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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Military, Casualties of War

Ulster Officers, 1728
Military and Civil

Name Title
Artsen, Ja old
Beekman, Henry Collo, Justice
Bogardus, Evert old
Bovie, Lawies old
Brodhed, Cherels Capt
Brodhed, Richert Capt
Bruyn, Jacobes Justice
Chammers, Abram Gasbeek Levt Collo
Coock, Jno old
Corneles, Mr Coll, Justice
Crooem, Geysebert old
De Witt, Jacob old
Duboys, Sallomon Levt
Dupue, Moses old
Elvendorp, Conraet Capt
Gerese, Aire Justice
Gerten, Tomes Capt
Hardenburgh, Jno Major
Hasbroiek, Abram Capt
Hasbrok, Josef Justice
Heremans, Jno Levt
Horenbeek, Lodwyck Justice
Mattyse, Mattys Capt
Medaegh, George Justice
Meyer, Nicolas Levt
Osterhout, Tuenes old
Roosa, Albert old
Roosekrans, Sander old
Rutsen, Jacob Collo
Schepmoies, Dereck Capt, Justice
Schonmaker, Eghbert Justice
Schonmaker, Joqem Capt
Sleght, Mattys old
Smedes, Benjamen Levt
Swets, Cornels old
Tapen, Tuenes old
Tenbrok, Wessel Capt
Van Denberrgh, Geysebert Adgedeut
Van Garden, Geysebert old

Documentary History of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan, (c)1849, Vol. III, pg 972.

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