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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Sweden

The Freedenburg
Sailed from the Texel at the end of July, 1640
Skipper Jacob Powelson
Arrived in New Sweden November 2, 1640

Joost van den Bogaert,1 Director

Henrik Hooghkamer

20 families

(About 50 souls in all)

It is a curious fact that Joost van den Bogaert disappears from history with his settlement in 1642. Sickness befell the Sweden Colony in 1642. It is therefore possible that Bogaert and some of his people died in that year. The surviving Dutch settlers probably removed to Fort Nassau or to New Amsterdam.

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1[Joost van den Boogaert was in New Netherland returning to Holland in 1625 Documents Relating to New Netherland 1624-1626, in the Henry E. Huntington Library,A.J. van Laer, (c)1924] See more information at the ship Orangenboom.

Compiled from:
The Swedish settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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