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Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts

List of Men on the Farms
July 20, 1632

On Renselaers burch:
Officer Turger Hendrissen, farmer
Cornelis jacopsen van martens dyck
Seger jansen van nieukerk
Pieter Hendrissen van soest

On Welys burch:
Brandt peelen van niewkerck, farmer
Barent jansen van desens
Marcus mense van cuyleborch

the fourth reux will have to do without if your honor can not get another in his stead.

On de laetsburch:
Roelof jansen van masterlandt, farmer
Claes Claesen van vlecker
Jacob Goyversen van vlecker

On Blommaert Burch:
Gerrit Teeusen den reux, farmer
Hendrick frericksen van Bunnick
Cornelis Thonissen van meerkerck

On Godyns burgh, To be erected near the mill creek where there is much timer, or, in order to be nearer by, at the next creek toward Fort Orange, opposite Castle Island or otherwise, if that can not conveniently be done, on the east side of the river near Roelof jansens.
The foreman of Pieter Bylevelt to be made farmer, a farm laborer to be engaged there and also another laborer or a black in his stead.
If there are suitable farm hands whose time is up and who want to come home, some more might be engaged with the advise of the farmers if the wages are reasonable.

N. B. If the laborers of Bylevelt should not be willing to serve me or not be satisfactory to me, you may engage theunis willemsen, who was left over in Swaenendael, to serve out the rest of his term as farmer up the river.
I hear also that corenlis vanvoorst has laborers whose time is up and that he has engaged new men. It would not be bad either to use Laurens Laurensen or his mate as farmer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Van Rensselaer Bowier Mss, Translated by A. J. Van Laer, (c)1908, p 222.

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