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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Netherland

In the Stetin

(De Statyn)
Sailed from Amsterdam September 27, 1663
Captain Isaacq Gerritsz Schaep
Arrived at New Amsterdam January, 1664

Albert Adriaense De Bruyn from the Betuwe in Gelderland

Annetje Hendricks wife of Fredrick Hendricks Kuyper (Cooper);
(cooper his occupation?)

Anthoni Berghman from Gorkum

Beletje Jacobs from Naerden
(Beletie Jacobsz)

Claes Jansen from Amsterdam - and wife and three children ages 6, 12 and 15 years

Cornelis Teunissen from Norway
[Source #77, mentioned page 133]

Dirck Teunissen from Naerden
(Dirck Teunisse Van Naerden)

Douwe Aukes (Aukis)

Grietje Hargeringh from Newenhuys (Niewenhuys)

Grietje Jansen from Weldorp

Gysbert Krijnne Boelhont

Hendrick Gerretsen (Gerritsz), from Arnhem

Hessel Megelis (Wegelis) from Friesland
(Hellel Megelio [Source #84])

Jacob Bastiaensen (Bastiaensz), from Newerveen

Jacob Govertsen (Govertsz), and son 18 years of age

Jan Brouwer, and brother

Jan Hargeringh from Newenhuys (Niewenhuys)

Jan Jansen (Jansz), from Norway - and wife
[Source #77, mentioned page 419]

Jan Jansen the younger - and wife and child 2 l/2 years of age

Jan Laurense from New Netherland

Jan Roelofsen from Norway
[See Source #77, page 132]

Jan Vreesen from Hamburg
[Source #77, mentioned page 433]

Johannes Burger from Geemen

Lysbet ver Schuren
(Leysbet Vershuren)

Merine (Minne) Johannis - and wife and four children ages 1, 6, and two 8 years of age, together with his wife's sister and his servant.
[(Manny), See Revised History of Harlem, James Riker, (c) 1904, page 43]

Peter Carstensen (Carstense), from Holstein - and son 16 years of age
[Source #77, mentioned page 184]

Reinier Claesen from Francken

Sioert (Schout) Olferts from Friesland - and wife and child 2 years of age,
and servant Foppe Johannnis.
Sioert Olferts settled in New York City and is the ancestor of the Sioerts or Shourd families.(See Riker's Harlem, p 486)
Foppe Johannis, also called Focco Janszen, ancestor of Fockens and Heermans families. (American Genealogist, 36:215)
[Source #83A]

Susanna Verplanck (Verplancken), and child 1 1/2 years of age

Willem Voorst (Van Voorst, Van Vorst), from Arnhem

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