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Immigrants to New Sweden

Gyllene Haj
(Golden Shark)
Sailed from Stockholm November 23, 1653
With 41 persons aboard
Arrived in Gothenburg January 17, 1654

The Gyllene Haj Left Stockholm with 41 persons, including sailors. On December 17 the ship had only come as far as Dalaron, a place near Stockholm. On the 30th she was in the sound, where six sailors with a servant and prisonor deserted. Four new sailors having been hired, the vessel again set sail about January 3rd. She arrived in Gothenburg January 17th in bad condition. The provision, supplies and colonists were transfered to the Eagle (Orn), which sailed from Gothenburg on February 2, 1654.

# Persons on the Gyllene Haj:
11- Captain Hans Amundson Besk

1 - Lieutenant Sven Hook

1 - Hanss Steghson in Dalaron,
the son-in-law of the bookkeeper Hans Kramer, December 17

1 - Jonas Oloffsson, mate

1 - Bengt Ericksson, sailor

1 - Johan Olofsson, sailor

1 - David Michelsson, sailor

1 - Eric Joransson, sailor

1 - Hindrick Matson, sailor

1 - Jones Olofsson, cook

1 - Jacob Johansson, the cook's boy

7 - The constaples (gunners) with their wives, maidservants and children are both families together.

1 - Johan Pedhersson Wulff, soldier

1 - Nilss Nilsson Phogegus, soldier

1 - Gustaf Johansson Krackfoot, soldier

1 - Carl Julius, secretary, soldier

The following deserted:

1 - Tommes Mein, deserted sailor
1 - Lars Ericksson - deserted sailor
1 - Jonas Ericksson- deserted sailor
1 - Michel Olofsson von Saar - deserted sailor
2 - Torsten Torwigh - deserted sailor with his servant
1 - Hans Miodh - deserted prisoner

The following hired to replace deserted sailors:

Andreas Matheus, mate

Effwert Johansson, second mate

Jonas Nilsson, sailor

Persson, the cook

16 barrels of beer
1 barrels of salt meat
2 barrels of herring
20 barrels of hard bread
6 barrels of fine hard bread for the officers
and other provisions.

Compiled from:
Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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