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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In De Waegh

Sailed from Amsterdam June 7, 1655
Captain Frederick de Coninck
Arrived at New Amsterdam August 13, 1655

200 soldiers and sailors

1David Jacobsen Vander Linde, boatswain

1Lieutenant Ysvoort

1William Brouwer, wife and 3 children
Received permission to go over with his family without paying passage money on the condition that he act as reader or comfortor of the sick on board this ship, but no longer.

Names and ages of the Almshouse children,
who are to go to New Netherland on the ship De Waegh:

Annitge Pieters, 17 years

Catalyntge Jans, 13 years

Debora Jans, 15 years

Dieuwer Volcherts, 16 years

Hendrick Thomasen, 14 years

Jan, 17 years

Jan Hendricksen, 12 years

Jannitge Dircx, 19 years

Lysbet Gerrits, 16 years

Lysbet Jans, 18 years

Marritge Hendrik, 16 years

Mathys Coenratsen, 16 years

Otto Jansen, 13 years

Peter Stoffelsen, 13 years

Tryntge Pieters, 23 years

Tryntge Jans, 22 years

William Roelants, 17 years

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