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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Brownfish

Sailed from Amsterdam June 19, 1658
Captain Cornelis Maertsen, Factoor

Adam Van Santen, wife and 2 children, 1 and 4 years old
Had a permit to sail directly to New Amstel. See Ship The Golden Mill.
[See Source #77, pg 428]

Adriaen Jansen from Zeeland - fisherman

Charles (Charel) Garet

Claes Wolf
from the Elbe - sailor

Dirck Smith's Wife, Ensign in the Company's Service - and nursing child
Served in the Esopus war with great credit; he died Anno 1660 to the regret of the Director General and council. His widow thereupon returned to Holland.

Dingeman (Dorigeman) Jansen from Dordrecht - and his bride Catarina Douwers

Douwe Harmensen from Friesland - and wife and three children ages 2 and 3 years and nursing child

Francisco de Gordosa from Davingon

Francois (Francoys) Abrahamsen from Vlissingen

Harmen Dircksen from Norway -and wife and child 4 years of age
[See Source #77, page 55]

Huybert de Bruyn

Jan Aerensen van Kampen
- farmer

Jan Isbrands - rope maker

Jannetje Hermens - maiden, and her brother Jan Harmensen
(Jannetie Hermans)

Jannetje Volckertse - wife of Evert Luykese baker, and daughter 12 years of age
(Jannetie Volckerse)

Jean Lequie (Le Quie, Leynie) from Paris

Joris Jansen from Hoorn - house carpenter

Machteld Stoffelsen - widow, is acquainted with agriculture
(Machelt Stoffelse)
Fare paid for by Gerrit Jansen Van Campen, her husband, a soldier who lives in Esopus. (Three of his sons settled in the Delaware Valley Area [Source #83A])

Maria Claes - maiden
(from credit entry "By order of the Lords Mayores, for as much as Claes Haey (Hay), her present husband, has agreed to pay; and for this he has been debited, Feb 25, 1664 on the Book of the reciever Van Ruyven, Na K page A. [Source #83A])

Michiel Ples from Holstein - wife and 2 children, one 4 years of age and one infant

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