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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In The Market Gardener

Sailed from Amsterdam April 25, 1659
Captain Jacob Jansen Staets
Arrived in New Amsterdam August, 1659

Adriaen Vincent**

Aertje (Artie) Leenders from Amsterdam, widow - lives at Fort Orange

Albert Petersen*, mason

Barent Van Loo from Elburg

Dirck Belet from Breda, cooper. Fare paid for by Director Stuyvesant.

Engelbrecht Sternhuysen from Soest, tailor
[Source #77, mentioned, pg 430]

Geerty (Geertruyt) Claesen*

Gerrit Cornelis Van Niewkerk - and wife and boy 12 years old, and nursing child
(Gerrit Corn. van Niew-Kerk)

Gerrit Petersen* (Pietersen)

Gillis Mandeville* (Mandeiville)
(Ancestor of the Mandeville families. See Riker's Harlem, pg 111.)

Jacob Hendricksen Haen,** painter

Louis Aertz from Bruges, planter

Lysbeth Arents wife of Cornelis Barents (Barentsen), and daughter 3 years of age

Peter Petersen, alias Pia (alias Para, [Source #84]) from Picardy,
(Pieter Pietersen)
and wife and daughter 6 years of age

Thys Jansen from Gooiland (TerGouw) - region between Naarden and Hilversum, agriculturist

Willem Jansen from Rotterdam, fisherman, lives at Fort Orange - wife and nursing child and maid servant. (This girl left him and lives at Fort Orange, [Source #83A])

*A. J. Van Laer in Source #83 states that "these individuals, neither the ship nor year is mentioned", and are listed at the end of this ship in the account books.
**additional names to *, Source #83A.
Source: #77, #83, #83A, #86

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