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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Faith

(De Trouw)
Sailed from Amsterdam February 12, 1659
Captain Jan Jansen Bestevaer
Arrived at New Amsterdam May, 1659

6 children [no names], from the Almshouse1

Adrian Fournoi (Fournie), from Valenciennes

Arent Francken (Franckese), from Ieveren (Jever), baker
[Source #77, mentioned, page 409]

Bastiaen Clement from Doornick

Boele Roelofsen, joncker,
(Boele Roeloffsz Jongerman), and wife and three children ages 2 and 3 years and nursing child, besides his wife's sister and a boy 14 years old

Catalyntje Cranenburg, maiden
(Craneburen [Source #84])

Dennys Isacksen from Wyk by Duurstede
(Denys Isacksz)

Egbert Meynderts (Meyndertsen), from Amsterdam - and wife and nursing child and servant

Epke Jacobs (Jacobsen), from Harlingen - farmer, and wife and five sons ages 3/4, 2, 3, 4 and 6 years
[(Epke Jacobs Banta), See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c) 1904, page 191]

Evert Cornellisz (Cornellissen), from the vicinity of Amersfoort

Evert Marschal from Amsterdam - glasier, and wife and daughter 12 years of age

Feytje Dircks (Dircx)

Geertruy(t) Jochems from Hamburgh - wife of Claus Claussen from Amersfort now in New Netherland, and two children ages 4 1/2 and 7 years

Gillis Jansen from Garderen, and wife and four children ages 4 1/4, 5, 6 and 9 years
[(Gillis Jansen De Mandeville), See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c) 1904, page 100]

Goossen Van Twiller from Niewkerk

Harmen Coerten from Voorhuysen - and wife and five children ages 5, 6, 8, 9 and 17 years

Hendrick Harmensen from Amsterdam

Jacob Hendricks (Hendicxsz), from the Highland (Hooghland)- and maid servant

Jan Barents Ameshoff, from Amsterdam
(Jan Barentsz Amelhofsen)

Jan Dircksen (Dircxsen), from Alckmaer - and wife and three children ages 3/4, 8 and 15 years

Jan Harmens (Harmensz), from Amersfoort - tailor, and wife and four children ages 5, 7, 8, and 9 years

Jan Jacobsen (Jacobs), from Utrecht - farmer, and wife, mother and two children ages 2 1/2 and 4 years

Jan Laurensen Noorman - and wife
(Leurens, Lawrense)

Jan Meynderts (Meyndertsz) from Ieveren (Jever), - farmer, and wife Belitje Plettenberg
[Source #77, mentioned, pge 426]

Jan Roelofsen van Naerden, farmer
(Jan Roeloffz from Naerden)

Jan Van Coppenol from Remsen (Ronson) - farmer, and wife and two children ages 7 and 8 years

Jan Woutersen from Ravestein - shoemaker, and wife and daughter, 4 years old

Jannetje Eyckers from East Friesland

Jannetje Theunis van Ysselstein (Iselstein)

Joris Jorissen Townsen from Redfort - mason
(Jorisz Toonson)

Josyntje Verhagen from Middelburg - and daughter age 9 years

Laurens Jacobs van der Wielen

Laurens Janssen from Wormer

Magalantje Teunis from Voorhuysen

Matthys Roelofs (Roelofsz), from Denmark - and wife Aeltie Sybrantsen and child 3 yrs of age.
[See Source #77, pages 274-275, 282]

Nettert Jansen from Emden

Nicholas Gillissen Marschal, glazier

Peter Corneliss Low from Holstein - Laborer
(Pieter Cornelisz Low)
[See Source #77, page 190]

Peter Jacobs, from Holstein, miller, (farm laborer)
(Pieter Jacobsz)
[See Source #77, page 208]

Saertgen Hendricks (Hendricx), from Delft

Sophia Roeloffs

Stoffiel (Stoffel) Gerritsen Van Laer
(brother of Adriaen Van Laer [Source #83A])

Symon De Ruine (Drune), from Henegouw, and wife Magdalena Vanderstaaten
[See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c)1904, page 100]

Tryntgen De Goeyer, maiden

Vroutje Gerrits - wife of Cosyn Gerritsen wheelwright
(Vroutgen Gerritsen)

Weyntje Martens from Gorkum

Wouter Gerritsen from Kootwyck
(Wouter Gerritsz Van Kootuyck)

1Documents relating to the Colonial History of New York, B. Fernow, (c)1883, vol XIV, pg 434.

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