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Descendants of John Glover

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 GLOVER was born 1796 in Schoharie County, New York1, and died July 09, 1865 in Texas Valley, Marathon, New York2. He married ELIZABETH UNKNOWN.

Notes for JOHN GLOVER: John Glover and his son, John H. Glover had a mill on Glover's Pond in the SW corner of Cincinnatus.

Cortland County Probate File No. X8591: John Glover will was made 1 Feb 1864, witnessed by E. Clark Clarley and Rufus Johnson of Marathon, John Henry Glover named executor. Children and next of kin were listed as John H. Glover and Jacob Glover of Cincinnatus. The file included a long list of inventory items including farm, barn, household property and 12 cows, totaling $1,299.65.

Cortland County Deed Book S (ess), Page 97: Made 20 September 1830, John Day of Town of Beccles, Great Britain, Margaret Owen Day his wife, and Henry Wilks of New York City, Counselor at Law, and Ann his wife, sell to John Glover of Vienna, Ontario County, New York, for $300 the state’s Hundred Acres, Lot 46, Town of Cincinnatus, a square survey in southeast corner.

Cortland County Deed Book 8, Page 499: Made 28 September 1840, Stephen Casswell of Willet sells to John Glover of Cincinnatus for $20.00, 4 acres on Northwest corner of lot 47, Cincinnatus. Recorded 2 November 1844.

Cortland County Deed Book 73, Page 423: Made 13 May 1884; Party of the first part, John M. Delavan, special guardian of Adelbert E. Glover, Hattie M. Fargo, Stella Glover and Leland Glover, infants, plus Alfred Johnson as special guardian of Hattie Glover, wife of Adelbert Glover, also an infant, devisees of John Glover, see to party of the second part, John F. Glover of Smithville, Chenango County, New York. Details of a suit to allow sale of this land. A Superior Court Order of 24 April 1884 allows such sale for $230.2.3 [230.68] to each infant, total $922.2/3. 104 acres and water rights on lots 46 and 47 bordered by town line between Cincinnatus and Willet, as held by John Glover, grandfather of said infants, in his will dated ca 1 February 1864. Recorded 5 June 1884.

Cortland County Deed Book 73, Page 425: Made 13 May 1884; part of the first part: George S. Glover and Cora A., his wife, of Triangle, Broome County, New York, and Edwin C. Glover and Mary A., his wife, of Marathon, devises of John Glover, late of Cincinnatus, deceased, to party of the second part John F. Glover of Smithville, Chenango County, New York, for $230.2/3 to each, same land as on above p. 423; all the devisees, including John F. Glover, were children of John H. Glover. Recorded 5 June 1884.


2. i. JACOB2 GLOVER, b. Abt. 1823, Venice , Ontario County, New York.

ii. MARY ELLEN GLOVER, b. March 18303; d. April 11, 1835, Texas Valley, Marathon, Cortland County, NY.

3. iii. JOHN HENRY GLOVER, b. 1832, Cincinnatus, Cortland County, New York; d. April 19, 1883, Cincinnatus, Cortland County, New York. iv. BETSEY GLOVER, b. 1839. v. CHARLES GLOVER, b. 1843.

Generation No. 2

2. JACOB2 GLOVER (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1823 in Venice , Ontario County, New York4. He married CATHERINE LNU Bef. 1851 in Cortland County, New York.

Notes for JACOB GLOVER: In the 1855 NYS Census, this Jacob was living in Cincinnatus for twenty-six years


i. ALICE3 GLOVER, b. 18515.

3. JOHN HENRY2 GLOVER (JOHN1) was born 1832 in Cincinnatus, Cortland County, New York6, and died April 19, 1883 in Cincinnatus, Cortland County, New York7. He married HANNAH L. JOHNSON April 17, 1853 in Marathon, New York8, daughter of JUSTICE JOHNSON and MALINDA UNKNOWN.

Notes for JOHN HENRY GLOVER: As reported in the Cortland Standard: John H. Glover died after a sudden illness, at his funeral service at the Marathon Methodist/Episcopal church, the Rev A. D. Barnes of Binghamton said: " He was the bravest of soldiers and the best of comrades." (Rev. Barnes was the Regimental Chaplin for the 5th NYS Heavy Artillery].

