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Annals of Albany, by Joel Munsell
Condensed Contents - Articles Prior to 1800
Vol I   Vol II   Vol III   Vol IV   Vol V   Vol VI   Vol VII   Vol VIII   Vol IX   Vol X  
Early History
Acts relating to Albany, 1691-1713 - Vol IV
Albany in 1691 and in 1853 - Vol V
Albany in 1796 - Vol I
Alphabetical list of counties, towns and post offices - Vol I
An Albany merchant's stock in 1790 - Vol I
Ancient Albany - Vol I
Ancient commerce of Albany - Vol I
Ancient funeral custom - Vol II
Arrivals at this Port, 1791 - Vol III
Banks, with historical reminiscences - Vol I
Barlow's prediciton of the Erie Canal, 1787 - Vol I
Brief History of the City of Albany - Vol V
Burning of Schenectady - Vol IV
Castle Island - Vol II
Celebration of the adoption of the constitution, 1788 - Vol I
Charter of the City of Albany - Vol II
City of Albany - Vol I
Closing and opening of the river since 1785 - Vol I
Cold days sixty years ago - Vol I
Colony of Rensselaerswyck, 1614-1646 - Vol I
Colony of Rensselaerswyck, 1646-1664 - Vol II
Conditions and prospects of the city in 1789 - Vol I
Congress at Albany 1754 - Vol III
Convention on the state of the province - Vol II
County of Albany - Vol I
Description of Albany and manners of the inhabitants, 1764 - Vol II
Discovery and first voyage up Hudson's River 1609 - Vol I
Dr. Morse's description of Albany, 1789 - Vol I
Dutch Language - Vol II
Dutch names for Albany and Vicinity - Vol II
Dutch Names of Persons, Places and Things - Vol III
Epidemic in Albany 1746 - Vol III
Father Jague's Account of Rensselaerwyck - Vol IX
Ferry Rates, 1784 - Vol III
Form of oath to the patroon - Vol II
From an Englishman's Sketch Book - Vol VII
Great Comet of 1680 - Vol VI
Houses in Albany, 1786 - Vol I
Indian disturbances - Vol II
Indian names of Albany and vicinity - Vol II
Lights and shadows of traveling in New York fifty years ago - Vol I
Memorada of 1784-5 - Vol I
Mohawk Indians - Vol IX
Origin of Sunday Schools in Albany - Vol VII
Orphan Asylum - Vol III
Plan of Albany, 1676 - Vol IV
Plan of Albany, 1765 - Vol IV
Provincial Congress - Vol VII
Provincial Convention - Vol VII
Rates of Excise in 1686 - Vol VIII
Return of Abercrombies Army - Vol II
Stage and mail routes in olden times - Vol I
State Normal School - Vol I
The Fuyck - Vol II
Wampum - Vol II

Evangelical Lutheran Ebenezer church - Vol I
First Presbyterian Church - Vol I
German Evangelical Lutheran Church - Vol I
Jewish Synagogues - Vol I
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in Albany - Vol I
Universalist Church - Vol I
Trinity Church - Vol III
First English Church in Albany - Vol V
State Street Baptist Church - Vol V
Church of Kinderhook - Vol VI
Dutch Reformed Church - Vol VI
Episcopal Chuch - Vol VI
History of the Third Presbyterian Church - Vol VI
Lutheran Church - Vol VI
Dutch Church Papers - Vol VII
First Congregational Church - Vol VII
Church of the Holy Innocents - Vol X
Third Reformed Protestant Dutch Church - Vol X

Historical Records, Documents, etc.
Albany Records, 1638 to 167? - Vol IV
Ancient Documents - Vol VII
Bond of the aldermen of Schenectady, 1766 - Vol I
Books in 1772 - Vol I
By-Laws of the City, 1686 - Vol VII
Capitulation of the Dutch to the English - Vol IV
Charter of Liberties and Privileges - Vol IV
City Records, 1686-1695 - Vol II
City Records, 1695-1699 - Vol III
City Records, 1699-1705 - Vol IV
City Records, 1705-1710 - Vol V
City Records, 1710-1713 - Vol VI
City Records, 1713-1718 - Vol VII
City Records, 1718-1726 - Vol VIII
City Records, 1726-1731 - Vol IX
City Records, 1731-1753 - Vol X
Examinations at a Court of Inquiry at Albany, 1745 - Vol VII
Form of Judgment Record 1698 - Vol VI
Forms of Oaths, 1689 - Vol III
License in Old Times - Vol VIII
License to teach English, 1665 - Vol III
New York Colonial Manuscripts, 1666-1690 - Vol VII
New York Colonial Manuscripts, 1690-91, 1736-1755 - Vol VIII
Orders Regualting the Indian Trade - Vol VIII
Population, 1714 - Vol III
Records of the Court of Assize, 1666-1672 - Vol IV
Salaries of State Offices, 1774 - Vol III
Scraps from the Dutch Records - Vol X
Taking the Oath of Allegiance, 1699 - Vol III

