Submitted by Fred Quaile

William B. QUAILE / Maria SMITH

First Generation: Frederick Earl QUAILE was born on 27 July 1943 in Canastota, New York. He was married to Barbara Faye POHLE on 28 July 1985 in Richmond, Virginia

Second Generation: Robert William QUAILE was born on 9 May 1912 in Nanticoke, New York. He died on 21 April 1994 in Cortland Memorial Hospital. He was buried on 26 April 1994 in Lincklaen, New York. He was married to Mary Marie WALKER on 1 Nov 1938 in Lincklaen, New York

Third Generation: Frank QUAIL was born on 10 April 1879. He died on 10 April 1929 in Endicott, New York. He was buried in Ketchumville Cemetery. He was married to Elizabeth THORNTON in 1911 in Broome County, New York

Fourth Generation Robert QUAIL was born in 1844 in Lapeer, New York. He died in 1900. He was married to Anna HOLLENBECK.

Fifth Generation William B. QUAIL was born on 25 June 1803 in Schoharie County, New York. He was married to Maria (or Mariah) SMITH

Am presently researching Wiliam B. Quail's parents. I have as tradition that his father was George S. Queal, that a dispute arose between George, his brothers and their father and that the dons changed their names. However I have not yet found documentation for that. Also George S. Queal's father supposedly was a Quayle. Another source states that some Quayle names were changed to Quail and Quaile at Ellis Island. The 'e' was added to our name during the 1920's by my grandmother, Elizabeth Thornton. Am having problems connecting Quail-Queal-Quayle. There are George Quayles, however. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Fred Quaile