holland Netherlands
Elberfeld Rhine Germany
Emden Hanover Germany
Esch North Brabant Netherlands
Essen Rhine Germany
Est Gelderland Netherlands
Etten North Brabant Netherlands
Flensburg Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Flushing (Vlissingen) Zeeland Netherlands
Freadenburg Westphalia Germany
Gand (Ghent) East Flanders Belgium
Geldern Rhine Germany
Ghent (Gand) East Flanders Belgium
Giessen North Brabant Netherlands
Giessen South Holland Netherlands
Gildehaus Hanover Germany
Goes Zeeland Netherlands
Gorinchem (Gorcum) South Holland Netherlands
Gouda South Holland Netherlands
Gravenhage (The Hague) South Holland Netherlands
Gravesande South Holland Netherlands
Groesbeek Gelderland Netherlands
Groningen Groningen Netherlands
Haarlem North Holland Netherlands
Hague, The (Gravenhage) South Holland Netherlands
Halen Limburg Netherlands
Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Hammelwarden Oldenburg Germany
Hardenburgh Overyssel Netherlands
Haring North Brabant Netherlands
Harlingen Friesland Netherlands
Hasselt Overyssel Netherlands
Heemskerk North Holland Netherlands
Heemstede North Holland Netherlands
Hees Drenthe Netherlands
Hees Limburg Netherlands
Heide Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Heiden Westphalia Germany
Heikop Utrecht Netherlands
Het Bilt Friesland Netherlands
Heusden North Brabant Netherlands
Hoeven North Brabant Netherlands
Hollenbek Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Hooghland Utrecht Netherlands
Hoogstraten Antwerp Belgium
Hoogwoud North Holland Netherlands
Hoorn North Holland Netherlands
Hooten Utrecht Netherlands
Horst Limburg Netherlands
Huinen Gelderland Netherlands
Huizen Gelderland Netherlands
Huizum Friesland Netherlands
Husum Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Ilpendam North Holland Netherlands
Ingen Gelderland Netherlands
Jever in Jeverland Oldenburg Germany
Kampen Overyssel Netherlands
Ketel South Holland Netherlands
Kleve Rhine Germany
Kniphausen Oldenburg Germany
Koedyk North Holland Netherlands
Kremmin Pomerania Germany
Ledeakker North Brabant Netherlands
Leerdam South Holland Netherlands
Leeuwarden Friesland Netherlands
Leeuwen Gelderland Netherlands
Lemgow Hanover Germany
Leyden South Holland Netherlands
Leyderdorp South Holland Netherlands
Liege Flanders Belgium
Linde Drenthe Netherlands
Lokeren East Flanders Belgium
Loon-op-Zand North Brabant Netherlands
Maarsen Utrecht Netherlands
Maas Limburg Netherlands
Maastricht Limburg Netherlands
Magdeburg Saxony Germany
Mannheim Baden Germany
Meppel Drenthe Netherlands
Meppen Hanover Germany
Middleburg Zeeland Netherlands
Moll Antwerp Belgium
Munster Westphalia Germany
Naarden North Holland Netherlands
Neuenburg Oldenburg Germany
Niewenkerk Zeeland Netherlands
Niewkerk Rhine Germany
Nodstrand Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Noorden South Holland Netherlands
Norg Drenthe Netherlands
Nykerck Gelderland Netherlands
Oegstgeest South Holland Netherlands
Oldenburg Oldenburg Germany
Oldenzaal Overyssel Netherlands
Oosterhout North Brabant Netherlands
Oudenbourg West Flanders Belgium
Ouderkerk North Holland Netherlands
Ouderkerk South Holland Netherlands
Oudewater South Holland Netherlands
Ouwerkerk Zeeland Netherlands
Petten North Holland Netherlands
Poel Limburg Netherlands
Purmerend North Holland Netherlands
Raalte Overyssel Netherlands
Revel Gulf of Finland Finland
Rhenen Utrecht Netherlands
Ripen N. Jutland Denmark
Rotterdam South Holland Netherlands
Ruinen Drenthe Netherlands
Rynsborch South Holland Netherlands
S. Beveland Island Zeeland Netherlands
Schaik North Brabant Netherlands
Schermerhorn North Holland Netherlands
Scheveningen South Holland Netherlands
Schoonerwoerd South Holland Netherlands
Sodern Westphalia Germany
Stapelholm Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Steenbergen North Brabant Netherlands
Steenwyk Overyssel Netherlands
Stegeren Overyssel Netherlands
Stettin Pomerania Germany
Thielerwaardt Gelderland Netherlands
Tienhoven South Holland Netherlands
Tienhoven Utrecht Netherlands
Tricht Gelderland Netherlands
Turnhout Antwerp Belgium
Utrecht Utrecht Netherlands
Valkenburg Limburg Netherlands
Valkenburg South Holland Netherlands
Vechta River Oldenburg Germany
Vechten Utrecht Netherlands
Veere Zeeland Netherlands
Velzen North Holland Netherlands
Vianen South Holland Netherlands
Vlissingen (Flushing) Zeeland Netherlands
Voorhout South Holland Netherlands
Voorst Gelderland Netherlands
Vorst Rhine Germany
Vreeland Utrecht Netherlands
Waal Utrecht Netherlands
Wageningen Gelderland Netherlands
Waterloo Brabant Belgium
Weert Limburg Netherlands
Weesp North Holland Netherlands
Wesel Rhine Germany
Wessel Gelderland Netherlands
Wessem Limburg Netherlands
Wessum Westphalia Germany
Westbroek Utrecht Netherlands
Wijck North Brabant Netherlands
Winkel North Holland Netherlands
Witbek Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Woerden Utrecht Netherlands
Wyck Limburg Netherlands
Wyk Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Wyk (by Duurstede) Utrecht Netherlands
Wynkel East Flanders Belgium
Zevenbergen North Brabant Netherlands
Zoelen Gelderland Netherlands
Zqolle Overyssel Netherlands
Zuilen Utrecht Netherlands
Zutphen Gelderland Netherlands
Zwiggelt Drenthe Netherlands

Province, other
Antwerp Belgium
Baden Germany
Bergen Norway
Brabant Belgium
Drenthe Netherlands
East Flanders Belgium
Flanders Belgium
Frankfort Germany
Frederickstadt Norway
Friesland Netherlands
Gelderland Netherlands
Groningen Netherlands
Gulf of Finland Finland
Hanover Germany
Limburg Netherlands
N. Jutland Denmark
Nord, near Ems Germany
North Brabant Netherland
North Holland Netherlands
Oldenburg Germany
Overyssel Netherlands
Pomerania Germany
Rhine Germany
Saxony Germany
Schleswig-Holstein Germany
South Holland Netherlands
Utrecht Netherlands
West Flanders Belgium
Westphalia Germany
Zeeland Netherlands

Representative Pioneer Settlers of New Netherland and Their Original Home Places, NYGBR 65, 1934, 9-11.

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