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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Immigrants to New Sweden

Left Gothenburg November 25, 1655
Skipper Jan Hindrickson Lang
Arrived in New Sweden March 14, 1656

Johan Papegoja, Commander

Hendrick Huygen, Second Commander, head commissary in charge of the ship

Jacob Janson, ship mate

Heindrich Mundt, barber-surgeon

Hans Janeke, barber-surgeon
Returning to New Sweden

Hendrick Olsson

John Classon Rising, the younger - brother of Director Rising

Rev Mathias

Anders Jacobsson, colonist from Brunskogh Sacken - with wife, maid servant and 3 children
Colonists from Frijsdalen:

John Grelson - with wife and three children

Martin Pafvelsson - with wife only

Nils Nilsson (Niels Nielsson) - with wife and 4 children

Anders Larson - with wife and five children

Mats Matson - with wife and one child

Olof Olofsson, a servant

Gertrud, a maid servant

Joen Staffeson, the blacksmith

Karin Andersdotter (Karin the daughter of Anders), a widow with one child

Marcus Sigfriedhsson, a servant

Joran Joransson, a servant

Nils Simonsson - with wife and three children

Joran Sigfridsson - with wife

Hindrick Jacobsson - with four almost grown sons

Grels Grelson, a servant

Eric Matson, a servant

Lars Larson, a servant

Olof Clementsson, a servant

Jonas Hindricksson, a servant

Elissabeth Esekelsdotter (daughter of Esekiel?), a servant

Colonists from Lijtestegen:

Thos Jacobsson - with wife, maid servant and 3 children

Pafvell Persson - with wife, maid servant and 3 children

Olof Philipsson - with wife and 5 children

Pavel Nilsson - with wife and 2 children

Olof Nilsson - with wife only

Lars Bengtson - with wife, man servant and 4 children

Jons Jonson - with wife and 6 children

Carl Jonson - with wife, maid servant and 3 children

Eric Martensson - with wife and 2 children

Johan Simonsson - with wife and 3 children

Compiled from:
Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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