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New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State


1771 Gloucester County
Heads of Families

Aikin, James Moore Town
Baldwin, Isaac Stafford
Barnett, Saml Newbury
Bartholomew, Timothy Thetford
Baxter, Richd Thetford
Bayley, Ephraim Newbury
Bayley, Frye Newbury
Bayley, Jacob Newbury
Bell, William Moore Town
Butterfield, Jonathan Newbury
Chamberlin, Amos Thetford
Chamberlin, Abial Newbury
Chamberlin, Abner Thetford
Chamberlin, Bnj. Thetford
Chamberlin, David Thetford
Chamberlin, Err Newbury
Chamberlin, John Thetford
Chamberlin, Josh Newbury
Chamberlin, Nathaniel Newbury
Chamberlin, Richd Newbury
Chamberlin, Thos Newbury
Chamberlin, Uriah Newbury
Chamberlin, Wm Stafford
Chumley, Thos Thetford
Colborn, Benj Thetford
Colboy, Ezekial Newbury
Collins, Ephraim Moore Town
Colson, John Thetford
Davis, Amos Moore Town
Davis, Samuel Moore Town
Downer, Joseph Thetford
Foremon, John Newbury
Fowler, Abner Newbury
Fowler, Abner, Jr. Newbury
Fowler, Jacob Newbury
Fowler, Jonathan Newbury
Galt, Saml Moore Town
Gillet, Samuel Thetford
Goodwin, Jon'n Newbury
Grant, Peter Thetford
Green, Ebenezer Thetford
Hall, Danl Newbury
Hall, Elijah Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Hall, Enoch Newbury
Hall, Enoch Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Hall, Jacob Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Halo, Samuel Newbury
Hasletine, John Newbury
Hasletine, Robt Newbury
Heath, Venice Newbury
Horner, James Moore Town
Horseford, Elihu Thetford
Horseford, Joseph Thetford
Hosmir, Aaron Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Howard, Abner Thetford
Howard, Edwd Thetford
Howard, Edwd, Jr. Thetford
Howard, Elijah Thetford
Howard, John Thetford
Hunkins, Robt Newbury
Jenkin, Benj Moore Town
Johnson, Elisha Newbury
Johnson, Hagness Newbury
Johnson, Thomas Newbury
Johnston, Robert Newbury
Kennady, Robt Moore Town
Kent, Jacob Newbury
Lovewell, Nehemiah Newbury
Martin, Ebenezer Moore Town
Martin, Ephraim Moore Town
Martin, John Moore Town
Martin, Nathl Moore Town
McConnall, Stephen Newbury
McDuffie, Saml Moore Town
McFarlin, Jesse Moore Town
Miller, Hugh Moore Town
Miller, James Moore Town
Miller, Matthew Moore Town
Miller, Saml Moore Town
Mills, John Newbury
Moore, William Thetford
Moss, Uriah Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Nash, Timothy Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Nutting, John Newbury
Osborne, Saml Thetford
Parish, Ezekiel Stafford
Peters, John Moore Town
Pinnock, James Stafford
Pinnock, Jesse Stafford
Pinnock, Saml Stafford
Pinnock, Wm Stafford
Powers, Peter Newbury
Powers, Ruben Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Richardson, Ebenezer Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Saunders, Obededam Moore Town
Sawyer, John Moore Town
Sawyer, John Barnett, Lunenburgh,
Ryegate, Guildhall
Sillaway, Hezikiah Moore Town
Sleeper, Widdow Hannah Moore Town
Smith, Gideon Newbury
Smith, Israel Thetford
Spafford, Ephraim Newbury
Stephens, Simeon Newbury
Strong, John Thetford
Strong, Raben Thetford
Sumney, Jon: Thetford
Sweetlon, Noah Thetford
Sylvester, Levy Newbury
Taplin, John, Jr. Newbury
Thompson, David Moore Town
Thursten, Moses Newbury
Tillotson, Danl Newbury
Weeks, David Newbury
West, Danl Stafford
White, Ebenezer Newbury
White, Joseph Newbury
White, Noah Moore Town
Wise, Saml Thetford
Wright, Rononi Moore Town

The Documentary History of the State of New York, E. B. O'Callaghan, 1850, Vol. 4, pg 709.

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