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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Spotted Cow

Sailed from Amsterdam April 15, 1660
Captain Pieter Lucasz

Albert Heymans (Roosa), from Gelderland, agriculturist - and wife, Weilke de Jonge, and eight children ages 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 17 years
[See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c)1904, page 412]

Albert Jansz (Janss), from Drenthe

Annetje Harmens, maiden - resides with Paulus Leendertz Van de Grift

Arent Mertensz (Meuwens), from Gelderland - in Swartwout's service
(Arent Martensen, [Source #84])

Ariaen Huyberts (Huijbertsz), from (Jena) Gelderland - in Swartwout's service

Beletje Foppe - resides with Jacob Leendertsz Van de Grift

Claes Arentsen (Arentsz), from Drenthe - and wife and three children ages 3/4, 4 and 6 years, and a 14 year old boy

Coert Cartens(z) from Drenthe, farmer's servant

Cornelis Bartels from Drenthe

Cornelis Jacobs (Jacobsz) Van Leeuwen - in the service of Swartwout

Egbertje Dircks from Drenthe, maiden

Evertje Dircks from Drenthe, maiden
(Beertien, Burtje Dircks)

Elias Gyselin (Gijseling), from Zeeland

Focke Jansen (Jansz), from Drenthe, agriculturist - and wife and seven children ages 3, 9, 11, 13, 17 and 19 years, and one nursing child

Gerrit Egberts from Meppel, farmer's servant
(Govert Egbertsz)

Jan Jacobsen Mol
(Jan Jansz Mol)

Jan Kevers (Kiers, Keirs), from the Landscape Drenthe, farmer - and wife

Jan Soubanich (Soubanick, Souvanich), from Byle in Drenthe

Peter Jacobs (Jacobsz), from East Friesland
[Source #77, mentioned page 208]

Peter Jansen
(Pieter Jansz) from Drenthe, shoemaker - and wife and four children ages 1/2, 9, 13 and 15 years

Peter Simkam
(Hinham, Timkam, Stintham), from Nimwegen, tailor - in the service of Director Stuyvesant. Administration on the estate of Peter Sympkam was granted in 1702.
(Source #83A)

Roeloft (Roeloff) Swartwout, agriculturist - on his return to New Netherland where he had previously resided.

Steven Koorts from Drenthe - and wife and seven children ages 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 22 years
(only 6 mentioned, probably an infant as their passage is free - or there may have been twins)

List of Soldiers embarked for New Netherland:
Brant Kemenes
(Brant Hemnes, Kemmes), from Dockum, (assigns two months' wages per year to his mother [source #83A])

Dirck Jansen from Bylevelt

Christian Bartels Ruysah from Amsterdam
(Christian Bartels Buys [Source #84])

Claes Petersen from Ditmarsum, Adelborst
(assigns two months wages per year to his betrothed, Marretie Hendrixen)
[See Also Source #77, page 254]

Claes Hayen from Bremen
[See Source #77, page 413]

Conraet Croos from Switzerland

Gerrit Manneel van Haen
(Gerrit Mannaet from Haen)

Harman Jansen Engsinck from Oldenseel, (assigns wages per year to Beertie Jansen, his mother (Source #83A])

Hendrick Eyck from Nahuys
(Hendrick Dyck [Source #84])
(assigns 2 months wages to his mother, Christina Burghorst)

Hendrich Steveterinck (Sweterinck), from Osnabruck
(Hendrick Swetermik [Source #84])
[Source #77, mentioned page 431]

Jan Petersen (Pietersen), from Ditmarsum
[Source #77, mentioned page 266]

Jan Wilekheresen
(John Wishhousen), from Bergen in Norway
[Source #77, mentioned page 139]

Johan Sprungh (Verpronck, Verplanck)
(Johannis Spronck), from Bonn above Cologne, a smith and baker
Settled eventually in Kings County. (See Bergen's Early Settlers of Kings Co. pg 272)
[See Also Source #77, page 433]

Johannes Levelin from Millhousen
[Source #77, mentioned page 424]

John Hamelton of Hamelton
(Owes David Craffort for transportation, Source #83A)

Michiel Brouwnal (Bronval), from Mont-eassel, (Berg Cassel)
[Source #77, mentioned page 403]

Peter Martens from Laens [Source #86]
(Peter Matteus Van Laeren, [Source #83])
(Peter Mattens from Laeren, [Source #84])

Pieter Petersen
(Peter Peters), from Amsterdam, Adelborst (a military rank), - with his wife and three children ages 2, 4 and 8 years

The following two names are crossed out:
(A note says: "presumably some of these soldiers will be found missing)

Jans Hansen Graer from Groeningen

Jurriaen Fransen from (illegible)

Jan Laurens from Ribe, in Denmark
Whether he was among the missing, cannot be ascertained, as the sources reveal nothing more about him.
[Source #77, mentioned page 246]

Source: #77, #83, #83A, #84, #86

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