Lists, Names, etc.
Albany charter officers, 1686 - Vol I
Civil officers of the city of Albany, 1693 - Vol I
Co-directors of Rensselaerswyck, 1630 - Vol I
Freedoms purchased in 1781 - Vol X
List of freeholders of the city and county of Albany, 1720 - Vol I
Mayors of Albany from 1684-1849 - Vol I
Names of settlers in Rensselaerswyck 1630-1646 - Vol I
List of freeholders in 1742 - Vol II
List of the Heads of Families, 1697 - Vol IX

Of   Persons, Places
Biographical Memoirs of Physicians in Albany County - Vol IX
Biographical Notices - Vol VII
Early Settlers of the Hudson - Vol V
Notable Women of Olden Times - Vol VII

Abeel - Commission of John Abeel - Vol I
Alexander - William Alexander - Vol VIII
Bakker - Sentence of Willem Juriansen Bakker - Vol I
Barclay - Rev. Henry Barclay, D. D. - Vol V
Beck - Obituary of T. Romeyn Beck - Vol VIII
Bleecker - Harmanus Bleecker - Vol I
Buckingham - J. S. Buckingham in Albany - Vol IX
De Vries - De Vries in Albany - Vol IX
Dellius - Petition of Rev. G. Dellius for payment of Services - Vol X
Groesbeck - Family record from Groesbeck Bible - Vol I
Hamilton - Mrs. Alexander Hamilton - Vol VIII
Jones - Old John Jones's Grocery - Vol V
Kalm - Visit of Peter Kalm to Albany 1749 - Vol I
Lambert - John Lambert in Albany - Vol VIII
Lovett - Memoir of John Lovett - Vol X
Melish - John Melish in Albany - Vol VIII
Schuyler - Aunt Schuyler House - Vol VI
Schuyler - Biographical sketch of Gen. Phillip Schuyler - Vol I
Schuyler - Philip Pietersen Schuyler - Vol II
Southwick - Solomon Southwick - Vol V
Spencer - John C. Spencer - Vol VI
Stevenson - The Stevenson House - Vol I
Swart - Commission of Gerrit Swart of Rensselaerswyck - Vol II
Teller - Case of William Teller - Vol VIII
Van Curler - Arent van Curler - Vol I
Van Renssealer - Killean Van Rensselaer - Vol I
Van Rensselaer - Executors of Jeremias van Rensselaer - Vol I
Van Rensselaer - Life and Services of Stephen Van Rensselaer - Vol III
Van Santvoord - Capt. Anthony Van Santvoord - Vol V
Van Vechten - Abraham Van Vechten - Vol X
Vanderheyden - Vanderheyden Palace - Vol I
Webster - Memoir of Charles R. Webster - Vol V
Wendell - The Wendell House - Vol I

Ancient Burial Ground - Vol X
Ancient Wills - Vol III
Baptisms in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, 1683-1693 - Vol II
Baptisms in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, 1693-1707 - Vol III
Dutch Baptismal Names with the corresponding English Names - Vol III
Dutch church burials, 1722-1757 - Vol I
Inscriptions in the Episcopal Burial Ground - Vol IV
Inscriptions in the Presbyterian Burial Ground, 1786-1851 - Vol III
Inscriptions in the Reformed Protestant Dutch Burial Ground - Vol VI
Inscriptions inthe Second Presbyterian Burying Ground - Vol VII
Notes from Newspapers, 1771-1790 - Vol II
Notes from Newspapers, 1790-1798 Vol - III

Map of New Netherland - Vol VI
Plan of Albany, 1676 - Vol IV
Plan of Albany, 1765 - Vol IV
Plan of Albany, 1770 - Vol IV
Map of Albany County - Vol V
Map of Rensselaerwyck - Vol V

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