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Oath of the Schepens

Power of attorney to Rutger Hendricksz van Soest to administer the oath of schepen to Roelof Jansz van Masterland, Gerrit Theusz de Reux, Marinus Adriaensz van de Veere, Brant Peelen van Nijkerck and Laurens Laurensz van Coppenhagen; the schepen oath.

July 1, 1632

This day the first day of the month of July in the year sixteen hundred and thirty-two, before me Peter Ruttens, admitted notary public by the Court of Holland, and residing at Amsterdam, appeared in his own person the Hon. Kiliaen van Rensselaer, formerly director of the Chartered West India Company, Chamber of this city, well known to me, the notary, as patroon of his colony called Rensselaerswyck, lying on the river Mauritins, or North River of New Netherland, by virtue of the Freedoms granted to all patroons by the Assembly of the Nineteen of the Chartered West India company on the twenty-eight of March, sixteen hundred and twenty-eight, and the seventh of June, sixteen hundred and twenty-nine, and has in that quality legally constituted and empowered, as he hereby does constitute an empower, the Hon. Rutger Hendricksz van Soest, farmer on West Island, on Rensselaers burgh in Bylaersdal, in the quality of officer and schout over the aforesaid colony, giving him complete and absolute power, authority and special order in his, the constituent's, name and in his behalf, to administer to and receive of Roelof Jansz van Masterland, farmer on de Laets-burgh in Twillers dal, the proper oath of schepen over his aforesaid colony and jurisdiction of the same, also to Gerrit Theusz de Reux, farmer on Bloemarts-burgh in Welysdal, also to Marinus Adriaensz, tobacco planter on Godins-burgh, also to Brant Peelen van Nijkerck, farmer on West Island on Welsburgh in Bylaers dal, also to Laurens Laurensz van Coppenhagen, miller on de Laets kil, with further authority to substitute one or more others in the place of those that are absent or deceased, subject to the approval however of the honorable constituent as patroon aforesaid, and further in the matter to do, observe and perform everything else that in such or similar cases is required or necessary to be done, and the constituent as patroon aforesaid being personally present might do himself, even if the matter should require fuller authority. Promising to hold good, satisfactory and valid whatever shall be done, executed or performed herein by his deputy aforesaid; all according to the requirements of the law. Thus done within this aforesaid city of Amsterdam, at the house and office of me, the notary, in the presence of Jan de Graeff and Hendrick Doose, as witnesses.

The Oath of the Schepens

To be read and administered by the honorable schout.

This you swear, that you will be good schepens, that you will be loyal and feal to my gracious lord and support and strengthen him in his affairs as much as is in your power; that you will pass honest judgment between the lord and the farmer, the farmer and the lord, and in the proceedings between two farmers, and that you will not fail to do this on any consideration whatsoever.
So help you God.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Van Rensselaer Bowier Mss, Translated by A. J. Van Laer, (c)1908, p 201-202.

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