J. H. Glover enlisted at Syracuse on January 25, 1864 and was paid a $300 enlistment bonus.


i. GASPAR3 GLOVER, b. 1854, Texas Valley, Marathon, Cortland County, NY9; d. November 03, 1874, Texas Valley, Marathon, Cortland County, NY. 4.

ii. GEORGE S. GLOVER, b. 1856, Cincinnatus, New York; d. 1927, Upper Lisle, New York.

iii. EDWIN C. GLOVER, b. 186010; m. MARY ANN LNU.

iv. JOHN F. GLOVER, b. 186111; d. October 02, 1934. 5.

v. ADELBERT E. GLOVER, b. July 24, 1863, Cincinnatus, New York; d. May 02, 1938, City of Cortland, New York.

vi. HATTIE M. GLOVER, b. 186712; m. FNU FARGO.

vii. ADDIE GLOVER, b. 186813.

viii. LELAND GLOVER, b. 187114.

Generation No. 3

4. GEORGE S.3 GLOVER (JOHN HENRY2, JOHN1) was born 1856 in Cincinnatus, New York15, and died 1927 in Upper Lisle, New York16. He married CORA A. BANCROFT December 26, 1878 in Marathon, New York, daughter of HARVEY BANCROFT and MERCY UNKNOWN.

Marriage Notes for GEORGE GLOVER and CORA BANCROFT: Cortland Democrat, 3 Jan 1879: "George S. Bancroft md Cora A. Bancroft, 26 Dec 1878, at residence of Alfred Johnson, by Rev. J. H. Sage. Bride and Groom were of Willet."


i. TRACY J.4 GLOVER, b. 1880.

ii. JOHN F. GLOVER, b. 1889.

iii. HARVEY D. GLOVER, b. 1892. iv. LELAND B. GLOVER, b. 1905.

5. ADELBERT E.3 GLOVER (JOHN HENRY2, JOHN1) was born July 24, 1863 in Cincinnatus, New York17, and died May 02, 1938 in City of Cortland, New York18. He married (1) HARRIETTE LOUISE JOHNSON March 16, 1883 in Texas Valley, Marathon, Cortland County, NY19, daughter of ALFRED JOHNSON and HARRIETTE YARINGTON. He married (2) FANNIE A. STANLEY June 17, 1897 in Marathon, New York20, daughter of RANSOM STANLEY and FRANCES UNKOWN.

Notes for ADELBERT E. GLOVER: Cortland Country Historical Society: "the 6th Annual Reunion of the Glover Family was held at the home of Bert Glover on June 29th. Clarence A. Glover of Marathon was elected President for the Ensuring year."

Cortland Democrat, "May 6, 1938:Marathon, May 4.--Adelbert Glover, 74 years of age, passed away at the Cortland Hospital, Monday Morning, after several years of ill health. The funeral was held Wednesday at the Barber Funeral Home, with Rev. L. L. Vought conducting the service. Burial in the Marathon cemetery. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Orville Knickerbocker of Amsterdam." (From CCHS Files)

Notes for HARRIETTE LOUISE JOHNSON: Cortland County Historical Society Newspaper Death Files: "Harriette Louise Johnson Glover (Mrs. Adelbert Glover], D in City of Cortland, citing Cortland Democrat 21 Oct 1892. The Democrat of that date has in deaths column: Glover--At her home on South Main Street [Cortland], of peritonitis, at 1 a. m., October 19, 1892, Mrs. Adlebert Glover. Remains taken to Marathon for Burial."

Child of ADELBERT GLOVER and HARRIETTE JOHNSON is: 6. i. HELEN LOUISE4 GLOVER, b. August 28, 1883, Upper Lisle(?), New York; d. August 25, 1974, Amsterdam, New York.

Generation No. 4

6. HELEN LOUISE4 GLOVER (ADELBERT E.3, JOHN HENRY2, JOHN1) was born August 28, 1883 in Upper Lisle(?), New York21, and died August 25, 1974 in Amsterdam, New York22. She married (1) DELMONT PARSONS. She married (2) ORVILLE PRATT KNICKERBOCKER June 21, 1910 in Marathon, New York23, son of IRA KNICKERBOCKER and ISAPHINE TOMPKINS.


i. HARRIETTE ESTELLE5 KNICKERBOCKER, b. December 06, 1913, Schenectady, New York24; d. April 19, 1963, Lowell, Massachusetts25; m. GEORGE FRANCIS WALKER , SR, August 28, 1943, Palisades Park, New Jersey26.

ii. IRA ELMER KNICKERBOCKER, b. June 27, 1915, Schenectady, New York; d. February 06, 1996, Amsterdam, New York; m. MARTHA ZUEND, Bef. January 1944, Detroit, Michigan.

iii. ORVILLE ADELBERT KNICKERBOCKER, b. 1920, Amsterdam, New York27; d. 1921, Amsterdam, New York28.


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