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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In the New Amstel, galiot
Skipper Jacob Jansen Huys and
Skipper Jan Dircksen Bergen
Arrived in New Asmterdam November, 1659

Destination: South River, New Amstel

Andries Andriesssen, carpenter of the galiot

Arent Korsen, sailor, died before December 17, 1660

Cornelis Harperson de Jager, died December, 1659.

Jacob Gerbrantsen, sailor

Jan Broers, cook of the galiot, died before December 17, 1660

Jan Claesen, sailor

Jan Jochemsen, pilot of the galiot

Jan Nanninghsen, boy of the galiot

Jan Stoocker, sailor

Tys Jacobsen, boy of the galiot

The New Amstel, galiot, employed for 3 years under the direction of the West India Company, remained in New Amsterdam over the winter of 1659-60 along with the skipper and crew. The crew assisted the carpenters at New Amsterdam with various tasks. The galiot was chartered to Curaco on several occasions to transport supplies, extending the original employment of 3 years. Many sailors perished due to sickness and some were killed by the aggressions of other crew members. The Skipper reports Cornelis Harperson de Jager was buried at the Manhattans Dec. 20, 1659. Skipper Jacob Jansen Huys, longing for his wife and overcome with sickness, writes to the Directors of the West India Company, recommending David Jochemsen to take over the duties as Skipper, as he (Jacob Jansen Huys) is requesting to return home to Amsterdam the following summer, 1662.

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