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Documentary History of the State of New York, by E. B. O'Callaghan

Volume I
I. Papers relating to the Iroquois and other Indian Tribes, 1666-1675.

II. Papers relating to the first settlement at Onondaga, and the discovery of the Salt Springs.

III. Papers Relating to De Courcelles' and De Tracy's expeditions against the Mohawk Indians, 1665-6.

IV. Reports on the Province of New York, 1669-1678.

V. Papers relating to M. De La Barre's expedition to Hungry Bay, 1684.

VI. Governor Dongan's report on the State of the Province, 1687.

VII. Papers relating to Denonville's expedition to the Genesee Country and Niagara, 1687.

VIII. Names of the male inhabitants of Ulster Co., 1690.

IX. Papers relating to the invasion of New York and the burning of Schenectady by the French, 1690.

X. Civil List of the Province of New York, 1693.

XI. Papers Relating to Frontenac's Expedition against the Onondagoes, 1696.

XII. New York Army List, 1700.

XIII. Census of the Counties of Orange, Dutchess and Albany, 1702, 1714, 1720.

XIV. Cadwallader Colden on the Lands of New York, 1732.

XV. Papers relating to the Susquehannah River, 1683-1757.

XVI. Papers relating to Ogdensburgh, 1749.

XVII. Papers relating to Oswego.

XVIII. Papers relating to the Oneida Country and Mohawk Valley, 1756-57.

XIX. Papers relating to French Seignoiories on Lake Champlain.

XX. Boundary line between the Whites and the Indians, 1765.

XXI. Papers relating to the City of New York.

XXII. Papers relating to Long Island.

XXIII. Statistics of Population, 1647-1774.

XXIV. Statistics of revenue, imports, exports, etc., 1691-1768.

XXV. Papers relating to trade and manufactures, 1705-1757.

XXVI. Report of Gov. Tryon on the State of the Province, 1774.

Volume II
I. Papers relating to Lt. Gov. Liesler's Administration.

II. Early rate lists of Long Island.

III. Manuscripts of Sir Wm. Johnson.

IV. Early Steam Navigation.

V. Papers relating to Western New York.

Volume III
I. Champlain's Expeditions to Northern and Western New York, 1609, 1615.

II. Papers relating to the first settlement of New York by the Dutch.

III. Papers relating to the restoration of New York to the English; and to the Charges Against Captain Manning for its previous surrender to the Dutch, 1674-1675.

IV. Papers relating to the state of religion in the Province, 1657-1712.

V. Papers relating to Kings County, L.I.

VI. Papers relating to the Churches in Queens County.

VII. Papers relating to Suffolk County.

VIII. Papers relating to the City of New York.

IX. Papers relating to the Palatines.

X. Papers relating to the Manor of Livingston, including the first settlement of Schoharie, 1680-1795.

XI. Census of Slaves, 1755.

XII. Papers relating to Albany and adjacent places.

XIII. Papers relating to Westchester County.

XIV. Papers relating to Ulster and Dutchess Counties.

XV. Papers relating to Quakers and Moravians.

XVI. Rev. Gideon Hawley's Journey to Oghquaga, Broome Co., 1753.

XVII. State of the Anglo American Church, in 1776.

XVIII. Price of Land in the State of New York, 1791.

XIX. Report of a committee appointed to explore the Western waters in the State of New York, 1792.

XX. Journal of Rev. John Taylor's Missionary tour through the Mohawk and Black River Countries, in 1802.

XXI. Rectors of St. Peters Church, Albany.

XXII. Appendix.

XXIII. Medals and Coins.

XXIV. Miscellany.

Volume IV
I. Journal of New Netherland, 1641-1646.

II. Description of New Netherland, By Rev. Isaac Jogues, S. J., 1644.

III. Information for taking up land in New Netherland, by Secretary Van Tienhoven, 1650.

IV. Journal of the Second Esopus War, by Capt. Kregier, 1663. V. Breeden Raedt; Extracts from the, 1649.

VI. Description of New Netherland; from Montanus, 1671; First Emigrants to New Netherland from Baudartius

VII. Trial for Witchcraft in New York, 1665.

VIII. Assessment Rolls of the Five Dutch Towns on L. I., 1675.

IX. State of the Province of New York in 1738.

X. Reasons in support of Triennial elections in the Province of New York.

XI. Journal of Sir Wm. Johnson's Scouts, 1755-56.

XII. Papers relating to the Six Nations, 1756-63.

XIII. Papers relating to the Erection of Fort Stanwix, 1758.

XIV. Papers relating to the difficulties between New York and New Hampshire, 1749-1799.

XV. Memoir of James Delancey, Lieut. Gov. of the Province of New York; Miscellanies.

XVI. Memoir of Hon. James Duane, Judge of the U. S. District Court of New York;
Clergy of the City of New York in 1796.

XVII. Proclamation of the last of the Royal Governors of New York;
Father White's Indian Grammar.

XVIII. Memorial concerning the Iroquois.

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